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Part 44: Chapter XXXVII - …He’ll reign as the new God Emperor.

…He’ll reign as the new God Emperor.


Chapter XIII: Soldiers of Athlum do not bow to threats! -OR- I didn’t expect such a large party

What is it?
Ahh, where to begin… Here – this plaza, in front of the Valeria Heart – is a very… dear place for me. Quite a long time ago, I saw off a traveler from this very spot. We promised to meet here when her travels were done. I don’t know when she’ll return, but I can’t help but wait. I know that if I wait long enough, someday, she’ll return… However, with the increase in incidents outside of Athlum that need my attention, I can’t very well spend all my time here. That brings me to what I wish to ask. If she returns and I cannot, could you be here to meet her?
Err… I guess?
You’ll know who I’m talking about at first sight. You may as well look forward to it.

Chapter XXII: This… is what Irina’s kidnappers are after

What’s that?
This… is what Irina’s kidnappers are after. This tablet can put Remnants into… a deep slumber. It was developed by your mother.

Hand over the tablet, or he dies.

Chapter XXIII: They nearly killed me in the past -OR- A Date with Emma

You might have heard of Marion Marshall. She was the one who bound the Remnant Elysion to herself and wed the God Emperor. The power she held was extraordinary - the power to erase the bindings of the Remnants and replace them with her own.

Inside me rests that same, terrible power. For I... I possess Marion's Blessing. As does Irina.

They want Marion's Blessing for themselves, right? Then they're not gonna hurt Irina! We still got a chance to save her!
Rush... thank you. I know what I have to do now.

Here. I made it using the tablet.

When you find Irina, I want you to give her this for me.
What are you gonna do, Mom?

Music: A Son’s Loss

- Video: A Mastermind Revealed



If it weren’t for that Tablet… Emma!

We can’t locate Lord David. Nor can we find Emma’s sword. Lord David lost his mother when he was just a child. Emma was a mother figure to him. It’s improbable, but…

I’ll find him.

This was my mother’s garden. My father burned it when she died.

But… Emma gave it new life. From the day I was bound to a Remnant, I felt nothing but hatred for the world. But through these flowers, Emma reminded me of the good still left in all of us.

Duke Hermeien could announce his decision to vanquish the Conqueror at any minute. The Lords are sure to gather their Remnants and fight by his side. That will finish off the Conqueror.

Dave, something’s been bugging me. The Conqueror used Mom’s Tablet to change the Valeria Heart into a Talisman, but I thought Wagram had the Tablet!?
How can that be?
This is the doing of one man.

A man using Wagram as a pawn in his twisted game. At the same time, he manipulates the Conqueror into sparking a war, for no other reason than to demonstrate the horrors Remnants are capable of.

Once a world war erupts, the people will no longer believe the Lords fit to control the Remnants! If the descendant of Marion Marshall were to appear after all that, she would easily be given control of ALL the Remnants!

With Irina by his side, he’ll reign as the new God Emperor!
By “he”, you mean…
The Chairman of the Congress: Duke Wilfred Hermeien.
It all makes sense now.

Lord David, I know this is a selfish request to make at a time like this, but you must save my daughter!
I have already promised Rush that Irina will not be a pawn in this war. Please, get up.
Thank you! Thank you so much!

Young master!

Calm down. I am all right.
Lord David!

Emma Honeywell the second has returned to Athlum! Lord David, your orders?

Serve me, as did your mother before you.
Yes, my Lord!

What now, Dave?

Our true foes await us in Nagapur! I will take along only a few men to avoid detection.
Say about 20 or so.
We will attack when the time is right.

We shall avenge her death!

Enough is enough, Dave! I’m ready to end this!

Irina, I’m coming!

The maximum number of unions in your party is now 5. The maximum unit capacity per battle is now 15. The maximum number of units in your party is now 40.
Emmy has joined the party.

As one door closes, another opens. The loss of Emma was a blow, and while Emmy could be seen (and her identity guessed) early on, technically making it not come completely out of nowhere… it still feels a little ham-handed to have her join the party practically before her mother’s body is even cold.

I don’t really think having Emmy come in immediately works very well. It kinda cheapens Emma’s death, and replaces her in the party with someone who gameplay-wise is almost identical, but worse. It does not help that story-wise, I can’t really think of too much that Emmy contributes – she’s just kinda there. It is possible there is some stuff I have forgotten, though.

I mean, even in this scene, her formal introduction to the party, she gets two lines. The Last Remnant is really rather focused. Basically all the cutscenes service the main story, and there isn’t a lot of interaction between the main characters outside of the main story – just a single sidequest for each of them. That doesn’t really help, especially in this case, because the game just doesn’t have a lot of time for side stuff with the main characters.

