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Part 22: Chapter XVIII - Good luck, Rush Sykes. My country is in your hands.

Good luck, Rush Sykes. My country is in your hands.

Wait, ME?
He awaits you in Royotia Castle.
So you may rest assured, Marquis, that the Congress has not yet begun.

That’s the latest news, Daddy.
Bartender: Irate merchants, huh… Beloved daughter, if some merchant tries to pick a quarrel with you, call Daddy at once, alright?

Now that we’ve cleared Caedmon’s quest, his speech bubble is red, so let’s talk to him before we hit the road.

Hey Caedmon, I was wondering how the Silver Falcons got started.
How did the Silver Falcons come to be? Mmm… A mitra was the founder… This all happened decades ago… At the time, I had gone to the mountains above the town to view the Tao Tie. As you know, sovani are very proud beings. Like most of us, I had always kept to myself. There was a shabby-looking sellsword who wandered the area. Whenever he saw me, he’d call out a hello. At the time, I found his familiarity rather impertinent… Not too much later, monsters assaulted the town. It was terrible timing, as the army had been called abroad. Balterossa was thrown into a panic. That’s when that sellsword appeared. He gathered the mercenaries of the town, and led them against the monster hordes, saving the town.
Sounds like he was a real hero.
I could not understand his actions. Why would he risk his life for a bunch of strangers? What was his motive? He caught my interest. So I decided to join him. He was the first leader of the Silver Falcons. … This story has run long. Perhaps I will continue it later… That’s enough for now.
Okay, thanks Caedmon.
You are welcome, young Sykes.

All right, to get to Royotia, first we need to pass through the Great Sand Sea aga-

Hello, Rush. Not to be blunt, but I’d like your Shamshir. Would you lend it to me?
Sure, no prob.
Appreciated. It’ll be used hard, but used well.

So, you might have noticed me eying your Bandana of Grooming… Would you mind lendin’ it to me for a bit?
Sure, no prob.
Thank ye kindly. Don’t see many kind souls like you anymore!

To get to Royotia, first we need to cross the Great Sand Sea again, following the lettered-columns and exit through that opening.

That unlocks Lavafender on the world map, which we also have to pass through.

Music: Dark Secrets

Lavafender – A large, lava-filled cavern leading to Royotia. It’s dangerous, but less so than the mountain pass.

Well, it’s at least a change from the grey and brown tunnels. I didn’t do an flyover video because we’ll be back soon enough.

Near the start is this “Blazing Door”. Naturally,
The door is sealed shut.

- Video: Rare Monster Vodianoi

This is a frog rare. It never got a chance to do significant damage. I didn’t actually fight it in the real save file.

And that was Lavafender. It was relatively painless lava dungeon.

- Video: Royotia tour

Music: The Seat of Vulcan

Royotia – This ancient mining town flourished after commencing trade with Balterossa. It is now known throughout the world.

Royotia – Byon Sector: This district is filled with all kinds – from dangerous people to travelers just passing through.

Hey there, buddy! This’s the heart of the mining city of Royotia, Byon Sector. There ain’t much to do, but feel free to make yourself at home.
I think I see someone over there who already thinks he’s home. Specifically, that the street is his bathroom.
Okay, don’t make yourself QUITE that at home.

Royotia is our third optional town. Another one never visited in the main quest, ever.

Gossipy Man: Psst! Boy, hey boy! This ain’t somethin’ you should go blabbing all over, but… I hear the little Lord Paris’s been makin’ eyes at the daughter of the Duchess of Balterossa. She’s a sweet li’l thing, she is, not a lick like that harpy of a mother… Thing is, with the trade route kerfuffle ‘tween us and Balterossa, Lord Paris can’t just go layin’ down the charm, if you know what I mean. Star-crossed lovers an’ all… Can’t help but feel bad for ‘em, eh?
Wait, so Paris is Royotian royalty?
You were unaware?
Man, that whole situation is just… so cliché. I think I’ll take a look around town.
I’ll wait in the bar. Come get me before we go see what the Lord of Royotia wants… with you.

