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Part 54: Chapter XLVII - Terrible things are all the more necessary to remember

Terrible things are all the more necessary to remember


Chapter XXVII: Ice burrrn!

Younger Lord Candidate: Some Academy guys came out of nowhere and...
The Brimuslabus was stolen. Baaluk is done for...

I asked the Academy to take the Brimuslabus away. Neither of you are fit to be the lord! And with the Collapse...! The Remnant brings ill fortune to Baaluk. Ridding the town of it was the best move. We don't need a Remnant or a lord for this town to flourish!

- Video: Welcome back / Irina’s Plea

Welcome back, Lord David.
I trust everything’s gone smoothly here.
No problems, my Lord.

Music: Home

Glad you’re finally back, Rush!
Good to be back. Is somethin’ going on?
Hey, Rush.


Since when were you awake?
It hasn’t been very long.
I figured I’d surprise you! Sorry for making you worry.

No, I’m just really glad you’re okay…

I suppose this means you were able to dispel Wagram’s magic.
Rush, I need you.

Sorry, Dad. I can’t stay and chat. We’ll catch up later, okay?
Rush…? Um, there’s something I wanted to ask you…
Sorry, kiddo. Can it wait?
Um, yeah, I guess...


Hey, Irina…

Rush! Mr. David!
What are you lookin’ so surprised for? You wanted to talk, right?

Yeah, but…
My apologies, but an urgent matter requires our presence at the Congress. If you don’t need him, I’ll be borrowing your brother for a bit longer.

I heard that the Conqueror was still alive! Is Rush… are you still gonna make Rush fight?

Mr. David, I really appreciate you helping Rush and me… but please, you have to let Rush go! You can take me instead!

What the hell are you talking about?
I’m talking about saving your life! How can you talk about keeping me out of danger and then walk right into it yourself? I can help you with this, but only if you let me!
You – I don’t want you worrying about this kinda stuff!

Rush, go get ready. I need to speak with Irina.

Rush leaves.

You know that Rush only wants you to be safe.
I know, but…
Don’t be foolish, Irina. You’re just a normal girl.

Me? Normal?! Even with that terrible power I have?
…Just forget about what happened in Nagapur, all right?

David leaves as well.

Music: A Special Girl

Nagapur… how am I supposed to just forget that?
You cannot. And should not.

What is this, a slasher movie?

Terrible things are all the more necessary to remember. You can end this nonsense.
What are you doing here?!

Even if you knew, you could not prevent me from reaching my goal. That is because I…

And the game cuts away to make sure that if he said anything important, we didn’t hear it. I don’t even know if he actually said anything important at all. I mean, I can think of a couple things he might have said, including some she would keep to herself, but spoilers, so I can’t say what they might be.

When we get back, the Conqueror is gone again.

This scene is particularly interesting because the Conqueror tends to be all business. He rarely speaks at all. He also tends to be a clear and present danger. Here, he not only showed up just to talk to Irina, but seemingly also told her something as well.

...Please, don't worry about Irina. She just wants to be by your side... even if that journey takes her to the battlefield. She cares for you, Rush.
Hrm, so the Conqueror still lives... Well, getting worked up won't help anyone think of a good way to solve this problem. For now, let's take it day by day... Do what we can and don't worry about the rest just yet, Rush.
To think, the Conqueror's lackeys survived... I'm certain the Congress will move to take action, but we must stay on our guard.
Rush! Good to hear about your dad. But... seems no good news comes with bad news coming on its heels... I didn't even imagine the Conqueror was still alive... I will get revenge for Mother, I swear it!
Heya, Rush! Good news about your pop, huh. He was out of it for so long. I figured he was never gonna get better... Weeell, it all worked out, right? Sometimes it's good when I'm wrong!

Because I know you’re wondering, Nagapur is still on the map and it is still possible to visit. We have no business in that area right now, though. To Elysion.

- Video: A New Task

Travelling to any city location triggers a cutscene.

I’m off to the Congress. Wait for me at the Embassy. Rush… I’m certain Irina would appreciate it if you got her something. In matters of the heart, actions speak louder than words, you know.

What’s he going on about? I’m – I’m not… ugh…

So, the Blessed Buns are out?

You really think she’s interested in buns?

Music: The Young Marquis

You’re back surprisingly early, my Lord!
Not to speak ill of the dead, but without Hermeien, things move a bit more smoothly.

Congress Chairman Ghor has given Athlum its orders. We are to stop the Conqueror at any cost!

