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Part 33: Chapter XXVIII - I hope that next time you wash your hands, at least.

I hope that next time you wash your hands, at least.

Sorry for the delay in actual content, I’ve been a bit busy. And lazy.

Sure, no prob.
So generous! I appreciate it.

Rush, I’m in the market for Colossus Rawhide. Think we have time to go find some?
Yeah, let’s go.
We aren’t actually going. The only place we can get it right now is Lavafender, and I’m not heading to the Royotia area just yet.

Hey, I need some Grand Beetle Husk. If you got time to sit around and talk, you’ve got time to go get some, eh?
Yeah, let’s go.
This is one of those bullshit items. From the name you would THINK that Grand Beetles drop these, right? So you’d pop on over to the Great Sand Sea and kill some. WRONG! Those Grand Beetles can’t drop this item. Grand Beetles in the Catacombs drop it – and there’s only one of them. Millipedes’ in the Catacombs also drop it, and there are more of them, but they’re in an area we don’t yet have access to (and even once we do, it’s a pain to reach).

So we’re not doing this now either. We’re going to Elysion.

The Bartendress has something important to say, but that can wait.

- Quest Video: After a Day’s Work…

My beautiful self. But today's duties have left me sullied. I cannot presume to meet that person in such a state... If only I had the seeds of the white flower, I could make a perfume to cleanse myself...

As if Fate itself envies my beauty (as well it should), that flower only grows in the Catacombs! Such a putrid atmosphere! And filled with beasts disgusting enough that the mere mention of their presence bids me wash out my mouth! It's impossible... Never could one pure as I enter such a place!
Dude, suck it up.
Away, uncouth fiend! Ohh, to be clean once more!
Calm down. I'll do it.
Marvelous! Thus I may continue to be untainted. You may have difficulty, as the aroma of the white flower is often masked by the stench of albic qsiti. If you destroy the beasts, it should be a simple matter to find the seeds.
What an excellent idea! Death to the albics!
Slay those accursed albic qsitis, then pay attention to the scent of the flower. I trust that even you should be able to handle that.
Accepted quest: After a Day's Work...

Music: Creeping Shadows

This flamboyant white sovani wants me to get him some white flower seeds. He says the monsters in the Catacombs have 'em.

There’s a hidden catch to this quest. You have to slaughter the filthy albics in a specific way: You need to link three of them together and defeat them in battle before the seeds drop.

But once you know that, you can solve this quest simply by killing the ones in the first room of the Catacombs.

Too easy – we took on 7 on-field enemies at once the last time we were here, and that's more than the 7 unions there are here.

learned Caustic Blast!
Obtained White Flower Seed!

Caustic Blast is the first normal Area-of-Effect art, which can potentially hit more than one union on the field. That’s the power of Mystic arts.

A sweet scent worthy of my pure white pelt! I must be honest. Under normal circumstances, I would reward an unsightly youth such as yourself by extinguishing your pitiful existence. Unfortunately, I have places to be. A glittering future awaits my presence with bated breath! Thus, I bid you adieu. Until we meet again! Though I hope that next time you wash your hands, at least.
Completed quest: After a Day's Work...
… What a wierdo.
Obtained Shend Salia!
Shend Salia - A red stone known as the roc's wing.
Salia Count: 5

Welcome to the Heavenly Terrace. What would you like to know about?
The neighboring cities.
Oh, I almost forgot! Far to the southeast of Elysion is Melphina, the town of scholars. I hear it’s a beautiful town surrounded by nature. If only I could get a day off. I’d love to go to Melphina and see for myself.
Sounds like an awesome plan!
Uh, Rush? …oh, nevermind…

So talking to the Bartendress at this point unlocks a new location on the world map.

- Dungeon Video: Berechevaltelle

Music: Rolling Hills, Sprawling Plains

Berechevaltelle – These highlands are found at the foot of Mt. Vackel. The name means Land of Beautiful Horses.
What a friggin’ name. I’m so glad that I don’t have to type it out much.

Anyway, there’s not much to this place. It’s just a gateway dungeon, you need to pass through it to unlock other areas. It’s not really difficult and most enemies can be avoided. The way east rises, and the way south falls.

