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Part 104: Chapter XCIV - Why… why do you walk down such a different path?

Why… why do you walk down such a different path?

Music: A Friendly Ear

Go for it!
Alright. Just know it’s not my thing.

It sure isn’t. Which is why I’m disabling them as soon as I realize I have them on. Looks like our BR went up, which is why Kate is asking about this.

Reward: 50000 G
Obtained Blizzard! You’ve learned a new formation!

50,000 G for beating the Fiery Gates is not a bad deal.

We’ve been all around and still haven’t found the Sacred Lands. Marina suggested we ask Oswald Hermeien. Well, we last saw him in the Nagapur tavern.

Really? Sweet!
Travel northeast of Nagapur to the Sixth Path of Siebenbur. What you desire may be found at the end of the road.
How do you know that?
… Rush, Irina, I think of you as my own grandchildren. Please, return safely.

Let’s do this.

Music: Labyrinth

We were here once before to get an item for Khrynia.

Today, we’re going deeper.

It’s a straight shot.

Over and over again, we’ve seen this center room from above. It has entrances from all sorts of different paths. But now finally we are on the lower level.

- Video: Rare Monster Gojun

And there is a “speedbump” boss here. It shows up after Oswald tells you where to go. It’s basically here to not waste your time by making sure that you’re strong enough to face the real challenges ahead.

Music: Beat the Odds

It’s a Dragon. We’ve seen then enough by now to know how they work. I’ve fought Eldritch Dragons. You sirrah, are no Eldritch Dragon.

I… still… laugh…

Still annoying, though.

I know size isn’t everything, but…
They may be troublesome.

I had Rush hang back from the first round so I could Rear Assault on the second.

Hmm hmm!

Nice try, dragon.

Come on, we’ve caught ‘em with their pants down!

Music: Clash of Opposites

Get ready for the best move you will ever see!

Dragon Crush II versus Dragon?

34.5 K damage is pretty good.

Okay I’d like to just run over this speedbump now, please.

Emmy sends it into critical.

Ooh, boy…

Say goodnight.

learned Dragon Crush II!
learned Zeal’s Virtue!

I think I’ve mentioned Zeal’s Virtue before. It’s the weapon art for the Obsidian Giant Sword. It requires the enemy to outnumber you, so it’s hard to get your morale up high enough and not be in deadlock to get it to trigger.

Music: Labyrinth

With the dragon dead, we can now proceed to part 2 of the final dungeon. Before Oswald told us where to go, this door was sealed.

The Seventh Path is only accessible through that door in the Sixth Path. It’s fairly straightforward, if a bit winding. That bit at the end looks interesting, though.

I might have mentioned at some point that some party members request Inverted Terrapest Barbs. Those ONLY drop from Terrapests found on the Sixth and Seventh paths. Nowhere else.

Of course, Glenys can’t actually upgrade that weapon until I return to town. So at some point I’ll have to leave the dungeon and go back. Sigh.

This place also is infested with Harpylia. They have the nasty ability to paralyze you on the field, meaning you can neither move, nor initiate battle, meaning that if you get caught, you get ambushed. They also aggressively follow you if they see you to ensure this. It’s better to use timeshift ahead of time and fight them, since you’ll probably end up fighting them anyway.

This item can be turned in to complete a guild task. The chest just has the Satchel formation.

learned Rejuvenate III!

You can theoretically run around them without resorting to timeshift, although it is risky.

The world map teleporter. We’re almost to the end.

More terrapests? More barbs, please! (I get one and Allan claims it.) I hit BR 66 about here.

learned Bluff III!

- Video: Wagram’s Last Stand

Beyond this door should be the way to the Sacred Lands. The rest of the update can be viewed on the video.

What’s that?

This looks really familiar.

It’s a Remnant! One that can take us to the Sacred Lands!


Ha ha!

Awesome, huh Dave?
Hmm. Then let’s get ready to leave.
I believe you were warned about this.

Music: Slipping Through your Fingers

Continued association with the Conqueror would be harmful to your health.
You still have a chance to escape with your lives. Get out of here.

And if I refuse?

As you wish.

I shall wipe your very existence from this earth!

The binding oaths of magick old
Summon your being and your soul
From whitest heavens you shall soar

To darkest earth your home no more!


Mission: Defeat the Icy Idol!

Music: The Gates of Hell

It’s on.

We’re up against the Icy Idol and 5 unions of Glagonos’s. Could be moderately challenging. As is usual, I’ll be going after the minions first and leaving the boss alone.

Looks like they have roughly 26,000 HP, but they might be resistant as well.

Quit dragging us down!

That’s the first one down.

And another one.

Bring it!

Pagus using Orphic Ward earlier was a great call.

Everywhere we go, slime like you are creepin’ around!
I am Lord Paris of Balterossa!

Don’t let a punk like that take you out!

The damage isn’t much, but this also completely tanks our morale.

Ha ha ha! How’s that?

Emmy’s Acala’s Wrath puts the union into critical, but doesn’t finish them.

Like no way! I missed?!

Check this out!

We’ve been in better shape. This could be a problem, but I saved before the cutscene and Irina is ready to use Rejuvenating Water, so let’s push our chips forward and hope she goes first.


Looks like that worked out.

Just the Idol left now.

Like the others, it has its own elemental Insignia attack.

Honestly I was expecting something more painful.

Okay, let’s get rid of this guy quickly. Everyone will do a full attack except for Jager, who will cure Wyngale’s curse.

Don’t underestimate them!

Surprisingly, this guy seems weak to mystic arts.

I’ll show you what I can do!
That’s a strong one!

A strong one, huh?

Yes, Glenys. You said that already.

I think I dropped off for a bit.

Yeah! This is our big chance!


learned Bewitch II!
learned Orphic Ward III!

As always, some rare, one-off components drop from certain story bosses.

Why… why do you walk down such a different path?

Why don’t you journey together?!

Heh heh heh…

Fine… do as you like.

You are… after all…



That’s all for now. Next time, we return to the Sacred Lands.

New Arts Summary
learned Dragon Crush II!
learned Zeal’s Virtue!
learned Rejuvenate III!
learned Bluff III!
learned Orphic Ward III!

Wagram’s Last Stand
Wagram’s Last Stand

Next Time: Rush, are you ready?