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Part 112: Chapter CI - The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant -OR- What will you do now?

SPECIAL ANNOUCEMENT: Watch the video. The transcript can’t really give you the proper sense of the update with the music and sound. Seriously, watch it.

- Video: Finale

The room returns to the bright shade.

Oh, that’s where the Valeria Heart went.


I know how you feel, Rush. That took forever.




Music: The Final Sacrifice

Crisis averted?

I can do this!

Oh come on. Why won’t you die?!

He seems really serious about his “let the Remants eat everyone” plan.

The shockwave blows everyone back.

Then this is what you choose? To be someone else’s weapon? A tool? So long as you leave them unchecked, that’s all you are - Marshall.

It’s not true! Mr. David…

…the generals, even the people of the Academy…

…they would NEVER use me!!

The globes slow.

They, and Mom and Dad, and everyone…

…have always worked hard to make the world a place where I’m not a Marshall! I’m just a normal girl!

And even if they fail…





Uh, so anyone else got any ideas?

Uh oh, I think he made Rush mad.

This power… you would choose to destroy all Remnants?!

But Rush! If you do that then you…

*pant* *pant* I know…

It’s suicide because…

…I’m a Remnant too, right?

Not even Rush was thick enough to miss all the billboard-sized hints dropped.

But I guess the rest of the party was?

But… it’s not like I can just let this happen!

You’ve all done so much for me… I can’t let you die!

I won’t!

No!! NOOOOO!!!

Dave, sorry… I don’t think you’re gonna have any Remnants left after this.

But it’ll be okay. People will figure out how to live without us!

Right… It’ll be all right, Rush.

We’ll get by somehow.

And he’s gone.

Irina falls to her knees.



- Video: Journey’s End

Music: Journey’s End

♫ ♪ A silence from creation’s womb

♫ ♪ Contributes to the sense of gloom

♫ ♪ The plight of sentient beings

♫ ♪ belies the good.

♫ ♪ Within each one of you

♫ ♪ a universe

♫ ♪ awaits its birth.

♫ ♪ Alas your sleeping souls

♫ ♪ still stumble on

♫ ♪ your roads of rage!

♫ ♪ Sorrow

♫ ♪ no more.

♫ ♪ Erase your lust for war.

♫ ♪ I know your truth

♫ ♪ you’re destiny’s cure!

♫ ♪ Forbid your sins

♫ ♪ to live again in time.

♫ ♪ Noble, righteous

♫ ♪ hearts could shine!

Thanks for watching and reading. Now for the credits.

- Video: Credits

Music: Finale

I guess this is the usual spot where the LP’er goes over the entire LP and sums up the game. I guess I’ll give that a shot.

I didn’t really go into this LP with a plan. In fact I mostly just started the LP on a whim. There was a very short time between recording the test footage, making the test post, and then making the LP. It was substantially more work than expected, but it always is. This is the first game I’ve done an LP of which has substantial cinematic cutscenes. Finding the right shots and the right pacing could be tricky at times.

Really great music in this game. Of course I say that a lot.

They did a great job too.

And of course the people who gave voice to the characters.

A lot of instruments in this.

So, Rush... As it should be clear by now, Rush was found in the Sacred Lands by his parents during one of their explorations. At one point when he was very young, he wandered back there, and his mother Marina used Marion’s Blessing to seal his memory so he wouldn’t return. Then they moved to Eulam island, a place with no Remnants to keep Rush (and Irina) as far from them as possible.

This interfered with Rush’s role, which was to be a Warden of the Remnants, protecting them from people. What the exact duties of the Warden are is unknown. The Conqueror was another mitra-form Remnant who could step in and assume Rush’s role if needed (which it was). From the music, I believe that his title was Activator, but don’t ask me what that means either.

What will you do now?

Whadda ya think? I’m going back. They’re waiting for me.

Journey’s End

I'll be doing the bonus dungeon and showing the rest of the bonus bosses.

Next Time: ???