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Part 57: Chapter L - We were but a mere vigilante group

We were but a mere vigilante group

Music: The Seat of Vulcan

Lately, the big man, Lord Priam, seems to've come down with something... The usual medicines and potions ain't working, neither. All of us miners've been doing our best to figure out how to get him better.

High-Spirited Miner: You heard about Lord Priam's sickness, right?
High-Spirited Miner: We been meetin' to talk 'bout it every night in the pub after work. There's gotta be somethin' we can do to get him well again... Th' whole thin's just crazy, yanno? Lord Priam's the healthiest guy in Royotia. He ain't never been sick before, not once. Too bad all we've figured out so far is a whole night of drinkin' packs a punch to your paycheck!

I contemplated not showing any of the town conversations to hide this information, but I decided it was rather pointless since the next quest on our list actually requires us to talk to Lord Priam.

Admiring Man: It's only a rumor I picked up from the merchants, but the rulers of other lands have been struck by similar illnesses.
It seems likely that this is related to why they were unable to attend the Congress.
Admiring Man: Such a thing is completely unheard of... and crosses the line from mysterious to suspicious. Where are you from, son? Is not your ruler suffering as well?

What yama?
Alright, then... Let me continue from last time. Why is it that I, a former general of the Celapaleian army, am now scuttling about, on the run...?
You are? I mean, I dunno, why?
It's due to the secrets I now...secrets about my lord, Duke Qubine. Let me tell you, life as a fugitive is not the fun that it seems. But of late, I've been impressed by how long I've been able to run, if I may say so myself. I mean, the search for me is a direct order from Duke Qubine. It is something to catch the attention of the majority of Celapaleis' army. Ho ho ho! Didn't expect that, now did you!
Uh, no…
Hwha-? Rush - did you see that?
See what?
Just now, over there, on that wagon! That qsiti looks mighty suspicious!
What qsiti?
No now - who knows who is watching us? No...I had best not say anything further. Go, get don't know me.

Passionate Miner: An’ that’s the story!
Bartender: Harumph harrumph… harrumph! This General Torgal… you too, are my rival! …If only you knew I existed.
Passionate Miner: Whatever you say, boss.

I heard from Lord Paris that you had defeated the bird of evil, Vespalia, once and for all. I never would have thought that the legend was real... The only reason Royotia still stands today is due to you. I speak for the entire town when I say you have our thanks.

Pub Regular: It's real hard to believe, though - he's always been healthiest than even us miners. He ain't the type to get sick, 'specially not bad as this. It's damned frustrating... Alls we can do is try and dig up some expensive ore, and try and hire a healer from abroad.

Woah, is that a Sovani with Glass Armor? He looks important.

Allan. We have not talked in 80 years, and that is how you greet me?
It has only been 80 years. You have gotten too used to the mitra way. 80 years is but a mere minute for us, fool.
You've always grown hostile when you needed to ask a favor. What is it?
Hah! I would never ask you for anything. A group of armed soldiers has appeared, calling themselves the Steel Syndicate. They need to be disposed of. Now. I assumed you would want to tag along.
I see. Most certainly something must be done about them. Rush, will you lend a hand?"
Of course!
I appreciate it.
Hmph! Asking a mitra for help... I'll be waiting at the Gaslin Caves.

Accepted quest: The Successor

- Quest Video: The Successor

Music: Into the Depths

The title card for this quest is different than the standard one, and that is significant.

Justice? Is that what you call it? You're nothing but a bunch of fools.
Though your intentions may be good, we must force you to disband.
You're Torgal, one of the Four Generals of Athlum. This is perfect. With all the meaningless wars Athlum keeps waging I can't think of a better enemy of destroy! Let's go, men! We're off to destroy that enemy of justice, Athlum!
We must crush them before they reach Athlum. Ignore the weaklings. Come on!

A guest union has joined the party.

This Allan guy wants help destroying the Steel Syndicate. We have to catch them in the Gaslin Caves before they make it to Athlum!

This is a clever mission. We’re in the Ravine of Temptation at the Royotia end, and have to catch up to the enemies along the long, winding path before they reach the Athlum end. There are lots of enemies in the way to provide interference as well, like those flies who are moving in a pattern across the path.

The Steel Syndicate members are too fast for us to catch up with normally, so we need to use Timeshift.

Unfortunately, even starting the timeshift right away, you can only catch up to two of them, not all three before the timer runs out. That’s perfectly valid, it’ll work just fine, but I want to catch all three at once to make the fight harder and more interesting. So I exploit another timeshift mechanic.

I’ll fight this lone Nussknacker right now.

Strike at their flank!

Allan is voiced by Liam O’Brien, who I’m sure several of you have heard of. Allan fights in the Dual Power Grip style.

class changed to Mysticknight!
learned Nimble Resonance Edge II!

