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Part 24: Chapter XX - Why did you come here?!

Why did you come here?!

- Video: The Sacred Lands

H-he did it! He bound the Ark!

Who – or what is he?

The man in red has finished with whatever he was doing.

And he clearly doesn’t like climbing stairs.

And he’s gone.

This looks like the Ark room in Elysion. But does that mean that the people who used the ark down there renovated the ark up here, or was the ark down there always the same as the one up here?

I wanna go home. The big guy got it to work, surely Rush can too…

Nothing happens.

Okay, guess not.

Welcome to heaven.

The Sacred Lands are surrounded by a swirling whirlpool of clouds.

The only sounds are those of the wind and the thunderstorms in the clouds.

The ground is hidden by clouds.

Only one way to go.

I wonder what the inside looks like…

I was not expecting this.

So let’s talk a bit about the Sacred Lands. On the ground, some people believe that the Sacred Lands are where the souls of the dead rest. It’s also a place mortals can visit, and return from.

It seems clear that the ones who talk about the sacred lands being where the souls of the dead rest are not the same people who have actually been there.

In a nice touch, we have no idea what these do until we touch them. We don’t even know what they are.

They shift the columns around. This one raises some to create a path.

This device effectively acts as an elevator, sending us down someplace.

Some people in the thread noted that a resting place of souls which could be visited and left by the living was similar to the Farplane of Final Fantasy X, but in practice, it actually isn’t really. FFX’s Farplane was more mystical. This place certainly is strange, but in more of a “lost civilization/ancient artifacts” sort of way.

These columns lower as we move towards them.

More columns move around, and one which was a ceiling becomes a floor.

This is it.

- Video: Remember

I think we’ve reached whatever we’re here to see.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone here.


Rush moves towards this object almost in a trance.

Rush moves the thing back and forth.

Rush, what is it?


The man in red appears from thin air.

Yes… think back.

Torgal stops Emma from drawing her sword and charging the man.

Rush finally seems to notice the man in red.

Rush remembers something. Cue fade to white…


Why did you come here?!
I’m sorry.

Rush’s mother just sobs for the rest of the flashback.


Hmph. So she’s the one. The time has come to awaken.

Sometimes the game treats the camera as if it’s from Rush’s perspective. It usually works to good effect, like here.

Rush is passing out now.

Mom… I’m sorry.

Video: The Sacred Lands

Next Time: Mister Conqueror, is it?