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Part 116: Chapter CV - I'll make you wish you'd never been born!

I’ll make you wish you’d never been born!

We’ve seen all there is to see in the bonus dungeon, so all that’s left are the last bonus bosses. We’re going after the bonus boss task enigmatically titled “For Our Lord”.

For this one, you go to Elysion’s catacombs.

We can actually see the boss from the starting room. But to reach it, we need to go all the way around.

Yep these guys are still going to aggro on me as soon as they see me. I’ve got no choice but to fight them.

- Boss Video: The Enlightened Seven

But we’re here now, so let’s do this.

Music: Press to Victory

Extra Mission: Defeat the Enlightened Seven!

That’s right, we’re fighting the Seven again, but this time in the format of a boss rush! First up is Enlightened Snievan, but there’s someone else waiting in the wings who will join at the end of Turn 1. The first thing I’ll do is have three of my unions lower the enemy morale, because that’s as always super important.

They just keep coming!

Enlightened Milton is our next foe and man is he a huge pain.

T-t-those guys look pretty strong!

The best strategy is to focus Snievan down first, Snievan is really easy to kill and you don’t want to have him chipping away at you if you’re going after Milton. Milton is too far away for most of my unions to target anyway. Use Protection if that’s an option, because it’ll help versus Milton a lot.

Enlightened Milton activates his unique buff at the start of every turn, which gives him Overdrive, and he also still has his instakill sword, which is a hideous combination to deal with. I’m not going to show him using it at the start of each turn, so just assume that he does.

I’ll stop you no matter the cost!

Enlightened Snievan really isn’t very dangerous at all, he’s only got about 350,000 health, which is not much when I can dish out damage like this. That turn did 115k.

Hit him harder!

Another 71k.

That was extremely well-timed!


Wait! Leave us alone!

Irina is a Scholar, and so immune to the instakill effect of Milton’s sword.

Sir Blocter!

Like, awesome defense!

Next time, less admiring, more dodging.

For your punishment, your corpse will be cremated.

Milton is still too far to deal with, so let’s finish off Snievan quickly. Milton is going to be obnoxious as hell to deal with. This boss battle actually has the difficulty curve reversed – it starts out very difficult, but gets easier the farther you go.

That’ll do, and it should free them all up nicely to interfere with Milton.

Take advantage of all counters with Milton, he really needs to be killed quickly.

Overdrive is already obnoxious enough without the instakill weapon.


Milton actually did NOT cast Iron Will at the start of this turn, which means no Overdrive.

I wasn’t able to take that much advantage of it though, I was busy with defensive and healing options.

Milton doesn’t actually have much more health than Snievan, he’s just much harder to fight.

That looks painful! Good.

You will regret doing that.


That dodge bonus is fantastic versus Milton.

Good riddance. But Milton wasn’t the hardest part.

Enlightened Ludope and Zuido join the fray once Milton and Snievan are both defeated.

Fresh off of Milton’s death, Ludope will immediately deadlock and use his unique art Galaxy before you get a chance to do anything.

If you were barely alive after beating Milton, Galaxy is almost guaranteed to finish you right there. We barely survived because we were at full health.

I think there’s a chance that Zuido can also do his special, but it’s clearly not a guarantee.

This turn is really going to be the deciding factor. If I can stabilize us here, the rest of the fight should be a breeze. Nothing else can compare to the two-punch hit of having to deal with Milton’s utter bullshit immediately followed by a Galaxy to the face.

Too slow!

That dodge is pretty much all Talisman’s Gift will be good for versus the mystic-favoring Ludope. Darien helpfully gives us some healing herbs to stave off death a little longer.

Giant Press is Zuido’s unique art.

…We’ve got this. The battle is as good as won. Oh, there will still be speedbumps and union deaths, but it’s nothing we aren’t going to able to handle. Irina and Jager will lower morale while Wyngale goes for Blackout.

Watch, and learn!
I’ve been negligent…

Rush’s union is immune to Enthrall, but not, of course, the damaging portion of the attack.

Too bad that wasn’t a critical chain. Oh well.

Decent enough.

Irina heals up the damage.

