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Part 6

Update 6: The Alien Museum

That's what the tusk is for!

Still doesn't work. I hate it when adventure games get your hopes up, making you think you've done something right, only to crush them down. We continue on.


: If it's drinkable, we won't die right away. We'll have plenty of time to starve to death.

Speaking of food! Boston investigates: Video

And then gets the hell out of there.

: The last one pointed the way into the nexus. Of course, that's how Brink died.

Boston fiddles with the strange panel.

Here's another thing I never figured out as a kid. You have to click on the switch and hold it down. Causing a beam to scroll across the top of the image.

Creating a bridge made of light to the center of the island!

This looks important. Like maybe a ticket home? Better tell Maggie about it.

: Robbins here, I read you.
: You won't believe what I've found Maggie. The central island and the five rock spires around it aren't just connected by underwater trams. There are also light bridges leading from the spires to this amazingly transparent crystal above the center island.
: A bridge made from LIGHT?
: I know it doesn't make any sense, but it's true.
: Their technology is so far advanced beyond ours that I don't know if anything could surprise me now.
: If they can make bridges out of light, you have to wonder if they can make anything ELSE.
: You mean -- light beer?
: I was thinking more of a light house.

: Inscriptions here and there. I'd say it looks like some kind of museum.

Even after completing the game, I have no idea what this means. Or how this is supposed to help you when the time comes to use it.

These crystals look hollow, and seem to be filled with some kind of fluid. Strange.

The images on these displays morph from one to the next.

That's the dodecahedron that sent us here!

Yup, that's this island.

Looks like ET and friend are meeting some chocobos.

Awww, ET and chocobo are friends now.

This means....Uh...okay I need help. No idea what that's supposed to mean.

We go to the next display.

More chocobos. Are they the builders of all this?

Next display.

Some kind of canister...

...that the chocobos...

...put in a mountain.

I always though the canister was like a Tok'ra crystal from Stargate, forming the mountain as opposed to blowing it up. I think that's why Boston had to chime in to tell you what it is. There's a door to the rear of the museum.

: I wasn't aware that I was missing.
: You know what I mean. I found a way to get where you are. Through the museum, back that way.
: That's nice, Boston. If that's the museum, then I guess this is the library.
: I've found out how to open doors back in the nexus. There's a tram that leads out there.
: Look, Boston, I think it's great you're finding things out but I'm trying to concentrate here. I feel like I'm so close to making sense of some of this stuff, and I just want to stay here and keep working. All right?
: Sure, of course. I just... anyway, I know where to find you and you know how to get out of here if you want to.
: Thanks, yes. When I learn something, I'll call you on the box, OK?
: All right, all right, yes, I won't bug you anymore right now.

There's one last display we haven't looked at.

That's the green crystal we just picked up.

They're breaking it over a dead chocobo?

Yup. Fluid all over the chocobo skeleton.

What's going on?

We've got a living chocobo now?

A crystal that gives you an extra life? Wow, that sure would come in handy in a game when you can die pretty qui....



Wait a minute.




Next time - Update 7: