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Part 25: Chapter XXI - Mister... Conqueror, is it?

Mister… Conquerer, is it?

Music: A Special Girl

- Video: A Brief Congress

Move. I am finished here.
Please, the Chairman will be here at any moment.
Please, just a moment longer Lord Conqueror!


It seems we’re back in Elysion’s Ark chamber. And yes, the man in red is as most people guessed, the Conqueror. But really, the game wasn’t trying to hide it or make it a big secret.

You all right?


Chairman Hermein!

*whisper whisper whisper*

I am the Chairman of the Congress. Duke Wilfred Hermeien. Mister… Conqueror, is it? If you could please state your inentions.
I believe you know my intentions.
The name says it all, does it not?
You want to be named a lord and get your own Remnant, hmm?
Inconceivable! Taking over a backwater place like Veyriel, and then expecting to –

A glance from Hermeien shuts Priam up.

I believe you were told to wait patiently until the Congress handed down its decision.
I am he whose coming was foretold by the God Emperor himself. What need have I of the Congress’s blessing?
*sigh* The days when the God Emperor’s word was law are long gone. He should know that more than anyone.
Hmph. It matters not.

You would not give me a Remnant, so I took one myself.

Okay, time for some introductions. We already know David, but here are the rest:

- Duchess Bertrude of Balterossa, who we’ve met.
- Duke Priam of Royotia, who we also met.
- Duke Wilfred Hermeien of Nagapur, Chairman of the Congress, and as the viewer knows, Wagram’s master, the one behind Irina’s kidnapping. (Remember her?)
- Duke Qubine of Celepaleis doesn’t have any lines, but if you recall, the dialogue indicates that he’s ten years old. He is David’s boss.
- The Duke of Ghor. As has been mentioned, Ghor is considered a potential threat to Celapaleis.
- Duke Olebeag of Melphina. We haven’t been there yet, but we will get there…
- The Conqueror, who comes from the relatively small backwater of Veyriel. We have no idea where that is - and we never go there.

My intentions have already been fulfilled.
You bound the Ark? *sniff* Well forgive me if I’m skeptical.
They have borne witness.

And you are?
I am Torgal, one of the four generals of Athlum.

And you saw this?
Yes, without a doubt. The Conqueror bound himself to the Ark.

I-impossible! I didn’t think the Ark could be bound.
H-he’s just like Marshall!

So yes, the Conqueror is somehow capable of bending or breaking the rules. What Olebeag means is that the Ark was already bound to someone else, so the Conqueror shouldn’t have been able to bind it to himself.

From Chapter 14:

“Academy Visistone 31-34” posted:

[The Marshalls 1] The Marshalls were an ancient clan, infamous for their mysterious powers.
[The Marshalls 2] A Marshall did not need to focus an object to use mystic arts.
[The Marshalls 3] The Marshalls used magick, an ancient ability that has long been forgotten.
[The Marshalls 4] The Marshalls were said to have developed many fantastic techniques.

Apparently, the Marshall’s powers included the ability to manipulate Remnants in ways ordinary people could not. We’ll learn more soon enough, though.

We are finished now.

Fair is fair. You can be a lord.

(But how -)
(This can’t be!)
We’ll even grant you a Remnant. So…?
Understood. I shall release the Ark.

Today’s meeting of the Congress is on indefinite recess. An update will be forthcoming. So Lords will take no actions ’til it does.

Marquis of Athlum! I trust you understand the meaning of ‘no actions’?

Hermeien goes towards the Ark.

Sorry, Dave. Everything’s all screwed up now.
By no fault of yours, Rush. To the embassy. We’ll discuss things there.

So… what exactly is the Conqueror?
He’s certainly no ordinary being.
There’s something… off about him. As if… …it’s hard to put into words.
And I have to question his relation to the God Emperor.
*sigh* Let’s deal with this later. For now we have to focus on Irina, and the Adademy blackguards who took her.

You learn anything new?

Chairman Hermeien revealed that the Academy was involved with both Irina’s kidnapping, and the invasions into Athlum.

Apparently some members of the Academy are bent on conducting forbidden research. The mage Wagram is their ringleader.

That jerk! So where’s Irina?
Unfortunately, not even the Chairman knows your sister’s whereabouts. An investigation is underway, so we’re to wait patiently.
“Don’t go out makin’ trouble”, is what it sounds like.
Well it’s not like Duke Hermeien could say anything else. As head of the Academy, anything that tarnishes its reputation stains his as well.
So, all we can do now is sit around and wait?
For now, yes. …Or at least that’s what I’m supposed to say.

But things are never that simple, are they? I found out what happened to the Sykes, on the condition that I kept quiet about the Academy’s involvement. It seems that your family has been transferred to a new facility. It’s being kept quiet, but they are within the Temple of Elysion.
Right. I’m on my way!

Wait. We will accompany you.

I’d worry if I left you alone. Moreover, there is still more to this matter than meets the eye. I hope that this trip can provide some answers. Any objections?

Everyone looks to Torgal, who by now is just resigned to this whole mess.

Music: The Heaven's Majesty

Elysion – Genaade District

Did you see that light soar straight towards the Sacred Lands!? I've never seen such brightness. Could it have been the transfer of a powerful soul into the heavens? I just hope it did nothing to disturb the others resting up there.

What's going on? What's this about a bright light shooting towards the Sacred Lands? I was inside the temple and missed it... What happened!?

Hey boy, did you see that? A flash of light shot towards the heavens! I've lived here for more than thirty years, but I've never seen the Ark emit that kind of light!

Okay, let’s go to the Temple of Elysion…

What? You wish to go through these doors?
Yes, we do. It is a matter of great importance.
Well, I can hardly say no to your lordship. I will unlock the doors at once. But please refrain from telling anyone about this, my lord.

- Video: Catacombs Flyover

Although the Catacombs are no longer in use, some say screams can be heard from within.

So welcome to the Catacombs, our next mandatory dungeon.

…which we are not going to do now. Instead let’s wander around town. There’s a lot to cover this update, and I’ve already spent a substantial amount of my screenshot budget on cutscene, so I’ll try and cut the walking-around-talking-to-NPCs screenshots short.

Now that we’ve been in there once, we can access the Catacombs from the Elysion city map whenever.

Elysion – Tula Street

Elderly Devotee: Up above is the Remnant Elysion. Beneath that lies the ivory structure of the assembly hall, and numerous esteemed temples. The city is a sanctuary for many. But don’t let an old man like me bore you with his stories. Why not take a look around for yourself?

Hey, did you see that? A really bright light just flashed across the sky from the Ark up towards the Sacred Lands! If only I'd been in the Ark... I could've gone up to the Sacred Lands, I bet...

Female Shopkeeper: I saw it with my own two eyes! A flash of light shot straight from the Ark up to the heavens! I wonder what that was. All I know is that it was much brighter than the usual light the Ark emits when in use.

Elysion – Assembly Plaza

I just saw a bright light shoot straight from the Ark to the Sacred Lands. That couldn't have been the work of the Academy. Was it possible that someone snuck in to abuse the Ark? But the Ark is already bound... This doesn't make any sense.

As you might expect, the Academy is in an uproar over the events.

Elysion – Academy Entrance Hall

...The Ark was activated? How could that be? Once a Remnant's been bound, it can't be activated by anyone else until the bind is broken. We all learned that in Remnants 101. Does that mean that... what we've been taught was wrong?

What? The Ark was activated? That's impossible. It's bound to a member of the Academy. Meaning, it can only be activated by a member of the research team that was hand-picked by the Academy. Your eyes are just playing tricks on you.
They really, really weren’t. Trust me on this.

Everyone around town is talking about how the Ark was activated. The legendary Marion Marshall is the only one I've ever heard of who can overwrite bindings of Remnants. Perhaps she's come back to us...

So that at least clears some things up about the Ark. It is indeed currently bound to someone, which means that it should have been impossible for the Conqueror to overwrite the binding… but there is a historical precendent: The Marshall clan from long ago could also do that.

Elderly Tourist: That large man clothed in red touched the Ark right before that light shot up to the heavens. Who was he? A reaper, perhaps?
A what?

A bright light shot out of the Ark a second ago. I think it means that man bound the Ark to himself. I wonder how he did it. This Remnant is huge!

Wh-what happened? Wh-where am I...? I was... I was talking about the Sacred Lands... and I don't know what happened after that... Do you know what just happened here!?

Oh, it looks like the Conqueror didn’t kill her after all.

Elysion – Hendler

The embassy big shots are in a flurry. Why, you ask? Did you miss that flash of light? I think something snuck into the Sacred Lands!