This is about some Remnant-finding, resonance… oscillating… wave thingamajigger?
Hmmm… this was a top-secret project of the Academy’s, was it not?

Remnants emit a wave undetectable by the naked ear. However, there is a Remnant that can sense these waves and use them to pinpoint a Remnant’s location.
The Conqueror clearly aims to take possession of every Remnant in the world. Our task is to get there and protect them before he can.
I see. That’s why this information was declassified.
Pretty important mission.
Yes. We’ll have to keep our wits about us. Rush, I’d like to ask your parents assistance with this. Will that be a problem?

I’m sure Mom and Dad would be happy to help.
Then we’ll return to Athlum immediately. Get ready to move out.
Yes, my Lord!
Oh man, I still haven’t had a chance to shop yet!

That’s not a bad idea, Rush. Let’s look around Elysion and see what people have to say.

Music: The Heaven’s Majesty (Elysion Theme)

Shopper Girl: If the Conqueror's army is still out there, Elysion will probably wind up a warzone... ...Now I'm dispirited, too! I don't even feel like shopping anymore...

Duke Ghor took over the Congress after Chairman Hermeien's passing. The Academy is going downhill, though. The silver lining is the banning of Hermeien's illegal Remnant experiments. Now they only undertake legitimate research.

The shop owners are down in the dumps.
Why, you ask? The shops in this market used to be funded by the Congress. But now that Chairman Ghor is in charge, the administrative types from Hermeien's reign are gone. Oh, well... I guess it wasn't fair that our town was getting special treatment in the first place.

Interesting, huh?
Less soldiers means less customers… Ah, well.

I heard rumors of people hanging around the strongholds at night and I decided to check it out for myself. That's when I saw Lord Hermeien, who supposedly died in the war!
Wait, really?
I've told a few people but no one believes me. But I know what I saw!

Ahh, the Academy's done for.
Why? I thought that things were getting better now that Hermeien and his nasty projects are gone?
Once the Congress found out Hermeien had a group doing underground Remnant research, not only did they disband it, but they cut funds for the rest of us as well. You can guess how well that went over... The only scientists left are the ones who are really passionate about what they do. I think I'm on my way out, too. I guess I'll go back home and marry the man my parents picked out after all.

Elegant Madam: Praying keeps their minds off of the hopelessness of an unknown future.

Countless souls must rest in the Sacred Lands now, due to the war brought on by the Conqueror's army. The Congress insists that the army no longer exists, but I'm worried that something like this will happen again. If it does, I just hope it doesn't happen any time soon. I want the souls to be able to rest in peace.
I wouldn’t count on it.

I've been praying at the temple every day. When I'm sad or frustrated, all I have to do is look at Lady Marion's face and everything just seems to fall into place.

I heard from some young'uns that the Gwayn went out of control and destroyed Nagapur! What if the Sacred Lands came raining down on us!? It IS a Remnant, after all... Maybe it's time for this old fogey to find a quiet town with a nice retirement home.
I hear Baaluk is nice, and safe too now that it’s Remnant is gone… well, maybe it’s safe…

Devoted Woman: So many lives have been lost... Everyone's worried about what's to come, but I have hope that we'll be alright. We have the Lady Marion with us. She will bring us a bright future. She must...

I think I've begun to understand why so many people come to places like this. The thought of some higher power like Marion Marshall watching over us really gives a sense of relief and security.

Lady Marion is always looking down upon us. She wishes our souls to always be at peace.

Elysion Guard: The Congress was a mess when Chairman Hermeien passed away. But now that the Duke of Ghor has taken his place, things have gotten a lot better. I hear that he was once a great warrior, and that he excels in politics as well.

To them, we must have a lifespan of mere seconds.

Rumor has it that Chairman Hermeien was using his powers to secretly research a way to turn Remnants into weapons. When that fell through, people began to leave the Academy. One of the reasons may have been the passing of the late Chairman, but the biggest reason was due to the Gwayn's actions. After the destruction it caused, everyone must have realized that Remnants can't be truly controlled by anyone.

Tourist: I rushed home when I heard about the Gwayn, but... My neighborhood was nothing but rubble.
I’m sorry.
Tourist: I hope the souls of those who perished made it to the Sacred Lands. Nothing would make me happier...

All right, let’s just check out the Academy and head out.

