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The Dig

by GuavaMoment

Part 2

Update 2: Actual Gameplay!

This game is your standard point and click. When you move your mouse over something, a description of it shows up at the bottom.

Right clicking brings up your inventory. The magnifying glass is your 'examine' tool, your PenUltimate which is a communication device, arming key for the nukes and a flashlight.

You can talk to people with this, or play Asteroid Lander. Hey, what's that square thing in the bottom left?

Let's talk to Cora Miles.

Let's not talk to Cora anymore.

: Ready for deployment of the free fall tool chest.
Cora: Is the crew clear of the area?

: Proceed.

The tool chest is called the "Flying Pig". It contains supplies, and instruments to read things like radiation and seismic activity from nearby nuclear devices.

Yay Canadarm!

Cora: Looking sweet Boston. You just be good to my baby.

Let's talk to Ken.

Let's not talk to Ken anymore.

: I'm taking the Pig down to the surface. Follow me.

Adventure game time. Let's gather everything that's not nailed down.

Zero-G digger, a nuke, another nuke, and wait, what's that?


Doo doo doo DOO!

Off to set the nukes.

You have to clear a spot to put them down.

: We're placing the explosive in quadrant 2.
Ken: Acknowledged.

: Does that sound workable?

: In other words, who knows? It might work.

: Thanks for the encouragment Ken. Brink, if this actually works the boulder's going to come flying straight at you. Better fly clear.
: Thanks for the warning.

Yeah, last thing we want is Brink to die.

: Looks like it worked.

Shovel use count: 1

You have no idea.

Yes Cora, I've played adventure games before.

After arming...

: Stick a fork in us, we're done.

: I get it all out of the newspapers, Robbins.

: But is the theory right?
Cora: Hey, you're the guy in the cute suit. You tell me when it's all over.
: You'll know they were wrong if my coffin glows

: We made pretty good time I think.
Ken: Looks good boss. Come on back in side for the fireworks.

: All clear landing team.
Ken: All clear shuttle.
Cora: Confirm doors closed.
: Doors closed.

Ken: Houston gives us the go-ahead. Say when boss.
: Do it.

Cora: Shut up and push, Ken.
Ken: Here...we...go.

: What's the pig telling us Cora?
Cora: Attila's still in one piece. But there's a lot of seismic bounce. Some fracturing. We're stable again. Radioactivity in quadrant one is well within the safe range.
: What does Houston say Ken?
Ken: Everything's go for a surface walk at your option.
Let's ask Ken if Attila's in a stable orbit.

Remember this...

: Attila is more dangerous now than before we tamed him.
: Those were certainly profound words to speak on Earth's new moon.
: I'm not making speeches, Robbins, I'm concerned about keeping everybody alive.
: Commander, I can collect rock samples later. Right now I would like to get below the surface, down into that tunnel.
: We're going to do it eventually, we might as well do it now. I've called the Pig. We'll send it on ahead to light the way.
: Remember, any rock may be loose, any wall may collapse at any time.
Please be careful, everyone.

: It's hard to determine how this tunnel was formed.
: It wasn't created by the explosions?
: No, no, it's very ancient. The explosions opened the door, but this tunnel...old, but not as old as the asteroid.
: What does that mean?
I don't know yet. It just feels unnatural. There are some odd projections near the bottom of this tunnel that don't seem to belong here.

: A metal plate. Definately an artifact.
: An artifact! But who could have put something like this in a tunnel in...?
: Yes, yes, i think it's clear. Wherever Attila came from, there was someone there.
: Could this be part of some kind of message? Like the one NASA put in Voyager?
: If it's a message, I don't undestand it.
: Whatever it is, we've got to tell Houston immediately.
: Negative, Robbins. I'm clamping down total security as of this moment.
: You've got to be--
: You've been telling me all along you just want to be an ordinary member of the mission.

: And now that we've found it, my intructions are clear. What I want to hear from both of you right now is "I understand, Commander Low".
: I understand and agree, Commander Low. There is nothing to be gained from a premature announcement.
: Robbins?
: I understand, Commander Low.
: Ken, Low here.
Ken: I read you boss.

Ken: What? Is that some kind of joke?

: Just tell them Borden. You'll receive new communication protocols immediately afterward.
Ken: Oh, cool. This is like, a secret code. Houston says the message is received and they're transmitting new codes.
: We're getting back to work down here, Ken.

: We're with you commander.

Remember when Ken said the asteroid was in a stable orbit? The asteroid is at least half hollow, and in the book they figure out from the seismic activity that it's much less massive then they though. So wouldn't the plan with nukes go totally tits up because of that? Things have to be precise to get a deflection resulting in a stable orbit. Stupid inconsistent game.

: Time to update Houston. Low to shuttle. Static. Must be all this rock.
: We're cut off? Should we go back outside and call them?
: Nah, they can sit tight for a few more minutes while we poke around.

Let's go find those metal plates. This next part is too beautiful to be captured with mere pictures.


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Next time - Update 3: The Update Before The Update Where Brink Dies.