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Part 15: Chapter XII - Ew, call the fashion police!

Ew, call the fashion police!

Music: A Special Girl

- Video: False Report and Fresh Hope

…So, not only do you let this mysterious creature slip through your fingers, but you’re also clueless as to its affiliation and its purpose?

Hmph. A fine report this is. My word, is Athlum completely powerless over its own territory? Bah! It seems the apple does fall far from the tree.

Blocter takes a menacing step towards the messenger.

*ahem* M-moving on, I shall report this back to the Duke at once. Goodday!

The nerve of that guy. Someone ought to pound some manners into him.
Come now, calm down.
Why the false report to the Duke? Ah… you believe those men are connected to the Academy.
You don’t?

The Academy conducts research in a number of fields. Rumors would indicate that includes forbidden experimentation with Remnants. It is possible that our mage in white is connected.
And the Academy holds tremendous influence across the world. Celapaleis is no exception.
You don’t think the Duke of Qubine is involved in this?
I don’t know. But until I do, we’re playing it safe. I don’t want Qubine knowing our strategy just yet.

*sigh* Understood. But do take care not to overplay your hand. If Athlum is lost, those machinations of yours will be for naught.

That, I know.

Music: The Bonds of Friendship

Rush looks up at the sound of the door opening.

And catches an apple.

Ah, I thought he’d never let me go. … Couldn’t sleep?
*shakes head ‘no’*

I… I couldn’t save her!

Damnit, Irina… what am I supposed to do now?!

Rush, you need to calm down! Irina is alive!

How do you…
After we left, a strange flying creature was seen leaving Blackdale. A girl was spotted as well. After comparing a few more reports, we are certain it was Irina.
For real?
I had Pagus confirm it personally. Without a doubt, your sister lives, Rush.

What is it?

Even if she’s alive, I’m not strong enough to save her.

Pull yourself together, Rush! You need to keep whatever strength you do have.
If you won’t save her, who will?
You’re right, I’ve gotta find a way!
As I’ve said, I’ll help you as much as I can. It’s still far too early to give up hope.

Dave… thanks.

Yes, well, that Wagram character implied he was an Academy member.

If that’s true, it means this plot is much deeper than we imagined. You cannot face it alone. Moreover, Irina saved us. I owe her my life, and men of Athlum always repay their debts.
Are you sure it’s okay to just help us like that? Torgal’s not gonna be happy.
Heh. Cleaning up my messes is his job.

Has been since I was a baby.
Hah, Oh man, that’s gross!
I used to call him “General Boom-Boom”. My father thought it was hilarious and started using that name for him all the time.
Your dad kinda hated Torgal, didn’t he?
Why do you say that?
…Never mind.

Once we learn where that flying creature is headed, I’ll let you know.
Okay, I’ll keep an eye out too.

Lord David, you still intend to look into this matter?
Of course! As if I would allow such low fiends to sully Athlum. That mage… find out who that Wagram really is. Even if it means shaking up the Academy.
Yes, my Lord.

I like this scene. It shows that David no longer merely views Rush as a tool, but as a friend. Another translation hiccup seems to have made its way into the game, though. In the last update, Wagram never actually said his name, but David and Pagus know it anyway. I've been told that in the Japanese script, Wagram does give his name.

David and Torgal’s squads have left the party.

A girl matching Irina’s description was seen in the clutches of the flying Remnant. So, this is the true face of the men slighting Athlum… I will find them and make them regret this!
Ugh, I can’t stand those jerks in Celapaleis. They’re always like, “Athlum, do this! Athlum, do that!” It really burns me up! Like, this time. Sure, it’s good to know when bad stuff’s going on, but you don’t gotta gloat when you tell it! Makes me just wanna – argh!
Athlum is required to provide for Celapaleis’s defense at all times. Their assumption that we’ll always protect them is something that is far from popular within Athlum. Yet it is our duty as a territory. I know it, and understand it, but I certainly don’t like it.
As I’m sure you already know, the Academy is a worldwide organization which officially oversees all Remnant –related research. If that Wagran character truly is connected to the Academy, he has very influential backing. It will be no simple matter to go after him.
It is rumored that there are segments of the Academy dedicated to more… illicit types of Remnant testing. Mayhap the mage in white is a part of that… Still, we do not yet have the evidence to confirm either way. We must learn more about these men before anything else.

