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Part 38: Chapter XXXIII - How can that not get your soul burning?

How can that not get your soul burning?

Go for it!
Heh. Of course.

Because I reached BR 24, some of my units have unlocked the ability to learn new arts. Actually, I’m turning Potions off, but because I CAN turn them off, there’s not really any harm in letting him learn them.

Guess I could learn Hexes, but it sounds like a waste of time…
No way – go for it!
Huh. Guess I’ll see if it’s useful after all.

They are, but the high-level ones take a lot of practice.

learned Red Potion!
learned Poison Gas!

Heya boyo. Reckon we might have the time to look for some Thick Mystic Fiend Fur?
Sure, let’s go.

I won’t yet, but after this update I probably will. Also, Emma upgraded her weapon again.

Oh, Rush. If you’ve some free time, why don’t we fight a bit outside of town? Sitting around all day isn’t good for you.
Yeah, let’s hit it!
As I expected from you! Let’s be off!

Man, we only need one more Crimson Shard to save Royotia!
Heya, Rush! You lookin' for some action, too? Heyyy, I got it! You're just itching to get in on that tourney, right?
What tournament?
"Calling men of honor to the Heroic Ramparts—Welcome to the stage of history." How can that not get your soul burning?
I kinda like my soul non-burned.
Come on, don't try to hide! Plus, this's a historic tournament—you don't hafta worry. Anybody'd kill to be in it! Back then there was this incredibly brutal monster that lived near the Ramparts. Anybody who came close, it'd eat 'em! Eventually the most valiant warriors across the land showed up to face the beast—they weren't gonna let it get away with anything else! And after a fearsome battle, their powers combined were enough to take it down! Ever since, anyone wanting to really prove themselves have held this competition at the Heroic Ramparts. Basically, it's a fight to the death against the monsters that gather around the Ramparts. And whoever beats the strongest baddie gets the title of Hero Exemplar! Whooooooop!!! Just telling that story's got me raring to go! Hell yeah, Rush—we're gonna kick this tourney's ass! We'll show 'em all that real heroes come from Athlum!
Woah, hold up…
Plus, you’ll never guess what the top prize is! The Tak Salia – “A red stone known as the roc’s torrent”!
Are you serious?
Yeah! I'm on it!
I know it's not just lip service with you... Awright, let's get to the Heroic Ramparts! An' we're gonna come back to Athlum as Heroes!

Accepted quest: The Standoff

If instead of going west, we headed east, we would have passed through this area on the way to Nagapur. It’s a little fortification.

- Video: The Standoff, Round 1 (Wild Dragon)

That’s right, folks, I hope you’re not wearing your finest clothing, because it’s about to get bloody in here!
Who will be the band of warriors that makes it through all three tiers to earn the title of Heroes Exemplar?
Let's get to the first round! Entering the arena is... Oho, new challengers!
Hailing from far-off Athlum, Team Blocter!!!
They'll be facing the Wild Dragon!
This is a tough challenge for the first round.
It sure is, Jimma. Remember what happened to the team from Melphina in the second-round match last year?
Ha ha ha, I don’t think we ever found all their spleens!
So, is Team Blocter up to it?
Either way, it should be an interesting show!
Looks pretty strong... Should actually be a worthwhile fight! Let's do it!

Mission: Defeat the Wild Dragon!

Music: Struggle Eternal

Looks like Blocter’s Squad will be charging the Wild Dragon head on, while the other two groups take on the lesser Weredragons!
That’s not a bad choice, Bobba. Blocter’s squad is the toughest, and most likely to survive for upwards of 30 seconds before being viciously torn limb from limb.

Unfortunately for Rush’s troop, Jimma, looks like the Wild Dragon has other ideas.
Nah, that was just a li’l love bite.

Acid was not a great choice against these Weredragons. Even though it hit two of them, it didn’t even slow down anyone.

Ouch, and Gabriel goes down! That’ll be a serious blow to Rush’s Troop!
Actually, from all I hear, Jimma, Gabriel’s just dead weight on the squad, and Rush is looking at trade offers.
Bobba, you do realize that the whole stadium can hear you, right?

