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Part 6: Chapter IV - This yer first time in Athlum?

This yer first time in Athlum?

Music: The Known World

- Video: Welcome to Athlum

We get dumped onto the world map, but the only place we can go is to Athlum. Also, have the world map music.

Music: The Young Marquis

A proud city ruled by David Nassau. Positioned at the outskirts of Celapaleis, it has become known as Celapaleis’s first line of defense.

You get a title card and a short location shot the first time you enter a new location (and each time you are sent to a place by a side quest).

Anyway, Athlum is your pretty standard JRPG small-sized city. You’ve got your shops, your taverns…

Your half-kilometer-long GIANT SWORDS sticking out of the middle…

We can waste no time in sniffing out the rats who kidnapped Irina. Torgal?

Rush, we have prepared a room for you within the castle. After your journey from Eulam island, you must want to rest and recover from your presumably arduous journey.

So I just sit on my butt and do nothing? Yeah, right. I’ll go find those guys myself.
Someone in town might have seen something.
Fine. Do as you like. But try not to do anything too foolish.
…Well, that was a waste of breath.
We shouldn’t let him have free run of the castle until after we’ve verified his story. I’ll get on it.

Okayyy, I’m going now. Hello?
If it is information you speak, there is a certain pub in Virtus Parish that you might care to investigate.
Come to the castle if you need anything of us.
All right, I’m on it!

Rush comes across here as a more of a dick than I think was intended. It’s like something was slightly missed in the translation. From the context, it seems like Rush is saying “I don’t want to wait around in a comfortable palace, I want to see if there’s anything to learn in town”, but it comes across in game closer to “I don’t need your help!” I’ve noticed a couple other places where characters know things which weren’t actually said onscreen.

Music: City of Heroes

- Video: Wandering About Town

Athlum - Xiphos Way. A quaint, bustling street leading from the main gate to the Town Square. It is lined with shops for the people of the town to enjoy.
Press [Backspace] to open the City Map when in towns.

That works from anywhere in town (except in-town dungeons), and is a handy way to move quickly.

I included a video of wandering about town for some context, but I’m not planning to include one all the time. By default I won’t include town-wandering videos. If you want them, speak up in the thread.

And now we’re finally free to roam around town. There are a lot of NPC’s, but they’re mostly just set dressing and can’t be interacted with. You’ll see a lot of re-used faces and models. Even the ones you can talk to don’t have names. Nothing in town has any voice acting or is worth any videos. Nonetheless, I’ve made one anyway, just as a sample. I’ll point out any especially interesting NPC’s, but otherwise, I’ll probably find better things to spend my screenshot budget on than which nameless NPC stands where and says what.

This is Xiphos Way. Keep going down this way, an’ you’ll hit the Town Square. Veer off from there an’ you can head out to Virtis Parish.

Xiphos Way has it all. This is the place in Athlum to shop!

Sky-Gazing Woman: That large sword is this town’s Remnant. It’s looked after the people of this town for centuries, you know. When I was just a little girl and I was feeling down, I’d go out to the Town Square. It sounds strange, but just looking at the Remnant always made me feel better.

“Academy Visistone 4” posted:

[Remnants 4] Towns and kingdoms were built around Remnants with strong powers.

This shop sells components for the Herbs and Lotions Item Arts. Item arts work by combining at least two components from a category. You can’t always get every component for every Item Art in each city though. Almost every city in the world has one store that sells all components for a certain category of Item Arts. The Athlum store (will eventually) sell all possible components for Herbs. I’ll pick up 40 of each Herb, because I’m rich enough to afford it, and Herbs are the cheapest way to revive fallen unions – and in fact the only way for a long time.

The weapon shop sells a few varieties of basic weapons. Each city has a different selection. You should only shop for Rush, though. He is the only one you can directly equip (unless you tweak a config file). Other party members have their own upgrade paths and divergences, and will only really ask for a weapon in your inventory is if it is both substantially better than what they have, and is on their path. It can happen, but it’s pretty rare, and not really worth the effort. (It’s also not worth the effort to tweak the config file to directly equip party members, because you’ll have EIGHTEEN at once eventually.)

I pick up a pair of Katanas for Rush (the 800G-Rush can only afford one for now). You can view the model of every piece of equipment in the game, and the cutscenes use what your party members have equipped. Which means that I can’t use the cutscene video I recorded for my test post.