But it is what it is. Emmy is a required party member, and even though she starts out weaker than Emma left, she’s pretty decent and can surpass Emma given some time. So let’s take a look:

Emmy Honeywell

One of Athlum's Four Generals. Has pledged herself to Athlum, as her mother--and namesake--before her.

Class: Lordly Ranger
Initial BR: BR 33
HP: (461)
Str / Int: (40 / 28)

Current Arts
Future Arts

Like her mother before her, Emmy is skilled in Dual-wielding, and is a good Mystic healer. She also gets two unique arts later on, and can make a good leader. She knows all the ways of one-handed weapon usage, but is best with dual-wielding, so turn the others off. She makes an excellent addition or leader of a combat + healing union. She gets Hexes and Traps, but those probably won’t be that useful.

In this playthrough, the healing Emmy starts out with is higher than her mother reached – specifically, Revitalize. Emmy’s initial strength is lower, but I think her mother’s high stats were because she would be leaving. Her strength is still pretty good for the current party, though.

Tags: Combat, Healer, Unique Arts, Arcana,

With 15 slots in the party, there’s room enough for everyone, although I’ve had to put Leshau in with a combat union. But this is only temporary. I’ll re-arrange the unions before actual combat takes place, and correct the issue of Rush’s union having no Vivification Herb users.

We will not allow her sacrifice to have been in vain! Duke Hermeien's machinations stop here!"
Emma traded her life to protect this country. Now, we who are left must do all we can to honor that. Wilfred Hermeien is the one behind all this. We will find him and we will destroy him. Emma's sacrifice will not have been in vain.
When I first became one of the Four Generals, Lady Emma would bust my hump every single day. It took me a while, but I realized that I really appreciated those words... they're what made me into the man I am today. The Conqueror... that bastard Hermeien... I'll never forgive them for what they did. Never!

Our true foe is the Duke of Nagapur - Wilfried Hermeien. No more will we be puppets in his petty farce. To Nagapur... and to vengeance!
Hermeien used the Conqueror's army to throw the whole world into confusion... that's unforgivable. I'll avenge my mother with these hands, I swear it! Rush, let's go to Nagapur as soon as possible!

Music: Life Without Remnants

It’s gone. Any city whose core remnant has been taken gets their music replaced by the melancholy “Life Without Remnants”.

Mystic Arts, for sure.
Spells, huh? Eh, wouldn’t quite say I hated ‘em…

Um, Rush… Your Bracelet of Grafting… Do you think I could use it for a bit?
I kinda need it right now.

Sorry, Rhagoh, you sad sack, but my items are for party members who will do more than warm the bench after a couple token appearances.

Heya boyo. Reckon we might have the time to look for some Thick Beast Hide?
Sure, let’s go.
You’re a big help. Let’s be off, then.

Hey, I need some Shed Husk. If you got time to sit around and talk, you’ve got time to go get some, eh?
Sure, let’s go.
Arright. C’mon.

Rush… Shall we proceed to the field of battle and wreak havoc upon the monster hordes? I… must become someone she can depend on…
Sounds like a plan.
Excellent! My arm sings with the promise of victory!

No questing this update. No fighting. Instead, all that we’ll do is walk around Athlum and Celapaleis and talk to the people.

Unbelievable! Lady Emma… dead!? How could that even happen? Athlum’s Four Generals are the strongest fighters there are… Right, pops?

Before General Honeywell… before we lost her, she was always at Lord David’s side. They must have shared a deep bond… Now that she’s passed on, who knows how painful this all must be for Lord David? I wonder if there’s anything I could do to ease his pain…

But, the Remnant was meant to protect us from all evils threatening us. That… that couldn’t have been mere superstition…

If you go way back to like Chapter 4, there was a shiny object here which we couldn’t get to, because a Yama liked standing near the Valeria Heart. Now we can get to it and discover that it’s a thing for Jorgen, so never mind.

… Hey Emmy, I think there’s something you should know.
What is it?
Once, I talked to your mom in this spot. Emma told me that this is where you parted when you went off to train.
Yes… that was the last time I saw her.
She… she knew that when you returned to Athlum, she might not be able to meet you back here… so she asked me to meet you here, if she couldn’t.
She must have liked and trusted you.
I guess… It’s funny considering how we met.
You’ll have to tell me that story sometime. … So, aren’t you going to introduce yourself?
To fulfil your promise.
Oh, right. *ahem* Hi! I’m Rush Sykes. Lady Emma sent me to meet you.
Pleased to meet you, Rush. I’m Emma Honeywell the second, Lady Emma’s daughter. But you can call me Emmy.
It’s good to meet you, Emmy Honeywell.

