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Part 59: Chapter LII - Together, we can bring many people happiness

Together, we can bring many people happiness. -OR- Love Will Rise Again, Part 2

Please, Paris, Sir Rush, save the Balterossans! They are at place called the Salamander's Tongue!

Music: Beat the Odds

- Battle Video: Salamander’s Tongue

You’re dumped immediately into a second battle. Yes, all 25 minutes are one battle. This is indicative of how things will start to go on Disc 2. The battles will get longer and harder. I’m also underleveled a bit. Once again, we need to march on Turn 1.

The Retreat Flare Trap does no damage, but substantially lowers enemy Morale. It’s the item equivalent of Bluff. It took our morale to past the halfway point.

Emmy finishes off some Jhana Shamans.

This isn’t even worth my time!

Quadrille is four rapid attacks - one with each weapon - for heavy damage. It’s the ultimate quad-wield art

Rush and Glenys combine to finish off these Raptors.

At this point, I don’t think this fight warrants unique arts that we’ve seen a bunch of times already. And at this point, it doesn’t. Later on, though…

Remember how Acala’s Wrath III did about 15,000 damage? Acala’s Wrath IV did about 25,000.


And can you believe it, but those sons-of-bitches are still alive.

Jager lays the smackdown.

Music: Turn the Tide

One of my unions will bring David back, and then whoever’s left should finish off the Jhana.

Or Paris could sneeze on them. That works too.

Here’s the second wave, featuring two boss monsters – a Killer Insect and a Weredragon. That abruptly ended our turn, so no one went to revive David.

Irina starts out with Kiss of Life, so she’ll be bringing back David.

You’ll be all right now!

Gaou heals Irina’s union with Eye Cream III.

I want this Weredragon dead ASAP, because of Surefire, which has a chance of instakill on a unit.

Get ready for the best move you will ever see!

I’m so glad that we’re finally getting into some higher-level arts. Fleche is a quick thrust that does a substantial amount of damage.


There are few enemy unions left, but some of ours are at about half-health.

When healing happens, the “Total damage” meter counts backwards, a nice touch. Enemy healing is typically ineffective unless it’s in the hundreds of thousands of HP range. Yes, some enemies (bosses) can heal themselves for that much.

Are you all right?

That wasn’t great.

Once all the supporting units with the second wave are dead, the third wave shows up. Once again, if you kill the bosses, it ends the fight. The Abbadons are fast enemies, so they could be tricky given our current weakened state.

We’re hurt and outnumbered. This could be hard. I don’t think I can afford to get Raidlocked, so I’ll just have to press my luck and hope to heal before getting hit.

Excellent, Rush is fine now.

Emmy’s Squad did some damage, but is on the brink of death now.

That’s not going to be enough to save the Jhana.

This is really starting to look pretty bad now. We barely scratched any of them.

Music: Struggle Eternal

Nora takes out the Killer Insect, just in time before it unleashed an AoE attack.

You’ll have to face me next!

Things are looking less dangerous now.

Rush’s union just barely fails to finish off the Abbadon.

The hell’re you doing?!

Paris is showing signs of fatigue now, too.

Hartshorn is a Lotion which revives and heals. It’s pretty great, the big problem is that it takes a lot of Lotion use to get.

You’re not going to perish from that scratch, are you?

What a dick.

Music: Beat the Odds

So, uh, we’re screwed.

That wasn’t necessary.

Irina’s union heals itself, David’s union revives Jager’s union. Thankfully, the Weredragon’s Raidlock attack was a failed Surefire.

This is… the end…

This is the first chance I’ve had to show off Emmy’s Hundred Flowers unique art. You can only get that one when Emmy’s union is at critical HP.

And I’m not going to be able to show it off this time.

We’ll have to take it from here.

This is a big reason why I’m not a big fan of critical-health-activated unique arts.

Ugh this fight is going on forever. Fuck you all, bring everyone back to fucking life, stop fucking around.