Do you require assistance?
Oh, here’s the Wild Dragon’s signature move now!
Oh but it looks like everyone just shrugged it off. That’s gotta be good for Team Blocter’s morale!

For the pride of the Falcons!
How’s it look after the first round of play, Jimma?
Well, Bobba, Team Blocter has a marginal lead, but at this point it’s still anyone’s game.

Oh, and Weredragon Group C goes down! What was that, Jimma?
That looks like Poison Gas! I heard that it’s a brand new move that Loki has just added to his repertoire, and I can tell it already looks very promising!
We’ve got some more action on the field. Looks like Rush’s Troop is providing some healing!
That’s a wise idea. Things can change in a hurry on the field, and if you don’t keep your strength up, you could wind up in real trouble.
It looks like Blocter’s Squad is bringing Gabriel back to life.
I’m not sure that’s the wisest move, as it leaves them wide open for a Raidlock counter-attack.
And here it comes now!

Give it your best, boys!
Oh, Emma blocks and Baulson dodges! Nice moves there! But on the other side of the field… ouch, Rush’s Troop will feel that in the morning!
Assuming they live until the morning, that is!
Right you are, Bobba!

Right now, it’s a dangerous time for Team Blocter. They’re still in it, but their morale is at rock-bottom. If they take a major hit, it could be all over for them.
You said it, Bobba. The best thing Team Blocter could do right now is to try and get the momentum back on their side.

Rush gets the team’s morale up with a well-timed Bluff, but OH! Gabriel goes down again!

Blocter’s Squad finishes off group B with a series of powerful arts! They’ve got some moves!
I have to agree there, Jimma. But I can’t figure out why David’s Division is just standing there, doing nothing!
Maybe they’re saving up their energy?

Another of Rush’s Troop goes down! That Surefire move has been the most effective thing the Wild Dragon has done all game!

I’m not sure that’ll be enough to give the Wild Dragon the win, though, Bobba. He’s really hurting out there!

And down he goes!

Haw haw haw! Those guys couldn’t hold a candle to us!

We reached BR 25 from that fight. After each round you get a break and can go do whatever. Once you’re ready, just go back and talk to Blocter again.

Blocter asked me to join him in the Tournament of Heroes at the Heroic Ramparts. We breezed through to the second round.

Heya, Rush! So, you ready for our next match?
I was born ready.
Awright! To the Ramparts!

- Video: The Standoff, Round 2 (Ferocious Lion)

Last round sure saw a whole lot of monster slaying!
We sure did, Jimma, but it wasn’t all one-sided. Our condolences go out to the families of the fallen.
But they sure put on a great show, didn’t they, folks?

Our next challenger is...the force from up north, Athlum's Team Blocter!
They performed well enough in round one, but was it luck or skill?
I’d say luck, Jimma. They didn’t do too badly, but I’ve seen much better teams than them get torn apart in here.
And speaking of getting torn apart,
they'll be facing the Ferocious Lion! The battles here are beginning to heat up, folks!
Looks pretty strong... Should actually be a worthwhile fight! Let's do it!

Defeat the Ferocious Lion!

Music: Struggle Eternal

Imported all the way from Nagapur’s famous Aquaducts, we’ve got groups of Torpedos and Bune, led by the Ferocious Lion itself!
In the first round, the Ferocious Lion tore one unfortunate member of the Balterossan team into six pieces and threw them into the stands!
That sure was a spectacle to see, Jimma, but at least five lucky fans left with a truly memorable souvenir!

Did you see that? Rush’s Troop just dissected those Torpedos!
It’s a good thing for the splash guards protecting the audience, because that was really messy!

Loki’s Poison Gas hex is still pretty effective!
It certainly was on some of the fans in the front row of yesterday’s match, Jimma. Once again, our condolences go out to their families.
Remember folks, to always read your safety pamphlets! Gas masks are under your seats.

Interesting, looks like they’re setting up Blocter’s Squad to do a powerful attack.
It probably would have been better if they’d just attacked on their own, though, Bobba.

And down goes the Bune Group!
David’s Division didn’t even bother wasting power on mystic attacks for that one.

Violet lands the setup…

Oh, and Blocter executes the move perfectly. That was some fine teamwork at play!
You said it, Jimma!

