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Part 106: Chapter XCVI - ...All my bonds have been released...

...All my bonds have been released...

Music: The Known World

The teleporter dumps us back onto the world map. Today I’ll be cleaning up a couple housekeeping things.

Wow. You’re so attentive to my needs. Do you like me or something?

Ought I learn Traps? Or continue my current studies? What do you think, Rush?
Try something new!
Alright. I shall do my best to master this new field.

Was thinking of learning Explosives! Whadda you think?
Yeah, I’d go for it!
Alright. With some more arts under my belt I’d be sick on the battlefield.

learned Stun Trap!
learned Flash Bomb!

I’m turning those arts off. Okay, now about those bonus bosse-

Rush, I have need of a Large Colossus Bristle. Have we the time to obtain one?
Sure, no prob.
Thank you. Then, let’s not waste any time.

Heya, Rush! You look bored. Let’s go find some Anthrovore Trunk!
Great! Then let’s get going!

Rush, I have need of a Bristly Dragon Mane. Is there time to obtain one?
Yeah, let’s go.

Hey, greenhorn. You ever heard of Oarfish fin? I bet you would if you came with me to find some.
Okay, sure.
Then come on.

Hey. If you’ve time to be standing around, why don’t we go get me some Anthrovore Trunk?
Appreciate it. C’mon, let’s go.

Rush, I’d really like a Vile Lizard Mane. Do you think we have time to pick one up?
Sure, no prob.
Really? Thanks so much!

There’s something I need, young one – Jewel Steel. Come with me to find it.
Okay, sure.
Good. Let’s head out.

Oh, right. This. I guess I should do that if I’m going to be fighting tough bosses. I also forget how long it’s been since I upgraded Rush’s weapons, so I’ll max those out too.

I finished off enough Weredragons recently to complete this task. The Eye of Promise is required to unlock one of the bonus bosses.

Different customization levels let you craft and improve better quality equipment. It carries over in NG+ so I started with it unlocked, but if I didn’t, this is how to get it.

For dispatching the Fiery Gates a couple updates ago, I get 50,000 G and the Blizzard formation from the Sword of Three Realms guild.

Yeah, let’s go.
You have my gratitude. Let’s be off.

Say, Rush, I’m getting antsy… What say we pick up some battles, hmm?
Sounds like a plan.
That’s what I like to hear. C’mon!

Rush, do we have time to do some fighting? I don’t want to get rusty.
Sure, no prob.
Thank you. Then, shall we be off?

Yes. I’ve got one spot in mind.

As you may remember, Wyngale has a grudge against the Imperator – Wagram – for forcing him to be the guardian of the Brimslaubus. He wants Wagram dead. Well, he is now. If you go back to see him…

Good of the game to acknowledge that little bit.

class changed to Adept Bishop!

With my party members now equipping new stuff after leaving the Sacred Lands and returning to a town, I’m turning right around and going back up to before the final boss door to create a save there to use before facing the boss at this power level instead of after I go kill a bunch more bonus bosses. … Just one problem. I forgot to go upgrade the rest of my party’s gear and Rush’s too, so I should do that again and THEN make the save.

When going to fight the final boss after your first trip to the door (i.e. after the roadblock rare dragon and Wagram are dead), one tip is to turn off all your Item Arts so you don’t waste them on trash battles. It doesn’t hurt to have a full stockpile before facing the final boss.

class changed to Legendary Ataraxian!
learned Spark V!

Excellent, that was pretty fast. Now I can teach Wyngale Blackout! Bloodhorn is the target of another Guild Task for Sword of Three Realms.

- Video: Wyngale’s Blackout

Nice damage output on that.

learned Poison Gas IV!
learned Blackout!

- Video: Monopole (Again)

On the way back up to the door, I fought Monopole again because I couldn’t remember if I fought him the first time.

Here’s something to remember me by!

learned Slice & Dice III!
learned Protection II!

I reach BR 67.

I once again save before the boss door, then leave.

The next bonus boss I want to fight requires me to first unlock Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 5. I’m currently Rank 2. Guild promotion is not based on doing X number of tasks, but on completing one specific task. Like all guild tasks, you don’t know what completing each task will give you, so this is another part which is helpful with a guide.

In this case, fighting the rare monster Ore Crusher in Numor Mines is what needs to be done.

I put Khrynia in the lead so she can deliver more classic Khrynia lines, and Violet in charge of Emmy’s old union so she can get the chance to learn Rejuvenating Water, because why not.

Here is where Ore Cruncher can be found in the Great Tunnel. It spawns here if there is no Feralwood beyond the Dagon-type Ameobas

Like, let’s get ready to rumble!

We’re well overlevelled for it, so this isn’t a challenge.

We’ve like, got the power and stuff!

Obtained Anchor of Celapaleis! You’ve learned a new formation!

Done. To get promoted to rank 4, I need to kill Death Tank in Nagapur’s Aqueducts.

Here’s where Deathtank is. It spawns if there are no Wailing Larva.

Done. For our efforts we get rank 4 in the guild and a subscription to Fenris Weekly, which increases monster drops. But I already have all the magazines from my previous playthrough.

The promotion to rank 5 (the highest rank, thankfully), is tougher. It requires is to kill some Brynhildrs. That’s a pain, because there are only two places to get them. One is on Mt. Vackel, and the other is very deep in the bonus dungeon. Going through the bonus dungeon will be a bigger pain than Mt. Vackel.

There are two possible spawn spots. The closest one is the alcove on Pearly Peak where Loki got his flowers for Reya. In fact, it’s best to do this DURING that quest because you start out up there and can check the spots, then quit the quest. I didn’t know that, so I have to walk all the way up.

It’s an infrequent spawn so you may need to do this several times.

learned Protection III!
learned Nimble Focus Strike IV!
learned Schiavona!

Finally, Jager learned Schiavona, his final unique art. It requires the Remnant of the same name.

Come on! Come on!! COME ON!!!

And here’s number two. Not pictured: The ~15 minutes I spent failing to get it to spawn. Pictured : Wyngale expressing my feelings after 10 minutes.

It can be a nuisance with stuff like this and Grenade Impact V.

A strong one, huh?

Crush them with the Schiavona!

Good plan.

- Video: Weapon Art Schiavona

Nice. It’s great to have learned some extra stuff like this before taking on the final boss.

learned Mighty Thunderclap III!
learned Moonshadow!
learned Maledict III!
learned Nimble Knee Splitter III!

Obtained Albic Qsiti Weekly!

Guild tasks are a bit odd at times. You can complete tasks you can’t even see due to low rank, but you can’t actually turn them in until you reach the required rank.

Obtained Dragon Weekly!

In this case, Heavens Lord, which we had to kill to exit Mt. Vackel and go to Undelwalt is the quest which we actually needed to turn in to unlock the bonus boss.

We’ll be doing task 69 as the bonus boss for this update. Task 70 is the one which was unlocked from turning in the “Kill 20 Weredragons” quest from earlier.

I haven’t been keeping up with upgrading Rush’s equipment, so I decide to max him out.

It costs me almost 1.2 million G. This update is getting pretty long and I don’t see a good reason to stretch this update to 120+ images, so the bonus boss will have to wait until next time.

New Arts Summary
class changed to Adept Bishop!
class changed to Legendary Ataraxian!
learned Nimble Focus Strike IV!
learned Slice & Dice III!
learned Mighty Thunderclap III!
learned Moonshadow!
learned Nimble Knee Splitter III!

Video: Wyngale’s Blackout
Video: Monopole (Again)
Video: Weapon Art Schiavona

Next Time: Ohhh, looks like that totally hurt!