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Part 115: Chapter CIV - Like, here’s a tip? Never say that again.

Like, here’s a tip? Never say that again.

No exploring here, just the boss. I’m switching the Mystic-union formation back to Cachexia-only.

- BOSS Video: Demigod

Oh. Well, nothing for it, I guess.

Music: Beat the Odds

Come on! Come on!! COME ON!!!

Demigod is a palette swap of The Fallen. There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that it’s got a lot more HP than the Fallen. The good news is that this fight has no turn limit. We can continue as long as we have members standing. It also doesn’t use special moves at the end of every turn, but random ones. However, it can now cast Fatal Eclipse as one of its end-of-turn moves.

I’m having Rush and Kate stand by because they don’t have the AP to do anything worthwhile right now.

We’re down, but not out!

Super. Now I probably won’t have Kate up and ready to cast Cachexia before Turn 3.

I love how tanky Jager’s union is.

That attack stung a bit, but I’ve seen worse.

I couldn’t have asked for more!

Rush will revive Kate’s union, Emmy will flank Demigod, Irina will attack, and Jager will heal.

Good, they survived that well enough.

You’re all right now that I’m here!

And Demigod didn’t trigger a special at the end of the turn (EoT), excellent. Rush will Cheer, Emmy will flank, Kate will Cachexia, Khrynia will try to silence the boss, and Jager will also lower enemy morale.

Stop slacking!

Phooey. Annoying even if I can keep him from using EoT attacks.

It’s crucial to make sure that Kate casts Cachexia after the boss has used all moves for the turn. If it moves, it can gain enough AP to use an EoT attack. If Kate is acting last in the turn and doing a flank attack, that guarantees that the boss can’t act.

Music: Turn the Tide

Yeah, this is our big chance!

I’m using both Omnistrike and Dual Snowpetal. No one gets any options to cure Jager, so he’s on healing duty.

You see what I just did? Don’t do this. This moves Rush up in the action order, so he’ll use Omnistrike before the boss attacks, and after he uses Omnistrike, there goes the unions 98% dodge chance. It’s much better to deliberately miss these critical triggers so that the boss has a high chance to whiff his attack.

Oh come now walk it off!

69k damage to Demigod, but I took unnecessary damage to myself.

Violet did more than TWICE the damage of that two-person high-morale special combo attack all by herself with a regular combat art. Dual Snowpetal is okay against single targets, but it’s only excellent against several unions at once.

Jager’s union weathered the curse harmlessly for a turn and got in some good damage and healing as well.

Can you handle this?!

Rush’s union does over 105,000 damage that turn.

The only union which could have cured Jager’s Sect was Kate’s, but Cachexia is too important.

We’re seemingly in great shape, but there’s a problem.

Even though I’ve got more than enough AP to cast Cachexia, the game is not giving me any options for that. So she’s going to stand by, I won’t risk engaging them.

Demigod must be getting low on health if he’s using that.

I’ll stop you no matter the cost!


That’s bad, as any of my own unions can kill any other union at least 5 times over.

Stop slacking!

Oh stop being such a sourpuss, Torgal. He put Demigod into critical. Can’t you respect that?

I need to assign at least two unions to take out Jager, in case he takes out a sole union tasked with taking him out.

Hidden in this image is a clue to how this turn screwed me over. Guess how!

Got you!

That’s them taken care of, excellent.


If you guessed “Kate isn’t flanking, which means that Demigod can move after her”, then you get a gold star! Because while Demigod didn’t have enough AP for whatever “???” was, him moving afterwards…

The hell are you doing?!

That stung. Our morale is starting to dip. We’re below halfway now.

Another poor life choice was to have everyone attack except Irina, who got Rejuvenating Water as a command. Most of my unions are under half health.

Well fought…

That wouldn’t have saved Emmy though.

How dare you!

Oh, and because they were in a normal deadlock at the start of the turn, and not flanking, Kate’s union isn’t going last anymore. Great!

Still, this will help stabilize our surviving unions.

Yay, I forgot to watch my morale and keep it up, and I did dumb things like not keeping anyone deadlocked with the boss and this happens.

Not good!

Music: Beat the Odds

None of our unions can stand up to Demigod and expect to survive. Emmy has the best shot, so she’ll keep her HP up while the other unions revive the fallen.

Gird yourselves men!

Irina brought back Rush, but FUCK THIS GUY. FUCK HIM. He killed Irina’s full health union by just 93 damage. I’ll just remind you that I got this guy into critical, but then the RNG decided that Kate didn’t REALLY want to cast Cachexia, despite that being her only actual option.

This did 22k damage.

Chocolate fudge brownies.

Are you still with us?

That was well more than Emmy’s max HP. Never, ever, EVER let your morale get low against this boss or he can kill any of your unions easily. Next turn I’m just going to revive and heal everyone.

A very lucky break as Kate’s union would have died to a mild cough, but this completely missed. And then the AI does a good thing – since it can no longer reach the union it was trying to revive, Kate reassesses to Cachexia, so that eliminates the end-of-turn attack.

This is my chance. Rush’s morale lowering option is Addle, which has a minimal effect on the bar, so he’ll be keeping his HP up. Emmy will be using her low health specials, which gives her union a good dodge chance. All Kate can do unfortunately is use a ward. Irina will use Rejuvenating Water, hopefully in time to make a difference. Jager will disengage to get his HP up.