This is a rarity: there’s a guy at the east end. That doesn’t happen in dungeons.

No. No we are not.
No, Rush.

In any case… Ah’m ‘fraid that’s not gonna happen. Roads are blocked up ‘head. Ah can’t even get home! Y’er better off turnin’ ‘round, ‘less you wanna be stuck, like me…

You can actually continue onward, but it dumps you onto the world map, without unlocking anything new. We’ll need to come back a LOT later before we can pass through this area.

We want to go out the south exit.

- Dungeon Video: Crookfen

Music: Limberlost

Crookfen – A moor created by the melting snow from Mt. Vackel. The cold water halts the growth of vegetation and even the neighboring forests.

That’s a Dragon. As a normal enemy. Yeah.

Crookfen is another small pass-through dungeon. Doesn’t take long, easy to avoid enemies.

Pillars of this Remnant are scattered all over the swamp.

Mount Vackel in the distance.

And here’s the exit.

Civilization at last.

- Video: Melphina Tour

Music: Old Traditions, New Methods (Melphina Theme)

Melphina – A scholarly town surrounded by trees and streams. An archaic knightly order exists side-by-side with some of the most forward-thinking scholars in the world.

Melphina is the fourth and final of the completely optional towns in The Last Remnant. Like Baaluk, it only has one city section. The setting is quite unusual. It seems to be set on stilts in a basin with waterfalls pouring in. It’s very pretty.

All the races mix together in the world (except the reclusive Sovani), but Melphina seems to have a higher proportion of qsiti.

Melphina – Cobalt Plaza: The streets of this town are made of wooden planks, showing a uniqueness that proves its isolation from other areas.

Welcome to Melphina, town of scholars. This is Cobalt Plaza. Breathe in the clean air. Mmmm.
What the heck is that?

It heightens people's spirits and wards off evil souls. It's the purest of Remnants.
Speaking of “pure spirits”…
The pub is straight ahead, down the stairwell to the right, the big building on the left.
Excellent. Come on, everyone!

Precocious Child: Look at this flower garden. See how the leaves seem to be protecting the beautiful flowers? This is much like the Order and the Maidens. A knight vows to protect a maiden with his life until death do they part. They also vow to protect each other's chastity.
Precocious Child: Oh, er, maybe you're not ready to hear this yet...

Next to the kid is the consumables shop. Melphina sells the complete line of Traps components eventually, but we don’t have any Trap users at this time.

This little item here is the ‘Book of Remembrance’, for Jorgen’s “Amnesia” quest. But the thread voted to make Jorgen an Aristocrat, and that doesn’t use the Book. So we’re ignoring it.

Our leader, Sir Roberto, is a strict man, but I feel honored to be able to fight alongside him.

Dreaming Girl: Do you remember the bog you passed on your way here? That's Crookfen, the place where we Forest Maidens perform rituals of prayer for the Last Leaf. The Order of Melphina protects us from monster attacks while we pray. It's all so romantic.
So seeing your boyfriend getting attacked by monsters turns you on? Pervert.
Dreaming Girl: …Get out.

Have you been to Siebenbur, the cavern to the south? It's a popular spot for researchers, as the plants that grow there are of the rarest kind. In fact, there's a scientist here that is creating a new remedy using said plants.
I thought that place was near Royotia?
It is. There are entrances to Siebenbur all across the continent, and yet they all seem to lead to the same place. It’s one of the great geographical mysteries of all time.
So… the continent is SMALLER on the inside?

This opens the Fourth Path, another cave dungeon south of Melphina. We’ll go there in due time, when a quest sends us there.

Sincere Forest Maiden: A routine ritual of prayer strengthens the seal of protection, but the seal seems to have weakened of late. There are many organizations that want to get their hands on this Remnant, but we've got nothing to worry about. The Order of Melphina is on our side!

Oh hey, it’s you again, Emmy! Still travelling, huh?
Must be tough spending all this time on the road, and not getting a chance to talk to your family.

Of course I keep in touch with my family. That’s how I know about you.
Really? Oh, so that’s how you knew my name in Balterossa! So… wait, someone in your family knows me? Who?
You’ll just have to figure that out on your own, Rush. I’ve spent enough time here. I’ll be heading north shortly. Maybe we’ll run into each other again.

