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Part 119: Chapter CVIII - I can take you!

I can take you!

Since we seem to be dying a lot, it’s time to change things up. First of all, it’s time to consolidate my forces. Switching from 5 unions to 4 allows us to boost the overall health of all our unions. Jager’s union is therefore disbanded. Secondly, I’m benching some of our less-useful units. David is only a mediocre mystic, so he’s benched. Khrynia is great for Shards and Dual Snowpetal, but those won’t be much help in the fight, so she is gone too. Darien is a good damage dealer, but lacks a bit of utility. I’m bringing in three of the Seven to fill the ranks.

Rush’s union is getting Paris and Gaou. Paris is a good secondary healer who also knows Wards, so I could apply both Wards at once if needed. I actually had been leaving Gaou out of most of my attempts, but I’m bringing him back for Throat Salve, to cure silence. I am a moron for leaving him out because I specifically recruited him and used him as a combat regular because he could clear the Silence status.

Jager is assuming control of Emmy’s union and she is demoted to the last spot. I only have spots for 4 leaders obviously, and Emmy’s unique special sucks. Because of Jager’s unique Vagrant class, he has a tremendous amount of health, so his union will be extremely durable with 5 people in it.

Wyngale’s union gains Ludope, a great caster who gets a lot of AP, and Snievan. Snievan only really has Psionics in terms of mystic arts, and not even Maledict yet. But he is here for one critical reason: Throat Salve. A silenced mystic union is dead weight, so I need to be able to cure that as soon as possible.

Irina’s union gets Young for a little bit more physical power and a bit of healing from Herbs. Otherwise it’s the same.

It would also be helpful if more units learned Kiss of Life, which is a full heal for any union it is used on. Emmy learned it naturally through the course of play, so I know that it only needs Revitalize IV and not much more. Paris, Glenys and Pagus all are pretty close to qualifying, and Violet and Wyngale are not that much farther behind.

It would also help if I got more upgrades for party members weapons. In high demand is Jewel Steel, Bristly Dragon Mane, Reya’s Note, and Oculus Tooth. Jewel Steel is widely available from a lot of enemies in the Ancient Ruins, but there’s actually an easier way.

Most pieces of equipment can actually be disassembled into components. It’s the best way to get things like Imperium.

I got two Auld Bigbangs from fighting the Enlightened Seven, which can each give me 5 Jewel Steel. That will top up pretty much everyone who currently needs it, and there are other weapons I could disassemble if I need more later.

Reya’s Note is much more of a problem. There’s about a 3% chance to get it from a Glasya Labolas (Spiritlord-type) in the Ancient ruins. However, there is a solution: Observer has a 100% chance to drop a Reya’s Note. Luckily I learned of a way to kill them pretty easily, and people only need a couple Reya’s Notes.

Bristly Dragon Mane and Oculus Tooth are pretty grindy to get. They are magazine drops, which means that they can drop from any enemy of that family, but at only a 15% rate. The problem is that I need a lot of them. Pagus, Wyngale, and Kate need 6 Oculus teeth each, and Torgal needs 8 Bristly Dragon Manes and Wyngale needs 4 of the same. I decided to not try and get all those unless all other options failed.

Between grinding Remedies and getting components, I went from BR 80 to BR 85. Let’s see what we’ve learned:




learned Restore V!



learned Kiss of Life!
learned Nimble Quadrille IV!




learned Crossbreak!
learned Kiss of Life!


learned Mighty Victory Sweep!



- Bonus Boss Video: The White Conqueror (Attempt LOTS)

That’s enough prelude. Let’s get started. Now, when you see the number of attempts, remember that it was not 29 attempts of 30 minutes each. Sometimes I stopped the fight early, like if I didn’t get commands I liked for the first turn, or if I had dead unions after the first turn. This fight is hard enough without starting in a hole.

Music: Nisus

In total, we only have an additional 1089 health over the first attempt, but because it is compressed into 4 unions instead of 5, we can survive a bit better. After the previous 28 attempts, I have decided on a more focused strategy. I will prioritize keeping morale high over recovering health.

I’ve been using Darien in Rush’s union for all previous attempts, but this time I substituted Gaou in for him because of Throat Salve.

I had put Turbo on for grinding enemies for components, and forgot to take it off on turn 1.

Lob Omen: follow me!

I think Mixed Message is the best morale-boosting spell there is.