I’m not an expert on the subject, but I don’t think that’s what a normal Katana looks like. I don’t think I’ll be showing off what every model or variation looks like, there are tons of the suckers.

Shops also have some “sold out” items. Those are Trade Goods, which only appear if you have enough Commerce Points. You get those by selling captured monsters to stores. Each monster is worth a different amount of commerce points. Not even the wiki knows the exact quantities you have to sell, just the order in which you can unlock them. More on captured monsters later when it happens.

Anyway, the only other things on Xiphos Way are a shop that sells cheap and unimpressive accessories, and the town’s Customization shop, which is closed for the moment. So let’s move on to the Town Square. You have to talk to certain people, or certain things have to happen before new locations open up on the city or world maps.

Athlum - Town Square. Many travelers visit this open area in front of Athlum Castle just for a look at the Valeria Heart.

I can see why…

This is the Town Square, where the proud people of Athlum come to relax and unwind. Anything you need, from accessories to weapons can be acquired here. I recommend you take a look around.

Liar. Athlum’s stores pretty much suck – at least for now. Especially the ones in the Town Square. The one shop open sells two common Monster Components you can get a billion of anyway. Later on he’ll sell better stuff.

That strike on the monsters on the Yamarn Plain was a big success. Lord David and his Gae Bolg knocked off those monsters in one fell swoop! Yep yep, no one can stand up to good ol’ Athlum! Heck, I think this calls for a celebration! Hey, pops! Gimmie a cut of your finest meat!

Long ago, this town was victim to many disasters. But one day, a massive sword fell from the sky, and from that moment on, nothing else troubled the land… or so the legend goes. Thus, as long as the Valeria Heart exists, Athlum will not fall. If you are ever discouraged, pray to the Valeria Heart. Your spirit will be set at ease.

Athlum’s ruler, Lord David, genuinely cares about his people and listens to our needs with a caring heart. The former Marquis died when Lord David was still really young, but even so, he’s grown to be a great ruler in his own right! He’s even bound the strongest weapon in all of Athlum, the Gae Bolg. I can’t think of anyone who’d be more appropriate for the job.

Hello, what’s that? It’s so… shiny…

Comforted Yama: I’m not gonna move – even if you ask me to! This’s my favorite spot in town… I feel so close to the Valeria Heart – it’s almost like we’re one.


Athlum - Virtus Parish. Many townspeople gather in this residential district. The latest gossip is always available.

If there’s anything – or anyone – you’re looking for, head over there to the pub. You’re sure to find someone there who can help you out.

We probably haven’t noticed it thus far, but perhaps the use of all Remnants comes at a certain price…

Hello, what’s this?

Music: An Open Mind

It’s no place for fresh-faced kids who barely know how to hold a blade. Run on home and play stickball or something.

What’s this? Don’t tell me a kid like you’s trying to take on some guild tasks! You’re greener than a seasick piece of broccoli! Gahahah, impossible, you’d never make it! These aren’t for kiddies who’re gonna get beat up by monsters and go home crying to mommy! Save yourself the trip and go home how.

Oh yeah? These jerks don’t know who they’re talking to! I’m gonna go take on a whole bunch right now!

Guild Officer: This is a guild. Sorry, the person in charge isn’t here right now. Try back later.


‘Course, Lord David’s cleaned most o’ the real bad trash out of town. But ya still can’t be too careful.

Historically, there’s been a lot of tectonic activity around here. That’s why there’re so many caves in the area.

That sign behind the hoodlum looks suspiciously like a guild sign, but you can’t interact with the door. The only shop here doesn’t open for a long time, so there’s nothing else to do but go to the pub.

Music: A Friendly Ear

We can’t advance the plot until we talk to the bartender with the red dialogue bubble. This is basically the game suggesting that you regularly talk to the bartenders. Pubs are a great place to pick up information and sidequests, and talking to bartenders can tell you if there are any active sidequests available and where. Let’s talk to everyone else in the bar first.

That’s the legend of the Valeria Heart. When I was young, my father would tell me the story over and over. But he usually followed it up with something like “you’d better be good, or the Valeria Heart’s gonna get you.”

