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Original Thread: Come on, let's kick some A! -IN- The Last Remnant



The Last Remnant is a Strategy JRPG developed by Square-Enix for the Xbox 360, and later ported to the PC. It was developed by the team which made the SaGa games, which like to hide the working of their mechanics from the player, and boy does that show in Last Remnant.

Music: The First Awakening (Title Screen Music)

The story revolves around Rush Sykes, a young man whose family gets caught up in a conflict over control of Remnants. What are Remnants?

“Academy Visistones 1-3, 46-47” posted:

[Remnants 1] – Remnants are mysterious objects that hold powers beyond those of men.
[Remnants 2] – No one knows when or how Remnants were created.
[Remnants 3] – Men have used Remnants as beneficial tools since ancient times.
[World Races 1] There are four main races in the world: mitra, yama, qsiti, and sovani.
[World Races 2] It is said that sovani ruled over all of the other races during ancient times.

That should be enough for now, as the game explains other important aspects as the plot advances.

The game also nixes the usual fantasy races. There’s nary an elf, a dwarf, an orc, or a goblin to be seen. For that matter, there isn’t any such thing as a human, either – the local human analogues are known as Mitra. The other three major races are the Sovani, four-armed bipedal cats, the Yama, big hulking Fish-men, and Qsiti, really short guys who look kinda like lizards with rabbit ears. Despite all this, the game shies away from using fantasy racism as an issue. The races intermingle, live, and work side by side without anyone batting an eye.

Refreshingly, the game also doesn’t use the “teenagers saving the world with friendship” JRPG trope. I believe only one party member is below the age of 18.

The plot is fine, but it won’t blow your socks off. Nevertheless, as is standard, no plot spoilers. That includes "nudge nudge, wink wink, if you get what I'm saying" type comments. Gameplay spoilers and the names of spoileriffic party members are okay in tags.


The Xbox version was widely panned for a lot of technical problems, and a bug that punished you too harshly for fighting too much, but the PC version was a dramatic improvement, fixing a lot of the problems, giving you more freedom with party composition, adding in new classes and integrating the DLC into the game. That’s the version I’ll be playing.

I’ll be doing this as a hybrid LP. Most of the game’s dialogue is unvoiced, including all side-quests, plus screenshots can cover a lot of territory that would make for too-long dungeon videos. This game has a number of grindy things which would make for bad videos.

Screenshots alone will not suffice. The main plot videos are fully voiced, and the motion/facial capture really looks good, and trying to get a screenshot of everything cool in the cutscenes would make for browser-killing updates. The highlight of the game is its fantastically fluid combat animations, which really has to be seen in motion. I know that some people don’t watch videos accompanying screenshot LP’s, but that won’t really work that well for this game. If you don’t watch the videos, you’ll miss out on the main appeal of the game.

Screenshots will be used for information, and videos will be used for dungeon exploration, cutscenes, and boss battles. This will let me present the game most efficiently. I don’t plan on having any commentary in the videos, because there’s either not much to say (there’s only so much to say about the dungeons), or there’s TOO MUCH to say in too short a time. It’s better to do that through comments between screenshots, where I can devote as much or as little time as I need.

I am planning to do dungeon videos for every dungeon of reasonable size. Some of the really long dungeons may get speeded-up videos, or maybe none at all. If no one cares, it'll only be cutscenes and major battles which get videos. After the opening tutorial bits get out of the way, I plan to update once a week or so. Twice a week if I have a lot of spare time.

This icon is my commentary.
This is official system messages.
- This is a video so you should watch it!
This is totally real dialogue from the actual game! Awesome, dude!
Too bad we don’t have a silent protagonist. You’ll just have to make do with this additional, made up dialogue.
This is me making a journal entry. This dialogue is also completely real!

I’ll be making frequent use of the Last Remnant Wiki. It’s an excellent resource for information about the game, and it’s easy to avoid spoilers unless you specifically go looking for them.

The wiki is practically a necessity when it comes to fulfilling the requests of party members, which I’ll explain when they start coming up.

I am going to do a New Game Plus run, which carries over a lot of stuff which will make doing the LP a hell of a lot more convenient for me. My first playthrough was a 100% sidequest complete run (not counting guild requests – but that was pretty close too), so I’ll start out with 4,546,603 gold in my pocket. There’s not a huge need for that much unless you’re doing a lot of crafting and fast upgrading to the game’s best weapons – but I’m not going to do that, I’ll be upgrading my weapons at about what would be a normal pace for the game.

What carries over to a new game:

Don’t worry if some of this doesn’t make much sense - I’ll explain in detail what this stuff means when it comes up.

