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Part 121: World Map

World Map

Here is a roughly current map of the world location we've uncovered so far. Dungeons are given a number, use the legend below to locate them.

(Click for larger.)

Dungeons and Battlefields

Orange background and lighter text indicates Battlefields, which are one-time-only locations only used for large battles. Blue background indicates underground dungeons, Green background indicates outdoor dungeons.

Cast of Characters

This post will eventually contain spoilers for party members, their arts, and some story parts. Values in brackets indicate the characters initial values upon recruitment. Updated whenever I remember to check. Arts which are struck out are disabled or unusable.

If I say that there are only X characters who get an art, I am only counting unique leaders, and of those, only leaders who you can get before about BR 80, because that's about the time you're able to take on the final boss. Characters you gain after that point will require some grinding to get their stats up, and there's not really a lot of game left to use them on.

Union, Stats, and Known Arts current as of Chapter 31. Bug me to update it, would you?

Current Union Setup

Battle Rank: 71

1. Rush's Troop (Combat / Morale)

2. Emmy's Squad (Combat)

3. Wyngale and Buddies (Mystic)

4. Irina and Friends (Healing)

5. Jager's Sect (Combat / Morale)

Party Members

This is just a summary of the various party members, there are far too many for anyone to get anything useful out of going too in-depth in all of them.

-Mandatory Party Members-

Rush Sykes

A Mitra youth raised on Eulam Island. Friendly, honest and open to a fault, he cares deeply for his family.
(Voiced by: Johnny Yong Bosch)

Class: Fighter -> Ranger -> Cavalier -> Ninja

(New Game Plus Note: On a NG+, Rush starts with all of the Mystic and Item arts he learned in the previous playthrough except Arcanas and story arts. On a clean save, Rush only starts out with Herbs learned. Either way, he starts with no items for Item arts.)

Unique/Special Arts

Rush is the main character, the only one you can fully control gear and class progression for by default. On PC, you can actually take him out of the battle party, but why would you? Rush is the only character in the entire game who can learn every item and mystic art - and the base level of any Mystic or Item art carries over in New Game Plus. (Although you can’t max all of them unless you go insane and grind for ages and ages). Rush can be good at whatever you build him for, and he gets several unique arts no one else gets, so he should always be leading a squad.

Tags: Versatile, Combat, Healer, Mystic, Unique Arts, Psionics, Wards, Arcana

Emma Honeywell

One of Athlum's Four Generals. Stern and driven, but dedicated to Athlum — and her only daughter.
(Voiced by Susan Duerden.)

Class: Swashbuckler -> Freelancer -> Cavalier

Emma is unique in that she is one of very few leaders who dual-wield. She is combat focused, but knows some mystic arts too. Remedies is particularly helpful, and help to keep her Intellect stat up, but every character learns at least one mystic art, so I tend to keep Emma as a physical attacker. The specials which Emma gets are also pretty great. Chapter XXXVI - She was killed when the Conqueror attacked Athlum. Her daughter Emmy has taken her place in the party.

Tags: Combat, Healer


One of Athlum's Four Generals. Master of intelligence gathering, he's also quite the history buff.
(Voiced by Chris Kent.)

Class: Shaman -> Magus -> Healer -> Bishop

Unique/Special Arts

Pagus is a mage all the way. He starts with a Combat Art, but he’ll never be that good in melee, so you may as well disable that so he can conserve his AP for spells. He uses a wand as his weapon, and the farther you go, the worse his damage gets, so that he'll end up doing as little as 0 damage with physical attacks.

Pagus is the only unique leader who starts out as a Shaman, which is the starter class for Mystic characters. He is one of only FOUR leaders (before BR 80) who can get Wards. It happens pretty far into the game, but you should definitely learn them. Pagus is well suited to leading a union of mystic users. He can learn Herbs, but you may want to turn them off either right away, or wait until he learns Vivification Herb before turning them off.

Tags: Mystic, Healer, Wards, Arcana


One of Athlum’s Four Generals. Covered in hardened muscle, but a big softie at heart. Sees David as a brother.
(Voiced by Dave Vincent.)

