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Part 101: Chapter XCI - Go get 'em, tiger!

Go get ‘em, tiger!

With no real leads, it’s back to Athlum Castle.

The Conqueror is in the Sacred Lands. He cannot be allowed to roam free any longer. He must be stopped!
Alternate routes to the Sacred Lands… Well, that place is so linked to Remnants, stands to reason there’s at least one other way to get up there…
A Remnant to go to the Sacred Lands? The people of the Academy may know something.
A Remnant to travel to the Sacred Lands… Fath- er, I mean, Oswald might know something.

Oh, and apparently Oswald Hermeien, the former Lord of Nagapur is actually Marina Sykes’s father, which I guess made her and Wilfred Hermeien related.

No word on why Marina grew up an orphan on the streets or when she learned this revelation. Kinda makes Oswald seem a bit like a dick.

Let’s follow Irina’s idea and check in at the Academy.

Anyone know of another Remnant that could take you to the Sacred Lands?

The late Chairman Hermeien is the only soul I can think of that would have had knowledge of what you are looking for.
The Ark was discovered by the Imperator. Perhaps there are similar Remnants in the lands he has visited?
I’ve heard stories of another Ark-like Remnant existing outside of Elysion.

And that’s all we’re getting from the Academy. Sounds like a good excuse for us to wander around

So a really, really long time ago, there was this thing called magick. It was nothing like the spells we use where you need an object.
With magick, you can even rip through dimensions and stuff, or summon monsters! Scientists and people still talk about it today! So a witch is a female who can like, totally use magick! I'm supposed to be, like, a descendant or something of a clan that has these powers.
You don't know anything, do you? I'm so exhausted! I'll tell you the rest later.

Time to take on one of the bonus bosses. I’ll be doing both of the ones we’ve encountered so far.

- Boss Video: Jhana Royals

Music: Clash of Opposites

Extra Mission: Defeat the Jhana Royals!

I showed off these guys very briefly back in Chapter 52-A: What a complete waste of my time!. Very briefly because I died very quickly.

In this battle, we’re facing off against a mix of Jhana shamans, fighters and magus. Ignore the fighters, the casters are the far greater threat. Focus them down quickly. Also note the squares meaning that more reinforcements are waiting in the wings to replace any fallen unions.

The critical difference between fighting the Jhana now instead of then is that then, none of my unions broke 3000 HP. I can tank much more damage now, and my higher BR possibly means I take less damage than I would have then. I don’t know. Snare Shot has a good chance of causing Blacked Out status, which means units can’t act. It’s also a big AoE, and Emmy’s union was hit pretty hard.

Also my arts and stats are greatly improved. That’s 19725 + 21675 damage on the units of the union for 41400 total.

Go get ‘em, tiger!

A fighter group takes out Emmy’s wounded union.

They just keep coming!

Yeah, let’s kick some tail!

We’re in pretty decent shape. The strategy for this turn is about the same as it for the first turn: Focus on the Shamans and Magi. Irina is deadlocked to a fighter’s group A, making her the ideal candidate to go revive Emmy. Jager will break off from C to try and intercept group A.

Hey, take care of yourself this time, okay?
You won’t have to do that again!

This union is almost dead, although Torgal can’t finish it off.

Well fought!

But Kate helps us out there.

We’re hanging in, but they’re wearing us down. And there’s still another set of reinforcements waiting. Emmy will summon. Summons are always great in long fights. Rush will lower the morale of the union he’s fighting to try and stem the bleeding. Wyngale’s union will try to heal while staying in the fight, which may or may not work at all. In case it doesn’t, Irina’s union is on backup to try and heal or revive them. Jager’s union will break off to hit union E.


You know how Kate was brought back from the dead? She seems to be immune to poison.

Wyngale’s union is hanging in there, but isn’t doing great. I disabled all the other healing magic to try and get Wyngale to learn Revitalize II so he could learn the Remedies arcana. That has some unfortunate consequences at times like this.

Excellent, another caster’s group is gone.

Jager survives a little bit longer.


May our strengths become one!

Khrynia heals and Irina cures the poison. Good.

Rush will break and heal, Wyngale will fight and heal, Emmy will fight. Jager will go all-out and Irina will go pick up Jager’s teeth.

