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Part 47: Chapter XL - Melphina’s oh-so-important knightly order is done for.

Melphina’s oh-so-important knightly order is done for.


Chapter XXVIII: I hope that next time you wash your hands, at least.

Music: Old Traditions, New Methods (Melphina Theme)

Hi, I’m Rush Sykes.
From your bearing, I see you must be an accomplished adventurer. With that case, I would make a request of you. To the northwest of this town lies the cursed bog, Crookfen. For long years, its evil has been sealed by a Remnant. Yet of late, the Remnant's seal fails, siring monsters from the flow of dark power. At once, we of the Order have sent scouts to examine the seal. None have yet returned.

The Forest Maidens express the highest gratitude.
We were able to complete the sealing ritual without incident. Without your assistance, Master Sykes, heaven knows what could have happened... The seal is repaired, yet our wayward comrades have yet to be found. This weighs heavily on my mind...

While we've worried about the seal, fiends have plotted against us, right under our noses...
Ophelia, calm yourself. Do not forget the place of a knight of the Order of Melphina.
But, Commander! A group of suspicious characters dressed in black was seen leaving Crookfen! At your leave, I shall depart at once to arrest the blackguards and bring them to justice! Their evil deeds must be brought to light!
Ophelia. The Order is meant to be the country's shield, not its blade. If you were to abandon the people at a time like this, who would protect them? Life must always be your top priority. Our duty now is to find our lost men without further delay. This is no time for vengeance.

Well met, Sir Rush! If you can spare a few moments, I would have you meet with Commander Roberto once again. Our spate of bad luck seems to have spread further… If you would, please, go to the palace!

She does. Meister Olebeag, Sir Roberto, this is one of our newest Maidens, Leticia. She has very advanced empathic abilities. Leticia is bound to one of the missing knights – a man named Neo. She has attempted to sense his presence since the beginning of this ordeal. Finally, she has been able to sense something. Go on, Leticia. Describe what you see.
Leticia: Yes, Mistress.

Leticia: I see several small, faint lights… Plants grow from the stones; they give off a beautiful green glow, and there’s the sound of ever-falling water…

By the God Emperor! That must be the cavern to the southwest – Siebenbur!
Hmm… Indeed, that sounds to be the case.

Siebenbunbur has long been known as a terribly dangerous area. Whyever would someone of the Order go to such a place?
Leticia: Oh, Neo… Please, please be alright…

What’s up?
We have gained a clue as to the whereabouts of the lost knights of the Order. The maid Leticia of the Forest Maidens has seen a vision of where our errant knights may be. Her description led us to believe they must be in the great caverns to the southwest… Siebenbur. I intend to head to Siebenbur to rescue my comrades. I would appreciate it muchly if you would assist me, Master Sykes. May I once again call upon your blade?
Let’s bring ‘em home!
Once again, you honor me with your generosity. I am in your debt. Let us make preparations and head to Siebenbur immediately.
Accepted quest: The Disappearing Knights

Music: Labyrinth

Let us make haste!
A guest union has joined the party.
Obtained Moss-Covered Key!

A bunch of Melphinian knights vanished, so we headed to Siebenbur after Leticia used her second sight to find us a clue.

The Fourth Path is surprisingly simple. Suspiciously so, you might say. There was no point in coming here before this quest.

I've put Blocter in as leader of a party instead of Emmy, for much the same reasons that people voted for Caedmon instead of Torgal.

This place is green and wet, with little of the “ruins” part which characterizes Siebenbur’s other locations.

It’s even open to air in some places.

- Video: Trapped!

With the Moss-Covered key Roberto gave us we can open this and proceed.

Hey, that looks like them already. This was easy!

(Neo) Commander Roberto! It’s the commander!
(Vinnery) Are we saved?
(Lukorra) Boss! I was getting real scared!
Commander… On the way to the broken seal, some men dressed in black assaulted us. When we woke up, we were down here…
They took our weapons, too!


Ah –him! That’s one of the men in black who trapped us in here!
(Nordis) Melphina’s oh-so-important knightly order is done for.

Calm yourselves, everyone.

They consist of six connecting paths, stretching across the continent. If we continue this way, surely we’ll find a location where we may return to the surface.

Uh… can’t you guys just jump over? It’s not exactly a BIG gap.
J-jump? We can’t!
Look! They tied our shoelaces together!
A double knot! Those bastards…

We found the knights, but some idiot broke the bridge we crossed, so we have to find another way to get outta here.

There’s not much else to this map except the exit to someplace else. The Soldiers we’ve rescued don’t help us fight, presumably because they have no weapons and/or are weary from captivity.

Hey, there’s a world-map teleporter. Looks like our problem is solved.

We can’t use it, it’ll kill the quest. But I still think it’s funny that it appeared during this “we are trapped and need to find a way out” quest.

Trouble waiting for us at the fork.

- Video: Azelle’s Hypnos Fight

You’d better think again if you think you’re gonna leave here alive! Hypnos… go!
Mission: Defeat the Enemy!

This fight is a total snoozefest. It took me about a minute.

class changed to Legendary Ranger!

It kicked me up to BR 29.

Okay, strategic withdrawal for now. But I’m gonna remember this!
What a wiener.

And he helpfully shows us the way out.

We got rid of the danger here! We rock! Time to head back to Melphina!

class changed to Cavalier!

Here’s the door to the next area. The blurry dot on the left is the Staff of Remembrance for Jorgen.