There’s nothing more we can do here, so let’s go wandering the town again.

Music: City of Heroes

If we wanted to advance the main plot, we could just talk to that guard and go back right away. But it can wait. I see Baulson hanging out over there, but who’s this new girl?

- Video: Meet Khrynia (No voice acting, just for the animations.)

It’s a good thing he’s cute… Anyway, I’m running low on cash a tiny bit. So you should, like, give me some money. And I’ll give you this potion I made. It’s totally me-approved! (500 G)
Street potions? I’ll pass.
No. Way. Come onnn, just buy it!
*sigh* Sure, I’ll buy it!
Reward: Fresh Oil x 3, Aerial Insecta Ale x 3
Bye-bye, Athlum, I’m off to the big city!
Completed quest: Athlum’s Witch
I bought some dodgy “Khrynia” potions from a magus-y girl in Athlum. She ran off right afterwards, though.

That was fun, but before we leave Athlum, let’s have some more good-old-fashioned foreshadowing.

It’s nothing to worry of here in Athlum. Trust in the Valeria Heart. We have nothing to fear.

Hey… This isn’t common knowledge, but I can tell you’re as into the Marquis as much as I am, so I’ll let you in on it… They say that each time the former Marquis used the Gae Bolg in battle, it ate away a little bit of his soul! That’s why he died so young. Now, Lord David is working hard and fighting to protect all of us… Who knows how much damage it’s doing? I really hope that peace is reached quickly, so Lord David can return to us with both body and soul intact!

“Academy Visistone 22-23” posted:

[Remnants 22] Operating a Remnant wears away at the operator's soul.
[Remnants 23] The core Remnants of each town are bound by the town's Lord.

Oh man… Everyone around here’s been gabbing non-stop about some ominous-sounding guy called the Conqueror or something. Apparently he’s going around and attacking countries left and right! Who knows how much longer before we get dragged into it… Hey, pops! Get me something healthy… I think I’m gonna need it!

Oh, hey there. Not to be brusque, but I’ve got a few things to take care of, if you’ll excuse me.

Each optional Unique Leader you can hire appears somewhere in one of the towns for you to talk to. Baulson hangs out in Athlum’s town square.

What spineless nose-pickers! If that big blond douche tries coming to Athlum, I’ll kick his ass so hard he’ll feel it from the front!

Pub Regular: Celapaleis? Ah, that’s the big city a ways to the north. It’s Athlum’s sovereign capital. Thanks to them, our army can’t even jump without having to ask that Qubine kid how high.

They’re just a bunch o’ thugs that’ll do anything to get hold of a Remnant… Bet they’d sell their mama for somethin’ cheap, too! Talking ‘bout them’s all the rage here – some say they even wanna take over the world! They’re a shady bunch, that’s fer sure!

Sky-Gazing Woman: Some men calling themselves “the Conquerors” or something are plotting to attack the city, I heard… That’s so silly, isn’t it? We’ve got the Marquis and the generals to take care of us. Plus, the Valeria Heart will protect us, no matter what. Whoever these guys are, who cares? They can’t do anything, so it’s not even worth worrying about.

Oh, it’s her again.

The Duke of Celapaleis is like 10 or something, right? ‘Cause he totally acts like some old guy with a stick up his chute. He needs to stop being a Duke for a sec and work on removing whatever’s up in there. Anyway… I only ended up here ‘coz I kinda mixed up east and north. But leaving costs money, and I’m just a teensy bit short… But, you know what would be awesome? If you bought this special Khrynia-brand herb. It’s, uh, extra-strength. (1000 G)
THIS isn’t sketchy. Pass.
Ugh, for real? Dude, like, buy something!
*shrug* I’m all about the herb!
Reward: Cureleaf x7, Relaxing Herb x 7
Hasta la bye-bye, Celapaleis!
Completed quest: Celapaleis’s Witch
I bought some dodgy “Khrynia” herbs from a magus-y girl lost in Celapaleis. She seriously needs a map.
I mean seriously, what kind of idiot mixes up east and north?

So that’s Khrynia, as should be obvious from the “Khrynia” name dropped in the quest logs. We’ll be seeing her around on occasion. That’s all there is to do now. Celapaleis only has one change in dialogue, in the tavern.

Sweet-Scented Maiden: I asked out my crush, and he said yes! He’s one of the Celapaleian guards… His eyes sparkle like the Umbermarici itself… but I’m the only one allowed to peek under his helmet. Does everyone feel this blissful when they’re in love? If I could, I’d share some of my happiness with you…
Uh… that’s okay, lady.

Huh? Yeah… that’s the face, that’s the clothes… You’re Rush Sykes, right?
Never heard of the guy.
Hahaha, you’re a terrible actor, kid. Don’t worry, though – you’re not in trouble… not with us at least. Lord David’s put out a summons for you. Apparently he’s come up with a good starting place for your information-gathering, so he’d like you to come to the castle so he can share it with you. Don’t make him wait too long, okay, kid? Or else you might end up in trouble with us after all… Just joking!

Nothing more to do anyway.

Music: The Young Marquis

- Video: To Elysion

There you are.
What’s going on?
Rush, the Congress will be holding a session in Elysion several days from now.

The Congress? What’s that?
Put simply, the Congress is a group that makes sure the world plays nice. Once every few years, the lords meet and discuss pressing matters. We’ll be heading to Elysion as well.
So… you just called me here to say goodbye?

Heh. Oh no, on the contrary. Travelling with us should be a free ticket into Elysion.
Gaining entrance to Elysion during a Congress year is especially difficult. And lets not forget the increased security, what with the influx of important figures.
So if I can get into Elysion, I can go to the Academy! Aw, Dave, that’s absolutely mint!

*sigh* Though who knows if Lord David will even be invited to the assembly meeting.
What do you mean?
Usually, only the most powerful leaders are called to the congress. It’s likely that a young successor like me won’t be asked to participate.
Did you piss someone off?
Heh. Not yet. I’ve merely been asking around about someone who might be responsible for the shady dealings at the Academy.
Top man at the Academy, and Chairman of the Congress, the Lord of Nagapur: Duke Wilfred Hermeien.

Wilfred Hermeien, huh? So that’s the guy who took Irina?
That’s what I aim to find out.
Lord David! The house of Hermeien has chaired the Congress for generations. If provoked, they will not hesitate to turn all the lords against you. The late Marquis made painstaking efforts to maintain peaceful relations with the Chairman. If you would only consider what is best for Athlum.

So, I still cannot compare to my father, hmm?
Enough discussion. We’ll continue this when we reach Elysion. Begin preparations to leave.
Yes, my Lord!

Emma gives David a long stare, then leaves silently.

Hey, Dave?
What is it?
Uh… nothing, nevermind. Catch you later!

Music: Slipping Through Your Fingers

So this is the girl.
Yes, my lord.

So you’re the big man in charge. Just what do you want from me?
Feisty one, this is. Just like her mother.

You know my mother?

I loathe such women. Women are meant to be servile.


M-my Lord?

Oh, I only jest. I wouldn’t dream of treating her like the others.

This one is irreplaceable, after all. You must treat her well, Wagram.
Yes, my lord.


I’ll see to it that plenty of soldiers will be available to you at any time. Some of them may be… strange, to say the least, but they’re all good men.

Soldiers can be rented freely through the army recruitment officer in the Town Square.
The maximum number of unions in your party is now 3. The maximum unit capacity per battle is now 9. The maximum number of units in your party is now 20.

Having the leader of Athlum on your side has some perks: We can now hire some of Athlum’s soldiers at zero cost. They are all generics, though, so I won’t bother, but it’s more useful on the Xbox version.

Hell yes, about time. This marks the end of the tutorial section, and the game proper begins now.

Video: False Report and Fresh Hope
Video: Meet Khrynia
Video: To Elysion

Flowers Count: 4
“Irina” Count: 9
“Rush” count: 4

Voting on party configuration is officially closed.

Next Time: I wasn’t expecting such a large party