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The Darkness

by Fragger

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Original Thread: Somebody hit the lights! Let's Play: The Darkness



The Darkness (released in 2007) is based on the comic of the same name that revolves around a mobster named Jackie Estacado who is almost murdered on his 21st birthday. He takes issue with this and goes off to get revenge on the person who tried to do that. He will also learn that there is something about him that might give him the edge in what he is trying to do.

This is a mostly open world FPS (closer in style to Deus Ex: Human Revolution) with some sidequests and some neat RPGish elements. Also tenticles.

This game has a fair amount of collectables (about 100) that do almost nothing EXCEPT when you unlock them you get a neat phone message. You can actually unlock them whenever by just typing in a bunch of phone numbers! So I will do a seperate video of doing just that. Also there are sidequests in this game and when I get to the meatier ones they will have their own seperate videos!

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