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Part 17

Update 17: Everybody Dies

: We don't want to break anything.
: My machine isn't working yet. Yes, gloat if you want to! I've studied all the inscriptions -- Maggie's not the only one who can decipher strange languages! I followed the plans I found but there's still something missing, and without it my machine won't work. So if you think you can steal my life crystals again, Commander Low, think again! I'll kill you first, and believe me, no one will ever revive you!
: Actually, you've robbed me twice, and I've only robbed you once. So you're still one ahead.
: Don't joke with me!
: Don't joke with him, Boston.

Stumpy is an imposing enemy, no?

: How can you know anything about this! You're not a scientist, you're just a strutting tin soldier.
: I think it's the same piece that the Eye generator needed. I think it's the key to ALL this technology. The alien inventor hid it because without it none of the machines he considers dangerous will work.
: Why would the creator of life crystals think they were dangerous?
: Because the crystals make you feel SO good, they take over your life. All you care about it getting more of them. He said it was the second worst mistake he ever made.
: And the worst mistake?
: The Eye.
: So you and Maggie, you keep telling me I'M crazy...but YOU plan on making and even WORSE mistake!
: I'll make you a deal Brink.
: Yes, like the deal you made before. I keep my part, but you go back on it.
: I didn't go back on it, I just wanted to talk about it with you first!

: Brink, you need what I have to make your machine work. But IF it works, then you'll have plenty of life crystals, right? You could share them with us and it wouldn't cost you anything, right?
: If you have the missing part, yes.
: That's my deal. Your machine, my part. Fifty-fifty on the life crystals.
: I know you plan to cheat me.
: We won't even come near the machine when it's running. You divide up the life crystals.
: Then what's to stop me from keeping them all?
: Because I AM trained as a military man, Brink. And if I ever actually decide to fight you, I don't care how strong and healthy you are. You will lose. And then I WILL take them all. Got it?
: Get your missing part and put it in my machine. Even liars and thieves can bargain, as long as they watch each other very carefully.
: Half the life crystals, Brink. Remember.
: You don't scare me, you hairless monkey.

: This is how the aliens designed the life crystal machine to work.

: Yes it is. It's vibrating. Be patient. Who knows how fast it's supposed to work? We'll just have to wait.

: Of course.
: Yeah... fifty-fifty.

: Two.
: Is that all? Just two? I need more than two!
: I don't know about that, Brink, but it's a sure thing I need more than one. YOU still have all the crystals you stole from me and every other place on these islands.
: Don't touch them.
: Fifty-fifty, you said, Brink. Well, you must have hundreds of life crystals. It's not even fifty-fifty if I take these two.


: You weren't even going to let me have even ONE of these.
: I'll make the machine even better. It will produce more.
: Not till we're gone, it won't. I need that machine part to run the Eye generator.
: You will take nothing from this machine, you lying thief.
: Once the Eye is working again, you can either come back with us to Earth...or you can stay here, take the part out of the Eye generator, and put it back in your own machine. Just have a little patience.

What will happen when Boston takes out the Eye part?


Ludger Brink, R.I.P.

We have the two crystals we need to work the Eye generator machine, but let's put the eye part back in for a moment.

We pick up two more crystals, for emergency use. Back to the generator to insert two crystals and the eye part.

: This thing has already killed one of us. But it's back in place.

: What exactly happens when we turn it on with enough life crystals in it?
: It would have taken me years to read everything, Boston. And I didn't understand half of what I read. But there's no doubt that this machine is dangerous. The alien warned us it might cost us more than we expected.
: What does that mean?
: It means that just turning on the machine might kill us.
: You mean he booby-trapped the thing?
: I mean that the machine may draw on more than life crystals. It may drain the life out of whoever uses it.
: Then I'm running the controls.
: Don't be absurd. It might do nothing too. Or it could kill whoever ISNT at the controls. I just want to tell you.
: No good-byes. We're going to make it home together, Maggie.
: I'm not sentimental, Boston. I wasn't going to say good-bye. I just want you to promise me something.
: After you saw me break every promise I made to Brink, you want me to make another one to you?
: What happened with Brink couldn't be helped, Boston. I know you'll keep your word with me.
: What's the promise?

: Do you understand?
: Are you sure?
: I saw what Brink became. I don't want that to happen to me. You wouldn't be saving Maggie Robbins. You'd be creating a monster -- with my memories, my face. Don't do it. Promise me.

: And vice versa, OK?
: All right.
: And now you tell ME the truth about something, Maggie. Are you sure you didn't find out somewhere that something bad happens to the person at the controls of this machine?
: Boston, I don't know any more than you do about what will happen when I switch this thing on.
: If that's a lie, I'm going to be really ticked off, Maggie.
: Yeah, I know.

Maggie activates the machine:


Maggie's dead.

I could use this life crystal on her.

NO! She made me promise. I can't do it.

Then again, if I use just one, maybe she'll be okay? She could try to resist the urge to overdose, right?


Goons and lurkers, please, tell me what you want me to do. Yes, I'll do both, but I need you guys to make one version canon. I'll finish the game next time in Update 18: Spacetime Six