Class: Fighter -> Freelancer -> Scout

Like almost all Yama, Blocter has substantial HP. He’s all about pounding things into a pulp. He may not have a lot of special skills, so he looks unimpressive at a glance, but there will eventually be a very good reason to have him in the active party. He learns Hexes as a token Mystic art, but it’s pretty late, and his Int stat is not likely to have improved a lot from the time you get him, so it’s probably best to disable it to keep him focused on hitting things. He gets a unique item through the main story that only he can use. You may also want to disable his Herbs after he officially joins the party to keep him from becoming a Scout. (I failed at this, even though for me, he only leveled Herbs up a bit past Restorative Herb II before I turned them off. Sheesh.)

Tags: Combat, Healer


Leader of the Four Generals, and David's right hand. It is unknown why a sovani, infamous for their pride, works for Athlum.
(Voiced by Johnny Hildo.)

Class: Fencer -> Freelancer -> Mysticknight -> Cleric

Unique/Special Arts

Torgal is the first of the relatively few Sovani who join the party. He’s also the first Evocation user you get. For Combat Arts, he can either Quad-wield, or dual-power grip. I decided to have him quad-wield, since I think he's the only recruitable Sovani who can. Torgal is good at either attacking through physical or mystic arts, although Evocations are better at status effects than at dealing direct damage. Potions don’t do a lot and under advice in my previous playthrough, I tended to turn those off. Psionics will take a while to get, but they are pretty useful as morale control gets increasingly important. He gets a unique item through the main story that he can use.

Tags: Combat, Mystic, Arcana

David Nassau

The ruler of Athlum. Cool-headed and poised. Controls the Remnant Gae Bolg.
(Voiced by: E. Jason Liebrecht)

Class: Mysticknight

Unique/Special Arts

Dave is a Mysticknight, a fighter-mage hybrid. That means you can build him in either direction. He has both Herbs and Remedies. Both are good, but herbs mostly for the easy revivification option, and you’ll want to use Remedies for the healing. The problem is that mixing combat arts and mystic arts muddies the battle commands somewhat, and slows progression of both arts and stats, so you’ll probably have to turn off the side he won’t use (Remedies, since he gets that one pretty late).

Dave's special arts are pretty good though: Ex Machina does heavy damage to a single target (which should also kill the entire union), but it requires high union morale, and David’s Division can’t be in Deadlock. Gae Bolg is just as impressive in gameplay as in the cutscenes. It’ll wipe out an entire screen of enemies at once. The trick is that you can only use it if 3+ unions are on the field, David’s Division is not in deadlock, and has enough AP to cast it. Once you know that trick, you can fairly reliably trigger it at will in certain story battles.

David has gotten the Spark Invocation up to Rank V, and so has learned the Arcana Blackout. Blackout is a screen-hitting attack that does substantial damage.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Mystic, Unique Arts, Shards, Arcana

Emmy Honeywell

One of Athlum's Four Generals. Has pledged herself to Athlum, as her mother--and namesake--before her.
(Voiced by: Siobhan Flynn)

Class: Ranger -> Cavalier

Unique/Special Arts

Like her mother, Emmy is skilled in Dual-wielding, and is a good Mystic healer. She also gets two unique arts later on, and can make a good leader. She knows all the ways of one-handed weapon usage, but is best with dual-wielding, so turn the others off. She makes an excellent addition or leader of a combat + healing union. She gets Hexes and Traps, but those probably won’t be that useful.

Emmy learned Hundred Flowers through a quest early on Disc 2. It's a powerful single-target attack, but she can only use it if her union is at critical HP.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Unique Arts, Arcana,

Irina Sykes

Rush's sister. Sweet and cheerful, but with a deep stubborn streak. Able to control Remnants through Marion's Blessing.

Class: Scholar

Unique/Special Arts

After the entire first half of the game dedicated to rescuing Irina, she finally joins the party. She starts out with Kiss of Life and a lot of Lotions, including Throat Salve, making her immediately useful. She is a Scholar, the only Mystic-class with a Mystic-Item balance, and fitting that, she starts out with the highest in in the party by far, as well as a lot of item arts. Her high int unfortunately isn't that useful because she only really knows Remedies, and she only gets Psionics, and that's at party BR 75.

Tags: Versatile, Healer, Items, Combat, Unique Arts, Lotions, Psionics, Shards, Arcana

-Unique Leaders-


A mercenary based in Athlum. Cautious, and always prepared. Saving money for someone dear.

Class: Fighter -> Monk -> Expert Scout

A pretty standard Yama fighter. He’s tough, but doesn’t get a lot of interesting arts. His skills are easily replaced by other party members later, but it’ll be tougher to replace that chunk of HP. He’s the first of Rush’s recruits, which means he’ll spend a lot of time gaining stats before you can find enough unique leaders to consider swapping him out, making it tempting to keep him in the active party. He doesn’t get any unique skills, nor is he required for any quests past the one you need to recruit him. Like Blocter, he can fall into becoming a Scout, but I can’t turn Herbs off on everyone, because they’re critical to surviving in the early game.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Outclassed


An infamously savage bandit. Of late has avoided mindless violence, seeking redemption.

Class: Fighter -> Freelancer -> Marauder

Loki starts as a Fighter, but easily converts into another Magic-Fighter hybrid like David – mediocre in both spellcasting and fighting, but he learns Hexes fairly early, and his starting STR and INT are basically equal, so I favour him becoming a caster. He’s well suited to join the Mystics club when you recruit him, but eventually his lack of focus will probably end up benching him in favour of a more dedicated mystic once better mages become available. You’ll need to recruit him, and talk to him in town to unlock a late-game sidequest.

Tags: Mystic, Combat, Outclassed, Arcana


Leader of the Silver Falcons. Surprisingly public for a sovani. Dutiful and principled, but despised by those in power.

Class: Ranger -> Mysticknight -> Ataraxian

Now we’re talking. Caedmon, our second Sovani, starts out as a Master Ranger, with a bunch of Evocations skills learned. Still though, his starting INT lags 10 points behind his STR, and his only other Mystic art is the common Remedies. However, His HP does starts out notably low for his BR, suggesting a caster role. Recruit him right away, for he has three quests to do.

Tags: Versatile, Combat, Mystic, Items, Healer, Arcana


A rough, belligerent warrior who rages against all restraints - as if trying to forget a painful past.

Class: Freelancer -> Mysticknight

Unique/Special Arts

Nora is pretty similar to Loki and fills in a similar niche of a character which can go to either Combat or Mystic focus. She’s required for a pretty difficult sidequest late in the game. Similar to Loki, she’s a good early-game mage, but will be overshadowed by other characters eventually.

Tags: Mystic, Combat , Outclassed, Arcana


Wife of a powerful aristocrat in Celapaleis. The sad story of her own family's fall moves many.

Class: Freelancer -> Cavalier

She’s recruitable after a pair of quests fairly early into the game. Violet’s got lower health, but better stats otherwise than same-time recruit Gabriel, which means she can eventually be better overall than he will be. In my first run-through, she ended up as a substantial damage dealer. She later gets a unique item that she can use, which offers a 15% boost to her health among other effects.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Arcana


Sellsword from Celapaleis. Enamored of Violet. Tends towards the dramatic, but often regrets this bluster later.

Class: Monk -> Scout

Gabriel is available after completing two sidequests. He’s an item-focused fighter, and comes already knowing Vivification Herb, in case no one else has learned it by then. He gets Lotions which might come in handy, eventually. Maybe. In my first playthrough, I eventually benched him for better people, though. In this playthrough, he's begun to pull his weight pretty well.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Items


A frail youth mourning his dead twin sister, Kate. Perhaps there is a way he can find happiness...

Class: Healer

Benchwarming material if there ever was any. You have to complete a quest to recruit him, and there’s another quest that he’s required for later on, but I mean, come on: He starts out with only Remedies learned – that’s basically the most common Mystic art. At least most other leaders start with two schools learned. He doesn’t get anything special either. Hire him, then bench him.

By the time he can even start learning Hexes, you should have better casters who know the same or higher, and the same goes for Lotions.

Tags: Healer, Mystic, Arcana, Worthless


A young adventurer, deeply concerned about Baaluk's future. Naïve, but dedicated.

Class: Marksman

Recruitable after completing his quest. He’s the second dedicated magic-user, and the earliest character to learn Psionics. He’d make a good fit in a union of Mystics.

Tags: Mystic, Psionics, Arcana


Ex-Celapaleian general. Once shared a vision with Pagus. A real chatterbox of an old man.

Class: Marauder

Another decent mage. Available after completing his quest.

Tags: Mystic, Healer, Arcana


More a danger to himself than to others, this troublemaker is oddly endearing, if very strange.

Class: Scout

Recruitable after completing his quest, Darian is a solid addition to the party. He starts with a healthy amount of arts learned, and he has the second tier of Lotions. He knows a lot of good Herbs, but you should probably turn off everything except Vivification to encourage him to use Eye Cream to level Lotions (important for getting the higher tier status-effect removing Lotions).

This is one guy you don’t have to worry about him falling into Scout because he starts out there, and has no chance to get into a Mystic/Balance class. He’s a pretty decent character. Starting out with that stuff makes him a great fit in the party.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Lotions, Items


A striking female warrior. Driven and a bit anachronistic. Her heart burns for revenge.
(Voiced by: Michelle Ruff)

Class: Ranger -> Cavalier

Glenys is recruitable after you complete her first quest, but that quest is notable for being an excellent place for grinding, and if you complete it, you lose that. But nevermind that, Glenys is awesome, so feel free to recruit her right away. She’s also required for two quests later on. She also gets a unique item that she can use as well.

She’s also one of only a couple Unique Leaders who’s VA’s are known. She’s voiced by Michelle Ruff, who you may have heard of.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Arcana


Captain of the Order of Melphina. Chivalrous, honorable, and dedicated. Sworn to Marsha, Forest Maiden leader.

Class: Monk -> Bard

Unique/Special Arts

Roberto starts out with substantial health for his BR, and good strength, but relatively little Intellect. His Arts are underwhelming as well, although at least he starts out with three potions learned. He later gets a unique item that he can use. He’s recruitable after completing three quests, but only if you agree with his side each time.

Tags: Combat, Outclassed


Fabled warrior of the underworld. Wrathful and a lone wolf, but at times is quite kind to others.

Class: Hunter

Unique/Special Arts

Gaou is notable mostly for his extensive list of known Lotions, which can make him very helpful at clearing status effects when a union is silenced. No quests associated or required. He also carries a huge-ass sword, which is always a plus in a party member. He can get a special item later on.

Tags: Combat, Lotions


Ex-captain of the Third Commitee. Rough, but open and jovial. Bound to the Remnant Lob Omen.
(Voiced by Gerald C. Rivers)

Class: Vagrant

Unique/Special Arts

Here’s a surprise: Jager, the jerk who kidnapped Irina and kicked Rush in the face at the start of the game joins our party. I knew I liked something about him. He starts out with a boatload of HP and only one Combat Art category learned, but he gets a few devastating specials that more than make up for that and make him worth of a leader spot (because only leaders can use specials). Jager has the unique class Vagrant which grants him extra HP, Max AP, STR, and skill with combat arts. He’s also required for a sidequest, and can get a unique item. He’s recommended as a leader so he can make use of his powerful specials. If he’s not a leader, he can only use combat arts, and Psionics.

I know someone will ask about this, so I may as well say it. His description says he’s bound to the Lob Omen, but right now it is not available. That is what his quest is about, in fact..

Tags: Combat, Unique Arts, Psionics


Once ran the Steel Syndicate with Torgal, but objects to its current actions. Becomes quite nasty when he needs to ask a favor.
(Voiced by: Liam O’Brien)

Class: Deathknight

Allan starts with an impressive array of known arts. His high strength makes him more suited for melee combat, despite knowing Invocations very well, and getting Hexes. He also gets a bunch of Item Arts. He’s recruitable after completing his quest.

Tags: Versatile, Combat, Mystic, Items, Arcana


Son of the marquis of Royotia. Pure-hearted and slightly naïve. Sworn to his paramour, Charlotte.

Class: Paladin

After many quests involving him in Disc 1, Paris finally is recruitable in Disc 2 after completing one final quest. He starts off with Psionics, making him very helpful. He starts with Maladict II, so he can learn the Fatal Eclipse Arcana for Psionics pretty much right away. His intellect is higher, but his Strength score is also good, meaning he will perform well when used in melee combat as well. If that wasn’t already good enough, he can learn Wards too. This guy should be in your party ASAP.

Tags: Versatile, Mystic, Healer, Combat, Psionics, Wards, Arcana


Kosmosfest's Cosmos Maiden. Absent-minded or empty-headed. Wishes to rid the world of war.

Class: Marksman

Recruitable after completing two quests. She doesn’t seem all that impressive, only knowing Evocations at the start, so I never bothered. Her stats aren’t exactly wowing me either. By the time you can get her, you should have better Hex and Lotion users already. I smell the aroma of bench-warmer. That said, she starts out with Snare Shot, meaning she is immediately capable of learning the Whiteout Arcana.

Tags: Mystic, Arcana, Worthless


Rhagoh's dead twin sister. But as if in response to his dearest wish, she suddenly reappeared.

Class: Druid

So she’s back from the dead, I guess? She’s better than her brother, but probably not good enough for a spot in the active party. Her stats are unimpressive. She’s recruitable after completing Rhagoh’s second quest, but she’s not required for anything herself, so I never bothered hiring her. The only really notable thing about her is that she starts out with Dispirit, so she can immediately learn the Animalcule Arcana for Hexes. Not a lot of people learn that so that’s notable I guess.

Tags: Combat, Mystic, Arcana


An honest young mage. Weak due to a past injury, he began to study mystic arts, rare for yama.

Class: Specialist -> Wizard

Another mid-game Yama caster. He starts out knowing Invocations, Hexes, and Psionics, and can learn Evocations. A decent pick for someone who wants a caster who also has a bunch of HP.

Tags: Mystic, Psionics, Arcana


Royotian miner who, along with Pagus and Maddox, dreamt of finding a legendary Remnant...

Class: Guardian

Recruitable way too late into the game to be much use for the little he brings to the table.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Items, Outclassed

Duke of Ghor

Chairman of the Congress. A grizzled yama well known as a warrior. Bound to the remnant Bilqis. (Voiced by Anthony Lander.)

Class: Warrior -> Axman

If you talked to the Duke of Ghor after the first, third and fifth base battles, and complete his quest after Koenigsdorf, he can join your party. He doesn't get a lot of arts, but he is a very powerful fighter and comes with a Remnant Weapon Art.

Tags: Combat, Unique Arts, Psionics


Former director of the Academy. Skilled and insatiably curious, she's studied Remnants for years.

Class: Healer

A born bench-filler. Haruko offers nothing that can't be done better by other party members you've had for ages.

Tags: Healer, Arcana, Outclassed, Worthless


A rough and violent fighter who fought for the Imperator until he was imprisoned by the Fallen.

Class: Cleric

If you are able to beat an incredibly tough sidequest boss, Wyngale can be recruited. He is a phenomenal caster who can learn all the Arcana if you train him enough.

Tags: Versatile, Mystic , Arcana, Combat, Healer, Psionics, Wards, Shards


A self-absorbed and frivolous mage who became a mercenary to finance her excessive expenses.

Class: Thief

The second unique leader you meet is the second or third-last one who can join you. She starts out with a lot of Shards already learned and brings a very special unique art to the table as well.

Tags: Versatile, Items, Mystic, Combat, Unique Arts, Arcana, Shards


An amnesiac desert wanderer. His scarred face hints at a rough past. Is what he remembers real?

Class: ??? -> Aristocrat

Jorgen's multiple-choice past lets you decide what class you want him to be. Unfortunately, they all suck.

Tags: Outclassed, Worthless


An aloof young knight. Relatively inexperienced, but his talent – and pride – are top-class.

Class: Sage

Leucetius can't be recruited until you reach BR 80. Unfortunately, by that time you already should have a lot more impressive characters recruited.

Tags: Outclassed, Mystics, Arcana


Forces of The Conqueror

The Conqueror

An eminently mysterious figure. The ruler of Veyriel, a "backwater" town in the east. He wishes to become a Lord recognized by the Congress and to be granted a Remnant. He has a strange power over Remnants and an stranger interest in Rush. He is now threatening war on the Lords, who have delayed in granting him a Remnant.
(Voiced by: Christopher Sabat)


A mysterious mage in white, who has been taking Irina to Remnants for some as-yet-unknown purpose. His right eye was burned out somehow, and it has been replaced with a dark gem. He uses a fan to channel his powerful spells - which are unlike the regular mystic arts in common use.
(Voiced by: Chris Ayres)


The Conqueror's lieutenant and spokeswoman.
(Voiced by: Victoria Harwood)


Another of the Conqueror's lieutenants. Big guy, doesn't speak.


A member of the Seven, Hannah is Hinnah's overly protective twin sister. Though usually good-natured, when angry, not even Hinnah can hold her back.
(Voiced by: Tricia Dickson (as Wendy Tomson))


A member of the Seven, Hinnah is Hannah's twin sister, so devoted to her that she would do anythign for her. She acts tough, but is quite the crybaby.
(Voiced by: Tricia Dickson (as Wendy Tomson))


A member of the Seven, Young searches for the meaning of his life through fighting. He is a true romantic.
(Voiced by: Dameon Clarke)


A member of the Seven, Snievan dreams of filling the world with nothing but beauty. His odd behavior has made him an outcast from his own race.
(Voiced by: Freddy Douglas)


A member of the Seven, Ludope was a former captain, who lost his entire troop (Melphina's second brigade) in battle. His hatred for everything comes from the pain he holds inside.
(Voiced by: Michael McConnohie)


A member of the Seven, Milton is a legendary swordsman, victorious on many battlefields. He devotes his life to the way of the sword.
(Voiced by: Harry Molloy)


A member of the Seven, Zuido is usually a gentle soul - though his alternate personality is quite the opposite. They say it comes from a childhood trauma.
(Voiced by: Kyle Hebert)

World Figures

Duke Wilfred Hermeien

Wagram's master, the one behind Irina's kidnapping. Chairman of the Congress and head of the Academy. Really does not it like when womenfolk get uppity. (Ch. XLVI) Presumed killed in the Battle of Nagapur.
(Voiced by: Emmet James)

Duchess Bertrude di Balterossa

The Lady of Balterossa, master of the Tao Tie. Her husband died in an accident long ago, and she intensely loves her daughter Charlotte.

Duke Priam

The Lord of Royotia, and father to Paris. He likes quiet. He's enlisted Rush's help in dealing with an evil bird imprisoned in a volcano.

Duke Qubine

The Lord of Celepaleis, Athlum's ruling state. Only 10 years old, but a shrewd and powerful ruler. Not actually all that bad, despite Athlum chafing to be free of Celapaleis's control.
(Voiced by: Beau Sterling)

The Duke of Ghor

The Lord of Ghor. The city of Ghor has been the site of many battles, and it has a strong force of fighters. Ghor lacks a powerful City Remnant, and desires of acquiring one. He's considered an unfriendly power by Celepaleis and Athlum.
(Voiced by: Anthony Lander)

Duke Olebeag

The Lord of Melphina. We know even less about him than we do Ghor.


The daughter of Bertrude, and heir to Balterossa. She is very popular with the people of Balterossa. She had a secret boyfriend called Paris, but broke it off with him after a second attempt on their lives.


John Sykes

Rush's father. A top researcher in the field of Remnants. A principled man, he is against their use as weapons. He has awoken from a 6-month coma caused by Wagram.
(Voiced by: Kyle Hebert)

Marina Sykes

Rush's mother. Another top researcher in the field of Remnants. She possesses the power of Marion's Blessing. She was hiding in Numor Mine, but has since left in search of something.
(Voiced by: Erica Shaffer)