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Part 118: Chapter CVII - Awww, five more minutes...

Awww, five more minutes…

One last bonus boss. You need to have completed the Ancient Ruins to unlock this one.

They can be found at Lavafender.

It shouldn’t be surprising who it is.

Extra Mission: Defeat the Enlightened Conqueror

Music: Nisus

This music plays for the entire fight and doesn’t change.

The True Conqueror, the final boss was BR 255 with 1,979,784 HP. The White Conqueror is BR 202 with 879,733 HP at most, and is the hardest boss in the game.

How can he be harder when he has less than half the HP? It’s simple. This version has taken the gloves off. The True Conqueror was limited to using only City Remnant arts based on the quests you had completed (or not). The White Conqueror can use all City Remnant arts. Additionally, while The True Conqueror only used an End-of-Turn attack once every three turns, The White Conqueror gains more end-of turn attacks the longer the fight goes on. He starts out using one every other turn in an 8-turn cycle, then once below 70% HP, he uses one at the end of every turn except for one, and if you live long enough to get him below 20% health, each turn ends with an EoT attack. You will be crushed under their weight.

This fight isn’t even remotely fair. I said I would show off all the bonus bosses. I never promised that I would be able to beat them. The thread suggested that I cheat. But I have absolutely no interest in doing that.

- Bonus Boss Video: The White Conqueror

Getting back to the fight, it is imperative that you get your morale up this turn, and you should also really get an option to summon on turn one. If you get neither of those things, just save yourself the trouble and use Ctrl +Alt + Shift + R to reset back to the main menu.

Gird yourselves, men!

Fuck this asshole. This fight is highly dependent on RNG.

Fatal Eclipse is always cast at the end of the first turn, and it will hurt like hell if your morale is low.

The full pattern for the first 30% of the fight is Fatal Eclipse, Nothing, Delta-Petra, Nothing, Animalcule, Nothing, Abyssal Gate, Nothing, repeat.

I couldn’t have asked for more!

This is where a smart person would have reset. Being two unions down at the end of Turn 1 is just no good. You really need a summon around to keep the White Conqueror occupied so you can bring back your dead troops.

The White Conqueror has all the standard moves of his final boss version.

This will help a bit.


This is the first of the new arts. If you failed to complete the Royotia Remnant quest, the Conqueror gets Delta Petra.


It does respectable damage, but it’s really one of the milder weapons in his toolbox, comparatively speaking.

I said a summon was vital for this fight, which is true, but it doesn’t mean that even summons can last long against the White Conqueror.

Sadly, high morale is very easy to lose if you don’t constantly get random options to boost it up each turn.

Alright, back in action!

Moonlight is probably a little too powerful for its own good. It heals each unit in the union for 1000 * Moonlight_Level, but because the union HP caps at 9999, most of the healing goes to waste. Revitalize is better in most instances. Shards (such as Moonlight) and Dual Snowpetal are Khrynia’s biggest selling points, neither of which are very useful in this fight.

The hell are you doing?

And here is one of the instances in which Moonlight is better than Revitalize – or at least it would be if Blocter and his Wonder Bangle was in another union. Animalcule is always bad news, but in this fight in particular, you don’t have time to wait to recover, so you’ll want people with the Lotion art Throat Salve in your unions to help them cure the silence so Remedies can be used.

Rush was lucky enough to avoid getting hit with status effects, and it’s probably better for Wyngale’s union that they died, as they’re arguably more useless silenced and alive.

Once the White Conqueror is below 70% HP, Savage triggers. From this point on, he’ll do an end-of-turn attack on every single turn except one.

Obliterate is the same as it was before – it’s an all-or-nothing attack which will either kill you or do absolutely nothing.

Crimson Flare is always used on the same turn as Savage. It is the new Invocations Arcana.

Steady there!

Go get ‘em, tiger!

The biggest downside to having a summon in the fight is that they have 9999 HP, and so eat up a lot of healing which could have helped your other units. It really is usually better if they would die, and you could bring them back with Kiss of Life.

This is the Remnant City Art for Melphina’s Blue Elf. The True Conqueror only normally gets it if you sided with Ophelia all three times and finished “At Hatred’s End”.

Sir Torgal!

Its annoying gimmick is that it hits each unit you have with an individual chance to be KO’ed. The game does not care so much about KO’ed units as long as the leader is alive, making it difficult to get options to revive them.

Irina, you KNOW Kiss of Life. Use it!!

Seal is Baaluk’s City Remnant art. It is single target, but usually does enough damage to one-shot any regular unions.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

However, Seal can be dodged and it does its damage to individual units, so even though Rush only had 2500 HP, he managed to survive this.

This is the kind of choice I find myself end up facing in this fight a lot. Either to heal, or to try to lower the enemy morale. It’s a frustrating place to be - if you have no morale, you’ll die to the end-of-turn attacks easily, but if you have mediocre health, you’ll die to weak attacks. The correct answer is morale. You can delay death by healing, but you win by keeping morale high.