Elysion – The Heavenly Terrace

Interesting, huh?
Drama! I should go have a looksee.
…You’re a loon.

I heard someone's plotting to assassinate Duke Qubine... Rumor has it a suspicious-looking woman was spotted lurking about. Interesting, huh?
And the idiots didn't bring her in for questioning?
I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Dave, what do you wanna do?
Hmmm... we cannot let the Duke die. Let us go at once!

In case I haven’t made it clear before, once a location is unlocked on the world map, you can travel to it freely. You only have to pass through dungeons once to unlock new places, but after that you can skip to wherever you want.

Music: City of Heroes

Oh hey, Loki! We’re just stopping off here for lunch before we head to Celapaleis.
I ain’t hungry.
Oh come on, you never hang out with us, it’ll be fun!

I’m trash, alright? A bad guy. Get seen talking to be and your precious reputation’ll be ruined. Get it? Stay the hell away from me.
Alright, geez…

Hey, I recognize you. You’re Sykes, aintcha?
That’s me.
Word is that some Academy bastards did your family wrong and you’re looking to make them pay. I know all about those sons of…
Nevermind. Look, you want my damn help? Match my price and I’m in.

Nora is unlocked for Recruitment in Athlum once you have entered the Catacombs, so that is why I entered and left immediately - to pick her up.


A rough, belligerent warrior who rages against all restraints - as if trying to forget a painful past.

Class: Expert Freelancer
Initial BR: BR 22
HP: (418)
Str / Int: (32 / 31)

Current Arts
Future Arts

Nora is pretty similar to Loki and fills in a similar niche of a character which can go to either Combat or Mystic focus. She’s required for a pretty difficult sidequest late in the game. Similar to Loki, she’s a good early-game mage, but will be overshadowed by other characters eventually.

Tags: Mystic, Combat , Outclassed, Arcana

She’s another Mysticknight-type, so I’m slotting her into David’s union and disabling her combat arts. Her starting BR is supposed to be 22, and her stats are solid compared to the rest of the party members I’ve been using for a while. Still though, her arts are lagging behind a bit (although not much compared to Loki). She needs all the experience she can get, so she is in and Pagus is benched for the moment.

She doesn’t drop the group’s stats all that much. It’s 5 fewer points of HP and 1 fewer in everything else, and she does boost mystic attack.

About what you said earlier, what did you-
The only reason I even agreed to travel with you is for the money. If you want to get all chatty, find someone else. Quit wasting my time.
Fine. Maybe I will.

Ahh, Rush. Can I talk to you for a minute?
Recently, my sis’s been acting strange. I bring her presents like always, and she doesn’t seem to care. I wonder… I reckon she still hasn’t forgiven me…
For what?

I told you how I used to be a bit of a hooligan, right? It’s a bit more serious than that. ‘Cause back then, I did something really, truly bad. Every day I’d go out running with the gang. My sis was just a baby, but I’d leave her all alone at home. And one day, the beastmen invaded… I ran home quick as a wink, but it was too late. My sister was lying there, both her legs crushed. The only responsibility I had in the world was to take care of my sister, but when she really needed me, I failed her… I might as well have cut off her legs myself.
… I know about failing your responsibilities. More than a good brother should know.
After that I swore to get on the straight and narrow. Started working as a mercenary to make a little money… Hoped to buy things to make her life a little brighter. I just don’t seem to be makin’ any progress. I’m at a loss, Rush, I just don’t know what to do…
I dunno. Being a big brother is hard for me too.

Let’s continue on…

Music: A Friendly Ear

Gossipy Girl: That’s the latest scoop, anyway!
I’d heard a similar rumor from Baron Nielsen…
Gossipy Girl: What? What what? Sounds fishy to me…

Sure enough, Baron Nielsen is back in his spot upstairs…

- Video: Dungeon: Gaslin Cave (When the Rose Blooms)

I know she’s been seeing that man, I just hope he’s not using her. Or filling her head with nonsense. Ah, young man. I believe I know where my wife is. Will you check up on her for me?
She’s in the depths of the Gaslin Caves. You must hurry.
Accepted quest: When the Rose Blooms

Music: Into the Depths

Baron Nielsen asked me to find his wife again – this time at the Gaslin Caves. …If marriage is this hard, I ain’t doin’ it!