High-Spirited Miner: If ya need a buddy to help ya out, try upstairs – if yer little stick legs can get you that far! The guild’s full of guys that’ll help you for a price.

Admiring Man: Lord Priam is a very disciplined and dependable man. Conversely, Paris is sensitive and kind… much like his mother, may she rest in peace.
Paris doesn’t only have good qualities. He’s also a cheapskate. He paid me with a rock.

I spotted Emmy, let’s say hi to her.

Thanks for the offer. Maybe someday you can.

However, the ore is real rare, and there aren’t many folks who’ve found a vein. It’s rumored there’s some in Lavafender, but… That’s a hell of a place to dig… literally!

Hey, kid. Have you been to the southern cave, Siebenbur, yet? There’re ruins a thousand years old down there.
I’ve seen plenty of caves, thanks.
We mercs are regularly hired as bodyguards by excavation groups and scholars wanting to see the ruins. It’s not bad money, if you’ve got the patience to deal with the jabbering of scholarly types. Thing is… It’s rumored there’s some giant monsters running around and breaking up the veins of ore.
Sounds scary.
Eh, I’ve never come across one, but I’m sure I could easily take down one or two single-handed!

You should always talk to everyone at least once. Talking to her unlocks a location on the map, and it’s not the last time. Again, no one interesting to hire, so let’s go to the pub, the Firestone.

Bartender: Welcome to the Firestone.
Passionate Miner: Some amnesiac is wandering around the cities in the desert, looking for something that could regain his memory. An’ that’s the story!
Bartender: Harumph harrumph… harrumph. Amnesiac… obviously you are my rival! …Though I guess you wouldn’t know it.
Passionate Miner: I think you’re unforgettable, boss!

Pub Regular: So I was digging when I ended up all the way in Lavafender. Guess I got carried away… Anyway, that’s when I see it…
What? What did you see?!
Pub Regular: I swear to Marion this wasn’t a mirage – but I’m in this sweltering-hot cave full of lava and I see this young girl just standing there, all alone. So, of course, I go to her – I mean, it’s dangerous, no place for some little slip of a girl – and get this: she disappears. Insane, right? I figure she’s gotta be a ghost with unfinished business. That’s the only explanation.
… are you sure she was really there?
Pub Regular: Hey, I toldja it wasn’t a mirage! I know what I saw!

Long time ago, deep within the earth’s molten core, twin birds signifying good and evil were locked in eternal battle.
(Geez, does every town have its own legend?)
(Every town large enough to have a Remnant does. And more often than not, they’re not just legends, but actual history.)

The founder of Royotia saved the bird of virtue. In return, he gained weapons strong enough to defeat and take over the surrounding lands. However, the bird of virtue fought again with the bird of evil, and lost. The founder was absorbed into the evil beast. When all was almost lost, the bird of virtue began to sing a lament… a lullaby. Upon hearing the sad, gentle song, the bird of evil fell asleep and sank beneath the lava, to slumber for eternity. That legend has been told in this land for hundreds of years. Still, there aren’t too many people interested in such fairytales nowadays.

Hey Dave, let’s go up to that castle now!

Royotia – Royotia Castle: This castle stands as though it looks upon the entire town. It was recently rebuilt after one of the lookout towers collapsed in an earthquake.

You are in the presence of the Marquis of Royotia. Please be silent.
Uh, I’m Rush Sykes. Was someone expecting me?
My lord, Rush Sykes has arrived.

*bird of prey shrieking from overhead*
This is… It seems I must request a task from you. That roar you hear is the call of this town’s protector, the Flame Guardian. I know not why, but it seems you are being summoned.

