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Part 52: Chapter XLV - This... is the power of Marion's Blessing?

This… is the power of Marion’s Blessing?


Chapter II: We’ll be sending someone to pick you up

Chapter VIII: Quit struggling and sit there like a good victim!

How long are we going to keep her like that? Let’s just hand her over.
You pity her?
This whole deal makes me sick. She’s just a kid!
I am merely following the Lord’s orders - as you should follow mine.
Fine. Then give me some real orders. I’m sick of being a damn babysitter!

Chapter XXIII: They nearly killed me in the past -OR- A Date with Emma

You might have heard of Marion Marshall. She was the one who bound the Remnant Elysion to herself and wed the God Emperor. The power she held was extraordinary - the power to erase the bindings of the Remnants and replace them with her own.

Inside me rests that same, terrible power. For I... I possess Marion's Blessing. As does Irina.

As the grand finale to the act, all videos are either highly recommended or mandatory viewing!

- Video: Reunited

We’re still in Wyrmskeep!

Lord David, Wagram’s intent had been –
I know. He merely feigned loyalty to Duke Hermeien. We have no time to worry about that now. Our first priority is to get Irina to safety! Rush!

I’m okay…


Emmy slaps Rush firmly on the back.

It’s yours.

Mom says it’ll watch over you. Mom and Dad are waiting for us. Let’s go home!

We get control again in Wyrmskeep’s Cherry Pavillion. There’s nothing really to see here. There’s a chest containing a map, and a chest containing some healing items. No enemies, and only one door out.

- Video: Jager’s Interference

What, did you think we were DONE with boss fights?

You’ve got a pair, comin’ all the way out here to save your sister. Too bad there’s no way out.

That’s what you think!


- BOSS Video: Jager and Lob Omen

Music: Out of Control

Mission: Defeat Jager and the Lob Omen

“Academy Visistone 43” posted:

[The Third Committee 3] Project LO: Usage of a flying Remnant for the military (Lob Omen).

We’re up against Jager, and his flying Remnant, the Lob Omen. The first thing to do though is get rid of all the additional trash mobs. Irina, while with the group, is not fighting. Being a prisoner, Irina probably didn’t have a weapon.

Comin’ atcha!
The first thing Jager always does is lower your morale quite a lot. Again, it doesn’t matter too much because it started out low for us anyway.

Get ready. I’m about to own you!

So close.

I won’t let bullies like you get in my way!
Nice… this one looks loaded!

That’s going to hurt. Rush also takes out his union, leaving only Jager and the Lob Omen.

Palsy Skein is a high-level Evocation that causes Paralysis.

Don’t be discouraged.

The whole Aqueducts-Wyrmskeep sequence really is, as some people have said, about making sure that you actually know what the hell you’re doing. If you’ve gotten to this point by brute-forcing things, well that’s not going to work. Things will get increasingly difficult in the future.

The first time I played this fight it was incredibly difficult, I died so many times – even though I was 8 BR higher than I am now! I finally was able to beat it once when Rush got the option to Summon Cyclops on the first turn. But I think it was really just a matter of me not understanding the game mechanics and using them well, because even loading my older save, I was able to beat it pretty easily. Here, good planning has David resurrecting that union even before the turn ends.

I can’t remember if this has shown up before, but Dragon’s Flight is a power grip art. It’s a leaping upward thrust.

Akelarre is one of Lob Omen’s special moves. It rises up with its arm-things slowly rotating, with a clacking sound that brings to mind a mechanism being wound up.

They stop, and spread…

And the Lob Omen slams back down.

Come on, we’ve caught ‘em with their pants down!

Acala’s Wrath is just amazing. It did 23.5k of a 31k chain. And there are some more arts even better too.

Again? Yes, please. Consider this a mini-preview of Ninja.

Jager moves the morale again.

You’d better recognize!

And that basically undid most of the healing I just did.

Make that all of it.

But Lob Omen is now in critical, which is good.

This Rear Assault was not really productive.

We can now use Cyclops in normal battles. Or rather, the option will present itself randomly (usually at the battle’s start). I probably would have been better off with another Rear Assault, though.

About time he got another upgrade!


David brings Blocter’s union back.

Normally, Jager usually ends up going down before the Lob Omen, because he has less HP and resistances. So the rest of the fight should go quickly.

The Lob Omen also did not dissolve into sparkles. This means it was not killed/destroyed.

Jager’s in critical, but Caedmon and Blocter’s unions are both going to standby instead of piling on. Too bad, because Jager can’t multi-deadlock.

And that’s it. Jager isn’t dead either.

learned Mighty Double Strike IV!
learned Nimble Earthrender III!
class changed to Cleric!
learned Dragon’s Flight!

This video is Mandatory Viewing!

- Video: Flight from Nagapur

Duke Hermeien is through! You should give up, and do something else with your life!

Now, let’s go!!

Oh shit…

Conqueror! Duke Hermeien’s plan has failed! There is no reason to fight!

Call back your troops!

Ha. You know you can use your precious Remnant to wipe us out, and prove Athlum’s strength to the world. The battle has just begun. Let us enjoy it.

You wish to continue this nonsense?!

It’s useless. They don’t get what we’re saying. He… he plays by his own rules.

He is almost there. Roeas, Castanaea... finish this.

Music: Unrelenting Advance

Yes, sir!

You’re strong…

But I…

Irina tries to stop Rush.

I can’t…

I can’t lose this fight!!

Yesss… the truth is inside you. Remember your true self!

Rush uses his timeshift to blow past Roeas and Castanea. Funny that for once the hero uses his cool power more in gameplay than in cutscenes!

Oh, right. He has super-human reflexes.

No… NO!!!
((Stop him!! Stop the Conqueror!!!))


- Video: Marion’s Blessing

What’s going on?
Something’s growling!
I-it’s Gwayn!


Outside of Nagapur, the Nagapurian guard is fighting off the Conqueror’s army.

Music: Marion’s Blessing



This… is the power of Marion’s Blessing?

-End of “Disc 1”-

New Arts Summary
learned Mighty Double Strike IV!
learned Nimble Earthrender III!
class changed to Cleric!
learned Dragon’s Flight!

Jager’s Interference
BOSS: Jager and Lob Omen
Flight from Nagapur
Marion’s Blessing

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