The first turn ends with Fatal Eclipse, which Orphic Ward negates.

Kate has upgraded her shield enough to give it the Soulshield Weapon Art, which can be used when not in the leader slot. Mystic Eater absorbs all mystic damage taken into HP. Unfortunately that’s probably cancelled out by Orphic Ward blocking all mystic damage.

That was pretty decent, but if my morale had been zero, it would not have been.


Get up!

Thank you, Emmy, very helpful.

What’s happened?

I think this EoT attack should be Delta-Petra, which probably counts as physical, so this won’t help.

But at least their union also decided to help by healing Irina’s union.

Do you require assistance?

I was wrong, looks like Delta-Petra does count as mystic.

Rush will use Talisman’s Gift (I really wish that offered both Protection AND Orphic Ward.) Jager will lower morale, Wyngale will use Rejuvenating Water (it’s great having him know so many arcana), Irina will heal the others.

Our morale is pretty good right now.

But Irina still took more than enough damage to get wiped out. Deep Impact is one attack the Conqueror loses when he drops the Valeria Heart, and I’m glad for that.

Keeping morale up is difficult in this fight. It can turn around so quickly.

I think it’s a better idea to boost our morale than to revive. The other unions can take care of that. Two Bluffs and a Cheer should help.

Hold still so I can tear you apart!

Too bad that we won’t be keeping this morale boost for long.

You’re a life saver – literally!

Are you still with us?
Steady there!

Thanks to Gaou and Snievan, Rush and Wyngale’s unions can clear the silence status. Irina will clear up any remaining statuses on Rush, and Jager is out of luck and will have to do a basic attack.

The Protection from Talisman’s Gift protects Rush’s union, and the other unions are too far away.

Keep at it, all right?

Sometimes the AI is really smart. With Silence gone, Paris can reassess to cast Revitalize.

Same with Wyngale’s union. Pagus casts Refresh to remove the poison and paralyze as well.

Don’t underestimate your foes!

Rush will revive Lob Omen, Jager will disengage to heal himself, Wyngale and Irina’s unions don’t have anything particularly interesting, so they’ll play things by ear.


That’s our cue that he’s under 70% health. End of turn attacks on every turn except the one after he uses Animalcule.


I think everyone else has already moved, so I wonder if this means he can’t use Crimson Flare.

You’re better than you look!

Yep, no Crimson Flare! That was great! My strategy for the fight is to prioritize morale and healing over damage, so while it is tempting to unleash a bunch of attacks, Rush will instead lower the enemy morale. Jager will heal himself, and Wyngale will go for the big attacks instead of lowering morale. Irina will try to heal Jager with Second Chance.

We’ll avenge you.

So much for that.

I can take you!

More good AI – Jager’s health is above 5000, so Irina re-assessed to revive the newly dead mystic union.

Don’t let him take you out!

Looks like he only moved Crimson Flare to the next turn.

Didn’t need the help, but thanks anyway!

I think I actually prefer these to Deep Impacts. At least these can only kill one union.

Don’t let a punk like that take you out!

I am honestly surprised that Wyngale’s union survived this turn. Rush will use Second Chance to heal himself, Jager will lower morale instead of doing a full attack or an attack-with-healing. Wyngale will do a an attack-with-healing, taking a chance of not dying, and Irina will be doing healing.

The dice smile on me once again. Too bad that both the heals are going to Lob Omen.

Well, someone was going to die this turn anyway.

I guess Jager won’t live either.

I’m glad Lob Omen is alive, because I definitely need to revive everyone.

Photon Field means he’s under 50% health.

Okay, Wyngale and Jager are back to full strength.

Now so are Rush and Irina.

Are you still with us?

You can see a green number buried in the right side. That is Kate’s Soulshield absorbing the mystic damage from Delta-Petra.

This is the halfway mark of the fight. You might notice a sudden music change, I had to leave my computer for a few minutes, but I left the game waiting. No one is in critical, so Rush and Wyngale will lower morale, Jager will do a full attack, and Irina will self-heal. This deep into the fight, decisions become more and more critical.


A strong one, huh?

You’ll pay for this with your lives!

At least they got in their full damage.


Not great. I don’t like having two unions down, that’s half my force.

Obliterate is a coin flip – it does either 0% or 100% of your unions health. One flip goes wrong and only Irina is left standing with Lob Omen deadlocking.

Hooray for Mixed Message.

