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The Dig

by GuavaMoment

Part 4

Update 4: The Update Where Brink Dies

Now we'll go into the alien ship...

: Corrosion. Perhaps animals have moved things around. Hard to know what we're looking at. Let me look. Try not to disturb anything.

Boston decides to disturb things, starting with this chest..

This device is some kind of alien compass, pointing in a certain direction when you use it. Let's make Boston pull on that wire now.


That energy thing cycled through a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and an icosahedron. Better known as a d4, d6, d8, d12 and a d20. Less well known as Platonic solids. These forms hold a special meaning in geometry, and I suppose to dead alien cultures.

: Next time I suggest pulling a wire...
: No, no, I'm glad you did! What could that have been?
: Not a random electrical discharge.
: Maybe it's a kind of computer. Maybe to the aliens who piloted this ship, it conveyed some meaningful information, but to me it means absolutely nothing.

More items to gather.

We end up with a metal rod, with five Platonic solids on the end. Back in the clearing, we use the alien compass.

Toward the last mound, to the east.

: No use. It doesn't go up all the way to the top.
: These engravings on the wall. Are they writing, or decoration?
: You're asking US?

Use the device again.

Shovel use count: 3

: Maybe not. I thought I saw something shining. An artifact.

As a kid I never found this bracelet. I never though the alien compass would be so useful so early. I tried that stupid thing all over the map. It does point to this one spot consistently, but sometimes it's hard to get your bearings and understand exactly where it's pointing.

With everything explored, let's go back the the central platform.

BRINK! NO!!!!!

Oh, Brink's OK. What do you know.

This next part deserves a video:


Shovel use count: 4, 5

So Brink has "extensive training" in digging holes, and at his first attempt at it, he dies?

While Maggie's excuse for splitting up is horrible, I can't think of one I've heard that was better.

Next time - Update 5: Going Solo.