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Part 55: Chapter XLVIII - Is wittle Rush in a bad mood?

Is wittle Rush in a bad mood?

What are you talking about?
What am I talking about? Siebenbur, what else? They’ve found another entrance at the northern shore.

After visiting Fornstrand, talk to this guy to unlock the Second Path dungeon.

You must be Rush Sykes, are you not?
Depends on who’s asking.

Ha ha ha, you are as mischievous as ever, I see! I bring you a message from Lord David. He requests that you come to the castle at your earliest convenience.

- Video: Irina Joins

Irina looks away sadly.

I bring a message from Chairman Ghor.

The session of Congress will commence immediately!

That’s it?!
This is nothing unusual. They always seem to be held on the spur of the moment.

Will you be heading to Elysion? If that’s the case, could we send someone with you? I want to report our progress to the Academy.
Very well, who shall it be?
Let’s see… who should I send?
I have an idea. If you haven’t anyone in mind, how about sending Irina?

Irina’s been through a lot. I think she’s proved she can handle something important like this.

Sounds like a plan… if it’s all right with her. Irina, what do you say?

Yes! Of course I’ll go! Thanks, big brother!
Uh… yeah.

The Maximum number of units in your party is now 50.
Irina has joined the party.

At last, we have our final mandatory party member.

Irina was offscreen and kidnapped for all of Disc 1, but now in Disc 2, she really gets much of the focus. This is one reason why Emmy gets short-changed as a character – we never really spend much time with Emmy before Irina comes in and takes over the spotlight. Still though, they’re both good characters to have in your party. Let’s take a look at Irina now.

Irina Sykes

Rush's sister. Sweet and cheerful, but with a deep stubborn streak. Able to control Remnants through Marion's Blessing.

Class: Legendary Scholar
Initial BR: 64
HP: (719)
Str / Int: (31 / 66)

Current Arts

Future Arts

After the entire first half of the game dedicated to rescuing Irina, she finally joins the party. She starts out with Kiss of Life and a lot of Lotions, including Throat Salve, making her immediately useful.

Tags: Versatile, Healer, Items, Combat, Unique Arts, Lotions, Psionics, Shards, Arcana

The devs couldn’t be sure what BR you’d be by the time you got her, so they seem to have compensated by making her REALLY powerful. She starts out at BR 66, and the party is currently BR 31. She’s much more of a magic user and item arts user than a fighter, but her STR isn’t super-low compared to that of some other members.

17 AP a turn is massive for where we are now, and she has the third or fourth highest HP of the party. Her INT far outshines anyone else’s, and that speed is pretty good as well. She also starts out with a crap-ton of arts learned. Like Rush she has a Talisman, but right now it does nothing.

We've also now gotten our final party upgrade. The game, without modding, limits you to a max of 18 party members and 5 unions. I find this a little annoying. Not so much the limit of 18, but the limit of 5 unions. If you could have 6 unions on the field, you could field 6 unions of 3. I feel that the higher number of unions would probably be balanced out by their lower health, but oh well.

If Miss Irina wishes to come along as well, I have no complaints. She's proven herself to be a skilled researcher... much like her parents.
While Chairman Ghor does tend to act as soon as the idea hits, this sudden Congress session seems based on an actual emergency. Granted, this is all supposition based on what little can be gleaned from a visistone recording...
Geez Louise, that Duke Ghor is a friggin' slave driver! Doesn't he ever remember that Athlum is far from just about everywhere? Still, this time, the little missy's coming along, huh. Should be fun!
Did you see your sister's expression when you suggested she come along? I'd never seen her that happy. Seems she's wanted to be with you - or be accepted by you - for a while. Don't worry, we Generals aren't going to let anything happen to her!
Ever since her father recovered, Miss Irina has been quite engrossed in Remnant research. It seems the skill runs in the family. You and Miss Irina have grown so quickly! Ahh, to be young again...

While we could just go sidequesting now, it makes a little more story sense to hold off just a little longer. So, to Elysion.

- Video: An Even Briefer Congress

I will leave you to handle the Academy.

Hmmm… so it’s impossible to track all existing Remnants?
For the moment, yes. But if we adjust this, right here, I think we can increase the accuracy.

This way, we might be able to find Remnants that no one else has discovered yet.
You may be on to something! It’s definitely worth a try.

She’s a bright young lady!

Is wittle Rush in a bad mood?
You miss having her need you, don’t you?

…who knows what Remnants could be hiding under our noses. They could look like anything. Maybe even a mitra!

He he he! You have quite an imagination!

“Academy Visistone 30” posted:

[Remnants 30] An unproven theory suggests that Remnants are a type of life form.

The meeting over already?

It was cancelled. The Lords of Melphina, Balterossa, Royotia, and Celapaleis - none were present.
This cannot be a coincidence.
We have been asked to find out where they are, and why.
Ugh… the Duke of Ghor sure is a slave-driver.
We must leave immediately. As for you, Miss Irina…

That’s everyone except David and Ghor. (Baaluk has no lord). Not good at all.

I’ll go too!
But… that… well…

Mr. David, I beg of you, there has to be something I can do to help!

And… I don’t want to be scared of my power for the rest of my life.

Alright, you may accompany us.

Emmy, I place you in charge of her. Teach her a few things about self-defense.

Yes, my Lord!

Thank you so much, Mr. David!

If I’d gone sidequesting immediately and then come here, this part wouldn’t have made much sense for two reasons. First, because it was an emergency summons from the Duke, and second because this here is where Rush and David officially consent to taking Irina with them on potentially dangerous missions.

Before we actually start doing any other missions, though, let’s pop over to Baaluk…

Head over to the Union of the Golden Chalice. There’s a unique leader who’s been available for half a year.


Fabled warrior of the underworld. Wrathful and a lone wolf, but at times is quite kind to others.

Class: Hunter
Initial BR: BR 43
HP: (698)
Str / Int: (51 / 29)

Current Arts
Future Arts

Gaou is notable mostly for his extensive list of known Lotions, which can make him very helpful at clearing status effects when a union is silenced. No quests associated or required.

Tags: Combat, Lotions

As soon as you entered the Aqueducts, Gaou became possible to recruit, but it didn’t make narrative sense to be heading off to Baaluk at that point. Gaou has no quests at all associated with him – nothing to recruit him for, but right now I have both Roberto and Rhagoh filling slots in the party, and he’s better than both. His stats are good, his arts are at a suitable decent level, and he’s got a bunch of helpful Lotions. Also, for this party, I’m recruiting all Unique Leaders which are reasonably available.

I know it’s a bit early, but I’m ending the update here. There’s a choice of sidequests I need you to vote on, and two of them would be pretty long on their own, too long to cram into this update as well.

You might notice that I'm one short of the max of 18 units. I've since moved Rhagoh from the bench to Blocter's Squad.

I updated the world map.

Discussion Question: Why didn’t the other Lords attend the Congress?

Something I forgot to mention a couple updates ago was that The Last Remnant has an “Attract mode” which plays if you let the game sit idle at the main menu. It has spoilers up to the destruction of Nagapur, which is why I haven’t posted it until now, but here it is:

- Video: Attract Mode

Irina Joins
An Even Briefer Congress
Attract Mode

Poll: We’re going to start picking up more party members soon. I may as well ask the viewers who should be joining in what order. Who should we recruit next:


Torgal’s Old Acquaintance

Surprise Mystery Guest

(The second place vote will be the second person we get, third will be the third place...)

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