Music: Reversal

Team Blocter is really firing on all cylinders now!

This one’s gonna knock you into next week!
What’s this? Looks like the kid’s got some special moves of his own!

Astounding! I’ve never seen anyone move that fast before!
Neither have I, Bobba!
And that’s the game! What a finishing blow! The crowd is on their feet! Just listen to them, Jimma!
That’s the most impressive end to a match we’ve seen in quite a long time!

learned Spark IV!

The second round was a joke! Now it's time for the finals, baby!

Haw haw haw! Those guys couldn’t hold a candle to us!

Heya, Rush! So, you ready for our next match?
I was born ready.
Awright! To the Ramparts!

- Video: The Standoff, Final Round (Hero Killer)

And of course, who will be going home in a lot of packages no bigger than an apple!
You said it, Bobba! Should be a lot of fun to watch!

And now the final challengers enter the arena! And they are... Oho! Defying the odds, blasting past our admittedly low expectations of them, it's the Wrathlums from Athlum, Team Blocter!!!
They'll be facing the bane—and end—of many a would-be hero's existence... The Hero Slayer! If they can take it out, Team Blocter will walk away as heroes!
But if they can't...they won't be walking away at all!
Whoa, that's a nasty one... Let's see how it holds up against the burning soul of Athlum! Come on, Rush! Let's show 'em what we got!

Mission: Defeat the Hero Slayer!

Music: Struggle Eternal

Team Blocter will be facing a nasty pack of Demons and Demon Kings, led by none other than the infamous Hero Slayer!
The Hero Slayer is a dangerous foe, having slain upwards of 60 people in his last four appearances, and that’s not counting the fatalities among the capture teams just sent to bring him to the matches.
Team Blocter will need to pull out all the stops if they don’t want to make him 5-0.

Oh, and some nice moves from the leader of team Blocter, taking out the Demon Kings!
His squad has really worked well together in this tournament, Bobba. They’ve been hitting all the right moves at the right times.

Interesting move from David’s Division. I was expecting something a little more aggressive.
It certainly is odd.

Looks like the Demons are powering up for a bigger attack!
I just hope that Team Blocter is ready for it.

They certainly seem confident to me, Jimma.

They didn’t even flinch when the Hero Slayer tried his best move on them!

Rush’s Troop is really laying the hurt down on the Hero Killer!
It’s too early to count out the Hero Killer, Bobba. They gave him that name for a reason!

Ouch! All of a sudden, Two-thirds of Team Blocter are in trouble!

This is the kind of situation where all a team’s training really pays off. They’ve got to make some pretty quick decisions if they want to stand a chance of surviving this match.

Looks like Rush made a wrong call there.
You said it, Bobba. It’s always risky to keep fighting when you can barely stand.

Even Blocter’s squad is showing signs of fatigue now.
It’s even money on either side at this point, Bobba.

Well fought!
But that crucial takedown might just have shifted things back into Team Blocter’s favor!
It’s a close match for sure, just the way we like to see them!

Music: Reversal

This could be Team Blocter’s last stand!

David’s Division comes in with a crucial Revive and Heal. They’re hanging in there, Bobba!
And Blocter’s Squad is following it up with more healing. They sure don’t want to take chances!
That’s smart play at this stage of the match.

The Hero Slayer is heading in for a Raidlock!

OHHH! And he Flubs it! That was a prime opportunity to do some serious damage, and it didn’t work!

Team Blocter is giving the signs for their next round, but… what’s this? It seems like they’re not going to press the attack?
That’s an odd choice, Jimma. Best I can think of is that they’ve got something planned.
Guess we’ll just have to see how it all plays out, Bobba!

Well, whatever it is, they’ve better act on it soon. They can’t take hits like those forever!

I think whatever it is, they’re getting ready for it now!

- Video: Arcana - Blackout

Oh, what’s this?!

They’ve synchronized their Invocation spells! It’s the Blackout Arcana!

Wow! Jimma, I don’t think we have seen any Arcanas in the tournament so far this year!
Not a one, Bobba!

That was a pretty spectacular move, I have to say.
But it still wasn’t enough to take down the Hero Slayer!

