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The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

by Ceraph

Part 12: Yuki Solo 12



After breaking the Fallen Engineer puppet:

After breaking the Fallen Engineer:

This brings an end to the Yuki Solo LP! Magil and I are working on a bonus video to follow shortly, but I expect it to be comprised entirely of Dead Samurai footage, so I'm officially done with Vampire Smile (from a recording perspective; I'll still continue playing it because it's fun). Huge thanks to Ceraph for giving me a reason and opportunity to do this LP that I always wanted to do (the first thing I checked when I wanted to start doing LPs for SA was whether or not anyone had done The Dishwasher yet) and anyone who has watched and enjoyed my LP, Ceraph's, and/or the game itself! If anyone wants to play Charlie Murder with me when it comes out, my gamertag is StoutishColt967 (randomly generated gamertags rule). Thanks again, bonus video coming soon!