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Part 102: Chapter XCII - Forgive me. I-I must be boring you.

Forgive me. I-I must be boring you.

Music: Old Traditions, New Methods

Today is the big fat roundup of all the conversations with the unique leaders I haven’t finished yet. We have done a lot of them, but mostly ones which happen where the plot and sidequests take us. That’s left cities like Royotia, Ghor, and Baaluk mostly unfinished.

First up is Yuniver. He used to be a guard working for the Third Committee, but one of their experiments exploded, crippling him when it comes to melee combat.

Every day, I watched the sunset at Fornstrand, thinking of how easy it would be to jump in the ocean and disappear.
So what stopped you?
That's when a mitra calling herself the festival maiden came along. She sat down next to me and listened quietly to my story. Then she turned to me and smiled and said, "Why don't you try learning to use spells?" What was she thinking? I'd relied on my brawn to get me through everything in the past. Someone like me couldn't use spells. But before I could say anything, I glanced over and caught her smile. It gave me strength and hope. It made me feel like I could do anything. Or maybe I just wanted to grab onto something to get me out of this feeling of despair.

But I didn't give up—I couldn't. This was my last hope. After a lot of studying, I finally got the hang of it. I'll never forget that feeling of using my first spell. I've decided to become an expert spellcrafter. It might seem like an impossible dream, but I'm willing to try. I want to achieve this dream and seek out and thank the girl who gave me something to live for. I bet she's out there helping others at this very moment. I look forward to seeing her again.

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Yuniver, thus awakening his true powers!

That’s Intellect +5%. It isn’t said if the festival maiden was Sheryl, but I think it probably was someone else, from Sheryl’s quests, it sounds like the position changes pretty often. Moving on now…

Music: Gateway to the West (Balterossa Theme)

Both of our remaining Balterossa uniquie leaders are upstairs in Café Moondust. Jorgen is just to the right of the stairs.

I feel like I've forgotten something important yet again... Or perhaps it's just my imagination...

Zolean is at a table. If you don’t know Zolean, that’s because he has no quests. You only need to reach the point where your maximum battle party size reaches 18, then you can pick him up from Balterossa’s guild.

Zolean is another yama caster. In this LP, he’s seen action only for one or two battles in the middle of Jager’s UFO quest before I remembered that Nora existed.

Err… not really?
When it comes to battle, the experiences of fights like me can be a good reference. Every so often young warriors such as yourself come to me for advice. But just now I was having a drink with a good friend. He and I have been coming to this pub for a long, long time. It's long been our spot to have a drink after a battle. Next time, why don't you join us?
Ahh, but you're still young yet, aren't you. That Marquis of Athlum would have my head for leading you into temptation...ha ha ha.

In actuality, you need to go out to the world map, then re-enter. It takes between two and five visits before leaders get a new conversation. It took quite a while to get all of these. It should be obvious, but all Jorgen’s variations get the same conversations.

A girl with a mischievous smile and long, graceful fingers... She draws near and strokes my cheek, and...
Hahaha... Perhaps the desert heat is going to my head. Men who spend all their time at war have no time for exploits of a romantic nature, yes?

So who’s that friend of yours?

We were both fresh recruits, shaking in our scales to be in the middle of a real battle... We ended up cheering each other on. Ever since then, we were comrades in arms... and rivals, at times. But, you know, it's not like we're getting any younger. Nowadays we spend a good deal more time meeting in places like this than anything else...ha ha ha.

We were together... I and that woman... She was brilliant—bright, uncompromising... As intense as the desert sun. We were sitting near the water... The reflection of her smile sparkled off the surface of the river. ...River? Or perhaps it was a canal? Where could all of this happened? Curses, I remember all but the most crucial parts...

There’s no one here.
Hm? Where the devil'd he go? Can't believe he sneaked off again...left me with the bill, to boot. I swear Zane was right here a minute ago. Rgh, he always does this...disappears right when I need him. Like that time in Siebenbur... Ahh, you know what, I think maybe I've had a lil' too much to drink... *hic*

This is your hint that you need to go elsewhere to continue his dialogues.

Music: Labyrinth

In this case, it’s Siebenbur’s Second Path.

learned Maledict IV!

What we’re looking for is in the southwest corner.

Getting there is trickier than it looks thanks to all the one-way cliffs.

Zane’s Ring – A ring belonging to the mercenary Zane. The metal is burnt and misshapen.

The treasure chest has Zane’s ring. Now that we have that we can get Zolean’s final conversation.