Once a fight ends, you always get a full Timeshift bar back. And now we’re closer to them.

Just barely enough time left on the bar.

Music: Beat the Odds

We’ll want to get the morale on our side as usual, the boss hits pretty hard. Because it’s his quest, Torgal is in charge of his union.

The lesser members aren’t as dangerous, but they still have substantial HP.

Hang in there, okay?
That wasn’t necessary.

These status effects would be more useful if Rush’s union went first, because status effects tend to wear off on tough enemies at the end of a turn, so when Rush uses them after the enemy has already gone, it does nothing but damage.

Irina and Gaou heal Allan with some Lotions.

This is a twirl into a double strike on the same spot.

Allan knows some Explosives arts.

One down.

Sure, let’s use this.

What’s this?!
Those guys must be pretty frickin’ weak.

This one’ll leave a mark!

1320 damage is pretty significant for a basic normal attack.

Music: Turn the Tide

Yeah! This is our big chance!

Rush and David will have to close in this turn before they can join in the fight.

The good news is that we can continue to flank.

The fight might actually end before Rush gets in an attack.

Watch this!


learned Moulinet!
learned Bluff V!
class changed to Adept Scout!
class changed to Master Cavalier!
class changed to Lordly Ranger!
class changed to Expert Mysticknight!
class changed to Adept Scout!
class changed to Expert Hunter!

D-damn, you’re strong…
You bring shame to the Syndicate.

You half-wit! You mitra are all feebleminded.

It is not a means to justify your thoughtlessness and brutal acts of violence. I can’t stand by and watch idiots ruin its name.
W-wait, what do you mean? A-are you…? Are you!?
It belongs to us and we’re taking it back.

The guest union has left the party.

Why? What’s the deal with the Steel Syndicate?
Before Athlum was ruled by David, Torgal was taken in as a general to commend his contribution for maintaining public order and peace. But I believed that we could bring peace to the whole world, not just Athlum. The Steel Syndicate grew, but gained nothing but useless soldiers in it for the fame. And now they’ve become an uncontrollable group of violent warriors slaying everything in sight, justifying it by throwing around the word "justice." Torgal forcefully disbanded the organization, but its soul lives on. To the triflingly short-lived mitra, 50 years is enough for ideology to become legend—to become convention. My duty is to destroy it all.
There are also realist organizations like the Silver Falcons. Race makes no difference in this matter.
But don't forget—the leader of the Silver Falcons is a sovani.
Organizations change with time. Who knows what the Silver Falcons will become? Sovani live longer. That's all.
You were always a strange one. The sovani way is to not care about others.
I could say the same to you.
Hmph. I merely like the taste of blood. I have no interest in political matters. But I suppose I owe you. If you ever need anything, come to the guild.

Obtained Force Field! You’ve unlocked a more powerful version of an existing formation!
Completed quest: The Successor

Torgal and Allan are bummed that some people believe violence is good. Allan left to continue his journey for truth.

So let’s pick Allan up and add him to our merry band.


Once ran the Steel Syndicate with Torgal, but objects to its current actions. Becomes quite nasty when he needs to ask a favor.
(Voiced by: Liam O’Brien)

Class: Deathknight
Initial BR: BR 41
HP: (653)
Str / Int: (54 / 22)
Union Name: Allan’s Tribe

Current Arts
Future Arts

Allan starts with an impressive array of known arts. His high strength makes him more suited for melee combat, despite knowing Invocations very well, and getting Hexes. He also gets a bunch of Item Arts. He’s recruitable after completing his quest.

Tags: Versatile, Combat, Mystic, Items, Arcana

Allan doesn’t wow me. He’s versatile, but not really in any way which is useful. Explosives and Traps aren’t great, and while he gets a two types of Mystic arts, his INT is terrible. Torgal started out about even in INT and STR. Caedmon had higher STR, but his INT was only 10 less. Allan’s INT is lower than Caedmon’s starting INT, and even Torgal’s starting INT, in fact – and Torgal started out at BR 5. That’s how worthless Allan is as a caster.

Also, now that we have completed Emma/Emmy, Pagus, Blocter, and Torgal’s quests, it opens up the Louise’s Secrets shop in Athlum. We’ll check in there at some point when I remember.

New Arts Summary
class changed to Mysticknight!
learned Nimble Resonance Edge II!
learned Moulinet!
learned Bluff V!
class changed to Adept Scout!
class changed to Master Cavalier!
class changed to Lordly Ranger!
class changed to Expert Mysticknight!
class changed to Adept Scout!
class changed to Expert Hunter!

Quest: The Successor

You can decline Torgal’s quest, but it’s not that interesting.

I see. Most certainly something must be done about them. Rush, will you lend a hand?
Nah, not right now.
How the mighty have fallen, Torgal. I'd think that you of all people would know that mitra are selfish and cannot be trusted.

Next Time: To think we were all played so easily…