The Gaslin Caves have expanded. I don’t actually fight anything in this dungeon, I just evade them. A video is included anyway.

This sidequest opens up after you return from the Sacred Lands

What used to be a dead end now has a ramp leading upwards. I guess there was another collapse?

This is the new zone, the Canal of Repentance.

Oh look, more grey tunnels. At least the NPC is marked. Enough time-wasting.

Wait, what happened?
My apologies. Let me fill you in. Violet is planning something horrible. She’s going to assassinate the Duke of Qubine. I love her. I know what the situation is with her family. How could I have stopped her? I suggested a rumor of his assassination would suffice, but she wouldn’t listen.
Probably because the rumor idea was stupid. I mean seriously, after you go “he’s dead”, it’d take him five minutes to go “uh, no I’m not.”
I know where she’s gone. Will you help me stop her?
Sure, I’m game.
Let’s hurry to Celapaleis! I hope we get there in time…

If you say “Of course” to Gabriel’s statement, he rebuts with:

“Of course?” You don’t even know what happened.

And proceeds to explain.

- BOSS Video: When the Rose Blooms

A trap? No, it can’t be…!

Music: Sliver of Hope

We’re up against two Wyverns, and one group of Manticores and one of Vile Lizards. Violet and Gabriel join us as a guest union. This fight is deceptively dangerous, as this blooper video shows:

- Blooper Boss Video: When the Rose Blooms

The Wyverns are the main threat, as they both have Dust Devil, an AoE attack. They can also multi-deadlock and are tough to take out. So the best move is to pile onto the Vile Lizards and Manticores to wipe them out quickly, so they can’t add flank attacks and extra damage to us.

To that end, I have Rush and David focus on the Vile Lizards, and Emma will take on the Manticores.

Ha ha!

After flubbing the dodge QTE in the blooper video, I’m glad to hit it here

That wasn’t so bad.

But you can see how the damage can pile up, especially with the other two enemy unions on the field.

So far, we’re doing okay. That’s it for this turn.

None of Rush’s battle commands look super, so I order Rush to stand by and heal anyone who needs it. David will attack and Emma will keep her HP up. … That went okay.

Emma takes hers out, just the one left.

But it’s still dangerous.

That’ll do it.

Oh, screw you. But seriously, this fight is over as long as it doesn’t get to attack before Emma gets healed.


Music: Glittering Gold

- Video: When the Rose Blooms - Conclusion

You risked your life to defend Celapaleis and I cannot express enough gratitude for your actions.

Violet, your actions will be forever carved in the history of Celapaleis. The Gilles-Barre name will never be forgotten.
I... Duke Qubine...

However, the Gilles-Barres were on the verge of being no more, for economic and militaristic reasons. They had no choice but to be taken in by Celapaleis. Your father trusted me with everything—the Gilles-Barre history, its honor, your happiness...

You're free to go now. You can't even stop Violet from endangering herself. Violet is my wife. It is MY duty to make her happy.
You treat her like dirt! You don't know how to make people happy! You have no idea how much she...
Gabriel, stop! I was never... unhappy. Nielsen... He just has a hard time expressing himself.

The Guest Union has left the party.

Gabriel realized that there was something fishy about that monster attack. Even I’m not sure what that was about. The timing and placement of the attack, to be in the way of Violet as she was going to the palace to assassinate Qubine was suspiciously convenient.

My best guess was that Qubine heard about the assassination attempt, and he arranged for the monsters to be there. It was a clever gambit. If Violet participated in the fight to defeat the monsters, he could use the opportunity to try and turn her from an enemy into an ally (as he knows the reason why she is upset with him). If she was killed, well, then someone who was intent on killing him is eliminated without his fingerprints being on it.

Mind like a steel trap.

Violet and I have been conversing more and more. She frequently leaves the house, though. If you see her around, treat her kindly.
This is just a token of my appreciation. Take it.
Reward: 2000 G.
There’s a very exclusive guild behind the pub. I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you. I can’t thank you enough for helping me.
Completed quest: When the Rose Blooms
Violet almost killed Duke Qubine today… Instead he made her a heroine, and now the Gilles-Barre name is carved in history. Huh.

