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Part 63: Chapter LV - It is the most important Remnant in all of the world.

It is the most important Remnant in all of the world.


Chapter XXXIX: Oh dear... I'd already gotten up to 263 fishies, even...

Kosmosfest Staff: Okay, the job's real simple. I just need you to find a girl and bring her here to town.
…Just any girl, or do you mean someone specifically?
Kosmosfest Staff: See, everyone in town's getting ready for a big celebration called the Kosmosfest. It's an ancient festival that's been held for hundreds of years. However, for some reason this year's Cosmos Maiden hasn't made it yet. Folks in town have started wondering if she's okay, but we're so busy getting things ready that we don't have time to go look for her.

Look, aren't they cute? I've been counting the killifishes! There sure are a lot of them, though... I'm a little tired!
Sounds tough. Good luck!
Thanks—I'll do my best! Augh! I lost my place! Oh dear... I'd already gotten up to 263 fishies, even...
1...2...3... Aww, come onnn, guys, quit moving around so much, okay?
...You the Cosmos Maiden?
Hey, how'd you guess? My name's Sheryl. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be the Cosmos Maiden... I can't believe they picked me! Lucky, huh? *giggle* Oh no, I almost forgot! I can't do this now, I've got to get to Nagapur!

Chapter XLV: This… is the power of Marion’s blessing?

This… is the power of Marion’s Blessing?

This is what the city map for Nagapur looked like before the Gwayn devastated it.

Music: Life Without Remnants

This is what it looks like afterwards.

It’s okay. I’m here.

Market Lady: All we could do was stand and watch while our town went up in flames…

There’ve been a lot of cases of kids going missing from town lately. My niece being one of them…
That’s terrible...
I’ve been doing some searching of my own, but no luck. Dammit! I can’t open up shop with this hanging over my head.

Gwayn-Gazing Man: The town would have been destroyed by the Conqueror if the Gwayn hadn’t done what it did.
You mean, worse than it was?
Gwayn-Gazing Man: I want to believe… No, I do believe that the Gwayn was trying to protect us from them.
(Thank you.)

Waiting Qsiti: As long as I live in this town, I’ll never be able to forget what happened. This town is absolutely desolate now. So many people have left in fear of the same thing happening again.
I can’t blame them.
Waiting Qsiti: I’m not one of them, though, I was born here. This is my home. No one could ever get me to leave, no matter what happens.

I’ve traveled here with my friends from Ghor through the Heroic Ramparts. It’s hard to believe the state of this town.

This store sells the last of the item types.

Shards are the heavy hitters of the Item Arts. They are AREA-EFFECT attacks, like Caustic Blast. But they are also very expensive to use – look at that one which costs 740 G per shard. That’s 74,000 for a full inventory of them. Some can range as high as 1,400 G per (140,000). You’ll be wanting a whole lot of G if you plan on making these a staple of your arsenal.

Except you can’t really anyway. They are only sold in Nagapur, nowhere else, and even then, you can’t even get access to all the shard types until almost literally the end of the game (although many types will be available about halfway through Disc 2).

We have no one in the party currently who can use Shards except NG+ Rush, so we’ll have to wait before we see those.

Trendy Girl: Isn’t that exciting?
Bartender: Tranquility and silence transform memories into beasts.
Trendy Girl: Did something bad happen to you in the past?

Pub Regular: Barkeep, you going to stay here and run the pub? I’m going to leave town with my family. But before I go, I wanted to tell you something. That old man who looked familiar to me…

Pub Regular: I finally figured out who he is. He’s the previous lord, Oswald Hermeien! But I guess it doesn’t matter now.

I never thought the Gwayn would be capable of anything like this. I thought it was the strongest of them all. Well, I suppose it proved its powers. I just didn’t think it would happen like this…

Never thought the day would come when I’d be working for you.

Jager hangs out in the bar for his personal chats.

What in the God Emperor’s up with this!?
Ever since the Duke of Ghor became chairman of the Congress, the people of Ghor Castle have been acting so pompuous! I doubt the duke will be in charge for long, though. That yama can’t fill the shoes of our Lord Hermeien!
Yeah, the power-hungry, meglomaniacal, whacko shoes. That’s a real shame.

Waitress: Many lost their lives in the Gwayn debacle, and the pub has lost a lot of customers, too. And the ones who do come here all look so solemn. Though there is a silver lining to what happened. Ever since Lord Hermeien passed, that black-hooded gang hasn’t been around. Now this place will be a perfect spot for those to mourn in peace.

Alright, let’s just get on with the sidequest.

Yeah, maybe a big party might help lift everyone’s spirits!
Kosmosfest Staff: Although that doesn’t mean this is going to be a wild party. We’re going to pray quietly along the Calm Shores for world peace. Speaking of which, I have a task for you. To make this festival a success and to ensure the maiden’s safety, I’d like for someone to rid the Calm Shores of monsters.
I’ve killed monsters before.
Kosmosfest Staff: Not just one or two – I want you to defeat them all. Will you do it for the festival’s sake?
I’m on it!
Kosmosfest Staff: I knew I could count on you! I want you to head to Fornstrand immediately. The festival’s success lies in your hands.
Accepted quest: Kosmosfest

Music: Breakers on the Shore

Sheryl! You remember who I am!
I’m kinda nervous, but I can do this! Once you defeat all these monsters, I’m going to start the festival!