Welp, thanks for playing! You’re dead now!

I never noticed how obnoxious Snare Shot is until this fight. A screen-hitting AoE which makes your units do nothing?

Another group of Jhana goes down, and there aren’t any more reinforcements waiting to join in.

Another union of Jhana destroyed.

Just one left, and…

Done. But that was just the first part of the fight. It gets a lot harder now.

This is the Ala Melvilana Fusion, a palette swap of the Ala Melvilana Synthesis which we fought at Koenigsdorf. It’s nastier too.

Rush will set up a Decoy on Namul Niram which will do absolutely nothing whatsoever. Emmy will stand by, Wyngale will to mystic arts, Irina will attack and Jager will heal.

There’s no one I can’t defeat! No one!

Even though Hermeien is still quite dead, the Fusion retains all his quotes. Also a note that in this version, the Cyclone charge will go off at the end of the current turn instead of two or three turns for the story boss version.

Over 4000 damage. That’s not something I can easily suck up.

Here is the Decoy art, for the first and probably last time.

Khrynia is taken out by the pretty-much-now-standard-boss-behavior instakill chance.

The fusion’s BR ranges between 92 and 94, and it has no less than 673,900 HP. This will take a while to whittle through, even with powerful attacks like this one.

Here we go with the first of many same-turn charge-and-Hurricanes. However, he only uses this move every other turn, I think.

How dare you?!

Rush will Omnistrike, Emmy will rear assault, Wyngale will do a heavy magic attack, and Irina and Jager will focus on healing themselves.

That’s going to hurt us a lot.

You won’t take us without a fight!

Now we’re in trouble. This is also why Decoy is worthless – if you fight the enemy, he can retaliate right back.

No waaaay!

This is some pretty deep shit now. Thankfully because of Namul Niram I can break off and the Fusion can’t follow.

Omnistrike is just too dangerous to use right now. It has to be second chance.

Pull it together!
Didn’t need the help. But thanks anyway.

Paris’s Revitalize gets Emmy back to full too.

Now we’re back up to 4 healthy unions.

Like, awesome defense!

We’re all in half-decent shape, which is okay, I guess.

Take every low blow you can get in a fight this hard.

Desperate Wail is a pretty good indicator that the enemy’s HP is getting low.

That proves to be the case. Plus, with Jager’s Bluff and Kate’s Dispirit, it completely cancelled out the wail.

It looks like we’re in the driver’s seat, but this is a Hurricane turn.



That was a completely devastating strike. If the Hurricane coming up is nasty, I could flat out lose. Oh, and guess what?

But why…

He can do it multiple times a turn!

I’m actually glad this didn’t finish the fusion off. Because the fusion is not the last foe in this battle.

The morale boosts from Rear Assault and Addle helped a lot.

If I’d taken just a little more damage it would have been game over. The next turn will be resurrecting people.

Good thing Namul Niram wasn’t standing lined up with my other unions.

I learned that Protection does nothing versus Hurricane. Everyone will be trying to heal or revive.

Well fought…
If you want things done right…

Good, because another Hurricane would probably have spelled trouble.

Now finally we come to the Jhana Royals themselves.

I’m quite tired of this fight, which has been going on for 30 minutes. I certainly don’t want to die now. So Wyngale and Fatal Eclipse are up.

All right now?

Great timing on that, because everyone on my side is now alive.

And everyone on their side is now dead.

Does it hurt? DOES IT?!
Nicely done!

Whew. What a pain. And most of the other bonus bosses are nastier.

ALL the numbers…

learned Quadrille III!
learned Vivification Herb IV!
learned Earthrender IV!
learned Kiss of Life III!
learned Moonlight II!
learned Addle!

Cyclone Cream is the only offensive Lotion art, and the highest lotion art in the game.

Lots of stuff dropped too.

That’s all for now. Next time will be the big conversation roundup.

New Arts Summary
learned Quadrille III!
learned Vivification Herb IV!
learned Earthrender IV!
learned Kiss of Life III!
learned Moonlight II!
learned Addle!

Extra Mission: Jhana Royals

Next Time: Forgive me. I-I must be boring you.