Pub Regular: East of town is a huge stretch of fiends, the Yamarn Plain. The place has been a battlefield for years and years. People’ve fought everyone from monster hordes to the Ghor army. Seriously, if an average Joe like me were to even step into that place, I’d be coming back in a pine box!
Seen it.

Okay, now to talk to the guys behind the bar.

Pleasant Young Man: Nothing much has been going on lately…

That means there are no sidequests we can do right now.

Bartender: Welcome to the Warrior’s Honor! …He-llo, you aren’t a familiar face. And trust me, I’d remember a …face like yours. You must be new to Athlum, hmm?
You bet! It’s my first time here, and I gotta say that huge sword in the middle is pretty neat.
Bartender: So I want you to know, if you have aaany questions at all, come straight to me. I can give you a …personal tour.
Well uh, have you heard anything about a flying beast that can carry people?
Bartender: Not really. The closest we get around here is people who’ve had too many Gae Bolg Blasters seeing pink greerhorses, but I don’t think that’s what you mean. Anything else, handsome?
Well, I guess I’ve gotta go see Dave now – you know, that Marquis guy? But I don’t know where he is.
Bartender: … Whaaat, you’re trying to meet Lord David? Well, he receives visitors in Athlum Castle, that’s further into the city. That said, it’s not like just anyone can walk in and get an audience. Of course, for a cutie like you, he may make an exception…
Thanks, barkeep dude!
Bartender: Shimmering blond hair framing that well-made face… Lord David certainly cuts a striking figure. You just can’t keep from looking at him… I mean, looking up to him…

With the bartender talked to, we can now advance the main plot.

Music: The Young Marquis

- Video: Two Leads

Young Master! Rush Sykes has arrived!
Did you learn anything about Irina?

I am Pagus. One of the four generals of Athlum. … As for Miss Irina, I regret to say that we have yet to uncover any new leads. Nevertheless, we have learned two interesting facts. One, some suspicious types were spotted escorting a young girl to the Gaslin caves.
That’s gotta be -

*shakes his head negatively*
And the other thing?
We’ve also received reports of nocturnal activity near the Robelia Castle ruins.

The ruins have long been a den for petty thieves. What’s to say this is any different?
Not what – who. A trusted source informs me that Athlumian soldiers have been seen leaving the ruins.
That certainly is interesting.
Hey thanks, Pagus. I’ll go check out those two places right away!

Not so fast, Rush.

My generals shall accompany you there. Maintaining the peace and stability of Athlum is our duty. We cannot stand idly by while she is threatened.
What’s more, Master Rush is the son of the world-famous Remnant researchers. Naturally, we will do our utmost to aid such an important family.
My apologies. We had your background checked.

Torgal has a fantastic “I’m sucking up” inflection in his voice here. It’ll become clearer later on why David is being so helpful to Rush.

I’m used to it. Having famous parents isn’t all bad, you know.

Emma stares at Rush with the implied question “should I give my report in front of him?”

It’s all right, Emma. Go ahead.

Yes, my Lord. I was able to contact the Academy branch in Celepalais. I informed them that we would be taking care of Rush.
You talked to the Academy? That’s a relief and a half. I’d given up trying to get in touch with them. I mean it’s like shouting at a brick wall.
It is a group prone to secrecy.
You’re a life-saver, Emma.
Still, it’s uncertain when or if the message will get to the headquarters in Elysion.
Of course it will! Come on, my sister was kidnapped! Even the Academy suits wouldn’t keep that from Mom and Dad!
Bear in mind the Sykes are presently involved in top-level research. It may take some time for them to respond. Until then, I will assist you by any means necessary.
Sounds good to me!

So we learn that Rush didn’t just run off after Irina all on his own, he actually did try to contact his parents and the authorities, but was either unable to get through to or convince anyone.

Decision time! This is a pretty meaningless choice since we have to do both anyway, so it’s a matter of whether we want to go with Blocter to the Gaslin Caves and work on our physical combat arts, or Pagus to the Robelia Ruins and work on our mystic arts. Please post your vote in bold. Voting will close in about 24 hours (maybe sooner if there’s an overwhelming lead).

Video: Welcome to Athlum
Video: Wandering around town
Video: Two Leads

Next Time:

I’m gonna smash your faces in!
I suppose there’s naught we can do but fight.