After Lord Hermeien passed, the Academy underwent some changes. Even Director Haruko was fired. She was so passionate and involved in the research. She was a great director... Then, a bunch of other people picked up and left of their own free will. I plan to stay, though. I need to find a way to prevent what happened in Nagapur from happening again.

The late Duke Hermeien was doing unmentionable things using the Academy as a cover. The weaponization and duplication of Remnants... It saddens me to think that my fellow scientists were such unethical people. I'll stay and find a way, though - a way for us to use Remnants for the good of the world.

Thanks to all this change, I have less say and less pay. But ehh, I guess I'll stay and continue my research.
Do you know what happens to a town which has a Remnant and loses it?

As far as I know, the land returns to its natural state. Harsh winds dry out the earth and vegetation just withers away. Sometimes volcanoes erupt and burn down entire towns. Or rivers overflow and flood the lands.
That sounds pretty bad.
But not all bad things will happen to every town. After all, there are towns that don't have Remnants. Like Eulam Island. I hear it's not supposed to be that bad of a place to live, even though it doesn't have a Remnant.
Okay, thanks, dude.
Say, why the question?
Well, Athlum lost the Valeria Heart to the Conqueror, and the Academy took Baaluk’s Remnant, the Brimslaubus.
Pardon me? The Academy doesn’t have the Brimslaubus.
It doesn’t? Are you sure?
Well, we’re still sorting out all the webs Hermeien had been weaving, but if we had that Remnant, we should have found it or at least news about it by now.
…That’s not good.

Female Shopkeeper: It seems the old folks in the temple district have much more zest nowadays.

Since Chairman Hermeien passed away, people have been filled with nothing but uncertainties. So, in times like this, my job as a protector of the people is even more important, right? This isn't the time to indulge in selfish dreams of going to the Sacred Lands.

I pray to Lady Marion every day that they never return.
You should probably pray faster. Like, a LOT faster. Hurry. Please.

Okay, let’s get out of here.

- Video: A Brother’s Regret

What’s goin’ on?
It looks like the tracking Remnant has already arrived.

So this is the Remnant. When will we be able to put it to use?
Right away!

I assume the lights represent the general locations of Remnants.
Yes. Right now it’s set to search only the Athlum area.
This light, here, must be the Gae Bolg.
That would be the case.

With a little more time, we can expand the detection range to the entire world. We can’t pinpoint the exact location of each Remnant, but we can get a general idea of where they’re located.
You’ve done more than enough. I am grateful for your assistance in this matter.
It’s my pleasure, although we’ll need a little more time to work out the kinks.

About what you mentioned earlier, I think we can specify the range if we change this thing here.
Hey, sis, didn’t expect to find you here.
I heard they needed all the help they can get, so I decided to make myself useful.

Don’t be stupid! Just stay away from Remnants, okay? You’re like a danger magnet when you’re near them!
But there’s a reason I’m doing this! You have to trust me, Rush!

You don’t know what I went through when you were gone! I can’t go through that again! I won’t!

Rush, calm down!


In lieu of a response, Rush takes off at top speed.

Years ago when I was just a kid, Mom and Dad suddenly decided to go to the Academy. Left me in charge of Irina.

After they left, I took her to the woods nearby and left her there. I told her I’d come back for her later. She was always their favorite. I guess I was kinda jealous. I just wanted to scare her a little. It wasn’t far from the house, so I figured she’d come back on her own sooner or later.

I was wrong. And when it started to get dark outside, I got worried and ran back to get her.

She was still in the exact same spot I’d left her in. Just staring at some flowers. She was waiting for me to come back. All alone in the dark. She didn’t doubt me at all.

That’s when I realized something. I had to protect her. I decided never to betray her again. You better not mention this to her.
She’s not a child anymore. You mustn’t act like a babysitter.

Oh yeah? Well how am I supposed to act, then?
You must treat her with respect, as a fellow adult. Let her know she can count on you.
Respect, huh? Sounds… deep.

David and Rush start laughing at that.

Translation: Leave the castle and come right back to advance the plot. Which is what we’ll be doing next time, because this is a great place to stop.

This was a quieter than usual update. This game hasn’t really spent a lot of time on quieter character moments, surprisingly.

Discussion Question: Why do you think the Conqueror took the time to pop in and talk to Irina? What could he have said?

Video: Welcome back / Irina’s Plea
Video: A New Task
Video: A Brother’s Regret

We're about to embark on another huge streak of sidequests, BUT we'll also be getting some new party members!

Next Time: Is wittle Rush in a bad mood?