When we use Maledict, the curse almost never goes off, nor would it be of much benefit if it did.

Ouch, another nasty Giant Press.

That’s annoying, but what worries me more is the “???”.

I’ll make you wish you’d never been born!

I just noticed the planet in this shot.

You still with us?

Thanks to our half morale, we survived that pretty well. It’ll be a few more turns before they can do that again.

And chances are that they don’t have a few more turns.

Ghor is pretty good with that Remnant weapon to do that much damage with a normal attack.

This ought to hurt.

(32k damage.)

What a fail.

Watch this!

The big guy’s in critical too, now.

I won’t say no to having Cyclops around in a boss battle, just in case.

Next time, you’re dead!

And also this time too.

Hope your will’s up to date!

Don’t let ‘em take you out!



Glenys upgrades an art.

Hit him harder!

No, I think that’ll do, Emmy.

Enlightened Young fights us alone.

A tough guy, huh?

I don’t even remember when that Protection went on.

Young can mess with our morale, so we will need to keep a close eye on it.

They weren’t at high health so that isn’t surprising. Gaou resurrects them immediately anyway.

Watch yourself this time, okay?

I’ve gotten our morale back up, and cast Protection on several unions as well.

Here it comes!

So annoying.

He’s looked better. This kind of detail is very hard to see on the battle models, so it’s kinda nice that they went to the trouble.

A tough guy, huh?

Everyone who wasn’t Protected is dead or nearly dead.

Son of a -

No way!

This critical chain did over 76,000 damage. Then they promptly fell over dead because they had 27 HP.

Young’s almost dead, but we’ve got two dead unions. We should probably try to both get everyone up and kill Young before he uses Brawl again. Rush and Jager will try to revive the dead unions, Wyngale will go for Protection. Cyclops ensures that Young can’t intercept anyone trying to revive.

I’ll rend you limb from limb!

He said before using Revitalize.

Okay, this should meet the limb-rending quota.

You should know who is coming next.

This is one reason why the fight gets easier. Fighting Milton and Snievan at once or Zuido and Ludope at once is hard. But we’ve already fought Young solo, and Hannah and Hinnah together.

Oh, you know what I HAVE to do this fight.

Hinnah is looking a lot less dead than she was a minute ago.

Are you all right?
Was that it?

That was mostly ineffective! So yes, I am all right!

111,822 damage. And that was AFTER the ATK down debuff Hannah cast on Jager’s union.

Add in Violet’s attack at the end of a critical chain and this turn did 67k damage.

Hannah is already in critical. Nice!

That was really fast.


This is a unique art. I’ve never seen this one before.

But I have seen a variation of it. I’m guessing it casts Bewitch.

And Hinnah is nearly dead too.

Paired bosses always cast Overdrive when their teammate dies. I forgot that.

I don’t like the looks of that ???, but because I hit a critical trigger, my teammates will keep moving up in the turn order.

Here I come!

learned Mighty Moonshadow II!
learned Wind Shear V!
learned Permafrost III!
learned Moonlight IV!

That’s it! We’re done, the Enlightened Seven are defeated!

Unfortunately we didn’t get lucky at all with the drops, but oh well. You can’t have everything. Each of the Seven has a chance (a slim chance) to drop their Heart of Loyalty, which can be used to craft unique weapons or accessories.

The quest is handed in, but we are not done yet. This is the PC version, so there’s a little something extra…

Pop by the Ring of the Labyrinth guild in Elysion, and…

Snievan has joined the party!


A member of the Seven, Snievan dreams of filling the world with nothing but beauty. His odd behavior has made him an outcast from his own race.

Class: Legendary Ataraxian
Initial BR: BR 95
HP: (1582)
Str / Int: (102 / 82)
Union Name, Unique Attribute: Snievan's Guerillas, Affection

Current Arts

Torgal has the Brionac, so Snievan can’t use Lugh’s Revenge. Other than that he looks to be a fairly solid attack/psionic hybrid.

All of the Seven can be recruited, usually from the place associated with their quest (Hinnah is the exception). You should probably have been expecting that, after all I used party-member-style portraits for them before. They do not have party chats like the other recruitable unique leaders, though.