Kosmosfest just started, but there are a bunch of monsters in the area and the Maiden can’t concentrate. Time to take some action!

This mission is pretty straightforward, just kill all the enemies in this zone (no need to clear all of Fornstrand, just this one map).

If you watch the videos, you might notice that I tend to spend a bit of time comparing each battle command with each union. I’m not doing that because I’m worried about using the wrong battle command and getting steamrolled. Usually, it’s because I’m trying to maximize the number of battle commands that each union gets, because that increases how fast they learn and upgrade arts.

They just keep coming!
I… tire of this fighting…

class changed to Adept Paladin!
learned Nimble Moulinet!

At the time of Kosmosfest, the water at Fornstrand glows and sparkles.

I hit BR 41 here.

I missed that chest the first time I was here. It has some G and Charm Recipe #6.

class changed to Lordly Mysticknight!
class changed to Lordly Paladin!
learned Confuse IV!
learned Nimble Devil’s Due IV!

That seems to be all of them, so let’s head back.

- Video: Kosmosfest

Once all the crabs are dead, a Death spawns to be the final encounter. I’ve been trying to run more of these fights on Turbo, so I didn’t turn it off here.

Paralyze means you can’t use Combat Arts.

Discharge is one of the Oculus’s special arts.

X-Ray vision is another.

Woah! Chill… chill guys, just… chill!

This isn’t much of a miniboss.

And done.

learned Restore II!
learned Restorative Tincture II!

Countless lights gather together to become one Remnant. The Remnant itself doesn’t do anything. It can’t fight monsters or bad guys.
But this Remnant that is left here has a beauty that awes and inspires people. This Remnant Syltique

You really think so?
If it weren’t for this magnificent piece of art, the world would be a place of war and nothing but war. The Syltique tells us… Tells us that there’s so much more. The world has its horrors, but it also has good and beauty.
Huh… I never thought about it like that before.

And the Syltique fades away again – until next year. I do think Sheryl’s comments here are interesting. Remnants were created by unknown beings for unknown purposes. Most of the ones we’ve seen are used as dangerous weapons. When I posed the question of most important Remnant to the thread, most of the answers I got back were also basically “the ones which can be used to control” or “ones which sustain life on the planet”.

Whatever created the Remnants didn’t make all of them just to wage wars. There are some which are merely objects of art.

Music: Life Without Remnants

Kosmosfest Staff: This festival is important because through it, we’re trying to convey that war is meaningless and unnecessary.
I know everyone will realize that. And when they do, the world will be a peaceful place.
Kosmosfest Staff: Or no one will realize that and the world will fall to pieces.
I won’t let that happen! I can’t!
Kosmosfest Staff: I’m just kidding, Sheryl.
Kosmosfest Staff: Here, take this.
Reward: Sapphire Crystal x2, Snowy Crystal x2, 5000 G.
If you ever need assistance, Rush, don’t be shy to ask for my help. You can find me in the guild. My goal now is to tell the entire world about those poor fishies! If there’s a war, those fishies will die!
Err… sure.
They’re so adorable, but I’m exhausted from counting them all! There must have been a hundred of them!
Completed quest: Kosmosfest

The Kosmosfest was a huge success. The Syltique taught us that the world wasn’t created so we could fight each other.

Let’s pick Sheryl up.


Kosmosfest's Cosmos Maiden. Absent-minded or empty-headed. Wishes to rid the world of war.

Class: Master Marksman
Initial BR: BR 41
HP: (563)
Str / Int: (31 / 43)
Union Name: Sheryl’s Friends

Current Arts
Future Arts

Recruitable after completing two quests. She doesn’t seem all that impressive, only knowing Evocations at the start, so I never bothered on my first playthrough. Her stats aren’t exactly wowing me either. By the time you can get her other arts, you should have better Hex and Lotion users already. I smell the aroma of bench-warmer. Still though, since she starts out knowing Snare Shot, she can immediately learn the Whiteout Arcana, which I guess is something. Still, if you’ve been using Evocations on your units, some of them should also be this far by now.

Tags: Mystic, Arcana, Worthless

She starts out at BR 41, which is why I suddenly wanted to pick her up after gaining all that BR from component collecting and Yvalock hunting. Her STR and INT are unimpressive, so she’s probably not going to see much use, but she starts out with Snare Shot, which is all she needs to learn the arcana Whiteout. She is going to temporarily replace David as the leader for a bit, though.

The same sun shines through the blue skies, causing shadows behind the buildings. My town was not rich, but there was an abundance of happiness and joy. I wish I could go see it with my own eyes once more...

Is everything all right?

Sheryl can be found near the entrance to Nordenalm.

Sure, no prob.
Props, man. That’s chill.

I’d actually intended to equip it onto Rush, but I forgot. Jager’s not a bad choice either. I can craft something as good or better for Rush anyway. Now we’re off to do the main plot next. And possibly a sidequest as well in the same update – I’m not sure yet.

New Arts Summary
class changed to Adept Paladin!
learned Confuse IV!
class changed to Lordly Mysticknight!
class changed to Lordly Paladin!
learned Restore II!
learned Restorative Tincture II!


Discussion: Most of the thread had quite a different idea of what the most important Remnant in the world is – trying to interpret it literally. Was Sheryl’s answer a good one?

Next Time: This power he sent… it’s eating away at me… from within!