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Part 23: Chapter XIX - They call him the Conqueror

They call him the Conqueror

- Video: Message from the Conqueror

Who are they?

Music: The Conquerer’s Message

Does anyone know who that is?
They call him the Conqueror.
How dare he bring his troops!
That big guy must be him!

There’s something so wrong about this!

She raises her helmet guard.

I am Roeas, messenger for his lordship, the Conqueror!

We hail from the eastern city of Veyriel. We’ve come for the Remnant entrusted to us by the prophecy of the God Emperor!

His Lordship promises prosperity to us all! The mark of this promise will soon become apparent to the world! The Remnants will awaken. Time will be stagnant no more.

The promised time is almost upon us. Your dreams will soon become reality!

Crowd: *excited mumbling*
I wonder what she means by the prophecy?

The crowd scatters to get out of the way.

What rot! A prophecy? The God Emperor would never aid them!
Ignore them, let them say what they will.

They have brought their troops to Elysion. Perhaps there is truth to their words.
But did they threaten the God Emperor into siding with them?

Everyone realizes that Rush is distracted with something else.

A friend of yours?

Rush was unconsciously holding his Talisman, and it starts to glow.

Rush seems startled by this as much as anyone.

What is going on? What has he done?
I dunno… but there’s something about that guy…

The man in red vanishes in the space of a soldier moving past Rush’s vision.

He’s gone!

And he isn’t seen legging it off into the distance, either.

I need to find him.
All right.

Music: The Heaven’s Majesty (Elysion Theme)

Video: Elysion Tour

Elysion – Tula Street: For centuries, pilgrims and wanderers alike have considered this promenade the gateway to the many temples of this holy city.

Elderly Devotee: My, my, what was all that about? Marching troops into this sacred town. Some folks have no decency.
That cutscene triggers the first time you visit Tula Street. You’re SUPPOSED to wander the districts of Elysion until you go there.

I know who that was – the Conqueror and his army. I figured they’d be a bunch of disorganized thugs, but they were pretty impressive-looking. And that woman soldier, the one who gave that speech? What a looker! I wish she was my commanding officer…

Female Shopkeeper: So that’s the infamous Conqueror. I hear he’s bad news, causing trouble everywhere he goes. What an evil glare he has! I hope he leaves our town peacefully… and soon!

Our next objective is to track the man in red down, so wander around the city some more. Almost no one in the city has anything new to say, though.

Don’t worry. At your age, you’ll be losing your memory soon enough.

A couple people in the bar have new dialogue, though!

But where in the world is Veyriel? I know my geography and I’ve never heard of the town!

That army that came around talking about dreams and such… It all has to be a ruse by some lowly lord to get invited to the Congress. That big guy in the armor must have been the Conqueror, but he didn’t emanate a single ounce of intelligence or leadership! This all has to be one big joke…

She’s new…

He’s ready to go!

This is your formal “Are you done with sidequests already?” message, but I find it hilarious that Rush is the one making the decision, although as the cutscene implies this dialogue choice doesn’t actually happen.

- Video: The Remnant Ark

Excuse me. You must be the Marquis of Athlum. Everyone else has already arrived. Please allow me to lead you to the assembly hall.

My presence is required at the Congress. Please, stay with him.

With that, we get control and theoretically, David has left our party.

NOW the game is serious about us not leaving town. We can’t leave until we advance the main plot more. There’s only one place we haven’t had the chance to check yet, though…

No, not there!

The Ark.


It’s him!

Run away!
Run away!

Over here!

Oh yeah, he TOTALLY didn’t see you and doesn’t know you’re there.

Rush… uh, Rush? The column is back there. You’re crouching in the wrong place.

Hey, the hell’s he think he-


I don’t think that’ll help at this point, Emma.

(Does he wish to bind the Ark? Only one with great power could do so.)

The man in red leaps to the bottom.

That glow!
It can’t be!

Yes, I’m afraid it is! This light is…

What in the?
What’s going on?
What’s that light?


The light shoots up to the Sacred Lands. I guess we’ll be getting a little closer to heaven.

A little refresher on some important points...

“Academy Visistone 8-15” posted:

[Remnants 8] In order to use the powers of a Remnant, one must bind it to himself.
[Remnants 9] To bind a Remnant, one simply needs to place a hand over the Remnant and concentrate.
[Remnants 10] However, a Remnant can only be bound during its Luminescence.
[Remnants 11] Luminescence is a natural occurrence that causes light to emit from a Remnant.
[Remnants 12] Luminescence occurs in a cycle, the length differing for each Remnant.
[Remnants 13] A short cycle can be a few minutes, while a long cycle can take years.
[Remnants 14] One known Luminescence cycle is that of the Remnant Ark: three months.
[Remnants 15] No one knows why Luminescence occurs. Perhaps it is a signal.

By the way, I forgot to include the music for Chapter 19, edited in now.

Music: The Seat of Vulcan

Music: Dark Secrets (plays in Lavafender)

Message from the Conqueror
Elysion Tour
The Remnant Ark

Next Time: Why did you come here?!