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Part 48: Chapter XLI - He stayed true to his beliefs to the end.

He stayed true to his beliefs to the end.


Chapter XVII: Talk about an epic failure!

Caedmon, what exactly are the Silver Falcons?
What are the Silver Falcons? …Perhaps the most apt description is that we’re a group of knights who fight for what we believe.

Chapter XVIII: Good luck, Rush Sykes. My country is in your hands.

Hey Caedmon, I was wondering how the Silver Falcons got started.
How did the Silver Falcons come to be? Mmm… A mitra was the founder… This all happened decades ago… At the time, I had gone to the mountains above the town to view the Tao Tie. As you know, sovani are very proud beings. Like most of us, I had always kept to myself. There was a shabby-looking sellsword who wandered the area. Whenever he saw me, he’d call out a hello. At the time, I found his familiarity rather impertinent… Not too much later, monsters assaulted the town. It was terrible timing, as the army had been called abroad. Balterossa was thrown into a panic. That’s when that sellsword appeared. He gathered the mercenaries of the town, and led them against the monster hordes, saving the town.
Sounds like he was a real hero.
I could not understand his actions. Why would he risk his life for a bunch of strangers? What was his motive? He caught my interest. So I decided to join him. He was the first leader of the Silver Falcons. … This story has run long. Perhaps I will continue it later… That’s enough for now.

Sure, no prob.
Thank you… I appreciate it.

Rush, I have need of a Raptor Hide. Is there time to find one?
Sure, no problem.
Thank you. I am in your debt.

Honestly, I am not really in the mood for more component hunting.

Hmmm… Caedmon’s missing from his usual place. That can only mean one thing…

Will you lend a hand again?
I would like to proceed to the Nest of Eagles as soon as possible. Are you prepared?
Glory to the Falcons!
Accepted quest: The Silver Falcons: Part Two

- Battle Video: The Silver Falcons, Part Two

This is another battlefield mission. Nothing to do but Close In.

Tempting, but unnecessary. If people really want more Gae Bolg action, I can provide bonus videos.

That was just the warm-up round.

I don’t like the looks of this…

The new arrivals move immediately, without needing to wait for another turn. All our unions will be caught flat-footed and unable to respond. However, these guys will NOT cast Curse on you.

I’ll go with Bluff IV, Caedmon will keep his HP up.

The bird counters with its own morale-lowering move, doing a hefty 875 damage.

Ha ha ha ha ha…

Impressive counter by Gabriel.

This guy had the right idea, as the Gabriel dodged the Flash Arrow and blocked the Eclipse.

Music: Reversal

It’s going well, although I’ll have to watch the health of Rush and David’s unions. David will break to heal, and Blocter’s union will try to deadlock the union which was fighting David.

Big AoE attacks coming from these guys soon.

Finish him!

He does.

And Blocter successfully deadlocks the big Glasya Labolas and delivers a solid dodge-counter, knocking off almost half its health.

Arcanas hit the entire battlefield, no matter how far. This one was particularly well-timed.

Big enemies like Glasya Labolas are resistant, and have the HP to soak up a lot of damage though.

Thanks to the Blackout, both the remaining birds were wiped out before they could get off their planned big AoE’s.

But we’re not done yet!

I order Rush’s union to heal first. David’s union is too far for anyone to hit, so he may as well snipe with Poison Gas. Emma and Blocter’s unions will wait for the enemy to come to them.

Once again I have the option to have Dave unleash the Gae Bolg, but I once again decline it. These guy aren’t that much trouble. Blocter’s union ends up being too far still to do anything, so they have to waste a turn moving up.

Caedmon’s union gets double-flanked and wiped out.

Check this out!

Rush and David need to heal, which leaves only Blocter free to bring Caedmon back.

But note the dotted line: the path to reach him goes right past three enemy unions. That means it’s likely he’ll be intercepted. Oh well, I’ll try anyway.

The Glasya Labolas lead off with Mana Well

Bloody… hell…

Not good at all.

Have a taste of Athlum’s strength!

That gives us some much-needed breathing room, though.

David will break to heal, Blocter will start picking people off the ground.

Get up!
Like the glorious phoenix, I have been reborn!

Steady, there!

That could have hurt a lot worse.

David finishes off one of them, but the other allied unions are too far to engage the last remaining bird, and will need to spend Turn 12 marching.

And that does it! 35 enemies in this battle.

learned Nimble Third Eye III!
learned Restorative Herb III!
class changed to Lordly Healer!
learned Wind Shear III!
learned Mighty Switchback II!

It's astonishing, how little concern the Lords pay to problems outside of their own borders. They seem to have no interest in getting involved with issues that concern the whole world. Or, perhaps, they are fettered by national interests and cannot act freely... Either way, that is why we exist. Here, take this.
Reward: Premier Bracelet, 8000G
I may ask you for your assistance again in the future. Although I hope all stays peaceful.
Completed quest: The Silver Falcons: Part Two

We had to suppress the Jhana again. This time we showed them we REALLY mean business.