This area is the central hub which connects all the paths together.

I’ve been neglecting these dig-count-increasing morsels for the most part, but this one is tiring to come back for later.

class changed to Expert Scout!
class changed to Legendary Mysticknight!
class changed to Expert Scout!

Here’s the door leading into the Final Fortress proper. It too requires the Moss-Covered Key (presumably so you can’t get in from the other side until this quest).

- Video: Final Fortress Tour (Rare Monster: Void Intruder)

Rather than a ton of screenshots to show every angle, watch the video for a tour (and a bonus rare monster!) of this area.

Oh wow. I remembered there being something interesting to see here…

But I didn’t know it would be THIS. I can’t tell you what exactly this IS because spoilers, but remember it for later.

This room has seven doors in it, but they mostly aren’t connected. Coming here from most Paths just leads you to a ledge with a view of this room, but nothing more you can do.

Oh, a Rare Demon to fight. Let’s try that out. I’ve got Roberto with me to help, so now’s a good time.

Rare Monsters are always an unknown quantity, so I’m being cautious. Rush and Blocters’ unions will heal anyone injured, David will attack from long range and Caedmon will charge straight on.

Not a great start. When Roberto deadlocks the guy, he does it again, killing David’s union.

It’s going to be one of THESE fights – ones where you have to fight the enemy AI by not engaging with too many unions. Thankfully, my preparations worked well and Rush and Blocter’s unions revived the fallen unions.

Lord… David…

*sigh* Caedmon’s union also goes down as Rush’s union attacks.

Okay, only one union will be attacking the Void Intruder this time, one will heal, the other two will stand by.

This reduces Blocter’s union to 738 HP and the already-wounded Roberto to 66.

8698 damage.

Music: Clash of Opposites

This is where having 4+ unions helps a lot. I got in two Flank Attacks and Morale is now neutral. I’ll keep up the flank attacks as much as I can while having my badly wounded unions go to heal.

No waaaaaayyy!
We will not lose!

Roberto is the one to knock the Rare into critical.

Void Intruder decides to boost his stats to help stave off death. Blocter’s Squad is revived and Roberto healed.

A strong one, huh?

A critical hit is about to land.

23k damage. Criticals and higher-quality arts are a fantastic combination.

Sometimes I can be torn between power and morale-lowering, but in this case, the flank attack WILL lower morale, for a double hit. Everyone is at full health, morale is good, I’m going all out (and having David prepare to heal, just in case).

Unfortunately, due to David’s speed, he already used his heal on the mildly grazed Roberto. This Merry-go-Round hurt a LOT.

Watch this.

Sorry, I had my eyes closed. Did I miss anything? (No, seriously, once you get Art number 3, your damage output becomes pretty great.

learned Confuse III!
learned Spark IV!
learned Nimble Resonance Edge!
learned Vivification Herb III!

Music: Labyrinth

Okay, diversion complete, let’s get out of here.


Oh hey, we’ve been here before, on Pagus’s quest! This means we’ll come out near Royotia.

Mission accomplished.

Music: Old Traditions, New Methods (Melphina Theme)

Still, Commander – the curs responsible for kidnapping our men in the first place have yet to be brought to justice. The tarnished honor of the Order of Melphina cries out to be avenged! The acts these miscreants have performed are unforgiveable. Let our punishment be swift and unrelenting.
Hmm… Ophelia, I believe these men in black are just the face of a much larger evil – an organization with command over many powerful Remnants. The henchmen we have dealt with are far from the fiends controlling all this.
If we do not uncover the masterminds behind this plot against Melphina, they will only send another set of assassins.
But…but, the good name of the Order…!
(Sounds like those Third Committee guys...)
(Which means Hermeien.)
(Still, we lack proof. Telling Duke Olebeag would not gain us anything, and worse, it could end up tipping off Hermeien.)

Mmm, better be cautious.
Even Master Sykes agrees. Ophelia, know that bruised hearts and soiled pride is something that the both of us share. Still, this matter bids us act with caution, and that cannot be ignored. Ophelia… The most important thing for us to protect is not our reputation.

Roberto. This issue may be discussed at a later time. For now, let us be grateful for young Sykes’s assistance in rescuing our knights.
Oh, yes! Master Sykes, take this as a token of our gratitude.
Reward: 4800 G.
The guest union has left the party.
Completed quest: The Disappearing Knights

The knights were rescued from Siebenbur and everyone went back to Melphina. Still don't know who destroyed the bridge...

Leticia: You brought my Neo back home safe... Rush, thank you so, so much.
What a blessing that everyone returned safely...
Valiant young man... For bringing my men from the mouth of danger, I give you my thanks.
Any miscreants who think they can deceive the people of Melphina will receive no mercy!
My subcommander is sure of blade, but perhaps oversure of judgement... She is still young, and victim to her sense of justice at times. Setting strength against strength will only escalate conflict. The Order will look into further movements of this black-cloaked group. Hopefully this will lead to a peaceful resolution.

New Arts Summary
class changed to Legendary Ranger!
class changed to Cavalier!
learned Nimble Resonance Edge!
class changed to Expert Scout!
class changed to Legendary Mysticknight!
class changed to Expert Scout!
learned Confuse III!
learned Spark IV!
learned Vivification Herb III!

Azelle’s Hypnos Fight
Final Fortress Tour (Rare Monster: Void Intruder)

Next Time: He stayed true to his beliefs to the end.