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Part 108: Chapter XCVIII - Was I really... dead?

Was I really… dead?

I did a little component hunting for some common parts to upgrade stuff.

learned Wind Shear III!
learned Maledict!
learned Mighty Cyclone!

Okay this bonus boss has a very obscure requirement. You need the Eye of Evil, and you obtain that in a particularly odd way. First, go to the Athulm Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Hire Aquarius. He is a Commander. Commanders are a Tier 6 mystic class who has a focus on Wards.

Jog down the street a bit to the Ring of the Labyrinth guild.

Done. That was easy. Now that I have that, it automatically unlocks.

For this one, you have to travel to Darken Forest.

- Bonus Boss Video: The Idols (1/2)

This bonus boss is about where you had to go pick flowers for Rhagoh a long time ago.

Music: The Gates of Hell

Extra Mission: Destroy all of the Idols!

This is not the best configuration I could have made. I should have substituted Irina in as the leader instead of Khrynia, because I really could have used the extra Rejuvenating Water casts. Unfortunately my later attempts using Irina ended with a worse result.

First up is the Fiery Idol.

It’s really weak.

This is the worst thing you’re likely to see from it. It can do Inferno Insignia, but it usually doesn’t live long enough to pull it off.

Hit him harder!

I barely had to scratch him to put him into critical.

This is the end…
This isn’t over yet!

Normally he mostly uses Flare, but instead he’s spamming his only actually dangerous attack.

You gotta hit him harder than that!

The Icy Idol appears next. He’s the reason why this is attempt 3.

This attack does that several times, so if it hits you will likely die. It does have a good chance to miss or be dodged though.

This idol is a huge pain in the ass even if you aren’t coming into the fight with a dead union. I can’t use Beowulf.

Caedmon revived Rush, and Paris put an orphic ward on him, which will likely be extremely useful very soon.

Do you require assistance?

At least this time I didn’t die horribly.

We’re all up and in great shape now, but that’s not going to last.

This friggin’ spell killed my first two runs.

The Icy Idol can cast it multiple times per turn if you deadlock him multiple times. Rush was saved because of Orphic Ward.

And on top of the acid, it can do this sometimes at the end of the turn as well.

You won’t take us without a fight!
Still with us?

Emmy is fine because of another Orphic Ward.

Are you all right?

No. That was a free “start-of-turn” move, because it can act again on Jager’s turn.

Well fought…

I have one healthy union, one half-dead union, and three fully-dead unions.

Emmy lived, but I’m outnumbered by dead unions.

I’m using this because there’s a super-high dodge chance before a special move goes off, so I’m more likely to live if I do a special than if I send her to revive or self-heal.

Fuck this guy.

That’s a strong one!

A strong one, huh?

I has more HP than the Fiery Idol, so it takes more punishment before you can defeat it.


Looks like this only hits unions deadlocked with it. Well, that’s something.



Yay. Are we having fun yet?

Ohhh, looks like that totally hurt!

We’ll avenge you.


This is the end of Turn 10. It’s been four turns since I was able to actually attack the boss. That’s crazy.

Young… master…
Oh come now, walk it off!


Ha ha ha ha ha!


The Charged Idol is actually much easier than the Icy Idol.



Naturally, it’s beginning to charge up its big move. At least this one happens on every other turn.

Here’s something to remember me by!
Yay! We’re totally BFF!

Helpful, but it won’t remove Curse. It’s too bad I was a complete fucking moron and didn’t have Irina in charge of Khrynia’s union, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HELPFUL. But my two following attempts at it went badly, and FUCK doing this fight again.

This doesn’t matter so much because I already need to be killed and revived (because of the curse the Icy Idol dropped on me).

About time I got my morale out of the trench.

Oh. Probably not good.

Are you all right?

Let’s clear up these curses.

I owe you one!

Nowhere left to run, rat!

That did 41k damage.

Finally into critical.

And down in the same fight with the union! Unfortunately, there’s still more than HALF the fight left.

Now one last unit to go: the Divine Idol.

Like all the Idols, they reinforce and attack at the same turn without possibility to defend. This killing blow is a sign of things to come.

Emmy can cast Rejuvenating water, which is probably useful even though we aren’t in all that bad shape… yet.

The Divine Idol is guaranteed to cast Fulgurate at the start and Tempest Insignia at the end of EVERY single turn. That will be a problem.

Darn, I’d rather she cast this last to heal up all the damage that’ll be done during the turn.

But it turned out that only Jager took damage this turn anyway.