The Premier Bracelet increases max HP by 15%.

Caedmon, a while ago you were telling me the story about how you became leader of the Silver Falcons…
Hm? Ah yes, I was in the middle of the story... That sellsword who saved the town... The founder of the Silver Falcons. He intrigued me, and so I joined the Falcons. At first, I meant just to see what made him tick.
But after spending enough time with him, I began to share his beliefs. To protect those who cannot protect themselves, wielding a blade as strong and pure as the wings of the proud falcon... That became my credo. I grew to respect him a great deal. I was curious to his thoughts on many different subjects. I grew to respect him a great deal. I was curious to his thoughts on many different subjects. Nevertheless, especially compared to a sovani, a mitra's lifespan is incredibly short. ...I had tried to prepare myself. I'd attempted to...

One night when the moon was full, the beastmen launched a sneak attack on a small village... He used himself as a lure to lead them away, to the cliffs. And, there he met his end.
He died as he lived, selflessly acting for others... He stayed true to his beliefs to the end.

I’m sorry. He sounded like a good man and a good friend.
It seems I've said too much. You are a strange one... Forgive me, but I'd appreciate it if you left me alone right now.
All right.

Let’s move along, there’s another quest I want to get done, and since it’s a rare no-fighting one, it should be easy enough to squeeze in.

At least... I did, 50 years ago. Heh heh! Now, it seems the hip new thing for adventurers to do is trade treasures. I was certain that if I did it too, I could make a pretty penny!
Sounds like a plan.
Problem is... Well, I got a little carried away, and traded away my biggest treasure... All for a measly bottle of Royotian wine. Son, could you help an old man out and get back my treasure? That's all I really want... Anything else you get trading is yours to keep.
I’ll give it a whirl.
I appreciate it, son. Here's the Royotian wine. I haven't taken even a single sip, so it shouldn't be a problem to return it. ...I hope. Anyhoo, I traded this from a young man in Balterossa, name of Rainn.
Accepted quest: Emotions
Royotian Wine – A famous Royotian beverage. Its bitterness can burn one’s tongue when consumed.

Raphus from Royotia wants me to recover something of his that he accidentally traded to someone named Rainn from Balterossa.

Music: The Known World

The city will be changing so often that we may as well just use the world map music instead.

Uh, Raphus wants his thing back.
Hmm? You want Raphus's treasure back? Easier said than done... Traded it together with some Royotian Ore for this here Ancient Scabbard.
Hmmm… do you think maybe the guy would give it back for the scabbard?
Huh... Yeah, it's possible that if you give back the scabbard, you might get back the old man's treasure... Alright.
So, what do you want for the scabbard?
If you want this scabbard, get me the Ring of Morning Calm. A lady named Alyssa in Baaluk will know where it's at.

I can get Raphus's treasure for the Ancient Scabbard, but to get that, I need the Ring of Morning Calm from Alyssa in Baaluk.

I think you’ll get the idea of what this about now. The game doesn’t send you to these places by itself, you have to go there on your own. This means no worrying about suspending the quest.

H-Hey, how's it going, did you need something?
What’s wrong?
Hm? Something wrong—with me? N-No, of course not! Not a bit! Ahahahah...

A-Anyway, it's not time to go already, is it? If we've still got time, maybe you could give me a moment alone...

This second bonus talk is so unsatisfying that I’ll be triggering the third one this same update.

Uh… you got a Ring of Morning Calm from some Rainn guy, right? Could I trade for it?
Hmm... So you're looking to trade for the Ring of Morning Calm, are you? Well, I'm sorry to say, after ending up with a false treasure map, I believe I'm finished with the practice of item trading.
But I kinda need it.
However, I would allow you to purchase it for 10,000G.
Overpriced much?
Then, you will not get the Ring. I believe I told you I'd had my fill of this barter system.
Fine... I'll pay.
Obtained Ring of Morning Calm!
Ring of Morning Calm – A ring that soothes like the calm of early morning.
Your business is appreciated... as is your coin. And you were tasked to get this by a man named... Rainn? I see...

I bought the Ring of Morning Calm from Alyssa to trade for the Ancient Scabbard later.

You’ve got no choice here. This first trade actually establishes a false expectation that you can’t negotiate.

Nahhh… I don’t think so.
No? Then how ‘bout if I through in this tuck?
Okay, that’s doable.
Obtained Ancient Scabbard!

This quest is hard to optimize without a guide. Here, you have to turn down Rainn’s first offer to get a Tuck thrown in.

You drive a hard bargain, kid. Raphus's treasure should be with Beauson in Elysion.

I traded the Ring of Morning Calm for the Ancient Scabbard. I should be able to take it to Beauson in Elysion to get Raphus's treasure back.