Welp. I really wish that I didn’t want all my unions alive at the end of battle so they get XP.


No longer needing to heal, Jager’s union reassessed to go bring back Kate. Thanks, AI!

That was only a scratch, despite how little morale I have. Another lucky break.

I take it back. This is the new arcana which the Fallen didn’t get.

Ohhh, looks like that totally hurt!

Did you know that it’s really hard to smash an inch-thick wooden desk top with your head? Still, you just never know until you try, right?

Somehow, I managed to get everyone else back to full HP, so Irina spends her Second Chance to revive Emmy.

You okay?

A reminder that this fight was going very well, with the boss into critical before the fucking RNG decided that Kate really didn’t feel like casting Cachexia for ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD GODDAMN REASON. Jager had Protection on, which is why his union took no damage.

My plan: Talisman’s Gift, Hundred Flowers, Second Chance, and Jager will try to save anyone he can.

Here’s something to remember me by!

And once again, the attack does nothing. Oh well, dodging the certain-death attack is good enough (and besides Kate is still KO’ed).

Fucking finally, a turn ends with no one dead. Sheesh.

FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, I WIN!! … Okay, not the greatest commentary, but that seems right.

Dungeon complete.

learned Refresh III!
learned Mighty Dragon’s Flight!
learned Mighty Moonshadow!
learned Nimble Quadrille III!
learned Cachexia II!

So many numbers. Our reward for defeating Demigod is 50,000 gold, which is really insulting at this point in the game. That won’t even cover the costs of replacing the Shards I spent here. Oh, and we also get the Eye of Life, which unlocks the final bonus boss. There are only three bonus bosses left. I have only managed to defeat one of them before, and I’m not making any promises about defeating them. I’ll show them off and make a few tries, but they are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT bosses, and I don’t feel like grinding for months to beat them.

What’s in the door beyond Demigod?

Treasure of Divinity – A scarlet metal plate engraved with ancient writings, given to those who have gone through the Ancient Ruins.

Just this. Like many other things, this is useless, just the equivalent of an Achievement. We’re done here.

We gained lots of BR in that dungeon, which means that we passed some thresholds for learning new arts.

Try something new!
Okay! I’ll do my best to help everyone out!

Hmm… learn Psionics? Or continue polishing what I know? What’s the wiser choice?
Don’t run from a challenge!
A challenge, hmm? Fine, I’ll give it a shot.

Hexes… I bet you don’t even know this type of mystic arts? But, like, I’m thinking I should learn it.
Yeah! You go, girl.
Like, here’s a tip? Never say that again.

I tell Wyngale to focus on Mystic arts, and agree to give Pagus the Qsiti-only staff, Kate the Goddess Wristlet, and Jager the Valiant Eardrop. Gaou and Caedmon want to go find weapons components for things not found in the Ancient Ruins, so they’re still a couple upgrades behind most others.

A new hidden guild task has opened up now that I have the Eye of Life. It’s the last hidden task.

See, I can have this rather unimpressive trinket made if I use all my Blueprint 4’s and the Captured Holy Servant.

After a brief stop in towns to replenish my supplies, I went right back into the Ancient Ruins to finish capturing 5 Observers.

learned Cheer II!
learned Fleche II!
learned Support II!

That should be five now.

Focus my mystic training… Or start studying Wards…
Try something new!
Mmhmhmhm… It will make me stronger…

learned Orphic Ward!

I now have Twilight of the Gods (dropped from the Fallen), 5 captured Observers, and 99 Blueprint 3’s. By the way, you can’t get enough Blueprint 3’s on one playthrough to craft it. It can only be done on a NG+ or ++ (etc.).

This is the
Faleria Heart, a replica of Athlum’s stolen Remnant. The Faleria Heart is of the two-handed sword class, and as you see, all its stats are 1. However, it has some advantages as well. It increases your physical evasion to 99%, and its regular attacks have a 100% chance to instakill. Let’s show it off.

- Video: Faleria Heart FAIL

It’s best shown off with only Rush in the party.

It only instantly kills one enemy per union. The instakill effect also only works on NORMAL attacks, not Combat Arts.

Blocking 99% of all physical attacks sounds pretty good.

It’d be a LOT better if you could trigger the KO from parrying, though.

And that 1% chance comes up a LOT if you’re the only one on the field.

And the Faleria Heart also only gives a 99% chance of PHYSICAL evasion. It does nothing at all to help you versus Mystic attacks. … In essence, the Faleria Heart is just terrible as an actual weapon.

If you use it on Rush in a standard party, he’s not any more effective than using a normal weapon. In fact, if you’re trying to use the instakill effect, he’s much less effective because standard Combat Arts can kill entire unions. I suppose I could use it with combat arts just for the evasion and parry counter, but the low damage of the weapon would make that option terrible too.

So yep, the Faleria Heart is just a total waste to create. Looks cool, though, doesn’t it?

New Arts Summary

learned Mighty Moonshadow!
learned Nimble Quadrille III!
learned Cachexia II!
learned Poison Gas!
learned Fleche II!
learned Orphic Ward!

BOSS: Demigod
Faleria Heart FAIL

Next Time: I’ll make you wish you’d never been born!