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The Dig

by GuavaMoment

Part 5

Update 5: Going Solo

Last time on The Dig, Brink died.

I guess we'd better dig a shallow grave, or say something moving, or...

Effect posted:

Do a mini segment on the lander game!



You know what Boston? I don't even want to know.

Right, where were we? Something about...oh yeah, exploring.

This room is a large circle. Here's a red door with some kind of panel beside it...

...a tunnel and a ramp in the center...

...purple door...

...yellow door...

...another red door, some glowing plants...

...purple door with no panel, and a familiar looking four piece triangle. I'll have to start collecting metal plates no doubt.

The first one's free!

Let's start by going down this ramp.

: All I need to do now is find the light switch.
: Or the plug.
: Or the fusebox.
: Or WHATEVER makes this thing work.
: Maybe a map.
: Or just a starship headed for home!
: Get a grip, Boston.

Not making this up folks. Let's play with a panel.

Hitting buttons on this panel put lights on the right column. Leaving this screen causes a crystal to come from the ceiling...

...and move around down below. The goal is to get the crystal to pick up that loose object down there. The crystal moves in increments, and it's fairly easy to figure out which buttons do what.

Input this code and hit the button over there.

Success! Now to put the object in place.

Victory! What's our prize?

Lightning in a bottle, or some alien battery thingy?

Heading out, we need to take a close look at that purple rod. Insert dick jokes here.

So many dick jokes...

Examining a panel beside a door gives this. Click on a shape and it increases along the Platonic solid scale. Click on a d20 and it goes back to a d4, but changing color.

Input this code beside the purple door...

Forbidden Planet

Because you're talking to yourself! Makes sense to me.


Eh, I tried.

(over communicator): Boston. Are you there?

: I'm in a place filled with alien technology, the most fantastic things I've ever seen. And the machines are working.

: I don't know yet. -- I mean they're really alien. Like nothing I've seen before.
: Don't go too fast, Maggie.
: I'll be careful, Boston. But it's not like we have time to use correct scientific procedures to test these things.
: Where are you? How can I get to you?
: I wish I knew. It's a sure thing you can't get here the way I did. I slid through a low tunnel in the rock, and then it kind of got filled with debris when the roof collapsed.
: You could have been killed!
: Gee, I guess this isn't safe.

: Keep that in mind when you're thinking about coming to save me. I handled it just fine.
: Yeah. I guess you did.
: We're both doing OK, Boston. We'll find a way to connect up with each other when it matters.
: Uh, Maggie. Good work.
: Thanks Boston.

Back to pushing random buttons.

This looks like a safe and efficient form of travel.

Next time - Update 6: The Alien Museum.