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Original Thread: Bite-Sized Bravery - Let's Play The Last Knight [VLP]



Let's Play The Last Knight

There were a lot of budget games released for the 3ds eShop and DSiware as part of the G.G. Series or GO Series. Both of these brands, made by the same developer, present small, quirky titles with enjoyable gimmicks that aren't quite strong enough for a larger release. It's basically the Simple Series, but on your DSi/3DS. We're playing an entry from the GG Series today, called "The Last Knight".

So what is it, already?

The Last Knight is a top-down hack 'n slash with very light RPG elements. You advance through floors of a dungeon where each screen is a separate room, allowing for a map structure similar to Zelda. Killing enemies gets you experience, there are treasure chests with (infrequent) hidden items, and some pretty cool boss battles. If that all sounds rather standard, it kind of is! But, there are enjoyable quirks that make this game worth experiencing anyway, such as the traditional Japanese game design and pseudo-shooter elements.

Anything else?

In the first video, which I recorded a while ago, I incorrectly claim that the game repeats infinitely. This is not the case!, and we will in fact get to see the ending. The bosses do repeat though, so I'm sure you can understand my confusion.

With that out of the way, let's uh, do knight things, I guess!


That's everything!
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