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Part 8

Update 8: The REAL Most Frustrating Puzzle of the Game

We've got some of those rods and a bunch of doors to open, so let's get at it.

Start with the red one.

: Maybe there are some controls somewhere.

I smell another obscure fetch puzzle. Off to open the yellow door instead.

This one works!

AAH! Looks like we have to time our jump properly to get past the rolling waves. Having subtitles on makes this trivially easy, as the proper time to jump is when the waves say "Rumble! Rumble!"

I assume from the what I learned in the Sanitarium thread that this was put in there so deaf players could get past this challenge.

Shovel use count: 6

Walkway created. We don't have to ride the wave anymore.

Another light bridge, another chance for a light pun!

Holding the button doesn't work!

: Bummer. I guess when you abandon machinery for long enough, it's going to get out of adjustment.

We twist this lens a bit and try again.

It works!


Hold up, weird things are afoot. Does anything look, familiar about those figures in the bottom left?

Does that not look exactly like Pyramid Head and a mannequin carrying someone away? I mean before I badly pasted those images in. Weird.

Creeped out by that, we go examine the crystal form again.

It's getting more solid. Back to exploring.

Play the item collection noise!

What could this be foreshadowing?

Okay, fuck the fossil puzzle, this one blows goats. This one stumped me good as a kid until gamefaqs came along. We start by collecting everything not nailed down.

One down.

Two, a rib cage. FYI, if you try to revive it:

Three, this pole. Which we nudge

QUICK! Pixel hunt to find the two I items I missed!

Does anyone have any idea what I'm trying to accomplish? The game's not going to give you any hints. You just have to keep trying everything, assuming you're doing something right.

Okay, I should have seen that rod long ago.

OH! We're trying to capture that rat! Uh....why? It doesn't have that part anymore. Still confused? You should be.

We have to walk the long way around here, or else the rat runs away.

The rat scurries into that little crack.

Picking up the remains of my trap, just in case.

Shovel use count: 7

We assume that the rat decides to go back to where the machine part is, and somehow leave the bracelet beside it. This assumes that we don't just find a rat trying to chew a metal bracelet off itself. Assuming again the rat didn't just shake off the bracelet when Boston let it go. Seriously, fuck this puzzle, AND IT'S NOT EVEN THE WORST OFFENDER OF THIS GAME. This one is just the most frustrating. Most retarded and most obscure are upcoming.

Shovel use count: 8

^^^^ My favorite two pictures of the entire game.

: He took off down one of his tunnels. Now maybe I can get the door open.

We've gathered three of the four plates we need to open a door, and another rod for opening another door.

Since when did I start playing Code Veronica, with fetch quests and endless door openings?

Something better cool better happen in this room:



Oh, so the planetarium was what I was seeing through the crack. Damn. I had hoped it was foreshadowing something cool.

Next time - Update 9:Swan? What swan?