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Part 56: Chapter XLIX - I still have a long journey ahead.

I still have a long journey ahead.

Music: Life Without Remnants

The voting was pretty solidly in favor of Mystery Guest. That means we’ll be doing Emmy’s quest.

Old Lady Who Knows Emmy: Perhaps you can lend her an ear. She looked like she could use a friend.


What’s up?

I just received a letter, challenging the head of the Honeywell clan to a duel.
What? Why?
Our family is known for being the greatest of warriors. People far and wide come to challenge the Honeywells.
So who wants to fight you?
Warrior Yerva... There isn't a soldier alive who doesn't know that name. This is my first duel defending the Honeywell name. I cannot afford to lose. Rush, will you come with me to witness the duel?
If you want me to.
Thanks, Rush. Let's head to Aveclyff. Watch over me, Mother.

Accepted quest: The Fated One

Music: Creeping Shadows

- Dungeon Video: Aveclyff

Someone challenged Emmy to a duel. Apparently, this is something she HAS to do. The opponent, warrior Yerva, is waiting in Aveclyff.

So we’re back in Aveclyff. If we hadn’t done Wisdom’s Echo, holding it off to allow for grinding would have prevented us from taking this one (and hence Mystery Guest). I’ve included a dungeon video because there’s very little fighting in it.

Fellow soldier. Make your way to the farthest room. That is where I shall wait. The elevation devices now function properly. They will help save your strength for when we duel.

The configuration of Aveclyff has changed now. More elevators are accessible and we can access all areas. The only trick is finding the path to get there.

It is well worthwhile to take a couple of minutes to survey the room and determine the path you need to take to get there. There is no “call button” for the manually-cranked elevators, which means you need to take a path which gets you to where they start out. This room is excellent for planning a path.

Our goal is the door on the far side of the top floor. Working backwards tells us how we can get there.

So very quickly, we’ve determined most of the path. We know a way to get to that elevator on the middle floor from our first trip.

This is the only elevator on the top floor we can reach, so let’s ride it all the way to the ground floor.

This one goes to the middle floor.

Pop in here, go one room over and we’ll be at the second floor elevator.

In my haste to get away from the angry vulture, I accidentally went down from here for a minute until I realized that was the wrong way.

Most people will never see the detail of Rush grimacing when cranking the elevator.

And I’m caught by a vulture.

Sometimes you get the bird, sometimes the bird gets you.

Hold still so I can tear you apart!

Gaou uses Huge weapons, which are Yama-Specific.

Because this is Emmy’s quest, she’s in the lead, and in fact this is the point where it becomes permanent, and Blocter won’t be leader of a union again.

How d’ya like that?

That came very close to reaching 20k damage alone.

class changed to Lordly Healer!

We just need to go down to floor 2 using the elevator to the left and then up, to that balcony.

Ha! Not today, bird!

This one I will fight.

Let’s see what Irina’s got.

Respectable, but not spectacular. Roberto’s Crossbreak can double that easily.

And we’ve finally made it to the top.

Just some G in the chest.

Hm? You seem very young, child. Do you claim to be Emma Honeywell, the head of the Honeywell clan?

Hrmph. I had my sights set on fighting a real soldier, not some child…
I understand your disappointment. However, you must see me fight before deeming me an unworthy opponent.

So, uh, should I just go wait outside or something?
You’re that Sykes kid, aren’t you? I’ve heard about you. My buddy down at the guild talked about you a bunch. He said he’d seen you fight. He was damn impressed, too. So no, kid, feel free to join in. I’ve brought enough warriors for everyone !

- Boss Video: Warrior Yerva

Mission: Defeat Warrior Yerva

Music: Beat the Odds

This is a tough fight. These enemies have a lot more health than you’d expect. I died on my previous attempt. I am of course underleveled, though. I order Rush to lower Morale, and send one union to every other union on the field.Yerva is Emmy’s.

Support is a buff on the Remedies line.

With some bad luck and I could lose several unions next turn.

The second round was inconclusive. They hurt us, but didn’t finish anyone, but I wasn’t able to take out any of them either.

David’s union goes down, but Rush was already on his way to heal him anyway.

Rhagoh goes down , but Emmy stays alive and can heal her union.

Unfortunately, despite Rush’s union being at full HP, him breaking deadlock to bring David back left him vulnerable to a Raidlock.

Ouch. I hope one of the spells is “Summon Chiropracter.”

Finally, one of their unions goes down.

If anything sneezes on Rush’s union, or if he had 7 fewer HP, it would be dead. So to the question asked in the thread, yes, HP can make a big deal, even if it’s not much HP. I’m pretty sure that Rush’s union can’t be saved, though.

Dave could use the Gae Bolg, but that feels like cheating, since this is Emmy’s duel. Instead, he’ll attempt to deadlock union B, revive Rush, and use some Mystic arts on Union B.

We’ll avenge you.

Emmy’s union revived and healed Irina’s union, and as a bonus, Darien brought Rhagoh back. But as expected, Rush’s union was toast. But since it was expected, David was already on his way to help someone, and brings Rush back immediately.

Very lucky block. Looks like things may be

Oh no!


