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Part 1: Chapter I - Rush Fools In

Rush Fools In -OR- What in the hell…

- Video: Opening

We start out in a forest, and pan down to meet our protagonist. I’ll tell you now that he’s called Rush Sykes, to save us all a lot of ???? dialogue.

Damn! Where is she?

He notices some purple petals blowing in the breeze.

Music: The Search

Irina’s favorite.

Last Remnant drinking game #1: Take a drink each time those goddamn flowers appear in a scene. I don’t think the game ever even mentions what they’re called, but boy do they ever show up a lot.

Rush hears shouting in the distance, and races off in that direction.


What in the hell…

Two armies are marching upon each other. The one on the left is made up mostly of beastmen and some large animals. The one on Rush’s right seems a little more organized.

The right-hand army has brought a large… thing of some kind with them.

They’re also a lot more racially diverse. The Last Remnant eschews the traditional elves and dwarves for some pretty unique-looking creatures. They even call the human analogues by a different name (Mitra). The small guys with long ears (Qsiti) are moving towards the left, and getting too close to the big thing, which is a Remnant called the Gae Bolg.

Out of the way, you idiots!

Everyone stops and silence falls.

One of the big fish-men guys (Yama) releases the framework holding the Gae Bolg.

It falls onto camera and…

A large cloud of dust spreads from the impact. I’m guessing the Gae Bolg is not fragile.

The leader of the army puts a special eye-patch on. It’s for interfacing, I suppose you’d call it, with the Gae Bolg.

The Gae Bolg is ready!

We are ready, my lord.
Victory shall be ours!
Troops: Yeaaaaaah!

What is this?

In the midst of the army to his right, Rush spots something.


Last Remnant drinking game #2a: Take a sip each time one of Rush’s sentences consists of “Irina” and nothing else.

Rush slips and slides his way down the steep slope, racing towards the female figure he spotted.

The enemy army charges. At least, I’m pretty sure they’re the enemy, because we didn’t see any of THEM get detailed models or dialogue.


Rush races into the battlefield, the screen fades to white, and…

Music: Clash of Opposites

- Video: Yamarn Plains Battle (and Aftermath)

-Battle Controls-
The controls to use the menu-based combat are
not relevant because this is an LP. I’m a keyboard+mouse using heathen anyway, and those work just fine. (By default the prompts are displayed as Xbox controller prompts, but under the Controller section of the menu – how intuitive – you can change that to display keyboard/mouse prompts.

Oh, our first tutorial battle, right in the middle of the introduction movie! Well, I’m sure this will start us off simple at fir-

Holy crap.

Yeah, the game just dumps you right in. You probably don’t understand most of this, but don’t worry, you don’t need to, nor does the game expect you to understand this immediately. This is just showing you what you’ll eventually have to manage up front. The first couple hours will get you up to speed better.

To avoid ruining the pacing, I’ll make a separate post explaining the battle UI after Chapter 3. In the meantime, just go with the flow.

The four-armed cat is called Torgal, and he is of the Sovani race. He’s going to use his quad-slice combat art. All playable Sovani characters are show-offs, and will only use Sovani-exclusive wield styles that make use of their extra limbs.

Gae Bolg: Fire!

It doesn’t matter what you do, because after the first turn, all the options are gone, and you can only use the Gae Bolg. You can’t lose this battle.

Eh? What is Emma doing? She’s too close!
The Gae Bolg’s firing sequence is complete. Not even Lord David can stop it now…

Being too close to the Gae Bolg’s target will never come up again.

The Gae Bolg’s firing sequence is suitably impressive. The display of enemy unions to the right means that it is an area-effect attack, which can affect multiple unions.

Well, uh, everything near the blast seems to have crumbled to black ash, so I guess that’s the end of Rush.

Oh, never mind, he and the woman he was chasing are safe within some kind of bubble.

The bubble shrinks until it disappears back into Rush’s talisman.


Irina? … Huh? Who are you?

That’s what I should be asking you!
W-wait, hold on!

The ground starts to rumble…

… And collapses under their feet. Insert the obligatory “well, that was a short LP” joke here.

Flower Count: 1
“Irina” Count: 2

Video: Opening
Video: Yamarn Plains Battle (and Aftermath)

Next Time: We’ll be sending someone to pick you up.