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Part 107: Chapter XCVII - I’ll flay you like some pitiful yama!

I’ll flay you like some pitiful yama!

Our target is at the bottom of Aveclyff. The elevator closest to the door can reach the ground floor, so getting there isn’t a problem.

- Video: Bonus Boss – Cyclops Standard Model

Extra Mission: Defeat the Cyclops Standard Model!

Music: Out of Control

Rush and Khrynia will attack, Wyngale will attack and use Protection, Violet will hold back to build up AP for healing, and Jager will summon Lob Omen.

Are you all right?

The gimmick for this fight is that at the start of each and every turn, before we get to act, the Cyclops Standard Model will cast Gae Bolg [Berserk]. It doesn’t do a massive amount of damage, but since it happens first, it’s dangerous when starting the round at low health.

I don’t know why I bothered since Stealth is useless against full-battlefield attacks, and just useless in general.

Lob Omen, follow me!

Cyclops SM is also pretty dangerous even with regular attacks. It’s base BR is 100-102, and it has 575-586,000 HP.


These opponents are not to be underestimated.

Yep this is trouble. Looks like I’ll have two unions dead before I get to act.

Don’t let a punk like that take you out!

This was probably only delaying the inevitable, since I don’t think it works on the Gae Bolg’s attack.

I should probably change my strategy fast or this won’t last long. Jager is healthy and will continue the fight, Rush will revive Khrynia, the other two unions will heal themselves if they survive this which they won’t.

The full animation plays every single time.

Oh, come now, walk it off!

At least she will survive into the next turn.

I’ll try to bring everyone back to attempt to trigger Violet to learn Rejuvenating water, which is a good idea since I need that without Emmy and Irina leading unions. (Oops!)

How’d this happen?!

But that’s not going to happen this turn because all the “Bring them back” calls will be used up on two of the three dead unions.

And my meat shield has just about had it too.

Everyone alive is at full, but I’m sending them all to bring the dead union back to trigger Violet. If she learns Rejuvenating Water, it’ll heal all the living unions back up after the initial Gae Bolg.

Bring it!

Excellent, which means…

I didn’t need your help!

It’s completely unnecessary for Violet to learn this, since she is much less useful leading a union than many others (since she has no specials), but it was fun to do anyway.

All this healing should keep Lob Omen going a while longer.

Okay, time to go on the offense. Only Jager has any option to restore health, but that’s just Gaou and his lotions, so I decided not to bother, he’ll attack too.

Hang in there!

That hit harder than I thought it would, I was expecting to be able to safely tank two shots and then heal on Turn 7. Instead two unions will be dead. Gotta get that morale up.

Oh hi Irina

This time, you’ll face me.

I hadn’t even realized that this would trigger a Blackout. I was just going for the most AP-consuming attack. This’ll happen a lot now that Wyngale has learned Blackout.

Next time, you’re dead!

But that’s next time. This time, we’re dead.


Very impressive, that alone was nearly 1/5th its total health.

Oh yeah, but we have the little problem that we’re about to bet wrecked. I am forced to use Talisman’s Gift to try and avoid dying instantly.

Are you all right?

That was either a pretty lucky roll or else Blaster can only do a percentage of your current health and not a percentage of your maximum.

You losers aren’t even a challenge!

No no, I think that Cyclops SM is indeed a challenge.

Into critical at last.

This will be another round where I try to heal everyone.

That’s three dead unions and one critical. A Bad Thing.

Yes, please Rush.

I will admit to seeing better timing.

Perfect. The Gae Bolg shot will always happen first, and the Rejuvenating Water will heal everyone back up, so I can go full-on attack with all the other unions.

Ohhh, looks like that totally hurt!

That’s okay. Hopefully this round will finish it off.

Scratches like that were no big deal.

I’ll flay you like some pitiful yama!

I’ll stop you no matter the cost!

All I can do is hope Wyngale can withstand the attack.

Steady there!

And it’s down.

learned Rejuvenating Water!
learned Double Time II!
learned Moonlight III!

I have received a good thing.

Pretty good reward for beating it. Unfortunately, I’ve put off grinding for components and upgrades long enough so I’ll be doing some of that before the next update.

New Arts Summary
learned Rejuvenating Water!
learned Double Time II!
learned Moonlight III!

Video: Bonus Boss – Cyclops Standard Model

Next Time: Was I really... dead?