Good, this fight is beginning to bother me.

We’re generally in good shape, but this fight is tougher than it looks.

Nice move!

Rush’s union was unfortunately unable to reach Caedmon this turn.

Gaou hits really hard.

Music: Struggle Eternal

Finally, it’s all down to the big guy.

Very lucky.

I keep thinking that Spark V and Wind Shear IV are the only things that can trigger Blackout, I forgot that Permafrost I also qualifies.

It would have been nice if Emmy could have gotten the final kill, but that’s too random to be controlled, so this is good enough. This battle kicks us up to BR 32.

learned Addle IV!
class changed to Expert Marauder!
learned Hundred Flowers!

Emmy learns Hundred Flowers from winning this battle. It’s her first unique art, a series of sword slashes, but the downside is that it is only available once her union’s HP is in the critical range, and in this game, the line between critical and dead is a thin one.

I fought a fair battle. I have yet to live up to becoming one worthy of wielding this sword. I still have a long journey ahead.
Oh? Hahaha! You are young and yet so sensible. The future looks bright for you. You can find me in Virtus Parish in Athlum. My fellow mercenaries and I will be there if you need anything.

We kicked ass out there… eh? What is it?
Will I ever surpass Mother? Everyone I talk to sees my mother in me. I understand, because I carry a big part of her with me. But will the day ever come when people see me for me?
Of course!
Thanks. I know that’s what Mother would want for me, too. Here. A little token of my appreciation. Thank you, Rush.

Let’s go.

Completed quest: The Fated One

That was great and all, but wait, I thought this was the update where we were supposed to get a new party member? It is. Let’s head to Virtus Parish.

They say there’s a secret passageway in through the back of Warrior’s Honor or something…

This guild door which has been teasing us since the start of the game is now open.

The Ring of the Labyrinth is the third and final distinct guild. It has its own separate set of guild tasks and its own ranking.

I’ve heard a young commander of Athlum has fought evenly matched with the warrior Yerva.
To think that anyone here had such skill… I should like to meet swords with him as well.
Her, actually.

Weapons are a mirror to the soul. Likewise, a powerful sword in the hands of an inexperienced wielder will never reach its true potential.
Remember, young one, weapons are not just tools to perfect techniques. They also serve to strengthen your will.

Some special tasks get different colours and are obscure to find. I believe I know where this one is, but there’s no way I’m showing it off for quite a while. In large part because I would get creamed right now.

Huh… that Yerva guy said someone here knew me. Who was he talkin’ about?
Hey, kid.

You! You’re not gonna take Irina again!
Woah, relax! I ain’t here to take anyone! I’m done with all that!
What are you doing here?!!
When Nagapur got wrecked, I got to thinkin’ that it was kinda my fault.
I think it kinda was too.
I might be a mercenary, kid, but I ain’t completely heartless. I never wanted all those dead people hauntin’ my dreams.
If you really want to make up for what you did, then you’ll join us and help stop the Conqueror!
What? We can’t trust him!
When I was a prisoner, he was… well, not exactly nice, but at least less mean than the others. Besides, if we really can’t trust him, isn’t it better to keep him around so we can keep an eye on him?

Well, the last time we met he couldn’t beat us in a fight, so we could beat him again if we needed to.

This I think is another misstep the game makes. There is absolutely no story devoted to rationalizing WHY Rush would hire Jager, who kidnapped his sister and was still fighting him in Nagapur. You just walk into the guild and hire him of your own free will. It might have been better if there was a sidequest with him before you could hire him, as a way to bridge the transition of “end of disc boss” to “trusted ally”.

Still, though, you really are going to want to hire him. His starting arts don’t look great, but he has a unique class, and he gets up to THREE unique arts. He’s also required for a quest later on. He’s a strong contender for a permanent party leader.


Ex-captain of the Third Commitee. Rough, but open and jovial. Bound to the Remnant Lob Omen.
(Voiced by Gerald C. Rivers)

Class: Vagrant
Initial BR: BR 41
HP: (1079)
Str / Int: (55 / 35)

Current Arts
Future Arts

Here’s a surprise: Jager, the jerk who kidnapped Irina and kicked Rush in the face at the start of the game joins our party. I knew I liked something about him. He starts out with a boatload of HP and only one Combat Art category learned, but he gets a few devastating specials that more than make up for that and make him worth of a leader spot (because only leaders can use specials). Jager has the unique class Vagrant which grants him extra HP, Max AP, STR, and skill with combat arts. He’s also required for a sidequest, and can get a unique item. He’s recommended as a leader so he can make use of his powerful specials. If he’s not a leader, he can only use combat arts, and Psionics.

I know someone will ask about this, so I may as well say it. His description says he’s bound to the Lob Omen, but right now it is not available. That is what his quest is about, in fact..

Tags: Combat, Unique Arts, Psionics

New Arts Summary
class changed to Lordly Healer!
learned Addle IV!
class changed to Expert Marauder!
learned Hundred Flowers!

Discussion Question: Were you expecting Jager to be the surprise mystery guest party member? If not, then who?

Dungeon: Aveclyff
Boss: Warrior Yerva

Next Time: We were but a mere vigilante group