They all start out at BR 95. I’ve been told that there’s some kind of cap on stat gain at 99 or 100. After that point stat gains either slow down a lot or stop completely. So the Seven don’t have a lot of room for growth. Still, they’re all very powerful.

Hinnah has joined the party!


A member of the Seven, Hinnah is Hannah’s twin sister, so devoted to her that she would do anything for her. She acts tough, but is quite the crybaby.

Class: Legendary Alchemist
Initial BR: BR 95
HP: (996)
Str / Int: (95 / 78)
Union Name, Unique Attribute: Hinnah's Cartel, Loneliness

Current Arts

Hinnah is picked up in Nagapur for some reason. Seduction is the version of Total Domination that’s available when she’s in the party. She has high level Shards, which is quite rare.

Hannah has joined the party! (216,000 G)


A member of the Seven, Hannah is Hinnah’s overly protective twin sister. Though usually good-natured, when angry, not even Hinnah can hold her back.

Class: Legendary Cavalier
Initial BR: BR 95
HP: (1113)
Str / Int: (98 / 66)
Union Name, Unique Attribute: Hannah's Cartel, Anxiety

Current Arts

Twin Snowpetal is Hannah’s only unique, and like Khrynia, it can be cast from a non-leader position, so if you use her in a union with Hinnah, Hinnah should be the union leader.

Young has joined the party! (210560 G)


A member of the Seven, Young searches for the meaning of his life through fighting. He is a true romantic.

Class: Legendary Guardian
Initial BR: BR 95
HP: (1406)
Str / Int: (109 / 54)
Union Name, Unique Attribute: Young's Clan, Romance

Current Arts

Young lacks a third set of arts, but he has lots in the two categories he does have, and of course, Brawl is always cool. Roberto has his old Frostblade, but he got a new one from beyond, apparently.

Milton has joined the party! (216,320 G)


A member of the Seven, Milton is a legendary swordsman, victorious on many battlefields. He devotes his life to perfecting the way of the sword.

Class: Legendary Gladiator
Initial BR: BR 95
HP: (1071)
Str / Int: (96 / 79)
Union Name, Unique Attribute: Milton's Associates, Zest

Current Arts

Milton’s weapon has been the bane of my existence, but now it’s amazingly much less effective. I’m also guessing that Iron Will no longer gives Overdrive either. He does start out with all the Wards arts unlocked, and not even Ragna-Rock Rush has managed that. He barely got Cheer not that long ago.

Ludope has joined the party! (188,160 G)


A member of the Seven, Ludope was a military leader who lost his entire troop in battle. His hatred for everything comes from the pain he holds inside.

Class: Legendary Thaumaturge
Initial BR: BR 95
HP: (728)
Str / Int: (78 / 117)
Union Name, Unique Attribute: Ludope's Sect, Rancor

Current Arts

I believe that Ludope wields a mace-type weapon, although he doesn’t even have the base-level combat art unlocked. He’s a pure caster, and can start out potentially able to cast Blackout, Whiteout, and – because of Grenade Impact - even the second Invocation arcana Crimson Flare.

Zuido has joined the party! (207,360 G)


A member of the Seven, Zuido is usually a gentle soul – though his alternate personality is quite the opposite. They say it comes from a childhood trauma.

Class: Legendary Bard
Initial BR: BR 95
HP: (2051)
Str / Int: (113 / 48)
Union Name, Unique Attribute: Zuido's Kamikaze Troop, Gluttony

Current Arts

Zuido is big and tough, but Potions are kinda meh. His unique art is quite decent, though.

In total, it costs 1,426,400 G to recruit the entire Seven. My poor G-Wallet. I started out with over 4 million, now I’m under 2. There are also a number of formations which need members of the Seven to unlock their more powerful variants.

That’s all for today. I beat the next bonus boss, so I can get working on the next update soon.

New Arts Summary
learned Mighty Moonshadow II!
learned Wind Shear V!
learned Permafrost III!
learned Moonlight IV!

Boss: The Enlightened Seven

Next Time: At least your combat bears some beauty!