Want to play along?

Stabbey_the_Clown posted:

All right, Here is a .ZIP of two LR save files for those who wish to play again. Rehost it somewhere else if you want, I do not care.

savegame4 is at BR 103, just before the final boss. From there, you can still go back and do other things if you want, although all sidequests and most guild tasks are done. Laugh at my hilariously bungled party! MASSIVE SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY

savegame49 is the "Continue to New Game" save. All you can do with that one is start New Game Plus

By default, the save directory is:

C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Documents\My Games\The last remnant\RushGame\Save

This is a linear JRPG, so there isn’t a lot of interactivity which can be done in terms of the story or quests, but I’ll see if I can find places for audience participation – probably asking people which units they want in the active party, or possibly asking what the audience what direction to take some of the characters - the Arts they should use. We’ll see.

I have my heart set on trying to make Rush the (PC-exclusive) Ninja class. Note that I said “trying”. A character’s Class is determined by what they do in battle, and sometimes by what equipment they use. There are 44 classes in the game, and they’re tiered – once a characters stats advance far enough, they’re automatically changed into another class, whether you wanted that or not.

Ninja is an elite class, with a Mystic and Combat balance.
Requirements: STR/INT 59, Mystic arts are higher than item arts, Dual Wield 22 and Katana 19.
Skill: Ambush, No Instakill.

Ambush lets you perform a rear assault on a deadlocked union – without needing two flank attacks first, and No Instakill will make Ninja Rush immune to instant death attacks, which is extremely helpful for a union leader. The STR 59 stat requirement will probably take until mid-Disc 2 to reach, though.

I'll be attempting to guide people through how to get the most out of their unions and deal with some of the more obtuse mechanics.

Table of Contents

Act I

Chapter I - Rush Fools In -OR- What in the Hell?
Chapter II - We'll be sending someone to pick you up
Chapter III - He's surprisingly simple, wouldn't you say?
i. Gameplay Mechanics: Tactical Situations
ii. Arts
iii. Classes
iv. Battle UI Explained
Chapter IV - This yer first time in Athlum?
Chapter V - Look closely at their faces, shining with depravity
Chapter VI - I'm gonna smash your faces in!
Chapter VII - This calamity is known as the Collapse
Chapter VIII - Quit struggling and sit there like a good victim!
v. Formations (by Stelas)
Chapter IX - I think I'm allergic
Chapter X - A scolding isn’t going to stop guys like that!
Chapter XI - I shan't dare do anything to put you out
Chapter XII - Ew, call the fashion police!
Chapter XIII - Soldiers of Athlum do not bow to threats! -OR- I didn't expect such a large party
Chapter XIV - Its power keeps the world in balance
Chapter XV - Even now, I don’t like to go to the bathroom alone
vi. Jorgen
Chapter XVI - I ain’t afraid o' no ghost!
Chapter XVII - Talk about an epic failure!
Chapter XVIII - Good luck, Rush Sykes. My country is in your hands.
Chapter XIX - They call him the Conqueror
Chapter XX - Why did you come here?!

Act II

Chapter XXI - Mister... Conqueror, is it?
Chapter XXII - This... is what Irina's kidnappers are after
Chapter XXIII - They nearly killed me in the past -OR- A Date With Emma
Chapter XXIV - So it's come to war...
Chapter XXV - You owe me a corpse, asshole!
Chapter XXV-A: BONUS: The Hero of a Thousand Years
Chapter XXVI - My heart was the only casualty
Chapter XXVII - Ice burrrn!
Chapter XXVIII - I hope that next time you wash your hands, at least.
Chapter XXIX - And they wail so loud, already, it’s as if my head would burst
Chapter XXX - I'm giddy as a schoolgirl!
Chapter XXXI - It overflows with the desire for blood!
Chapter XXXII - Shiny shiny. My shinies...
Chapter XXXIII - How can that not get your soul burning?
viii. Arcanas
Chapter XXXIV - To master the flames, it gave him its soul
Chapter XXXIV-A - This must be some kind of mistake!
Chapter XXXV - Auf wiener schnitzel, Nagapur!
Chapter XXXVI - I will protect Athlum with my life! -OR- The Nest of Eagles
Chapter XXXVII - …He’ll reign as the new God Emperor.
Chapter XXXVIII - Funny how things turn out, isn’t it?
Chapter XXXIX - Oh dear... I'd already gotten up to 263 fishies, even...
Chapter XL - Melphina’s oh-so-important knightly order is done for.
Chapter XLI - He stayed true to his beliefs to the end.
Chapter XLII - Urg, I gotta do the tie-break again?
Chapter XLIII - We cannot allow her power to be abused!
Chapter XLIV - The Marquis of Athlum wishes to die. Fulfill his request!
Chapter XLV - This... is the power of Marion's Blessing?

