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Part 114: Chapter CIII - Hold still so I can tear you apart!

Hold still so I can tear you apart!

Before I fight this guy, I need to make a minor change to my configuration.

I think you can probably guess the reason Kate is in charge. I’ve also changed her formation to be one which has hefty penalties to mobility.

Music: Beat the Odds

- Video: Beating Observer the easy way

Go all out on Observer.

It turns out, if Cachexia is cast as the last thing in the turn, after Observer has acted, Observer can’t cast Overdrive at the start of the next turn. So I have disabled all other attack arts except Kate’s Cachexia, and ensured that her union will be slow enough to act last.

Without Overdrive, Observer doesn’t really have anything else particularly dangerous in its playbook.

When I don’t have to worry about Overdrive, I can just kill this guy in 5 turns (6 and a half minutes.)

learned Maledict!
learned Mystic Missile II!

Music: Whispers of the Ancients

- Dungeon Video: Metopon Tier - Boreas

Moving on…

Metopon Tier is full of small corridors. The exit is in the northwest, and there’s little else of interest on the floor.

learned Kiss of Life!

They’re mostly full of Ancbolders, which are annoying because if they see you, they get Vehment and chase you forever. But they have lots of good drops of weapons components. They also have magazine drops for David and Glenys.

Emmy learning Kiss of Life is nice, it means there’s now a third Remedies user who can resurrect.

Oblivion Wing is the multiple Rare on Metopon tier. It has the Phantom gimmick of being annoying and paralyzing you on the world map to force you to stop, but other than that it’s not very threatening.

Although of course bad rolls do happen.

learned Mighty Smash III!
learned Mystic Missile II!
learned Nimble Dragon Crush III!
learned Throat Salve III!

learned Peerless Switchback IV!

Weapons built for speed give the Nimble and later Swift prefixes to arts, and those built for power go from Mighty to Peerless.

Pagus requests this.

The path to the next area of this tier is past these two Oblivion Wings. If you just try to run past, they’ll paralyze you and then get an enemy advantage. I don’t feel like fighting them, so I’ll just timeshift to the exit. There are two doors next to each other.

- Dungeon Video: Metopon Tier - Notus

This map is mostly just narrow corridors, meaning that you’re pretty much forced to fight anything you find in there. The boss is in the center, blocking the way to the key we’ll need for the teleporter in the lower left.

learned Poison Gas V!
learned Poison Gas III!

Whoops! I timeshifted to grab all three, but didn’t trigger it in time so I only got one of the Ancbolders. Rush now actually has the prerequisite skill to cast Animalcule, even though that’s his only Hex art.

Nope, not fighting you, I don’t feel like doing that at all.

This is the treasure that’s past all that stuff. The Goddess Wristlet gives a +50% bonus to HP, which is huge, as well as a bonus vs Demons and a bonus for using pierce-type arts. The Valiant Eardrop gives Physical Resist +5 and +5 Defense vs Pierce and Maul-type arts.

Looks like the Oblivion Wing teleported itself elsewhere. Fine by me. You’ve certainly forgotten, but using your timeshift without tagging any enemies, and letting it run out resets the enemy aggro. This is one level where that is very helpful if you want to avoid every fight.

learned Revitalize II!

Right behind Rush is the door to the first half of the level. Ahead is the start of the long narrow corridor section.

I didn’t even bother to record the fight, but Wyngale learning Revitalize II means he can learn Rejuvenating water. That means I’m going to rearrange my unions to teach Rush and Wyngale their new arcana.

Rush’s union is set up to cast Poison gas and that’s about it. Violet moved to Wyngale because she can cast healing arts.

Music: Beat the Odds

Video: Rush Animalcule & Wyngale Rejuvenating Water

Let’s give that a try, then. First I’ll try to have Rush and Wyngale stand by for a turn to build up AP, which is unlikely to work because I can’t deadlock 5 unions with only 3 of my own.

Switch took off exactly 50% health from my 4-man union. That doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

Rush got intercepted, but that wasn’t unexpected.

