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Part 103: Chapter XCIII - Time for some action!

Time for some action!

Let’s take this one on, as the second bonus boss I was always going to fight before heading to the final confrontation. We need to go to Nagapur.

- Video: Bonus Boss: The Fiery Gates

We saw this one during Jager’s quest which took us to Wyrmskeep. We got wrecked pretty hard then.

Music: Clash of Opposites

Extra Mission: Defeat the Fiery Gates!

The first group we’re up against are 4 boss unions of Homunculi-type enemies. They hit pretty hard, so being careful is a good idea.

That Bewitch did 37400 damage and put them into immediate critical health.

This is the end…


Judging by the start, this won’t be an easy fight, but I think it’s manageable.

Everywhere we go, slime like you is creepin’ around!

Rush and Jager will try to finish off their respective wounded unions, Emmy will try to keep her HP up, and Irina will attempt to revive the dead union.

Thank you very much, Torgal. That Self-Destruct would have been nasty.

I’ve… been negligent…

See Exhibit A. The maximum union HP is 9999, by the way, so that is way overkill. It’s also unfair that they can survive the Self-Destruct move.

Caedmon sends this union into critical, which means that they’ll probably try to self-destruct as well.

But fortunately Emmy finishes them off first.


Nicely done!

This next turn shouldn’t take long.

A second wave, the same as the first appears.

Shields up, Keptin!

And we take no damage. Excellent.

Come on, let’s do this!

Gaou has reached the ultimate Lotions art, Cyclone Cream.

If your lotion produces beams of light from the heavens, you should probably check the expiry date.

This union gets knocked into critical as well.

Moonlight II is 100% more effective than Moonlight I.

23k+ damage for that critical Third Eye attack.

Glenys gets blocked.

You gonna stay down now?

Pagus saves his union from certain death.

They dodge Ghor’s blow and block Jager’s. So…

Revenge is swift, though.

I’d like to take care of my distressed units. Rush will revive Jager with Second Chance, Emmy will also go to revive the downed unit, Wyngale will heal himself and Irina’s union will attack with mystic arts.

Oh, looks like that totally hurt!

With everyone healthy, Rush’s union automatically reassesses to attack.

They were weak enough for Irina to finish them off with a regular attack. Although I guess they must be weak to physicals because normally Irina doesn’t do 4000+ damage with regular attacks.

Finally the main event has arrived, accompanied by four more unions of Remnant Guards.

Okay. Rush will Omnistrike, Jager will summon, but Irina won’t do the Dual Snowpetal.

Lob Omen, obey me!

The Fiery Gates is resistant, it seems, as a critical Omnistrike should do way more damage than that to most enemies.

Yep, it’s definitely tougher than normal.


I’m getting pretty lucky with these well-timed wards.

I’m already about to heal.

Paris knocks them into critical.

The weak should stay off the battlefield!

Time for some action!

Another union is knocked into critical.

And now that’s one fewer union to worry about.

Shards are pretty good.

Violet contributes with 23677 x2 = 47354 damage.

It’s not all good news, though.

I… still… laugh…
This isn’t over!

The Fiery Gates finally joins the fray.

Irina will resurrect Wyngale’s union instead of using Dual Snowpetal.

The Fiery Gates is not much of a threat, really. It’s not just the Summons damage resistance, either.

It does the same damage to Rush’s group too.

Mixed Message is basically just high-level Bluff, which is losing some if its effectiveness by now.

That was all Jager. Just one more guard union left.

… I think I’m going to play the rest of the fight at double speed.


This concludes the interesting portion of the fight. The rest is just chipping away at the boss’s HP while it launches tickle-bombs at us.

Violet did more damage than Rush’s Omnistrike, so you can just imagine how much damage she does to enemies which aren’t resistant. Oh wait, you don’t have to, I show that off often. Anyway, I turn turbo on for the next turn because even I want this fight over faster.

Oh wow an actually powerful attack.

That’s a strong one!

Finally it’s into critical.

Hahaha! Caught you flat-footed!

learned Confuse V!
learned Refresh II!
learned Protection!
learned Sunflare III!
learned Mighty Dragon Crush III!
learned Nimble Dragon Crush III!
learned Mighty Switchback II!

The boss drops some very nice top-quality crafting items party members want. The only other reliable source for these is the bonus dungeon.

Okay, we’re done. Time to do main plot stuff again, finally.

New Arts Summary
learned Confuse V!
learned Refresh II!
learned Protection!
learned Sunflare III!
learned Mighty Dragon Crush III!
learned Nimble Dragon Crush III!

Bonus Boss: The Fiery Gates

Next Time: Why… why do you walk down such a different path?