Huh, we can see Pagus actually here. That’s different.

Do you know the Forest Maiden Leticia? She's as beautiful and delicate as a flower. If only I could be her knight! I'd protect her for as long as I live! I would do anything to be able to talk to her.
Restraining orders are a bitch, huh?
You said it – HEY!

I train every day to become a great knight. I have yet to find the maiden for me, though. I wonder if I'll ever find her...

I don’t have time for filthy albics… today. The soldier looks important, though.

Pardon my intrusion, but I cannot help but notice that you look to be handy with a blade...
I’m not.
Oh. My mistake.
I’m handy with TWO blades! Yeah!

Please speak with Commander Roberto of the Order of Melphina. We have been beset by a number of troubles that require the skills of one sure of sword. If you would lend your help, speak with him at the Palace of Melphina.

Let me just check… 34 screenshots. Yeah, we’ve got time for a sidequest.

Melphina – Palace of Melphina: A humble castle built within nature, it is also the residence of the Lord of Melphina.

I am Olebeag, Lord of Melphina. Welcome. Our town may be small and remote, but for academic or mystic studies, there is no better place on the continent.

- Quest Video: The Broken Seal

Hi, I’m Rush Sykes.
From your bearing, I see you must be an accomplished adventurer. With that case, I would make a request of you. To the northwest of this town lies the cursed bog, Crookfen. For long years, its evil has been sealed by a Remnant. Yet of late, the Remnant's seal fails, siring monsters from the flow of dark power. At once, we of the Order have sent scouts to examine the seal. None have yet returned. Would that I could add others to the search, but the town must be defended, and we have no men to spare. So, I ask you—would you come with me to Crookfen and restore the broken seal?
Uhh, can I think about it?
No—you have no need to apologize. I knew of the folly of such an unreasonable request from the start. That said, if time bids you change your mind, let me know.
Sure, I'll help out!
Ohh! To see such a fine and just youth...! You honor me with your cooperation. Let us head to Crookfen with haste.
Accepted quest: The Broken Seal

Music: Limberlost

Time is of the essence. Let us make haste!
A guest union has joined the party!
Roberto of Melphina asked me to go to Crookfen to check out the Last Leaf's seal. It broke or something and monsters are everywhere.

Let’s take a look at the new guy.

Honestly I find Roberto’s arts underwhelming. His stats make it clear that he’s a combat guy, and combat guys can only really make use of item arts, because they’re not good with the Mystics they do get. I guess my problem is that Item Arts are mostly bad.

We’re already back in Crookfen. We have to find three of the many Remnant pillars in the area and investigate them. You can see the smoking ones from a fair way off.

Mission: Defeat the Ruler of Mystic Arts!

There are three minibosses, each is somewhat themed. None are overly punishing.

I hate that. Now I’ll have to try and get him revived without anyone else getting KO’ed.

I could have done an Omnistrike, but instead I try to stall by having everyone heal until a “Clear those status ailments” (Vivication Herb) command comes up.

In retrospect, a really good move.

I ain’t ready to die…


Fights in this game can really change completely in a turn. So uh, just Rush’s union and Roberto are left, and he’s not looking so hot. Funny enough, despite that, NOW the “Neutral Morale” music kicks in.

This is good news, because now Roberto will live for another turn to continue deadlocking the Ruler, letting me pick up another union.

You’re a life-saver… literally!

Excellent teamwork – Caedmon revives Emma’s union, Rush heals them, and Gabriel revives Torgal.

Rush will bring David’s union back, and Emma will go to heal (or more likely revive) Roberto.

Roberto wisely defended, meaning that he took minimal damage and survived, letting Emma, Baulson, and Violet heal him back up. Rush brought David’s union back and we’re good to go again. Time to finish it off.

I actually got the option to have David use Ex Machina, but I’m trying to get him to learn Spark V, so I turned it down.

learned Nimble Smash III!
learned Nimble Acala’s Wrath II!
learned Slice & Dice!
learned Wind Shear III!

The Remnant’s seal is broken! You are buffeted by a wave of dark energy!
Mission: Defeat the Ruler of the Shield!