This is what I’ve been waiting for!

I’ll try to save Rush, but it’s actually in line with my goals if one union dies.

Take care of yourselves!

Ghor’s not dying this turn, it seems.

Some Shards can hit an AoE, but it’s usually only a small one.

Music: Flamedrop

I was wondering if I had enough AP to cast Animalcule. The answer is “not quite”.

They can’t be poisoned and seem to be a bit resistant to it.

Good. Next turn, I’ll tell everyone to revive, and hopefully, Wyngale’s union will be slow enough that it forces a reassessment to Rejuvenating Water.

That hit Jager’s union the worst.

How annoying.

You beasts!

Well, that at least means it’s likely that I’ll get a command to bring them back, with only non-leaders dead, sometimes the game doesn’t think that’s important, but a dead leader will certainly give you commands to bring them back.

Don’t push yourself!

And there it is. Wyngale only needs one more Arcana to qualify for the Warlock class. Unfortunately, it’s the second Invocation art of Crimson Flare. That one requires Wyngale to learn Grenade Impact, and he hasn’t even learned the prerequisite of Wildfire yet. This also means that now I can enable Remedies on all other mystics users. I had them turned off to force any healing to be done through Wyngale, to get him to learn Revitalize II faster.

Now I just have to wait for another 4-Poison Gas cast with Rush.

I’ll have to break Deadlock, but that should do it.

Yay! We’re totally BFF!

And that’s a wrap. I’m going back to a more normal party configuration after this, because this dungeon is still pretty tough. I said it a while ago, but once a party leader has learned an arcana, it can come up as an option to use at high morale even if the union couldn’t force-cast it normally.

learned Animalcule!
learned Rejuvenating Water!
learned Addle III!

Here’s the teleporter in the lower-middle part of the map, but I can’t proceed yet. They key is past the boss.

Nothing in here, so once again, forget this.

Music: Beat the Odds

- Video: Miniboss – Terror Wing

Here’s the boss of the tier. Well kinda. It’s not Oblivion Wing, they’re just going to guest-star.

First blood is yours.

We’ll be facing off against Terror Wing, which is not really much different than Oblivion Wing in terms of capabilities.

Come on, finish them off!

That’s unfortunate. But Irina came right along and fixed all that up, so good.

Prepare yourselves!

The Ragna-Rock makes Rush immune to Enthrall, and if a status is nullified by a leader, I’m sure it won’t hit anyone else in the union.

Hit him harder!

Music: Clash of Opposites

Okay this fight just isn’t that interesting, sorry. The boss is just not threatening.

But hey, Khrynia has upgraded Moonshadow at least.

Yes, please do speed this along, Wyngale.

Quit foolin’ around!

Well, it helped at least.

Good, Terror Wing is in critical.

That’s pretty impressive.

Hold still so I can tear you apart!

Victory Sweep is a high-level Power Grip art for swords. It’s a V-shaped maneuver.

Music: Turn the Tide

Terror Wing should be done this turn.

Watch this!

Hmph. Not bad.

Hit him harder!


About time.

learned Refresh III!
learned Moonshadow II!
learned Victory Sweep!

Terror Wing is automatically captured. It can be captured to make an Imperator’s Pendant (once again, at greater cost than you can purchase it). Or it can be split for a 20% chance of getting a Kelpie’s Core (you only get three chances to get one per playthrough).

Key in hand, it’s just a short jog back to the teleporter… but this update is already long, so we’ll have to leave it for next time, which I promise, will be much sooner than it took to get this update done.

Use the Teleporter?
Go to Choros Tier.

New Arts Summary

learned Mystic Missile II!
learned Mighty Smash III!
learned Peerless Switchback IV!
learned Refresh III!
learned Moonshadow II!

Beating Observer the easy way
Dungeon: Metopon Tier - Boreas
Dungeon: Metopon Tier - Notus
Rush Animalcule & Wyngale Rejuvenating Water
Miniboss – Terror Wing

Next Time: Like, here’s a tip? Never say that again.