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Part 105: Chapter XCV - Rush, are you ready?

Rush, are you ready?

- Dungeon Video: The Sacred Lands

Go for it, sis!

Go ahead and watch the dungeon video. It’s not long and I’ve cut out both of the rare monster fights into separate videos.

Well, we’re back here again. It’s been 75 updates, but we’re back. And no, we can’t leave the way we just came in.

Music: One Step

This is a remix of Arcane Mysteries, the music which played here last time. You should really listen to it.

This looks pretty familiar. There’s no automap, not that one would be meaningful in here anyway.

This is a Remnant of a type we haven’t seen yet.

Turns out that it’s just a teleporter.

It wouldn’t be a final dungeon without enemies, though, so we’ll be seeing a bunch of these.

Seeing – not fighting.

That little chest there at the far left is easy to miss.

This is a high-level Katana which is on Khrynia’s request chain. Alas, she can’t actually get it until we leave the dungeon.

Moving on.

That rare Spiritlord Stymphalian Bird is blocking the way to the platform shifter. There’s a guild task for Ring of the Labyrinth to kill this guy.

- Video: Rare Monster Stymphalian Bird

Shall we attack?

NO. I send Emmy to go defend versus the inevitable first-turn-Curse.

I know size isn’t everything, but…
It looks pretty strong!

Beautifully done!
Looks like that hurt!

You’ll be all right now!
I’m in your debt.

The wiki notes that this enemy likes to use Bewitch on Turn 2. I don’t think I’ve seen it land on one of my unions in this LP.

Most monsters at this BR have powerful attacks.

Note the little “puppet string” attached to the Enthralled union. Irina will be trying to kill them to clear the Enthrall, and Emmy and Jager will try to lower the bird’s morale.


Player-controlled unions can deal out a hell of a lot more damage than they can take in return, which is why Enthrall is so nasty – your own unions can one-shot each other.

Deliberately killing your own unions always succeeds even if the damage numbers aren’t actually high enough.


Time for you to go away.

Protection from Mystics and draining the bird’s AP so it can’t even cast? Doubly helpful.

This should be interesting…

Are you all right?

The damage from Cachexia was resisted, but the AP drain was not. Good to know.

And… the crushing blow!

learned Protection II!

If you capture it, The Stymphalian Bird can be used as an ingredient in crafting an Imperator’s Hammer, but you can buy one in Undelwalt for a much cheaper price than it costs to craft anyway. This one can respawn.

There’s more dungeon ahead, though.

With the pathway rearranged, we can move on.

To the right you can see some of the pillars cracking and falling apart.

Up ahead is the rare Oculus Monopole.

- Video: Rare Monster Monopole

More pillars can be seen falling apart in the background during the battle. Pretty neat.

Come on, let’s kick some A!

Heh. This should be FUN!

X-Ray vision seems to be its main move, if not its only move.

Don’t underestimate your foes!

Let’s slam ‘em from the side!

I’ll stop you no matter the cost!

That was about 90,000 damage just from the critical Rift Cleaver alone.

Good night!

learned Kiss of Life V!

This must be my lucky day!

Still not coming off the bench, sorry.

The way forward is to the right, but I’ll snag that chest first.

More high-level crafting stuff which I can’t use without going back to a workshop in town.

I see the next teleporter, but I’ll have to weave around to the left first.

That’s never a good sign.

We’re probably getting close to the end now.

No monsters for the last couple of sections.

Well, here we are. Beyond that door lies the final boss of the game. There’s no turning back once we open it.

But there are still bonus bosses to fight as well as the bonus dungeon, so let’s use this transporter, which takes us back to the world map.

New Arts Summary
learned Protection II!
learned Kiss of Life V!

Dungeon Video: The Sacred Lands
Video: Rare Monster Stymphalian Bird
Video: Rare Monster Monopole

Next Time: ...All my bonds have been released...