Didn’t need the help… but thanks anyway.

About time.

I have to get the Morale up to escape the death spiral.

Ooh! Here it is!

Obnoxiously, one of the Jhana hit me with the Paralyze Gas Hex, preventing me from using Cascade Strike to finish them off.

Music: Struggle Eternal

I think we’ve worn their numbers enough to win this now. This is I think the fifth music change in the fight.

Blocter is making up for lost time now that I’ve let him use Herbs.

Here I come!

And finally the fight is over. I don’t think I finished off the last enemy union, but oh well, close enough, and everyone was alive and got art XP, which is the most important part.

class changed to Adept Mysticknight!
learned Revitalize III!

Spring Squall is the Ultimate Dual-wield Katana art. We won’t be seeing it for a while though, as it’s time for Rush’s butt to decorate the bench for a bit.

There were casualties, but thankfully, major losses were avoided.
The world is so agitated that it even doubts the power of Remnants... Why must something like this bring us to war?
Charlotte...all hope is not lost. There is still something we can do... Something only we can do. Together, we can bring many people happiness.
Paris... But... All I've done is hurt you. After that, how could you still want me?
Oh Charlotte... The pain you caused me was like someone taking a fiery dagger to my heart. Yet through that searing pain, I felt a sweet melancholy, as if the instrument of torture branding my heart was soaked with tears... Tears you yourself has shed from the brutal memories of causing such anguish to your one true love. I loved you enough to let you go... Such emotion is not easily forgotten. I only dream that a fraction of this love is returned.
Paris... Yes. Always.
Then... I must win over my pig-headed father!
Yes, and I will tell Mother... Somehow, I'll make her understand! Sir Rush, come to the tavern later, alright? I'll have something for you!
Okay! See you later!
The guest union has left the party.

(I thought they’d never shut up.)

Mother and Lord Priam listened to our pleas. They have agreed to end the fighting. However, she refuses to even discuss the issue of the conspirators. It seems that whoever was behind all this will remain unknown...
(It seems almost like the work of the Third Committee, but that was dismantled after the death of Duke Hermeien.)
Relations between nations are naught but a clumsy dance of interactions complicated by countless outside influences... truly, politics is a trying thing. Still, I am very thankful to Mother as well as Lord Priam for reaching a compromise. I would like you to have this.
Reward: Gold Ore x3, 8000.
Now I shall bid you leave. If you are ever again in Balterossa, I am your humble servant. Paris has also sworn to help you if you are ever in need of a swordsman. But... Do not let him face too much danger, if you please... I would be rather vexed if he returns in more than one piece.
Completed quest: Love Will Rise Again

Phew! Balterossa and Royotia made nice. Charlotte and Paris got back together, but they both have a lot on their plates, looks like.

There are several tiers of rewards possible from this quest.

I got the second-worst one. The wiki thinks that the reward is tied to the length of time the battles takes. If both battles combined are 1-10 turns, you get Reward 1. 11-15 turns gets you reward 2, 60-20 for reward 3, and 21+ for reward 4.

That kinda makes sense since these monsters are supposed to be also fighting armies, so the longer you take, the more casualties they’ll take. But my total time was 21 Turns and I got the under 21 turn award, so…

But I consider the art XP to be its own reward. I don’t need G and the stones can be harvested if I really need them for someone. The secondary reward though is that we can now recruit Paris, which we’ll do in a minute.

It seems the Royotian Guard suffered many losses.
Sometimes I believe ignorance really is bliss... Especially in things political...
Sir Paris will be the next Marquis of Royotia. I can't begin to imagine the pressure Lady Charlotte faces.
Did you hear? Mother has allowed Paris and I to court!
In the end the incident came to a...touching conclusion. Certainly, using the two of them required more than a little care. Nevertheless, in the end it became a good bargaining chip...

Okay, now back to Royotia.

Go for it!
Alright. It’ll definitely be a challenge, but that’s not gonna stop me!