Correction. Headcrabs.

Depending on the placement of units, Caustic Blast can potentially injure or kill multiple unions. The radius isn’t very large, though.

And done. This one wasn’t as tough as the last one.

class changed to Master Monk!

Mission: Defeat the Ruler of Weapons!

Last one. He can cast Silencer, which could make your Mystic users useless.

Lets get the morale working in my favor early and maybe I won’t die.

Got you!

This critical did over 6000 damage.

Music: Reversal

I’m skipping Omnistrike because it means other units will miss chances to get art XP, and this fight is going well enough that I don’t need this guy down as fast as possible.

That last attack was responsible for 11,000 points of that damage. We’ve spent most of the battles under low morale, but when you have high morale, your damage is increased. It’s pretty sweet.

And this one was responsible for 7600 points of the damage.

learned Four Winds II!
learned Nimble Flash Strike II!

In the name of the Remnant Last Leaf, let the wicked souls of the dead be purified and return to the heavens...

The Forest Maidens express the highest gratitude.
We were able to complete the sealing ritual without incident. Without your assistance, Master Sykes, heaven knows what could have happened... The seal is repaired, yet our wayward comrades have yet to be found. This weighs heavily on my mind... But for now, let us return to Melphina.
The guest union has left the party.

While we've worried about the seal, fiends have plotted against us, right under our noses...
Ophelia, calm yourself. Do not forget the place of a knight of the Order of Melphina.
But, Commander! A group of suspicious characters dressed in black was seen leaving Crookfen! At your leave, I shall depart at once to arrest the blackguards and bring them to justice! Their evil deeds must be brought to light!
Ophelia. The Order is meant to be the country's shield, not its blade. If you were to abandon the people at a time like this, who would protect them? Life must always be your top priority. Our duty now is to find our lost men without further delay. This is no time for vengeance.
Ah, Master Sykes. Forgive me. This is my subcommander, Ophelia. Please excuse our indiscretions just now.

Saving lives is job #1.
See? Master Sykes agrees. Ophelia... With all that's happened, I certainly understand your feelings. But this is not the time to let passions rule our judgment."

Oh, yes! Master Sykes, take this as a token of our gratitude.
Valiant youth... I too express my gratitude.
Obtained Azure Orb! Rush can now use Evocations!
Completed quest: The Broken Seal

Thanks to Forest Maiden Marsha, the seal is all good. Woot! No more monsters in that area now!
…apart from, you know, the usual ones.

Any miscreants who think they can deceive the people of Melphina will receive no mercy!
Now we must find our lost knights. Truly, where could they be?

You might have noticed that Rush had a dialogue choice at the end of the quest, which hasn’t happened before. It does indeed matter. There are three quests in the Roberto chain, and if you agree with Ophelia all three times, you get access to an exclusive quest. Earlier I had been considering allowing a vote on this, but after reading what the other quest actually does (every single bit of it essentially says “fuck you, you picked the wrong choice”), I decided holding a vote on it was pointless. Instead, I’ll be picking the Roberto-approved answers all three times, and I’ll save the alternate quest as bonus post-game content.

New Arts Summary

learned Nimble Smash III!
learned Nimble Acala’s Wrath II!
class changed to Master Monk!
learned Nimble Flash Strike II!

Quest: After a Day’s Work…
Dungeon: Berechevaltelle
Dungeon: Crookfen
Melphina Tour
Quest: The Broken Seal

Here is the newly updated world map.

Okay, here’s the thing... after the three remaining sidequests already planned are done, we’ll be heading to the Heroic Ramparts. There, we’ll have a choice of two directions. One goes to Nagapur and the main plot. The other goes to another town (not too big). After advancing the main plot, five more sidequests open up. There are three more sidequests we can do now, -OR- save them until after visiting Nagapur.

My initial plan was to go to Nagapur first, but after doing that, the main plot will... seem a little more important to do, so maybe tacking on an additional few sidequests. After visiting Nagapur, I might even have a vote on whether to continue with the main plot immediately, or do the sidequests first.

POLL: Should I do the next new town and three additional quests before or after visiting Nagapur?

Next Time: And they wail so loud, already, it’s as if my head would burst