The toughs who usually lurk in the back alleys saw him and ran off crying! ...I suppose I did the same thing.

Everyone in this city has experienced suffering at one point or another, but now, without the Valeria Heart, it all seems so much worse. Maybe... maybe we're being tested - to see if we can live without Remnants. I don't know what the future holds, but we've got to at least give it a try, don't you think?

It's said the Conqueror's army comes from far to the east, a land called Veyriel. It's a place so remote, they don't even have cities - just scattered collections of shacks. For someone from a place like that to be able to overwhelm Athlum so easily... What sort of person is that Conqueror anyhow?

An'-an' then, the Valeria Heart came whipping down from the sky... I-I think I had an accident...

The Conqueror... He did so many bad things - he even killed Lady Emma - where's the punishment for that, huh? And I believed in the Valeria Heart! I really did, after all this time... Dammit!

Pub Regular: You been to the Town Square yet?
Pub Regular: It's a shocker, isn't it? The Valeria Heart's gone, like it was never there in the first place! That Remnant was more than just the symbol of the town. The whole square is a place of countless memories for every Athlumian... Dammit. Bartender, mix me up something strong, would you?

Are you okay? You look tired.

Try living hand-to-mouth, always on the run, never able to stop even a minute without having to check over your shoulder for -
What happened?
...Never mind. Could you - could you not mention I said anything like this? Damn, I guess I really am tired...
All right.
Hey, kid... Your name's "Sykes," right? So your parents're the same as those famous researchers, yeah?
They ever tell you anything about some shady secret projects going on at the Academy?
Bah, one look at your face and I can tell you don't know a thing. Whatever, don't waste your two brain cells worrying about it. I've got a headache... Let me alone for a bit.

Pleasant Young Man: Adventurers have gotten into trading the different loot they find on their trips, apparently. Royotia’s the main hub for the fad. …That’s the story, anyway.
Bartender: How sad. My greatest treasures are the secret feelings bottled within my heaving bosom. But I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world!
Pleasant Young Man: …Right.

Bartender: Duke Hermeien is a cold and ruthless man. Watch yourself around him, Rush. And, if you run into that Conqueror bastard… get Lady Emma’s revenge!

Without ‘em, the whole town’s become greyer… Damnit!

The Valeria Heart was lost, and with it, everyone’s hopes… People walk down the streets like they haven’t a friend in the world.
But…this is no time to wallow in sadness! Squeezing out a smile I the job of a merchant, isn’t it? What we’ve got to do is make lots of top-quality weapons and armor, as if to say “take that, Conqueror!”

Sky-Gazing Woman: What’s going to happen to us?
I dunno.

Well that was depressing. Let’s go someplace else.

Friendly Man: Just the thought of the Umbermarici disappearing is depressing. I wonder, are the people of Athlum okay?
No. No, they aren’t.

Is it of those things with all the teeth? Because I get that one all the time.
It's of the day the former Duke Qubine died. In it, I am returning from the palace, weeping as I go... The sun is setting, bathing the whole town in a golden red light. Mother holds my hand, and Father looks at me with a bitter smile... It's been so long. It felt so real. So warm... But, that's how I felt until recently, I suppose.
Until you stopped trying to kill the Duke?
My father, my mother, my memories... All were stolen from me by Duke Qubine. So when he died, it was only what he deserved, or so I felt... Looking at it with a clear mind, I can see that the view then was just as it is now—beautiful.

I never imagined the Conqueror's forces were that strong...! I was on guard duty here while my wounded comrades were brought back from battle... It was like some story about the end of days...
I was at the battle. I saw the aftermath.
Lord Qubine has ordered a strengthening of all forces, so all the shopkeepers have upgraded their inventory. If the Conqueror and his thugs try coming around here again, we'll be ready to knock the living daylights out of them.
I also saw the aftermath of what happened in Athlum. Somehow, I doubt it.

Not even the forces of Ghor could easily take Celapaleis - yet the Conqueror's forces cut through men like tissue paper... The Conqueror's forces must be demons straight from hell! How else could they have such strength? That bright light must've appeared to stop all that fierce fighting... It's only thanks to the Umbermarici that we're still here at all!

Many of the strong warriors at the guild headed to the Nest of Eagles only to come back terribly wounded - or not at all... Ugh, it makes me shiver even to remember it... What are we to do if we're attacked again?
I dunno.

