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Part 62: Chapter LIV - That’s… the Silver… something-or-others.

That’s… the Silver… something-or-others.

There’s Caedmon with his final quest. I’ll just switch him back into a party leader spot for the very last time.

What are they doing over there?
I know not their intentions, but they must be dealt with without delay. You of all people should understand.
The Silver Falcons will engage the Conqueror’s army at Harphlus Pass. I hope you will accompany us.
Don’t gotta ask me twice!
I’m heading to Harphlus Pass now. Are you prepared?
Glory to the Falcons!

Quest accepted: The Silver Falcons: Part Three

Harphlus Pass – A rocky pass over Mt. Vackel to the Imperial City of Undelwalt. It’s said the path is too treacherous for even the largest of armies to pass.
Mission: Defeat the enemy!

Us being able to get to here is odd, because right now, we can’t get to Mt. Vackel. It’s almost like this quest is meant to be done later… but if we don’t do this quest like right now, the reward we get will be a lot less.

- Video: The Silver Falcons: Part Three


Well, at least this is a refreshing change of scenery.

Come on, let’s do this!
I’ll show you!

Rush and Paris lower the enemy morale, but little else of interest happens.

The stronger they are, the more fun I have wiping the smiles off their faces!

Do it like that every time!

Come on, from the sides!
Here I come!

That finished off the first bunch.

Battlefields start getting more complex and interesting than just a big featureless arena. This one is divided into three areas, separated by bridges.

Yeah! This is our big chance!

We need to close in to reach the enemies. Jager and Caedmon will hang back to heal, though.

Rush could use Omistrike, but I order him to use Spring Squall – his ultimate dual-wielding katana art. David could use Gae Bolg, but I decided to show off Blackout II properly.

Music: Turn the Tide

Spring Squall is the ultimate Dual-Wielding Katana art. It’s a rapid flurry of four slashes.

How d’ya like that?

Oh, you guys just picked the worst possible time to join the battle.

That’s an entire wave of full-health enemies wiped off the map instantly. Arcanas are really awesome versus groups, even if they aren’t great against single-targets.

Roeas and Castanea appear from opposite sides of the battlefield.

And they instantly switch the morale back down to the bottom.

Roeas has a unique move, Midnight Sun. It’s a series of spinning attacks with her two swords.

I’ll destroy you!

David knocks Roeas into critical. That didn’t take much effort at all.


Rush was the only one close enough to Castanea to attack.

I’m not going to hold back.


Blocter finished Roeas off.

This one’ll leave a mark!

Because my teams are so spread out, only Rush takes significant damage from this.

Jager, Caedmon, and Irina’s teams are too far to do anything except close in.

This will give him 5 attacks per turn.

You can see my teammates in the distance.

This was not surprising.

Jager will attack with Beowlf, Irina will try to revive Rush, David will heal his union, and everyone else will do a full attack.

Forward! Show no mercy!

Caedmon knocks him into critical.

Hit him harder!

Gabriel manages to block that huge hammer and retaliate.

You’ll be all right now!

And Jager finishes the battle.

learned Revitalize II!
learned Nimble Double Strike III!
learned Retreat Flare III!
learned Slice & Dice II!

That’s… the Silver… something-or-others. Heh. Whatever they’re called, they don’t stand a chance.

If she can say that after getting her little army wiped out so convincingly, I have a bad feeling about the future.

Take this.

The reward for doing this quest in a timely fashion is pretty sweet. The Wishing Coin is a really nice item, which I had meant to equip onto Rush, but forgot.

From now on, the Falcons will no longer request your assistance… It feels odd, being so truly indebted to someone. The Silver Falcons fight for justice regardless of whose land we are on. We have made enemies of several Lords, but we do not fight for their recognition. However, you have been a strong and true ally, and I promise to repay that debt. We shall fight with you, whatever the reason. Go to the guild facing Elysion’s Assembly Hall if you ever have need of our assistance.

Completed quest: The Silver Falcons: Part Three

Getting rid of the rest of the Conqueror's army was satisfying! The Silver Falcons rock! Oh, and they help maintain peace in the world.

I heard the commander was so impressed by you that he decided to join you on your journey. All of us Falcons have taken an oath to the organization, to protect it and uphold what it stands for. Tell Commander Caedmon that he doesn’t have to worry about us! The Falcons will still be here when he comes back.

It does?
He taught me the value of protecting life... That is why when it came time for me to take up the mantle of commander, I had no doubts. Rush...we are in a time of trial. Power, territory, seems like anything can inflame tension to war nowadays. If I can reduce casualties by interfering in these conflicts, then I will without hesitation... even if it means working outside the law.
Yeah! Stand up and do what’s right!
… Ah, now I see. You're a lot like he was, Rush. That must be why I find myself chatting on at you so much. Heh, intriguing… I'll be curious to see where your beliefs take you... Feel free for that place to be the Falcons.
Parameter bonus! You have become chatty with Caedmon, thus awakening his true powers!

This gives him a boost of 10% to STR, INT, and SPD, but the STR stat gets the most benefit, being so much higher.

Yeah, yeah. Let’s go!
Follow me!

And Gaou upgraded his stuff, even though I don’t think I ever did get that Polished Scale that he was asking for. I say a lot of things, but I really, really have no idea how the upgrade timing works.

Another branch of the Sword of Three Realms guild opens up in Elysion. It only offers the same quests as the Celapaleis one, and no unique members.

So you’re Caedmon’s new pet. I know what you’re up to. You’re after his position, aren’t you!? Heh, keep dreaming. I’m next in line! After all, I’m head of the Elysion division of the Silver Falcons! I hope you’re ready for some competition.

It’s been a long time!
Er… it has?
…You don’t remember me? We fought those monsters at Harphlus Pass… Awww…
First, it was yesterday, not a long time. Second, I didn’t see anyone else from the Silver Falcons there.
Well, I remember you. You sure know how to use a weapon. We’ll be counting on ya when we get another assignment!
Why do people keep assuming I’ve joined up?

That’s all for today, but before we continue to the main plot, there’s someone who starts out at BR 41 who I want to pick up ASAP. So we’re going to Nagapur. There, we will learn about the most important Remnant in the world.

New Arts Summary
learned Revitalize II!
learned Nimble Double Strike III!
learned Retreat Flare III!
learned Slice & Dice II!

The Silver Falcons: Part Three

Good news: I was worried that I might accidentally overwrite an Important Save Game, so I decided to go ahead and record the bonus quest you get for agreeing with Ophelia on all three Order of Melphina quests. Of course, that meant I had to actually do all of them again (AND re-fight the Nest of Eagles battle). That’ll either be coming before or after the next main plot update.

Discussion: What are the qualities of the most important Remnant in the world? What does it do?

Next Time: It is the most important Remnant in all of the world.