Music: Gateway to the West (Balterossa Theme)

I haven't regained all of my memories of her, but I cannot help but think I must meet with her. I thought myself to be someone with no passion in life except for the battlefield, but it seems that there was something—rather, someone else important to me. I still don't even know where to begin my search, but I'm sure these memories will come with time. So, Rush, I would like to travel with you for a little longer. I feel like my travels with you will help me regain memories.
Good luck!

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Jorgen, thus awakening his true powers!

The conversations are the same, but each Jorgen gets their own parameter bonuses.

There was nothing listed for the Raider’s parameter bonus on the wiki. We end up with the Aristocrat’s bonus.

I found this ring in Siebenbur.

So, what happened?
Three years ago... There was a big operation to clean the beastmen armies out of Siebenbur. Zane was in charge of one of the main squads. He knew the beast leader had to be taken down. So he went after them... but didn't come back. In the end, we beat back the beastmen. I didn't hear about Zane until it was all over.
I couldn't believe it...I wouldn't believe Zane was gone until I could see it with my own eyes. I thought, if I came here, to the pub we always met at, he'd eventually show up... I've been waiting ever since.
Sorry dude, he’s dead.
I suppose I've been afraid to accept the truth... But, seeing that ring, I can't run from reality any longer. And...I think that finally, I'm alright with that. It seems that even old as I am, I still need to work on my discipline. ...Thank you, Rush.
You’re welcome.
Any time this old man can be of use, just say the word. I'll help in any way I can.

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Zolean, thus awakening his true powers!

Zolean gets HP + 20% and Speed +3%.

Music: The Crumbling Fortress (Ghor Theme)

Three of Duke Ghor’s four dialogues are literally one line. Short and to the point is his thing. So I’ll do the first three all at once.

You are an interesting young man. You manage to capture the hearts of those around you with ease. Those who gather here all possess that same look you hold in your eyes. It pleases me so.

Sibal hangs out on some of the rubble. Sibal is one of Pagus and Maddox’s old friends. He became recruitable after Koenigsdorf, even though the quest he participated in was finished far earlier.

I’m not in a hurry.
No? Then leave me alone. But before you go... I think there's something hidden in this town. The castle's almost fully repaired, but there may be something underground.
What do you mean ‘something’?
I'm getting an excavation team together to make the discovery of a lifetime!
You mean like a new Remnant or something?
The Arco Iris was a miracle, but it was our miracle and only ours... I want to discover something bigger! This is going to take time and money, but I promise to help out if you need me, if you stop pestering me during my free time! Later!

The people that helped make this town what it is were not the purest of souls, but they were dauntless and determined. Their only goal was to make a better future. I can see that same look in your eyes.
Err, thanks, I guess.
... However, I see something else in your eyes... A certain sparkle that I've seen in my own as well. Who are you, my child?
I’m Rush Sykes?

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Duke Ghor, thus awakening his true powers!

The Duke gains an extra 5% Strength.

Not really.
No? But I need funds for my excavation team! Pagus suggested I join a guild so I came here...and now he doesn't even show his face. Even the Arco Iris legend was his baby to begin with. I don't even know how I got involved! Grrr...

What’s up?
I've been frustrated that my plan to create an excavation team wasn't working out, so I came up with a different plan. You guys should be part of the team! I'll pay you for your troubles, I promise. The area underneath Ghor Castle is really fishy... There's something there, I know it! I'll persuade Duke Ghor to let us investigate the area. So come on, help me out!
Well… I guess.

Now you need to go talk to Duke Ghor to proceed.

Not too long ago, some strange qsiti was asking about the same thing – babbling on about ruins and miracles and other such tripe. Either way, this is no time to be playing treasure hunter.
Well, I guess you have a point.
Dreams and imagination can be a good thing, but there is a certain time and place for them to be indulged. You and your little qsiti friend need to keep that in mind.

I couldn't get permission from Duke Ghor... He glared at me and I froze...
Sorry, dude.
Alright, time to come up with another spot for excavation! There's a ton of ruins in this world. I'm not giving up that easily! In rough times like these, you need something to keep yourself occupied. I'm giving people hope! So, c'mon! Let's go make the discovery of a lifetime!

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Sibal, thus awakening his true powers!

AP + 20%.

Music: Glittering Gold (Celepalais Theme)

Let’s finish off Kate’s story. It’s a bit more interesting.

Uh, okay. Bye.

