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The Dig

by GuavaMoment

Part 16

Update 16: The Eye (part)

Off to explore the last spire, the 'cathedral'.

: This machine was the greatest of the inventor's achievements.
: What does it do?
: I haven't the faintest idea.
: Do you think it might send us home?
: Right now it's doing nothing.

Fetch quest...

With that done, let's ascend to the top.

: You'll have to find a new home.

The last lightbridge turns on without problem after Boston's fieldgoal.

The Eye's not really doing anything right now. Let's go to the tomb spire and ask the alien about it.

: Where the lights all shine, it opens the Eye.

: The 'Eye' -- does that mean the crystal at the meeting place of the light bridges? The machine generated this 'Eye'?
: The Eye sees into all space and time, and where the Eye sees, the mind can fly.

: Was this Eye the doorway into the place where your people went?
: A door that can be crossed only one way.

: You don't know that! If someone has a strong enough tie to reality --
: Do you think you are stronger than ALL my people? Even they, the strongest race known, could not overcome the temptation before it was too late.

: If we bring your people back to this world, they can build a starship to take us home to Earth. It's our only chance -- maybe we'll fail but you MUST let us try!
: Since you think you are stronger and wiser than my people, I will let you have the fruit of your pride. I will tell you how to find the piece I hid, if you know how to ask. But it will cost more than you ever imagined.

: Where is the missing piece?
: You cannot understand what will begin, if you activate the Eye. You cannot bear to pay what it will cost you.

: Yes! You've warned us. Now where is the piece?
: Go to the map with this message, and see what it shows you.

Off to the map spire to enter this code.

: Assuming he gave us the right code.

A short trip through the map spire later.

What's in that triangle shaped rock?

And back to the machine in the cathedral.

: Where have WE been?
: I need your crystals! All of them! Right now!
: Come on, Brink, home many crystals can one man use?
: Not for me, you fools! I need them for my machine! For science! Research! Give them to me!
: Machine? What are you talking about?
: I'm THROUGH talking! I'm not going to let anyone stand between me and the greatest scientific achievement in history!

: ALL of them! You didn't share anything, Low. I TOOK them! And it's a good thing you didn't fight me. I would have killed you to get these.
: You would have tried.
: You two will be nothing more than a footnote in the annals of my achievements!

Brink's been treatening to kill us for awhile. We'd better go get more life crystals, just in case.


Brink's getting more and more crazy, and now we have to wrest at least two crystals from him. We'll do that in Update 17: Everybody Dies.