Sounds like it’ll eat me…
Don’t be ridiculous. The Flame Guardian is a very important person to this country. At the very least you should hear what she has to say. I trust you will meet her?
Alright, I can do that.
Good. Here – the key to Lavafender. With this key, you may open the gate my people have long stood watch over. Proceed within to the deepest lands. When you reach a plaza surrounded in fire, you may meet the Flame Guardian.
Obtained Blazing Key!
Ahem. Speaking frankly, to my knowledge, this is the first time the Flame Guardian has ever met with anyone not part of the royal family. What would she possibly want with you?
Search me.
Forgive me, I’m speaking to myself. Go, young Sykes.
Accepted Quest: Into the Abyss

- Dungeon Video: Lavafender (Into the Abyss)

Music: Dark Secrets

Royotia’s marquis, Lord Priam, wants me to go listen to the Flame Guardian’s story. It would help if I knew who that was…

Yeah! Let’s open this!
The door has been unlocked.

The video includes some fights, but I actually saved over that file with a save I wasn’t happy with, so I actually redid this and just used timeshift to dodge the enemies. This is more generic tunnels. Skip to the end!

That white column is where we have to go. This quest has no mandatory fighting in it at all. It only exists as setup.

Who are you?
I am the Flame Guardian. I am the watcher of Vespalia, that which would lavish destruction upon Royotia.
I was kinda expecting someone a little less… generic-looking.
I have called you here to perform a task for me. To protect Royotia, will you destroy Vespalia? Our time grows short. Vespalia has struggled for lifetimes to break free from its seal. Soon it will succeed. Once the bird awakens, it will destroy all of Royotia.
So that ancient legend is actually true?
Vespalia is not only strong, but possesses incredible fortitude. It would take a miracle to defeat it. Nevertheless, we are not without recourse against it.

If there is to be any hope of destroying Vespalia, all nine Crimson Shards must be assembled.
Crimson Shards?
The Crimson Shards are drawn to those with strong wills. Go to the powerful of this world, and you shall easily find the Shards. Once collected, the Crimson Shards may be combined. Depending on this combination, they take the form of a shield, bangle, or blade. And thus, equipped with Crimson Blade, Bangle, and Shield, it should be enough... Enough to give you the power to destroy Vespalia once and for all.
Is the blade a Katana? Because I’m kinda only proficient with those. And specifically, two of them.
When you believe you are up to challenging Vespalia, return to this place. Please, aid us in this time. You are our only hope.

And that’s it, we’re back in Royotia Castle.

To save my country, you must destroy this beast, “Vespalia”… This is the first I have ever heard of such a monster in Royotia… But if the Guardian says so, it must be truth. As for these Crimson Shards here, at least I may be of some assistance. Royotia’s oldest treasure is a vermillion stone that sparkles like flame: the Manoryll Salia. It’s said to be the rock’s heartbeat. It is a fabled gem of our great nation, yet I will give it to you.
Obtained Manoryll Salia!
Huh… this looks kinda like that stone you gave me, Emma.
Yeah, take a look.
That is… yes, that is another one of the stones. Wherever did you come across it, General Honeywell?
…Sadly, I don’t actually recall. It’s just a jewel I picked up on my travels.

Well, it doesn’t matter. I plead to you, Rush Sykes. Do whatever you must to protect Royotia. This passageway leads to the Flame Guardian. When your preparations are complete, please use it. Good luck, Rush Sykes. My country is in your hands.
Completed Quest: Into the Abyss.
That Vespalia is trying to destroy Royotia. I need to collect nine Crimson Shards and make it disappear!
For now though, I must attend to the Congress.
As must we, Rush.

We now have 2 of the 9 Salia stones that are wanted. Technically, you don’t need all nine, I think you can do it with only three. But each of the nine stones is acquired through a sidequest, so of course I’ll get them all.

Salia Stones: 2
Mano Salia: A red stone known as the roc’s eye.
Manoryll Salia: A red stone known as the roc’s heartbeat.

This is the new location. But we’ll come back later for a quest, so no sense ruining the experience of the featureless grey tunnels early.

So, back to Elysion!

Video: Rare Monster Vodianoi
Video: Royotia tour
Dungeon Video: Lavafender (Into the Abyss)

Next Time: They call him the Conqueror