I’m glad Lob Omen survived at least, because I need to pick up everyone else.

Bzzt. Sorry, try again.

The weak should stay off the battlefield!

That helped a lot, everyone is alive and at full health. Just in time for…

Don’t let him take you out!


Jager took that well, but he’ll help the others heal. Rush and Wyngale will clear their own silence.

Strike three!

Glenys’s herbs are very weak – this is the first battle she’s used them, but I wasn’t going to leave them disabled for this difficult fight.

I’m more surprised that Lob Omen survived for three turns in critical health.

Always keep morale up.

Keep at it, all right?

That went pretty well, in attempt 1, six units died, here it was only two. And it seems like Orphic Ward prevents this from hurting unions as well.

Caedmon sends the White Conqueror into critical.

Most other attacks would kill unions just from sheer damage, but the quirk of Obliterate doing all or nothing is working out mostly in my favor this time.

And again, after Irina revives Blocter.

I’m not sure if that even affects summons.

On your feet, soldier!

Everyone is alive and at full health (even Lob Omen) and our morale is maxed.

Don’t let him take you out!

High morale makes such a difference.

The turn after going into critical, the Conqueror goes into Overdrive. I knew this would happen, but after on the wiki, someone suggested that attacking now was a good plan because most of his attacks would be physical, and could be blocked or dodged, being better than some of his nastier spells.

Hey, I survived!

And I am healed up enough for Emmy to feel okay healing a different union.

Irina’s union also survives the Overdrive.

Lob Omen does not, but it wouldn’t have not attacked anyway.

Ludope blocks twice…

But that wasn’t enough since this union didn’t start at full health.

And the White Conqueror used Obliterate on his first move, so it didn’t matter what the others would have been. We survived the Overdrive, but it probably would have been better to not choose to fight where possible.

This is very bad. Our morale is rock-bottom.

Not looking good at all.

This turn is critical. I could have Jager revive while Irina uses Omnistrike, but I was wrongly worried that if the Conqueror targets Jager’s union first, he could die even before getting to revive anyone. Instead, I decided to have Jager lower morale while Irina goes to revive Rush’s union. The Conqueror couldn’t have targeted Jager since Irina is still deadlocked with him.

Hit him harder!

I can take you!

The White Conqueror is still above 20% health, since this is not War God.

This looks bad.

No choice but to eat a Raidlock and hope I manage to stand up two unions before the Conqueror kills one of mine.

Irina is fully healed now…

Wait! Leave us alone!

How unfortunate.

*maniacal laughter*

I appear to be in death spiral territory. This was pretty much inevitable. I have to send both my unions to go revive and hope that Lob Omen intercepts the Conqueror.

Oh, fucc…

…kk, yeah!! I really needed this break.

Mmm, I feel a lot better!

I seriously need to get my morale up.

Because I can’t keep this up forever.

Rush will engage in a Rear Assault, Jager will attack and heal, Wyngale will heal themselves, and Irina will use Omnistrike.

Awesome, a lucky critical Omnistrike: 130,900 damage!



HOLY SHITBALLS! I DID IT! The hardest boss in the game, defeated! And everyone was alive except for Jager’s union, and even that was just bad luck on the Obliterate. Irina’s Omnistrike was really the key to victory, because that 130k strike allowed her to delete 14-15% of the White Conqueror’s HP in one blow before he got a chance to use War God. War God goes off, that’s pretty much it.

learned Cheer III!
learned Orphic Ward II!
learned Restorative Tincture IV!

Reward: 500,000 G
Obtained Sage’s Stone!
Sage’s Stone – A stone said to grant eternal life. It is proof of a true adventurer.

Bonus Boss: The White Conqueror (Attempt 29)
Bonus: Special Art Exhibition

As a bonus, here’s a video showing off all the Special Arts together. I didn’t make it, because a lot of them would require a tremendous amount of grinding to show off, especially the weapon arts for those weapon users who were not in my party. I couldn’t post it until now because of spoilers.

After a year or so, this LP has finally ended. There were a lot of delays towards the end, but I finished it off. That was the biggest challenge left in the game. The funny part is that I’m only BR 85, and that’s still low enough for the True Conqueror to pose a challenge… but I’ve already beaten him, so not much point.

I really just did this LP on the spur of the moment, without much of a plan, and I don’t plan on doing any more LP’s. But I’m glad to have finally finished this one. So remember:

Come on, let’s kick some A!