Sorry. It's just that - Hell, I'll just tell you. Thing is... I'm not really - me. I mean, it's not like I'm a clone or a ghost or anything ridiculous like that.
How can you not be you?
How it worked is that I'm the Kate from Rhagoh's memories, made flesh by the Remnant Flâchonelle, if that makes any sense, which it probably doesn't. Either way, for the most part I'm really Kate, but still sort of...not.
Yeah, it seems pretty confusing.
At first, I didn't give a damn. If I was enough for Rhagoh, it was enough for me. Just, as time's gone on, it's been freaking me out. I mean, what if everything I do isn't because I wanna do it, but because I'm Rhagoh's idealized vision of me?
What am I? What should I do with myself?
I dunno. I wouldn’t even know where to start.
... Huh...guess it's a bitch for you to have to deal with this shit, too. But...thanks. It felt good to get some of this off my chest.

This game is really weird at times.

Since we talked last time, I've been spending some time away from Rhagoh... Been doing some thinking. It was kinda nice to be away. Had me thinking I didn't need to be worrying so much after all.
Did that help?
I am me...and that's okay. Trying to force myself to act like somebody else whats is only gonna make all of us pissed eh? So, I'm just gonna live as me. Might be a little different than what Rhagoh was thinking, but I am Kate and Kate's gotta be true to herself. ...Damn, but this is confusing. Anyway, thanks, Rush. Talking with you really helped me sort all this out.

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Kate, thus awakening her true powers!

Kate gets Strength +8%.

Music: The Seat of Vulcan (Royotia Theme)

Paris is in Royotia Castle. I just haven’t had all that many chances to visit Royotia, and when I did I usually wasn’t thinking of getting these dialogues.

Yeah! All the time! … There’s usually a lot of sighing and head-shaking, though.
My father is a master fencer... But not only is he skilled in combat, his character is such that he immediately won the hearts of the people. Compared to that, what have I to offer? Nothing... I cannot help but look upon myself with shame. Someone like me ought not even dream of becoming a man like him... Forgive me. I-I must be boring you. Please, er, forget what I was talking about.
Huh, what were you saying?

Allan, Torgal’s old pal is in Byon Sector’s alleyway.

That reminds me... I saw Torgal get angry at one of your Four Generals...that hulking lump of a fish-man. And all over something as insignificant as sneaking food. Ah, the lofty concerns of the famed Four Generals...simpletons. You know, I'd never seen him make such an overt reaction before, never. In fact, the prideful bastard would brag that only fools would show any emotion...
He did?
Good god, what in the seven hells happened to you, Torgal!? How could you change so, you hypocritical—
Tsk...not again... Ugh, what is making me so angry? Even he is not worth that. It must be a side-effect of having to debase myself to talk to you!

What are you looking at?

My mother always said the soul was like a mirror... The feeling you show will always be returned. Thus, don't meet others with anger of hatred, but with kindness and charity. I always admired that about my mother...
She sounds like she was nice.
Yet, kindness isn't enough to rule, is it... It seems that instead of kindness, strength is what's needed to guide the people. Ah— Forgive me. I did not mean to unload my thoughts on you, Rush.

It seems that Torgal has found someone else he's willing to confide in. Someone other than me... Well. Fine. It's fine. I'm glad to be rid of his piddling concerns.
(Heh heh.)
...What. What is that look for? Are you laughing at me? Let's see if you're still laughing when I rip you limb from limb!
...That is, I believe now I understand why Torgal keeps you around. You people do keep things lively, don't you? I never felt this way when I lived apart from you other races. I always considered those who let themselves be rankled by little things to be ridiculously foolish. And yet, after having spent this time traveling with you people, I've found myself increasingly burdened by these...feelings.
It’s called friendship.
Odd... As time passes, the less I've thought that to be a bad thing... You people are truly the strangest group I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. I had planned to leave such cloyingly buddy-buddy group at once, but for some reason you amuse me... Perhaps I'll stick around a bit longer.

...What's that look for? You don't like it!? Don't think I was joking about that limb-from-limb bit.

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Allan, thus awakening his true powers!

Allan gets a 15% boost to his AP.

Why’s that?
I remembered something else Mother always told me... Everyone has their own strengths. Instead of comparing them to those of others, we must find how to use them best... I am different man from my father. Thus, I must earn the trust of the Royotian people in my own way. It's taken a long time, but in travelling with you, and finding my place here, I've been able to come to this conclusion.
It seems like a good answer.
My whole life, I've felt equally honored and cursed to be the future ruler of Royotia. Finally I feel like I can get past my insecurities and begin to move forward. Rush, please allow me to continue to journey with you. I realize I have a great deal more to learn so that someday, I'll be someone to be proud of...

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Paris, thus awakening his true powers!

Paris’s parameter bonus is a 20% boost to his health, which is pretty nice. Let’s move on to the next town.

