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Original Thread: Where else would you put a Russian embassy? - Let's Play The Fear



Wonderful, but possibly spoilery fan-art by the super talentedYokaiy
Tomaton shows us why you use the drive-thru at Daijoburger

When someone is asked about FMV games, usually their minds jump to poorly made and poorly acted late 90's fare that was populated with forced game play elements or just lackluster presentation all around. And that's why for the most part the genre pretty much subsided into obscurity and the realm of legends by the beginnings of the 2000's. So color me surprised when I was digging around for some tripe to tickle my fancy when I stumbled across The Fear (not to be confused by the acronym FPS F.E.A.R.). No, this Fear is a completely different beast all together and a bit of an anomaly for the PS2; especially when you consider that all total, the PS2 maybe have four FMV games for it's entire life span. Which is only made even more odd by the fact that it was made by RPG power house Enix (though they did make an earlier PS2 FMV game called Love Story).

So just what is the plot of the Fear? Well it's a pretty common plot and setting for a horror movie/game. A group of people deem it to be a profitable idea to head to a remote location where something bad happened and bad things probably ensue. The group in question is a collection of idols and a production company that want to film a reality tv paranormal show in a long abandoned mansion where a series of grisly murders took place. Needless to say we'll be learning more about the events that occurred in this remote location, but initially everyone seems in a positive mood. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good scare?

And finally want to give a huge thanks to goon PostProcessing (or Glendus on youtube) who did the translation work that you're seeing and also a big up's to Panzer Skank for continuing to do a great job with the subtitles.

Yukari is our resident psychic and girl voted most likely to pass out. She is also going to be inside of us for most of the game and it's as hot as it sounds.

Natsuki is the diligent, prim, and proper girl of the group. She also is waiting for Judgement Day in a bad way.

Eri is the tomboy of the group and is often unsure of her place in the world. She also can speak Russian which might be handy.

Mika is our frisky up and comer who wishes to bed anyone on her way to the top. She also is a pill pusher and we're happy to comply.

Mayumi is the eccentric wild card with a mysterious past. She also might be carrying the Camera Obscura to capture the ghostly spirits in the house.

Okuyama is our producer and the one who threw this whole scenario together. Doesn't last long....

Ryouko is the manager of the talent and the one trying to keep the girls in line for the terror ahead.

Matsumura is the director and what some might called an 'urban cowboy'.

Tan is the resident sound engineer and master of the Hawaiian shirt. Enjoys a good toke of the Maui Wowie.

Aya is the assistant director of the show and seems mainly around to be a 'gopher'.

Kirina is the project's make-up lady and could possibly be the most brooding person in Japan.

Higuchi is the best character in the game.
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