I’ve decided to up my mental “screenshot budget” from 60 to 70 because I keep going over 60. We’re a bit over-budget, but there’s just a couple more things to talk about. Specifically, now that we’ve completed Baron Nielsen’s two quests, Violet and Gabriel are now recruitable party members, and we’ll pick them up now.

This is new! After completing “When the Rose Blooms”, as Baron Neilsen says, he put in a word and now a new guild has opened in Celepaleis.

This is the Sword of the Three Realms. It has its own set of guild tasks different from the Union of the Golden Chalice ones.

To protect someone of my stature, obviously the most skilled of mercenaries are necessary. To that end, I always take advantage of the guild here. The high prices are no trouble for me - I have enough money to bury the entirety of Lamberro in gold! Ha ha ha!

If the hiring fees look expensive, well, there're good reasons for that. I mean, a good merc's got a lot to take care of. And I'm not just talking weapon skills. Equipment, arts, grace, fancy talk... Classy people are looking for all of that before they hire you. It's kinda annoying... and pricey to keep up.

Rush… thank you for helping me. Not just once, but twice.
I didn’t do much.
But thanks to you, my husband and I have come to a better understanding. I’d like to repay the favour and help you.


Wife of a powerful aristocrat in Celapaleis. The sad story of her own family's fall moves many.

Class: Expert Freelancer
Initial BR: BR 15
HP: (338)
Str / Int: (34 / 22)

Current Arts
Future Arts

Violet’s got lower health, but better stats otherwise than same-time recruit Gabriel, which means she can be better overall than he will be. In my first run-through, she ended up as a substantial damage dealer. She later gets a unique item that she can use, which offers a 25% boost to her health among other effects, which actually compensates for her weakness.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Arcana

Violet is pretty expensive for someone who starts out with such few arts– but she should be affordable for most players by now. She is nearly as strong as Torgal and Blocter – who have had the benefit of being leveled up for a while, but her health is lowest of all party members, and her arts are weaker. The great news is that being in a union makes her lower health less of a problem.

Violet, you are not thinking of joining this band of soldiers, are you?
Rush saved me from making a terrible mistake. I owe him a debt.
I see… I failed to talk you out of the mistake. The fault was mine. Rush, please allow me to join you, to keep Violet safe.
Uh… I guess that’s okay?


Sellsword from Celapaleis. Enamored of Violet. Tends towards the dramatic, but often regrets this bluster later.

Class: Monk
Initial BR: BR 15
HP: (440)
Str / Int: (30 / 18)

Current Arts
Future Arts

Gabriel is an item-focused fighter, and comes already knowing Vivification Herb, in case no one else has learned it by then. He gets Lotions which might come in handy, eventually. Maybe. In my first playthrough, I eventually benched him for better people, though.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Items

Gabriel is slightly inferior compared to the other party members, but he’ll be okay for a while – he brings Vivication Herb II to the table, and Caedmon hasn’t learned one yet, so he’s going in Rush’s union, benching Torgal for now.

I think Gabriel will probably suffer from can’t-catch-up syndrome – his stats are lower than the units I’ve trained. His future arts are only Invocations and Lotions. He hasn’t got the Intellect to make a good magic user, so Invocations aren’t going to do much.

Lotions are annoying to get as a pick-up-later school because they take a long time to train, and you basically need to specifically train units to use Lotions. He’s likely to end up benched eventually once we start drowning in choice candidates.

So let’s rearrange our party.

Gabriel replacing Torgal takes a 100 HP bite out of the union’s max and lowers ATK by 3. But it’s worse for Emma’s squad, who lose 300 HP, 7 ATK and one DEF when Blocter gets benched. Still though, this is only going to be for one dungeon, and I am not even sure if there’s a boss in it at all.

Oho? But it is young Rush. I'm afraid I have no time to chat. I am to meet a maiden as beautiful as a blooming rose.

Gabriel hangs out on the second floor of Celepaleis’ Amber Tavern.

I suppose I ought to thank you for last time... For the business in Celapaleis, I mean.

And Violet can be found on Grant’s Way. That’s it for now, next time, our three new recruits are put to work in the Catacombs

Video: A Brief Congress
Video: Catacombs Flyover
Video: Dungeon: Gaslin Cave (When the Rose Blooms)
BOSS Video: When the Rose Blooms
Blooper Boss Video: When the Rose Blooms
Video: When the Rose Blooms - Conclusion

Next Time: This… is what Irina’s kidnappers are after