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Part 42: Chapter XXXV - Auf wiener schnitzel, Nagapur!

Auf wiener schnitzel, Nagapur!


Chapter XXIV: So it’s come to war.

The Congress has been slow to grant that Conqueror fellow a Remnant, and all the Lords are in a flurry over it.

And the Conqueror keeps rattling his saber about taking over countries and seizing their Remnants.
You’d expect that from the sort of person who would bind the Ark… He’s made an enemy out of every Lord with a Remnant. What’s he plotting?
For starters, he’s building an army.
So it’s come to war…

The Congress has split into two factions… One sides with the Chairman against the Conqueror. The other supports the Conqueror, fearing the God Emperor’s wrath. Duke Hermeien wishes to ally with us and end the rift as quickly as possible.
He’s asked to speak with me directly, in Nagapur.

- Video: Welcome to Nagapur

Music: In the Shadow of the Dragon (Nagapur Theme)

Nagapur: A bustling metropolis protected by the Remnant Gwayn. Canals are found everywhere due to flood control measures.

Nagapur – Flussbahn: A large sluice doubles as the gate to this town.

Flussbahn is German. It literally means “flow path”, but I suspect the proper translation means “canal”. Many of the names of this town are vaguely Germanic.

You look surprised. Yes, that intimidating dragon you see is indeed Nagapur's treasured Remnant - the Gwayn! The grand castle in front of it is Wyrmskeep, home of our beloved Lord Wilfred Hermeien.
How do we get to Wyrmskeep anyway?
Directions to Wyrmskeep, you say? There's a boat you can take to get there. The dock is just beneath us. Though I don't know if they let commoners like you on board.

Let’s go do that now.

Dock Worker: Kid, you need a ride?
Yeah! Thanks, boat guy!

Be careful. May the God Emperor be with you.


Why don’t you take a walk around, do some sightseeing?
Cool! Thanks!
And, by “sightseeing,” I mean try to acquire as much information as you can. Rush, talk to Pagus and myself when you’ve finished.

- Video: Nagapur Tour

Let’s follow Dave!

Dock Worker: This is the dock. Sorry, kiddo. This boat IS headed to Wyrmskeep, but I can only let you on if you've been granted access by Lord Hermeien.
Fine. I didn’t want to ride your stupid boat anyway.
Dock Worker: Rude.

There are some shops by the docks, which sell some common components we can find ourself easily.

Three years?
Canal Watcher: But I have faith that he'll return. I'll continue to wait for him as long as I have to.

But if someone decides to blow the whistle, that would really be a buzzkill, huh... Speaking of... I've been super stressed, and I totally deserve to treat myself. And you should, too - with my Khrynia-patented lotion.

Thanks, but no thanks.
You're worthless. Don't you understand the concept of retail therapy? Augh!
...Thanks. I'll take it.
Thank you! Your skin totally will.
Reward: Water of Eos x 6, Bell Seedling x 3, Young Bud x 3.
Okayyy! Auf wiener schnitzel, Nagapur!
Completed quest: Nagapur’s Witch

I bought some dodgy "Khrynia" lotions from a magus-y girl lost in Nagapur. She left in search of a peaceful place.

“Auf Wiedersehen” is German for goodbye. Oh, Khrynia. Did I mention that the localization is fantastic?

Emmy! It’s been a while (a month) since we’ve seen her about.

Woah, Emmy, you’re still travelling about? When will you be done?
I thought I’d done plenty of training, but I still can’t even light a candle to Mother… But I can’t give up.
It’s okay. I’m sure she’s proud of you anyway.
Thank you, Rush.

Devoted Man: He is born leader and chairman of the Congress. Being named chairman means that he is the most powerful and admired man on the continent. I feel honored to be a citizen here.

Bored now. Let’s leave town.

I probably shouldn’t go out there alone…

Or instead let’s go to Sudenalm. This is not a German word, but it kinda sounds like something which means “South District” in German.

Nagapur – Sudenalm: Many people live in this residential district, which has a relaxing atmosphere. Travelers often stop by this area.