Thank goodness for cities with only 4 locations and important NPC’s with big bubbles because otherwise that wasn’t at all anything to go on.

Uh… you traded away your ancient Scabbard thing for a thing Rainn gave you? Can we… undo that?
Hmph. You wish to reverse the trade of that Ancient Scabbard? Fine. I will take back my scabbard, and in return, give you information on what I traded it for.

Ancient Scabbard – A scabbard crafted for a deadly sword. It was never put to its intended use.
Here, we want to decline this because we need the scabbard so we can get something much better later on.

Info? Don't make me laugh.
Hmph, fine, I do not need the scabbard. I'll give you the information for a flask of wine.
Like, say... Royotian wine?
It was a map... though I doubt it's what the woman I traded it to thinks it is. She believes it leads to the treasure of the Imperator.

Raphus's map was traded to a lady who mistakenly thought it was a map to the Imperator's treasures.
…A fake treasure map? Could it have gone to…?

You can decide to keep the wine here, but then Beauson will insist on some Royotian Ore. The Ore is useful to us, the wine is not, so handing the wine over is a good idea.

Maybe all of us have. And I think it's all my fault... Yanno, the one who told me that the Brismulabus was about to Collapse was that guy Wyngale. He's always been calm and serious, always acting with the town's best interests at heart. But ever since they took the Brimuslabus, it's like he totally changed... Or maybe he's just showing his true colors. Maybe he never cared about Baaluk at all in the first place... And what's more, you know those guys we gave the Remnant to? I have this really, really bad feeling about them...
Yeah, I do too.
Oh man, what if all this time I've been acting high and mighty, thinking I was the town's hero, when really I've just been playing right into the bad guys's hands? Augh, we don't even have a Remnant anymore! What's going to happen to Baaluk now? ...I don't know what I'll do if something awful happens...

Was that thing you got a treasure map?
A treasure map? You mean, that false map to the Imperator's treasure? It was nothing but a child's doodle. Beauson, that bastard... He knowingly traded me that piece of garbage - he'll pay for that!
Do you have it?
Where is the map now? I don't know about you, child, but I throw garbage away. It's probably fallen around here somewhere.
You shouldn’t litter.

Alyssa from Baaluk had Raphus's item, but she threw it away. She told me that it's probably still around here somewhere.

Now we have to look around town more.

Obtained Map of Memories!
Map of Memories – A map used by a traveling couple long ago. It is torn and smudged, making it useless.

I got Raphus's map back in Baaluk. I should go back to Royotia and tell him.

We could… but there’s something else we can actually do too. Alyssa is upset at being ripped off, and blames Beauson. Let’s go talk to him about that.

Hey, did you know that map you traded Alyssa was a fake?
No, no, no, I had no intention to deceive... Goodness, if it's got you both in such a tizzy, then I'll return what I traded her, alright? Here, the Irised Stone. Alyssa has quite the number of precious items for trade, hasn't she? Curious, don't you think?

Obtained Irised Stone!
Irised Stone – Ore that shines in seven colors, mined from an unknown corner of the world.

Oh? He returned the Irised Stone?
Yeah, here you go!
Mmm... You can keep it. I received it in a trade myself. I really have no need for it. While you're at it, take this Ring of Morning Calm. I sold it to you, and yet it somehow it's come back into my possession.

The Irised Stone is supposedly a component you can use in crafting, but the wiki doesn’t seem to know what it’s for.

We also get the ring as an item we can use now. Let’s get back to Royotia.

Hmm hmm! It was a good idea to ask this of you after all!
Are you sure this is the right one?
Long ago, when my dear wife and I had adventures of our own, we used this map to find our way. The memories at just seeing this paper... Priceless, son, priceless. But get this - some folks see it and think our scribbles are some sort of ancient map or something, imagine that! Haw haw haw! This's for making an old man happy.
Reward: Godstone of Wisdom!
Godstone of Wisdom – One of the three godstones of an ancient kingdom. Engraved is a poem honoring the people’s wisdom.

That is…!
Yeah, I know, it’s a rock. We’ve got a couple others like it.
You have all three?!
No, it’s nothing…

Raphus got his map back. It just looks like an old map that has scribbles on it, but it has memories of his wife.

New Arts Summary
learned Nimble Third Eye III!
learned Restorative Herb III!
class changed to Lordly Healer!
learned Wind Shear III!
learned Mighty Switchback II!

You may notice slightly different arts used than what the video showed. That’s because I later went back and loaded another save to get some stuff I missed in Emotions, and the battle arts learned were slightly different this time. This’ll probably happen in the next update as well.

Battle: The Silver Falcons, Part Two

The next chapter title will be one of these two, depending on how long it is. The next chapter is the very last sidequest in Disc 1, finishing up the Melphina arc, and oh boy do we have some amazing main plot stuff coming up.

Next Time: Urg, I gotta do the tie-break again? -OR- We cannot allow her power to be abused!