The hell is going on? Some jerkwads calling themselves the Conquerors trekked all the way from BFE to attack us! And where the hell were you, Athlum? Blocking that shit is the only reason we keep you around! ...Don't tell me you let the Conqueror waltz through you to Celapaleis just to be a dick!
Why don’t you go to Athlum and ask that question? Go on, try it.

Legend-Loving Child: Th-they brought back the soldiers, an' they were all hurt - hurt bad... *sniffle* But... the bad guys ran away! The Umbermarici scared 'em off, I bet! The Umbermarici always protects us!

General Honeywell of Athlum has fallen in battle... She was well known as a true and valiant warrior. It is a regrettable loss. Here in Celapaleis the ruler does not have anyone to support him. Our strength is based on Lord Qubine's mystical power and direction. If something were to happen to him, who knows what would happen to us all...

The rumor is that there's some secret entrance somewhere in the Amber, but they only let the top of the top-class guys in. Guess I'll just stay here...

You've heard about Siebenbur, right? It's a sprawling series of underground caverns... it's the talk of all the adventurers lately. Some say it was built by one of the God Emperors, others say it was carved out by some massive beast... No one knows for sure. One of the reasons for that is that not so many return from Siebenbur - in one piece, anyway. Whether you think you've got skills or no, be prepared if you end up going there. The monsters there are nothing to sneeze at.

This unlocks the “First Path” dungeon, which sounds to me like there may not be any quests for that one. I should look that up. This conversation only appears after the Nest of Eagles, whereas the one above happens after unlocking the other guild, obviously.

Oh! Fair bartender, my delicate bringer of spirits, did you see my stunning contribution to the city defence?
Bartendress: You were over there.
You saw me cowering under the counter? W-well! I wasn't feeling so well, you see! A bit of stomach flu, that's it! Really! Ahahah... hrm.

Waitress: When the Conqueror attacked, lots of soldiers gathered here in Lamberro District on their way to the battlefield. But only a few returned... Alive, anyway... Oh! But our yamaan regular, he made it back alright! Thank goodness...

The Conqueror's army seems to have two main leaders... One's an armored giant, the other's a woman; pretty, but with a tongue as sharp as her sword. Their positions aren't for show, either - there isn't anyone who's been able to best them in battle... I couldn't leave a scratch on them. The two of them together put out this terrifying aura, and leave behind a veritable mountain of corpses on the battlefield... Those two... they're not the ones to trifle with.
Yeah. It took all of Athlum’s forces combined just to make them retreat. I mean, they took a hit from the Gae Bolg and still kept on fighting!

You probably don’t remember her, but you definitely should talk to her after the battle of the Nest of Eagles.

Sweet-Scented Maiden: ... Fate is a cruel mistress. She snatched him away from me, forever... Before he left, he asked me to forget him if the worst happened... Idiot... As if I could ever forget him...
Yeah… someone I was friends with died in battle too. I’m sorry.
Sweet-Scented Maiden: This is his sword... the only thing of his that returned from the battlefield. Would you take it? I was going to throw it away, but after talking to you, I thought maybe you should have it... Strange, isn't it...

Because she gives you this pretty cool sword. I ended up using it on Rush in my first playthrough for quite a while – well past the time I should have stopped, actually. I think it was because I was trying to find a way to upgrade it, but there are no upgrades.

Sweet-Scented Maiden: His sword will certainly help you protect your friends. I have to believe in that...

Do you know the goddess of Elysion, Marion Marshall?
Sort-of, yeah.
Not even the legendary desert queen could compare to her greatness. It is said her beauty was enough to set even the most stoic of hearts atremble. If only I could lay eyes upon her, even once… Yea, time itself plots against our romance, yet I am certain I can find a way to surpass it…
You’ve got problems, do you know that?

Watch your tongue, boy! You stand before Lord Qubine!

Thank you, Duke Qubine.
Yet, had you not gone to the Nest of Eagles, all of Celapaleis would have been in grave danger. I cannot begin to describe my appreciation for what you've done.

That was a lot of talking. But now it’s time for action. Seven sidequests have just opened up - the last sidequests of Disc 1, in fact. We're almost done. We’ll be starting with the two which give us new party members. Both of them (and Emmy) start out as Rank 33, and they’re both solid additions to the team.

One party member in particular has a fascinating backstory that the game barely hints at. But that’s next time.

A Mastermind Revealed

Discussion Question: How do you think Emmy’s introduction should have been handled? Do you think she should have been added at all?

Next Time: Funny how things turn out, isn’t it?