Bwaha ha ha ha ha!
Just like that!

Another thing I forgot to do was to enable David and Pagus’s Remedies. I have Wyngale as the only healer because I’m trying to get him to learn Revitalize II. This means that the mystic union is pretty crippled for healing.

The hell are you doing?

My bad union composition and lack of healing means that I can’t recover from this stuff each turn. Now I have to send two unions to revive and I’ll still face a Tempest Insignia at the end!

This fight was so long that I split it into two videos. This is the end of the first video.

- Bonus Boss Video: The Idols (2/2)

I am ready to fight!

The second fight video starts here.

This union is terrible. Gaou is the only healer and reviver, and his healing sucks. This configuration needs to be changed. I should swap Paris for Torgal.

This was actually the best outcome since his unions would never have survived Tempest Insignia anyway.

Hundred Flowers is good because it should keep the boss from Raidlocking, and with good timing everyone will dodge the attack.

Argh, I missed a chance for free damage.

Don’t underestimate your foes!

We’re down, but not out!

The standard-issue deathblow attack. I suppose I should be lucky that sometimes those just kill and do no damage to the rest of the union.

I’ve… been negligent…

This boss is like BR 140. It’s super-powerful.

All I can do is poke slowly at the boss while frantically trying to stand my team up each turn. I’m not even getting morale-raising chances anymore. Unlike with some enemies, there’s no point holding back to avoid triggering multi-union attacking arts because the Tempest Insignia hits everyone anyway regardless of deadlocks.

A random critical boosts that damage up to 71,640.

Starting all turns essentially guaranteed to be at half-health at BEST really limits your options. It makes this fight drag on for ages. Talisman’s Gift is tricky, since it does nothing against mystic attacks, it might not save you. I picked it anyway.

I’d already decided to attack and suffer the inevitable death, but this was a lucky dodge. It let Glenys tack on an additional 10,000 damage.

Sometimes you just have to eat a few bullets. I need to get damage in or else I’ll never win. This is worth 31,455.

This isn’t over!

That went right through Talisman’s Gift without doing anything.

Somehow, our unions got spread out, so the Divine Idol had to march to get close to one, which means it did NOT fire off Tempest Insignia. Too bad I have absolutely no way to control that.

Was I really… dead?

I need to take advantage of every chance I have to move the morale in a favorable direction.

Hooray, nobody died.

Gaou brings back Violet.

Ooh, boy.

And this guy’s in critical, finally.

Thank you!

Full health for everyone now is a great idea.

Don’t let ‘em take you out!

It’s been a while since he learned a new combat art.

Thank you.

This fight would have been easier with Irina in charge. Two Rejuvenating Waters would be great. TOO BAD I’M A DUMBASS

The hell are you doing?

Super, I just need to stay on top of this and I think I have it.

I’m not out of this yet…

Get ready for the best move you will ever see!

Aw, what are you doing?!

You still with us?


No question Rush will use Second Chance here. Emmy will be using Hundred Flowers. Everyone else will be trying to heal.

Jager barely survived that.

33k damage.

You still with us?

I could only get Jager up to half health, which wasn’t enough.


And that’s it for the fight. Unfortunately, Jager, Gaou, and Torgal were dead and get no XP. I tried to run this fight again, but after one attempt, even though it was shorter thanks to Irina being a leader, TWO unions were dead at the end instead of one. The time after that I died to the damn Icy Idol’s Acid Rain again. After that I lost interest in trying to do another 20 minute attempt with no guarantee that they would turn out any better.

learned Second Chance III!
learned Nimble Thunderclap III!
learned Rejuvenating Water III!
learned Maledict IV!
learned Permafrost II!
learned Wildfire!
learned Second Chance II!

Reward: 100,000 G
Obtained Comet! You have learned a new formation!

Anyway, because it’s been so long since my last update, and I’m getting tired, I think it’s best if I just do the final boss next. I hadn’t expected that it would take me this long to get this update up. I don’t want to keep people waiting for months if I slip on the schedule again, so I’ll do the final boss next and the remaining content will be done after, so at least there’s closure now and the rest doesn’t matter.

New Arts Summary
learned Maledict!
learned Mighty Cyclone!
learned Second Chance III!
learned Nimble Thunderclap III!
learned Maledict IV!
learned Wildfire!
learned Second Chance II!

Bonus Boss: The Idols (1/2)
Bonus Boss: The Idols (2/2)

Next Time: I desire to release Remnants from the hands of men.