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Part 8: End/Bonus

Past posts have been tweaked/fixed a bit.

First off, here is a video I have to show you. Why do we need that whistle? Well, you don't, kind of. But hey, funny animation.

You can not die in this scene. George will just stand there and block the door. Want to leave without the eyeball? You can't. Want to leave without the whistle? Nope. Why? Because if you use the poker on George nothing happens and he just keeps still there until you pick up these items and do that puzzle.

What if Thad walked home with the gun in his hand?

Oh well! Some other things that are fun to note in this game.

Now just for a brief spoiler free book/game comparison.

Alright, on to the ending.

So, from our first choice we have to tell George to get another pencil. This is so we can swap his really sharp razor with the dull razor we picked up from the barber.

After that, you just tell him the most non-violent answers possible. Why? Well, Alexis Machine is about being a bad ass motherfucker and ruining the book will make George be attacked by birds. If are you confused by that sentence, don't worry, just another reason to read the book.

I dunno, I think going 110 is pretty bad ass. Anyways, after every correct answer George will swipe at Thad with the razor, but due to it being dull nothing will happen and it will continue on to the next question. Why does George not question this or wonder why his razor does nothing? Eha, it's a shit game.

Yeah! Come on, Thad! This is Alexis Machine we are talking about here!

After after that comes the end.

Not my tube because some guy actually managed to record this without it sounding horrible.

Take it easy, Hoss.