In this case, Rush will lower morale, Emmy will ignore healing and throw herself at the enemy to try to die (so I can get everyone on their feet), Wyngale will use Orphic Ward, Irina will use Second Chance, and Jager will try to heal himself.

Luckily for Rush, the gamble paid off, as he barely survives long enough to get Mixed Message off.

Emmy dies, but at least she isn’t fighting with a crippled union anymore.

Fun fact: Seal is apparently not a Mystic attack! That’s probably true for most Remnant attacks, actually.

You still with us?

Surprisingly, that didn’t hurt all that much.

I need to revive everyone right now, though, before this gets out of hand. Cyclops will die, but he’ll keep the White Conqueror occupied so he can’t raidlock our other unions.

Anytime you want to use that on your OWN union would be just dandy, Irina.



The Tao Tie is Balterossa’s Remnant, and if we failed to finish The Ancient War quest, the Conqueror would have had that available to use in the fight. (Not the TRUE Conqueror, as that one requires completing sidequests.)

The Tao Tie’s attack is simply it walking and trampling all over us.

You still with us?

It’s as hideously effective as it is memorable.

After I pick myself up off the floor this turn, I’ll have something else to deal with at the end of the turn and pick myself off the floor from in the next turn too. That is why I’m sending Wyngale and Jager to lower the morale instead of healing.

I didn’t need this.

For some reason, Jager’s union was able to engage with the White Conqueror without him being able to attack. I’m not complaining, as he would have died to a sneeze.

Another break. Of course, these are short-lived breaks as there will be an end-of-turn attack.

I’m basically treading water here, and not making progress towards killing the White Conqueror.

Wait! Leave us alone!

Surprisingly, request granted.


Everyone was back on their feet and relatively healthy… but then this happens.

There’s no resting in this fight. At least we’ll get some use from the low health from Emmy and Irina.


An extremely rare critical Hundred Flowers provides 99,491 damage. Most of the time, though, Hundred Flowers barely breaks into the 30,000 range. This sends The White Conqueror into critical health.

I hate Animalcule.

Half my unions are dead, two-thirds of the remaining unions are paralyzed and silenced, and the revive option is prioritizing using herbs to revive Cyclops. That won’t give it enough health, so I’ll need to have Irina use Second Chance to bring it back.

Oddly, the wiki description for this says that Photon Field grants invincibility for three turns, which means no damage. I know that isn’t true. Photon Field just seems to grant extra evasion, but you can definitely hit and damage the Conqueror.

Gird yourselves, men!

This turn after Animalcule is the last bit of mercy the fight has to offer: It’s the only turn in which there is no end-of-turn attack.

Situation Normal: All Fucked Up. Our health is very low and 3 of our unions are dead, and we only have herbs to revive them. All I can do is send people to go revive, and hope that Cyclops will deadlock the White Conqueror before he raidlocks or intercepts me.

This is a good turn for me to be not fighting him.

Fuck you.

Awww, five more minutes…


Pardon me for troubling you.

Now all my unions are at full HP and only Ghor is KO’ed.

This is what counts as a Good Result for eating an arcana at 0 morale.

I’ll want Rush to keep his HP up Emmy revives, Wyngale lowers morale, and Irina uses Omnistrike.

Almost 150,000 damage from Irina’s Omnistrike. Much better than Hundred Flowers.

The Conqueror has to be getting fairly low by now.

Ah. He’s now below 20% health. This means that even the meager "break" where there was one turn without an EoT attack is gone. War God replaces Tao Tie, as well as the empty spot in the rotation.

You still with us?

Not that it matters because there goes any chance of winning the fight.

The only thing which saved me was that for some reason Jager started out more than one turn’s march away. I have no idea how that is possible in a one-enemy fight. Because of that, he actually couldn’t use an end-of-turn attack.

Status report: still fucked. I will eat a Raidlock for sure, but there is no safe alternative to sending both unions to revive.


This can’t be happening!

Well, that’s that.

My first mistake was keeping the same unions that I was using most of the time. This is not a fight in which the same old tactics will work. Instead, I’ll need to reorganize my unions and swap out less-useful members, and boost my formations to increase defense. I think that it would also be helpful to boost the power of my units, first by getting a few more of them Kiss of Life, and also by completing more weapon upgrades.

Bonus Boss: The White Conqueror

I included this fight because even on my first attempt I got fairly close to winning. The fight just depends so much on luck that it's hard to do much better. I did reach the stage of War God being unleashed in at least a few other attempts, but those didn't go well. This fight let me show off all the special attacks as well, so I might as well use the first try.

I actually have managed to win this fight by now. If you want, you can guess how many attempts it takes – including attempts in which I quit before getting a chance to game over, you can make guesses.

Next Time: I can take you!