Music: Free and Easy

...What, now you look like someone stole your last bone. Don't like being called a little puppy, do you?
Don't get me wrong, kid, I'm not trying to put you down to look big or anything. In fact, you got a good look in your eye... I can tell you're a fighter. Let's focus that...make you actually worth something. Whaddaya think of that, me as your teacher? If you ask me, I think you should feel honored.
Eh, I’ve seen better fighters.
What, you doubt my skill? You think I'm full of it? Feh. Think what you want. So what're you gonna do about it?

If you know someone who thinks they could beat me, bring 'em on. I'll show 'em how strong—or weak—they really are. Hahahahaha!

To get the next and final bonus conversation with Gaou, we need to find someone who’s tougher than he is. But that’s for a bit later.

Heh heh heh... I can feel it...feel it strongly. The feel of his soul, not fully claimed by death... Wait for me, spirit wandering the space between heaven and earth. Wait, because I'm going to find you and destroy you. There won't even be a sliver of soul left when I'm done with you! Finally, you'll regret what you've done! Bwah-hahahahahahahah!!!
Uh, I’m gonna go somewhere else now, okay?

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Wyngale, thus awakening his true powers!

Wyngale gains +3% Speed and +15% AP. Pretty good. Now, back to Ghor.

He says that he could beat anyone I know in a fight.
…I see. Interesting. Don’t fret. I will handle it.

What happened?
This's all your doing, isn't it? Some yama in a mask comes up to challenge me to a fight-come on, like I wouldn't know it's Duke Ghor.
Are you sure it was really him?
He was carrying the Bilqis, for crying out loud. What the hell kind of idiots is he used to dealing with? Damn... Thanks to that, I can't feel my face...
Oh, I’m sorry.
Sorry, Rush. I took a little bruise to my pride and let it blow up into all this mess. Guess I shouldn't slack on my training either. Whaddya think, Rush, you up for some lessons? I wasn't lying when I said I saw a lot of potential in you.
Of course, the number one thing a mercenary needs is strength! So the first thing we gotta do is eat! Hahahahahahaha!!!

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Gaou, thus awakening his true powers!

Strength +8%. We’re almost done, thank goodness. Just one city left.

Music: The Heaven’s Majesty (Elysion Theme)

But lately, I've been beginning to think that we were never meant to use or benefit from their powers. The sad truth is that the world has become reliant on Remnants, which seem to have a part in everyone's lives. We've spent centuries trying to understand what makes them tick, but we've gained very little knowledge.
So you think it’s wrong to study and use them?
Rush, maybe we were wrong to have taken control over these divine objects.

When you're part of a family with these kinda powers, they make you like, go out and train when you're young. So that's what I'm doing right now. I need to, like, get this thing called the Witch's Signet. It's...somewhere in this world.
But you have no idea where?
I'm so totally over this training, so I want to find it ASAP and be done with it! So Rushie, will you help me find this thingy?

To finish Khrynia’s dialogues off we need to locate the Witch’s Signet.

I haven't been able to find answers to all of my questions, but I did figure out something.
What is it?
Remnants reflect our morality. If we make poor choices, their powers reflect that. I want to find a way we can coexist—a way for us and Remnants to be happy.
I want to travel the world and discover more of what's out there. I may find the answers I need. I hope I can find what I'm looking for while helping you out with your journey.

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Haruko, thus awakening her true powers!

Intellect + 5%.

The Witch’s Signet is in the Sixth Path, which we haven’t been in yet.

It’s a simple place. What we want is in the upper-left dead-end.

learned Mighty Rift Cleaver II!

Obtained Witch’s Signet!
Witch’s Signet – An heirloom bequeathed by a legendary witch. Engraved are words in a cryptic language.

Okay, so I made a decision. I'm going to become a witch! According to the signet, the job of, like, a true witch is to discover the world's truths!
Err… What does that mean?
I figure I can travel the world to learn more about magick and stuff, and maybe I can become a real witch! I'm gonna wait to tell Grandma I found the signet. I'm gonna become a kickass witch and surprise her one day!
So Rushie, I'll be seeing a lot of you. Lucky you!

Parameter Bonus! You’ve become chummy with Khrynia, thus awakening her true powers!

She gets a boost to three stats: AP +15%, Strength +3%, Intellect + 3%. Whew. That’s all of them. All the unique conversations for all the party members. Well, except for the one which requires BR 80 before you can recruit them. Next time is another bonus boss.

New Arts Summary
learned Maledict IV!
learned Mighty Rift Cleaver II!

Next Time: Time for some action!