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Part 51: Chapter XLIV - The Marquis of Athlum wishes to die. Fulfill his request!

The Marquis of Athlum wishes to die. Fulfil his request!

Being the climax of Disc 1, all videos in this update are RECOMMENDED VIEWING.

- Video: Assembling the Puzzle

Emmy is not happy with Duke Hermeien.

Music: Assembling the Puzzle



I knew you’d come, Marquis.

Duke Hermeien, you manipulated both the Conqueror and the Academy! Do you really think you can seize the Remnants unchallenged? Not by me you won’t!
You’ve missed my point. I am not after the Remnants, I am searching for someone who can control them.

It takes one with great will to operate a Remnant, but it takes a great toll. The Gae Bolg killed your father, I’m sure you’re one to understand.
Is that why you need Irina?
So long as I have the Marshall girl, the Remnants are mine to command! The only divine power that shall be connected to them is me!

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! How wonderful will that be?! A new era will begin!

I ask you, David Nassau, how would you like to join me in ruling this new generation?

The Remnants may bring suffering, but I will live with it! Just as my father did! I will NEVER accept your offer!

Yes, my Lord?
The Marquis of Athlum wishes to die. Fulfil his request!

Music: The Gates of Hell

This music only plays in fights versus very specific bosses. We’ve heard it once versus the Firey Idol, also summoned by Wagram.

- Boss Video: The Gates of Hell

This is unusual. Not only does Rush start out ready to cast, but it is his only action – for all possible targets. We’re up against the Gates of Hell, and four groups of Hypnos.

“Academy Visistone 41-42” posted:

[The Third Committee 1] The Third Committee is an Academy organisation that conducts illegal Remnant experiments.
[The Third Committee 2] Project HN: Development of a man-made Remnant (Hypnos).

A couple more Visistones that are relevant. I guess this explains why the Third Committee uses Hypnos a lot. (Although it does NOT explain why so many Hypnos-like enemies are found in random dungeons.)

Will you give me the power…?

What? It’s not working! My Talisman isn’t working!
I can sense
something, but it’s not…

Well done!

Dragon Crush in action.

Baulson dodges all three attacks, which is pretty remarkable. The boss does nothing until targeted, or until all other enemy unions are dead.

Why… why isn’t it working?
You ain’t gonna let wimps like these guys get you down, are ya?
We must succeed!
You have the skills to win this!
Concentrate, Rush!
Rush! You can do this!

It’s best to bind it. Now, come!

What in the world?

Is that a Remnant? It must be…

This is Cyclops, the true form of the Remnant which became Rush’s Talisman. Rush has learned how to Summon Cyclops to aid him in battle.

Yes, this late into the game, a new mechanic is introduced. Summons are additional allied unions who function somewhat like guest unions. They act on their own – you cannot give them orders, and I suspect that it if all your other unions fall, you’ll get a game over even if a summon is alive (they can’t revive dead unions anyway). Summons have a max of 9999 HP, but their HP is hidden from the player. They’re highly resistant to most status effects except Enthrall and can take a hefty amount of punishment. They aren’t great damage dealers on their own, but are extremely helpful for distracting the enemy, and providing extra bodies to make it easier to flank.

That’s the last of the Hypnos.

Time for the main event.

All “Hell Gate” is it spreading it’s wing-things in preparation for attacking.

The Gates of Hell has one single-target attack and one group attack. Blue Blazes is the single-target one. They hit for moderate damage, but it uses them often – it gets a free attack at the start and end of each turn.

For Catastrophe, Cyclops spins one of its claws, rears back and punches the target with it.

Hellfire is the Gates of Hell’s AoE attack. It’s a bunch of lava globs that does moderate damage. The radius doesn’t seem very big.

You scumbags!

Caedmon’s Team was just low enough on health that it finished them off.

Permafrost is a mid-high level Invocation which summons an icy crystal to freeze its foes.

On your feet!
Thank you!

It was important to bring them back right away, because if you don’t, the Gates of Hell will use a special art to bring them back… and Enthrall them. That can be quite dangerous.

Darien knocks it into critical.

The Gates of Hell can only Multi-deadlock with three unions, which means that with Cyclops, we can flank twice (well, if Cyclops itself wasn’t one of the flankers). Now’s a really good time to finish this.

Gabriel’s really turned his effectiveness around since learning Blue Streak. We reach BR 31 from this fight.

learned Cyclops!
class changed to Master Mysticknight!
learned Revitalize II!

- Video: A Duke Undone

The battle wages on as we speak. While you’re wasting time with delusions of power, your men are risking their lives fighting the Conqueror! You will call for a ceasefire, and make sure the Conqueror’s troops retreat!

Silence! I don’t have to listen to you! I will control the Remnants! Only I am fit to do so!

He actually stamps his foot there like a petulant child. Which is what he is.

Remember! I have the Marshall girl. Don’t you care what happens to her?

Don’t worry, Rush. He won’t do anything to me. If I die, Marion’s Blessing goes with me.
Shut up!

Go ahead! You haven’t got it in you, do you?! You’re nothing but a coward!

Hermeien is arguably the most powerful politician on the continent, he’s trying to save his pathetic skin by using a 14-year old as hostage, and she is totally owning him. Love it.

Impudent wench!


The palace shakes, distracting Hermeien.

Sir! The Duke of Ghor has fallen! It’s not safe here, we must fall back!

What?! That can’t be!! Bring me the Conqueror! I will make him listen!!
Hah hah hah hah hah hah….
What’s so funny?!!

Did you honestly think that someone like you would have the power to manipulate the Conqueror? You are as arrogant as you are foolish.

W-what are you saying?!
I would run if I were you. Unless you truly wish to die.

He’s just in full-on panic mode now, and it is glorious.

K-kill them!! Kill them all!!!!

A-are you sure?

The soldiers ain’t goin’ there.


My goals have been met. You are now unnecessary. Begone!

What a tweest! What’ll happen next? Where did everyone end up? You’ll just have to wait and see!

New Arts Summary
learned Cyclops!
class changed to Master Mysticknight!
learned Revitalize II!

Assembling the Puzzle
Boss: The Gates of Hell
A Duke Undone
Bonus: The Gates of Hell 2

In the PC version, you can actually remove Rush from your active party completely. Yet in this scene, he’s scripted to learn a new skill. So I wondered what would happen if I took him out of the active party completely…

- Bonus Video: The Gates of Hell 2

It turns out that he joins the battle anyway! So this one time only, you can bring 16 units to a fight even though your cap is just 15. It’s not abusable, though. This only happens in this one case because Rush needs to learn Cyclops here. The rest of the time, the game will quite happily let you bench him.

Next Time: This… is the power of Marion’s Blessing?