We’ve hit BR 33, which means Blocter can learn Hexes, Loki can learn Herbs, and Leshau can learn Psionics.

Maybe, if I disabled all other things Blocter could do, and had him focus exclusively on Hexes and nothing else, I MIGHT be able to get his Mystics and Item arts to balance out eventually, which could possibly get him out of the Scout class. But Blocter doesn’t have the INT to be good at casting, and spending the time on that would just make him weaker anyway.

Was thinking of learning Herbs… Whadda you think?
Yeah, I’d go for it!
Alright. I’ll give it a go.

About time, too, because David’s union could really use more healing. Pagus stubbornly refuses to learn Vivification Herb. I didn’t get a message from Leshau, probably because he’s not in the active party, but if I put him in I bet he’d ask about learning Psionics. Psionics are good, but Lesahu’s timing is bad, because we can now get Paris, whose Psionics are miles ahead of Leshau.

What’s good? I’m thinking we should get some Vulture Underbelly Fur? It’ll be the jump-off.
Word. Then let’s roll.

Rush… Shall we proceed to the field of battle and wreak havoc upon the monster hordes? I… must become someone she can depend on…
Sounds like a plan.
Excellent! My arm sings with the promise of victory!

Yep, we’re overdue for another session of component hunting. Caedmon keeps complaining about not having Raptor Hide.

We’ll be doing that next update. OH BOY!!!!! Honestly, the anticipation of having to do this part is one of the reasons why my enthusiasm for the game flagged and this update was delayed.

I already started the process. There’s about 40 unique components between our party members and reserves, and it took me about half an hour with the wiki to look up what everyone wanted and where to find it. And that’s the easy way. If you don’t know where you can find the components, you could spend ages aimlessly wandering.

…We’re still not done this update.

It seemed like the Balterossan army suffered heavy losses.
The relationship between countries is very much affected by the countries that surround them.
Rush. Thanks to you and my son, we suffered much fewer losses than I'd feared. Still, Paris still has a lot to learn about politics. He still seems a bit awkward with these matters of state."
Master Paris and Lady Charlotte are still very young. I fear they will suffer many hardships in the future...

To the Royotia Guild…

At this point in the game, that’s really cheap, surprisingly.


Son of the marquis of Royotia. Pure-hearted and slightly naïve. Sworn to his paramour, Charlotte.

Class: Paladin
Initial BR: BR 48
HP: (777)
Str / Int: (43 / 51)
Union Name: Paris’ Class

Current Arts
Future Arts

After many quests involving him in Disc 1, Paris finally is recruitable in Disc 2 after completing one final quest. He starts off with Psionics, making him very helpful, and he can even learn the Fatal Eclipse Arcana for Psionics. His intellect is higher, but his Strength score is also good, meaning he will perform well when used in melee combat as well. If that wasn’t already good enough, he can learn Wards too. This guy should be in your party ASAP.

Tags: Versatile, Mystic, Healer, Combat, Psionics, Wards, Arcana

But at this point, every new Hello is also met with a Goodbye. I have so many good party members, that it’s time to start shuffling the lousy ones to the bench.

This means that it’s the end for Baulson in the active party. He’s been with us for a long time, and he’s been a good party member, but at this point he’s simply outclassed. Paris starts out with better 2H arts and only two fewer points into Strength.

New Arts Summary
class changed to Adept Mysticknight!
learned Revitalize III!
learned Restorative Herb I!

At one point, it seems likely that you had to manually visit locations to end sidequests, because there’s some dialogue that we can’t normally access - the royal courts of Balterossa and Royotia discussing the outcome of the battle. I've inserted it into the update.

Battle: Salamander’s Tongue

Poll: What should we do soon?
A) Attempt to squash the remnants of the Conqueror's army?
B) Hunt a lot of rare monsters in a new dungeon?

Next update, I’ll be looking for components for my whiny-but-necessary party members.

Next Time: What a complete waste of my time!