Aristocratic Man: The town square is richly green. It's where folks gather to take a breather. They sell Nagapur goodies, too!

This is “richly green”? Has that guy never left the city?

Waiting Girl: This is a nice, quiet meeting place. The streets of Nordenalm are so busy! Because of all the shops, merchants and soldiers are clomping around all day! They're so loud!

These canals are used to ship this cargo here to different locations. The trade business has improved since Wilfred Hermeien became lord. My days are busy, busy, busy! The previous lord couldn't have pulled the town THIS far. He did seem like a kind man, though. On a separate note, I've been hearing rumors of an army advancing from the west... Scary times, these are.
An advancing army, huh? That can’t be good.

How do you know who I am?
Marina was right – you have her eyes, filled with goodness and justice.
Wait, you’ve seen my mom?
You need not worry about her. She is about, gathering information to help you on your journey. She was here until just a moment ago.

… I realize it is hard to trust my words, but I know all about you, Marina, and your sister Irina. When the time is right, I will tell you all there is to know.

Have you finished walking around town?
Yup, saw everything.
Alright, come with me then.

Despite what that says, you have to talk to both Pagus and Emma in different areas to advance the plot, so you may as well tell them that you’re done. Now, to Nordenalm.

Nagapur – Nordenalm: Many facilities and shops line the streets of this district filled with people, from merchants to travelers from other towns.

This is the biggest shopping district in Nagapur - Nordenalm. Weapons and accessories, components and items... Products from around the world are sailed here through the canals! There is a pub and guild here as well, if that suits your fancy.

Gwayn-Gazing Man: With that guarding our town, only a fool would think of invading us... Though, my kid tends to burst into tears when he sees it. I have to admit, it can be slightly intimidating. That's when I tell him that our town stays safe because of that Remnant. The Gwayn protects us from the evil out there!

Waiting Qsiti: There's quite a large sewer beneath the town. It connects the canals. There have been monsters sightings there of late, so no civilians are allowed to enter that area.

Nagapurian Guard: The Plain of Luhang that lies in front of Nagapur is the battleground that has protected us from invaders for ages. This is where the legendary warrior of Nagapur, Luhang of Zahaad, fought and beat the entire imperial army. Although this battle may be just a fictional tale, the soldiers of Nagapur still talk about him in awe.

I've come all the way from Ghor Castle with my friends. What a trek it was over the Heroic Ramparts. Have you seen it yet with your own eyes? It's said that one of the lords of Nagapur built that never-ending castle wall. It's like it's representing the never-ending flow of time.

has learned Flash Bomb!

I hate it when arts are hidden behind obscure guild tasks. But I’m not using it anyway. Let’s hit up the pub.

Bartender: Welcome to Pub Drachenhauch!

Drachenhaus means “Dragon House”. The Trendy Girl’s only comment is on the only outstanding quest: Jorgen’s. Also, pay attention to conversations here, as there is one more subtle bit of information which is here, but the game never calls attention to.

Bartender: If one loses himself, he can find himself within his friend’s hearts.
Trendy Girl: Why doesn’t he do that, then?

Pub Regular: Nagapur's previous lord was Lord Oswald Hermeien. He was a very generous and good man, but he suddenly disappeared several years ago. Lord Wilfred claimed the throne not long after. It is only a rumour, but some say that he was set up and thrown out of Wyrmskeep by Lord Wilfred. I certainly hope that isn't the truth. There is nothing uglier than a rivalry between parent and child.

You've seen the Gwayn, yes? I've seen many, many Remnants in my time, but nothing is more overwhelming than that one. There's quite powerful-looking one in Balterossa, to the south, but it can't possibly overshadow the Gwayn. Lad, you should go to different lands and see their Remnants with your own eyes.
I have. The Gwayn is really freaky all right.

That's why when Nagapur is in trouble his lordship comes to our rescue.

Waitress: I mean, who brings a white jelly monster to a pub!? The other customers got scared and they all up and left! And here I am, cleaning up after it...