-DISC 2-


Chapter XLVI - I win, slowpokes!
Chapter XLVII - Terrible things are all the more necessary to remember
Chapter XLVIII - Is wittle Rush in a bad mood?
Chapter XLIX - I still have a long journey ahead.
Chapter L - We were but a mere vigilante group
Chapter LI - To think we were all played so easily… -OR- Love Will Rise Again, Part 1
Chapter LII - Together, we can bring many people happiness -OR- Love Will Rise Again, Part 2
Chapter LII-A - What a complete waste of my time!
Chapter LIII - Enough of this weirdo
Chapter LIV - That’s… the Silver… something-or-others.
Chapter LV - It is the most important Remnant in all of the world.
Chapter LVI - I know. I know everything about you.
Chapter LVII - Ohhh... the guilt.
Chapter LVII-A - Never again will I use this blade. -OR- BONUS: At Hatred's End
Chapter LVIII - Show me the young man you've become.
Chapter LIX - May our strengths become one!
Chapter LX - There weren’t any floating around in yours
Chapter LXI - So, there're still a couple idiots with balls in this town after all
Chapter LXII - You destroyed them so beautifully, all for my pleasure
Chapter LXIII - Scary! Here is too scary!
Chapter LXIV - You seem to enjoy the cries of the weak.
Chapter LXV - Do you think I’d allow them the chance to hurt you?
Chapter LXVI - Feels like I aged fifty years waitin’ for ya!
Chapter LXVII - You are but poor, ignorant fools, to dare challenge someone with such sublime power!
Chapter LXVIII - Are you simply choosing not to see the truth?
Chapter LXIX - I eat danger for breakfast -OR- Seeker of the Ancient Path, Part 1
Chapter LXX - The order of the world must not be changed -OR- Seeker of the Ancient Path, Part 2
Chapter LXXI - Sorry for roughin' you up
Chapter LXXII - You are no longer necessary

Act IV

Chapter LXXIII - We are powerless in the face of the Conqueror
Chapter LXXIV - I gave her a more appropriate form
Chapter LXXV - Those who would create Remnants with their own hands are ignorant fools
Chapter LXXVI - Why do you think Remnants exist?
Chapter LXXVII - Do you have a death wish? -OR- Bloody Alice, Part 1
Chapter LXXVIII - Maybe I need a man like you in my life -OR- Bloody Alice, Part 2
Chapter LXXIX - It, which was once sealed within the Brimuslabus - The Fallen... -OR- The Fallen, Part 1
Chapter LXXX - I am finally free. -OR- The Fallen, Part 2
Chapter LXXXI - Imperial City, my ass!
Chapter LXXXII - I'm supposed to be the mysticky one, okay?
Chapter LXXXIII - Tell her... I died.
Chapter LXXXIV - Hello? Why are you like, dead?
Chapter LXXXIV-A - The Imperator immediately struck back
Chapter LXXXV - The sun can finally set on the Kingdom of Glenys
Chapter LXXXVI - The Conqueror's secrets We will reveal -OR- The Empty Throne
Chapter LXXXVII - It’s time I paid you back for everything you’ve done for me
Chapter LXXXVIII - I know it's been a while since I've come back.
Chapter LXXXIX - The fate of the world rests on the outcome of this battle!
Chapter XC - In that moment you left behind something that will last for eternity.
Chapter XCI - Go get 'em, tiger!
Chapter XCII - Forgive me. I-I must be boring you.
Chapter XCIII - Time for some action!
Chapter XCIV - Why… why do you walk down such a different path?
Chapter XCV - Rush, are you ready?
Chapter XCVI - ...All my bonds have been released...
Chapter XCVII - I’ll flay you like some pitiful yama!
Chapter XCVIII - Was I really... dead?
Chapter XCVIII-A - Checkin' my stats, huh?
Chapter XCIX - I desire to release Remnants from the hands of men.
Chapter C - Die.
Chapter CI - The Last Remnant -OR- What will you do now?

Bonus Chapters

Chapter CII - Ooh, big ouchies for you!
Chapter CIII - Hold still so I can tear you apart!
Chapter CIV - Like, here’s a tip? Never say that again.
Chapter CV - I'll make you wish you'd never been born!
Chapter CVI - At least your combat bears some beauty!
Chapter CVII - Awww, five more minutes...
Chapter CVIII - I can take you!
vii. Last Remnant History and Lore
World Map
Cast of Characters (Party Members, Other Characters)
Archive Index