Maybe not, Jimma, but I think the tide is now firmly on Team Blocter’s side! They’ve been conserving their energy, and they look ready to let it all go.

The Hero Slayer is in trouble now, and I think he knows it! He needs a miracle to save him now!
I think that it’s too late for miracles, Jimma!

Good effort!
And down he goes! The Hero Slayer is dead!
Blocter himself gets the final blow! Wow! What an amazing finish!!

class changed to Expert Scout!
learned Spark II!

Team Blocter, the underdogs of the tournament, have proved themselves worthy of the crown!
The title of Hero Exemplar will be awarded to these warriors of Athlum! Congratulations!
Haw haw haw! Those guys couldn't hold a candle to us! We—we won! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!

Whoo! Wait'll the young master gets a load of this! Ah, oh yeah. Here's your part of the prize money, split even-Steven, don't worry.

Reward: 3000 G
Obtained Tak Salia!
Tak Salia - A red stone known as the roc’s torrent.
Obtained Basic Customization!

Awright! For Athlum...for the young master... Let's get going and get this stuff taken care of!

We certainly have come a long way, my town and I. But nothing pleases me more than seeing my friends happy, and I thank you for that, Rush.
Completed quest: The Standoff
Me and Blocter totally kicked ass! We brought the title of Hero Exemplar home to Athlum. Pfft, like there was any doubt!

Dave! We’ve got all the Crimson Shards! Now we can save Royotia from… uh… that thing which was endangering it!
*sigh* I suppose you’re right. To Royotia, then!

So, while we’re on our way there, let’s talk briefly about Arcana .

Arcana are special Mystic Arts, that are cast not by an individual, but by a group casting certain spells on the same turn. They are extremely powerful, but also extremely difficult to learn, and require certain circumstances to trigger. Arcana will hit the entire battlefield, regardless of range or deadlock. Only the current leader of a union can learn the Arcana, and they can’t be inflicted with any status effects which would prevent casting (in addition to the obvious ones, this includes Poisoned and Cursed).

Blackout is the simplest Arcana to learn and to use. It also technically does the least damage, but that’s like saying “it’s just a small nuclear bomb”.

Blackout I’s Conditions are:

Arcana also don’t level through use – instead they get upgraded when the leader learns the next tier art.

Invocations progress in power like so (from lowest to highest)

To learn Blackout II, the leader has to use Wind Shear V, Caustic Blast III, Permafrost II, or Wildfire. To learn Blackout III, you need Caustic Blast IV, and so on… (Grenade Impact is not used for Blackout on the PC version, it is instead used for the brand new Crimson Flare Arcana instead.

There will be a special bonus post on Arcana later, in which I mention the other different Arcanas and explain why they are harder to get. We might not see any others actually used in the game except the Remedies one. In fact, if I switched around the union composition, Rush could probably learn it right away! I think I’ll do that for the final battles of the act, though. In the meantime, we’re here… but that’ll have to wait a little while because I am actually over the character limit.

Thanks to The Dark Id for the Bobba and Jimma portraits (and the inspiration for their use).

New Arts Summary

learned Red Potion!
learned Poison Gas!
learned Spark IV!
class changed to Expert Scout!
learned Spark II!

The Standoff, Round 1 (Wild Dragon)
The Standoff, Round 2 (Ferocious Lion)
The Standoff, Final Round (Hero Killer)
Arcana - Blackout

I should also talk about Basic Customization, since we "just got it", but that carries over in NG+. It basically lets you upgrade certain special weapons. There are additional levels of Customization you can get as well that allow for further upgrading and upgrading of even more powerful special weapons.

Vote: Who should lead a fourth combat union?

Right now, our party looks like this, but soon stuff will happen, party size upgrades, so it's probably a good time to look into getting a fourth combat union. And we'll need someone to lead that union.

- Torgal (Quad-wielding Sovani)
- Blocter (One-Handed/Power Grip Yama)
- Baulson (Two-Handed Yama)
- Caedmon (Dual Two-Handed Sovani)
- Gabriel (One-Handed Mitra)
- Violet (Two-Handed Mitra)
Don’t worry about who will be in it, I’ll take care of that, just tell me who you want to lead it.

Next Time: To master the flames, it gave him its soul