I’m not sure what a white jelly monster is.

Sure am!
Alright, meet me in Flussbahn.

- Video: David’s Meeting at Nagapur

May I announce our honored guest…

Commander of the Remnants handed down by the God Emperor himself: The Gae Bolg and Valeria Heart!

The Marquis of Athlum: Lord David Nassau!

Well met, Marquis.

With that, the scene fades to black. Honestly, this cutscene barely seemed worth the effort.

Dock Worker: Why don't you take the time to look around town a little more?

Emma and Pagus are nowhere to be found either. In order to advance, we need to talk to the most important-seeming character we found.

Hello, Rush Sykes. I have something to share with you.

Forget not this information, for it may come in handy someday.
Okay, I won’t.

He’s coming!
The Conquerer’s on the move!


Lord David!

Emma, Pagus, Rush – we must leave now!
What’s going on? Where’s Wilfred?
Our meeting has been postponed. The Conquerer is marching on Celapaleis.
We’ve been called back as support. We’ll return to Athlum then prepare for battle.
Yes, my Lord!


Irina’s here?!
Apparently she’s in Duke Hermeien’s custody. I suppose you can rest easy, knowing she’s out of Wagram’s hands.

Wha-no! Why didn’t you take her with you?!
Well… I didn’t meet with her directly. What’s wrong?

Irina’s got Marion’s Blessing!
And you think Lord Hermeien is aware of this?

Wait! Where are you going?
I have to go save her! I can’t let him use her power!
Calm down and think for a moment. How are you to save her if you don’t even know where to find her?

Rush, there is only one thing we can do right now. We must stop this war before anyone has a chance to use her power. I promise you: we will come back for Irina.


Thanks for your valuable contribution to the scene, Irina.

Aww, I can’t say no to you.
Perfect. Then let’s head out.

And we have control again, dumped straight onto the city map. Technically, 5 sidequests have just opened up – including one which starts right here in Nagapur.

But we’re going to Athlum to continue the main plot. I’m pretty sure that after 11 solid updates of sidequesting that people would rather not have to leap right in. There are a few other good reasons to hold off on the side-questing for now too.

Well, okay, ONE stop, but only because it’s really short and “on the way back”.

Like, I would completely rebuild this place... Paint the walls bright pink - totally in this year - and everyone'd be required to wear roses! That would give such a touch of class, don't you think?

Why don’t you get a job?
Wha-at...? Do you ever look in the dictionary and find a picture of yourself under the caption "loser"?

Cute! I’ll take it.
Awesome! 'Cause really, you need all the charm you can get. Oooh! Ice burn!

I’m putting this on Rush instead of his +10% HP bracelet. More AP is better.

Smell ya later, Ghor! I'm outtie!
Completed quest: Ghor’s Witch!

I bought this dodgy "Khrynia" charm from a magus-y girl who wants to remodel Ghor Castle. I'm sure the Duke'll love that! She left in search of a historical town.

Bye Khrynia! See you in about 40 hours! (No seriously, it’ll really be a long, long time.)

And I think Rush’s weapons are overdue for an upgrade, so I’m pumping those up as well. Look out Conquerer, here we come!

Welcome to Nagapur
Nagapur Tour
David’s Meeting at Nagapur

If you somehow don’t have enough money to buy Khrynia’s things, she says:
Um, excuse you? That's not enough G. This is why I try to avoid people without money. (Nagapur)
Dude. Can you, like, stop being poor? Because it's seriously cramping my style. (Ghor)

Flowers Count: 8
“Irina” Count: 9
“Rush” count: 5

Discussion Question: Who was that old guy we needed to talk to anyway?
Discussion Question: The Conquerer’s army is on the march. How screwed are we?

Strap in folks, the next update is going to be something really amazing. I’m estimating over 120 screenshots, and I’m not breaking it up into two chapters, just two posts back-to-back.

Next Time: I will protect Athlum with my life! -OR- The Nest of Eagles